Contest winner + Random Raptor + New poll gauges expectations

First up let’s announce the contest winner. We ran a SQL query which randomly selected one comment from the 199 that were submitted. Just for fun we’ve shown 4 other people who came oh so close to winning….

  1. Jon: The Raptors will win a first round series this year because of the improved rebounding and with having JO and CB4 as the defensive anchors.
  2. Hubert
  3. Richard
  4. Nadir Chaudhry
  5. Joey

So congratulations to Jon (Comment #149) for winning the free tickets. We’ll try snapping his picture and putting it on the site. Remember if he can’t make it for whatever reason, we’ll then give the tickets to #2 and so on so forth. Thanks for participating and we’ll have another draw very soon.

Staying with the random theme, we added a new feature to the website called Random Raptor. It’s basically a little toy on the sidebar which allows us to remember some Raptors history, lest we forget. On every visit to any page in the site we randomly pick a player that played for the club and give you the option to see his exploits without leaving the page. So far there are 134 such players (would’ve been 135 but poor Jamal Sampson didn’t make it) so as you’re browsing the site keep an eye on it to see what Raptor you got served. We’ll be adding pictures of each one soon.

Finally, the response to the polls has been pretty good (over 220 votes) and most of you feel that Jermaine O’Neal’s addition is the thing to be excited about. Very close race for #2 as “Not Excited” beat out “Bargnani’s bulk” by three votes. Since that issue is decided, its time to move on and get your take on something else.

What would be considered a successful season?

  1. Playoff appearance
  2. 1st round win
  3. 1st round win, good fight in 2nd round
  4. 2nd round win
  5. 2nd round win, good fight in EC finals
  6. EC Champs

This is just to gauge the fans’ expectations of just how good you think this Raptors team is.

We’ve also added some new features to the Stat-O-Meter 3000, most notably the ability to filter by pace adjusted statistics. I’d like to thank supersub15 from RealGM for his input on the tool.

Try to make some time to join us this Friday night at Philthy McNasty’s on King St. West. Thanks again for visiting the site, we’re doing our best to keep it fresh.

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