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Roll Call – Jan 12 vs Celtics


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

The “trade Jose” edition Bargnani – how fitting that the assassin would pass up the final shot in regulation to the Italian Don. Bargs hit it like he was the only man at a convention of women in heat. The ultimate ending may not have been kind to the Raps, but if you didn’t jump   …Continue Reading

AltRaps’ Rap


Things we learned yesterday that we can use today



Too bad that the highlight of yesterday’s game was Joey Graham getting in the face of Carrot Top’s love child. We got down early and never recovered until the C**tics took it easy in the fourth and Kapono, Graham, Moon, Ukic and Bargnani pulled us back. The C**tics promptly returned to thwart any designs we   …Continue Reading

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