Roll Call

Roll Call – Mar 16 vs Bobcats

The “now THAT is how a hungry team plays” edition…

Banks – stayed in Toronto. A city awaits word on his injury with a nervousness not often felt amongst the legions of fans.

Bargnani – his game tonight reminded me of going to an Italian buffet and all they served was bruschetta and sticky spaghetti. Willing to give him a little pass due to playing back to backs and coming off the flu, but all the “he gets paid millions” fans will not be so kind.

Bosh – played with passion right out of the gate. More talkative and demonstrative than I have seen in ages and it translated into 18/14. Oh, and for the believers, a –6 tied for the best amongst our starters. Unlike some, he is showing why he is deserving of a nice pay raise.

Calderon – streak: A number of things placed or occurring one after the other. Mistake: this.

Graham – a bit better tonight. Agreed that he doesn’t have as much PT opportunity as he had pre-Marion, but a wise player does what he can with what he has…kind of like RapsFan at the Red Party.


Kapono – smiling and trash talking, something you don’t see often by the South Beach Assassin. I’m a big fan of his game of late. Not throwing up numbers that make you talk about him at the water cooler, but doing stuff that makes you talk about him over, say, a triple shot tall latte.

Marion – nice to see him sign his shoes at the end. He might think about holding on to some, though, since his effort of late is a pretty large indicator that he will be taking a beating at the contract negotiation table this summer and he might need some coin to pick up some kicks at The Shoe Company.

Mensah-Bonsu – would you give him a standing ovation today? I can’t knock him down at his knees since you had to expect a “normal” game from him. Now the real fun comes in watching how he comes back. He has impeccable timing, considering he has 3 days to let this appearance get out of his system. Maybe all the Moon comparisons hit him on his Blackberry and he took them to heart. By the way, attacking the basket in the last play of a blowout? Classless.

O’Bryant – tells you something that the guy with Irish blood in him wants nothing to do with those horrible unis. How come they don’t wear plaid on Robbie Burns Day?

Parker – not much better than yesterday. Disappointed he didn’t take over the point when Jose fell into early foul trouble. I do still believe we need him back, but his play has fallen off sharply of late. My money is on he has something physically wrong and is playing through it.

Ukic – needs a haircut. That’s about the only newsworthy part of his game tonight. And I use the term game about as lightly as a feather hits the moon.

Voskuhl – would have been nice to see him get some burn in his old stomping ground. Probably never entered Jay’s mind which was busy trying to figure out what 12 choices he should make at Country Style tomorrow.

Driving The Bus:   Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:    Jose Calderon

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