Toronto vs. Minnesota, 7pm (Snooze-Alert!)

Let it be known when I got into the office, I actually considered trading my tickets for tonight’s game for dry socks. 

The Miami Heat might be the ‘worst’ team in the league, but if you ask me, Minnesota remains the worst team to play for. At least in Miami you’ve got sun, sand, and palm trees; in New York you’ve got New York, but in Minnesota, what do you have other than potluck lunches and 10,000 lakes? The Mall of America? Not exactly an alluring free-agent destination.

Poor, poor big Al. I hope KG gave him some advice on how to manage life in frosted purgatory.

Can you believe they beat the Jazz last night? As I’ve said before, even the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days…but forgive me if the starting 5 of Telfair, Jaric, Brewer, Gomes, and Jefferson don’t moisten my Fruit of the Looms. I’d like to say this young team has a bright future, but truth be told the T-Wolves forecast looks bleaker than Jaric’s chances of keeping Adriana Lima (who, as has been well documented, is MAD HOT.

If they’re going to be at the game tonight, I can’t be held responsible for my actions. 

2-23 on the road. The second game of a back-to-back. And the T-Wolves haven’t beaten us since 2004. But Bassy Telfair’s in town, and you know what that means….somebody’s gonna git pregnant!  Really though, how is Randy Foye behind Telfair in the rotation? Did he sleep with Coach Wittman’s wife, or his daughter?

Oh, and P.S.: Antoine “Jello Jiggler” Walker wants to play for an contender (thanks to Basketbawful for the head’s up). Because somehow, he thinks he’s a hot commodity. I say cut him loose and see who bites. I’m talking to you, New York Knicks. Can you imagine them rolling out a Walker-Randolph-Curry frontcourt? They’d have to re-enforce the planks in the painted area. 

Back to the T-Wolves, there’s exactly one player on their team: Al Jefferson. Thank god they don’t have any streak shooters to worry about, unless you count Rashard McCants, who’s much better at putting a cupcake on a backboard than he is at actually, y’know, playing basketball.  We can focus all our attention on AJ, and I’m sure we’ll see Humph getting some minutes tonight to throw his big dumb body around. Hope to see some Primoz action…I like. You know what else I like?

“Where respect is due, it’s due. He played well. He earned it. So he can keep (the starting spot).”– TJ Ford, on Jose keeping the starting role. 

This, I like. That’s class, that’s loyalty, that’s “we” before “me”. Plus, don’t think TJ doesn’t know he can devour any second string PG in the league. It’s only going to make him look great as he works his way back into game shape. 

Absolutely nothing else to say about this game…but if we lose to the worst road team in the NBA, you bet I’ll have a mouthful.

Girl Talk: Marko Jaric 









“Adrianna needs to dump him and his cross eyed face because he cheats on her with my hoe bag friend everytime hes in phoenix. He’s a horrible guy and Adrianna deserves better” Ouch. If he’s really cheating on her, Marko can give Telfair a run for the “Dumbest Timberwolf Award”. He should be castrated. 




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