Over/under date for Sam Mitchell firing

Let’s get some Raptors news out of the way. We’re playing defending Euroleague champions CSKA Moscow in a pre-season game on October 14th, Posted Sports looks at our history in these international affairs. We’ll also be traveling to Edmonton on October 21st to face the Nuggets at Rexall Place. Back to the reason for this… Read more »


Jack Armstrong’s back on TSN

Start off today with Ron Ron landing in Houston for Bobby Jackson, a 1st rounder and the always shrouded in mystery ‘player to be named later’. Luol Deng is also staying in the East after re-upping with Chicago but I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the Bulls or not. Tim Chisholsm is… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

What does signing Will Solomon say about the Raptors?

The multi-faceted player that Bryan Colangelo hinted at acquiring didn’t turn out to be Bonzi Wells or Michael Finley but Will Solomon. The Raptors have signed the 6′ 1″ guard to a contract for the upcoming season and it’s logical to think he’ll be playing the role of Darrick Martin. The combo-guard played the last… Read more »


Five memorable Raptors

Thinking about some Raptors I really enjoyed watching over the years. The obvious come to mind like Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, Damon too but there was a second-tier of Raptors that I always looked forward to seeing do their thing. These guys weren’t superstars by any means and some of them weren’t even good… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Leo Rautins and Basketball Canada

According to Michael Grange, Leo Rautins could soon be fired as head coach of the Canadian basketball team. His dealings with Dalembert reminded me a little of how Butch Carter caused a fuss when he sued Marcus Camby in the middle of the playoffs that one spring. Sure, Camby played for the other team while… Read more »


Maurizio Gherardini gets rewarded for a job done

Promotions aplenty! Everybody who is anybody got a promotion at MLSE yesterday. It’s quite a no-brainer when you think about it, a 5-game playoff exit merits knighthood let alone a measly bump in the old pay scale. Chuck Swirsky should’ve stuck around, he was in line to get the mascot position but missed out. Half-ass… Read more »


Rod Benson talks about summer camp

Uber NBDL blogger Rod Benson talks about his summer camp with the Raptors including how Sam Mitchell doesn’t accept anything less than defensive perfection (insert a big f*****g joke here). I sat through watching this team fail to close-out and rotate the entire freaking year, I’ll attribute this slip of Benson to not getting any… Read more »


Maurizio Gherardini + Primoz + Blue Jays talk

Good morning, in today’s edition of the blog we’ll jump straight to some Maurizio Gherardini quotes where he’s talking about how there is an equal distribution of talent across the globe and that you’re as likely to find the next Michael Jordan in Azherbaijan as in North Carolina. The funny little fat guy says: “I… Read more »


Random Raptors thoughts

The Fake Raptors blowing out the Lakers reminded me of the Real Raptors. You know, how we were mired in mini losing streaks and when we finally won it was by 39 points. And you thought, “There, that’s the real Raptors” and just as soon as you finished the sentence we lose to the Clippers… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Philly rip Raps, Leo rips Dally, Croatia rip Canada

The Raptors dropped one to Philly in Vegas. Up by a deuce with 16 seconds left, they let Philly tie it on a layup (think defensive breakdown) and committed an offensive foul to give them the ball back with four seconds left. This of course was enough time for Jamont Gordon to lay one in… Read more »