I spent Saturday night nestled in the bosom of Lake Simcoe, where the internet joins leprechauns and black people as things they only have on TV.

But the TV says we won,and since the TV has a long and proud history of never telling a lie, I’m inclined to believe we’re back above .500. Feels good. Feels right.

Disappointed I missed the game, but even more troubled by the fact that they’ve won two in a row now with me not watching it action live. Someone joked with me that maybe ‘I was a jinx.’ I did not laugh.

But maybe this rebound, this two-game grin streak has less to do with me and more to do with Jamario Moon. He’s given us a hot energy injection (not to be confused with a hot beef injection, though I’m sure he’s given his fair share of those too…gotta be some D-league bitches. I’m sure they’re D-level bitches, but everyone needs lovin’…) and has all but secured Joey Graham’s irrelevance – though to be fair, Joey deserves much of the credit as well.

What’s going on with Chicago? Too many talents? Whatever the reason, they’re puketastic so far this season. And when Doug Smith muses that Thabo Sefalosha – who was billed as an athletic defender with a high basketball IQ – makes Joey Graham look like John Stockton, something’s gotta be wrong with Skiles’ squad. Not that I care. I have no love for anyone on that team other than Tyrus Thomas, and that’s only becuase he terrifies me.

We’ve got a couple days off, which we need worse than Britney’s PR staff. Sam’s been pretty vocal about our lack of practice time, so now that he’s got it, let’s see what he can do. Gotta get Bargs and Bosh more comfortable, remind Kapono what his job is, and work on FUCKING PERIMETER DEFENCE! I know you can’t teach hustle in practice but when Jamario is the only Raptor who chases down the ball as if it were stuffed with loonies, it’s on the coach to motivate his players to be hungry for the rock, to own it, to control its fate. 9 times out of 10, you own the ball, you own the game.

These couple days off also serve to rest Bosh’s knee, which is going to be a major concern to every Raptors fan for the forseeable future. It will also give Garbo a chance to go buy a nice, soft cushion, ’cause he’ll be needing it on the bench…

P.S. Cats fall to 3-3.

P.P.S. Watch all of last week’s Raptor highlights HERE. (Special thanks to aRapsFan4Eva for compiling this. Great job!)

I’ll keep posting them here as long as a) you keeps making them and b) you have no problem with it.

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