So THAT’S What It’s Like Doing Radio

For the record, I totally know the difference between ‘concession’ and ‘succession’…

If you missed it (I’m gonna try to get the clip to post on the site), I sound like a Scandinavian eunic on the radio. That medium is not for everyone, boy.

Moments after I got off-air, I had the following exchange with my good friend and fellow Raptor enthusiast JW*.

*Rough approximation.

Dinosty: I’m listening back at it, why didn’t you call and tell me I sound like a little girl?

JW: nooooo….more like a very confident bar mitzvah boy

Dinosty: haha can I use that?

JW: all yours…tough to stand voice-to-voice with the human adam’s apple…the man’s husky

Husky indeed. Where do you get a voice like that? I’ll take two. Cooper’s girlfriend is satisfied, no doubt.

(By the way, “Human Adam’s Apple”? Gold. That one sticks from here on in, Zack.)

Okay, that was fun. Gotta get up early and catch a plan (that reminds me – almost forgot my toothbrush!) Hopefully I’ll be able to drop a post-game post after we tango with Dee-troit tomorrow night.

Travel safely, you say? Thanks. You’re sweet.

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