Roll Call – Apr 10 vs Wizards

The “Boogie Williams” edition

Banks – the only pressing question: how is the toe?

Bargnani – wonder if his heel bone is connected to his shooting bone? Brutal shooting night can be partially chalked up to the Wizards putting quick defenders on him, but he should have been able to shoot over them with ease.

Bosh – another nice game. Just seems to come automatic to him lately. 21 and 10, 2 nice blocks, some sweet assists and still a victim of some non-calls by the officials. That said, he needed to play Haywood harder than he did and, at the same time, get into Antawn’s grill a bit.

Calderon – that clapping defense on the second-to-last Wizard’s possession was a thing of beauty. He was even late with it, giving the claps while the ball was mid-flight. Great stuff.  He did provide us with a better game than he has been lately with a nice double double in 30minutes, though it seemed like he played 40.

Douby – needs to call his dealer and figure out why he didn’t see the floor tonight.

Graham – had a game that reminded me of a Carlton Street hooker: good effort, what you expected, not nearly as good as something you’d pay more for, and, at the end of the night, you kind of think they just went through the motions and faked it all.

Humphries –        

Kapono – you could almost close your eyes and picture Arsenalist bow his head in shame and slide down in his chair at Philthy’s tonight. JKap hit shots he is paid to make and gave us the opportunity to steal one. Unfortunately we couldn’t thank him with a W, but he is gonna be doing the Ric Flair strut in the dressing room. Bet on it.

Marion –

Mensah-Bonsu – limited to 10 minutes due to his bad finger (good thing it isn’t a dehabilitating toe injury, eh Marcus?) he flubbed a few plays, but did hustle enough to put up an impressive 6/7.

O’Bryant – only saw the floor for 6 minutes. Seeing a theme here with the guys we want to take a look at? Evidently it was important enough for us to beat lose to a 19 win team that we keep our regulars on the floor. Good plan, Jay….and hey, even better result.

Parker – is there a play more automatic lately than him running off a screen to the corner for a 3? It has been so regular lately that I’m sure the play itself is called menstruation.

Ukic – not to beat a guy when he is down, but I’d be a lot more hopeful if he was getting his ass beat by NBA level errors. He isn’t. Brutal decision making, errant passing, the way he sits in the locker room…all things that should have been tweaked and improved before he was brought over here from (literally) the farm.

Voskuhl – still time to run out and get your Voskuhl jersey before his tenure as a Raptor comes to an end. Either that or wait for the 20% off deal they had when Vince left. Just trying to help you in these harsh economic times.

Driving The Bus:   Jason Kapono

Under The Bus:    Shawn Marion

Game Theme: (warning, harsh lyrics)

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