Some Parker and Triano

People who play songs on their crappy mobile phone speakers when riding public transportation need to be kicked right in the jaw. It’s one thing to carry around a boom box if you live on a block that throws block parties, entirely another when you’re bothering a 70 year old on the TTC with your Hillary Duff nonsense. Next time you see these trolls on the TTC, try to give them a smack in the face, and if that seems out of order at the moment, a dirty look will suffice.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Anthony Parker and Jay Triano.

Parker was talking to the Fan 590 about his possible new role with the team, maybe playing for other teams and even in Europe. He summed up his options by saying:

I’m an international free-agent.

When asked what he’s looking for next year and what he could bring to a team:

You always as a player want to play. You want to be part of a team, for me its just an opportunity to play, not necessarily 30 minutes a game but to play on a nightly basis. I’m a veteran guy, a locker-room presence, I still have the ability to shoot the ball, I’m a pretty good team defensive player, one-on-one I’m OK, not bad, I won’t hurt the team. I bring some experience, the league’s getting so young that half the battle is getting everybody on the same page and buying the team concept. I could help with that.

His opinion of himself is shared my every Raptor fan. It definitely sounds like he knows he’s made his NBA money and its now time to nickel and dime and see what you can get over the next two to three years. He’s accepted that he’s not the player is used to be and welcomes a new, smaller role where he’s still an important piece of the puzzle. To cap off the reduced role discussion they asked him straight-up whether he’s OK with a bench role next year, he responded with an emphatic:

For sure!

Of course he’ll say that, NBA beggars can’t be choosers. He’s a classy guy, let’s hope he lands on a team where he’s a good fit. He also praised Jay Triano’s X’s and O’s, his communication skills and spoke highly of his work ethic. Once again, have a listen if you got some time. Paul Jones – not one to be left out – has his take on Parker too.

Jay Triano has won a lifetime achievement award from Brock University. The award is given to someone from the Niagara community each year and this time around it seemed like a no-brainer. Jay’s done well for himself by being a loyal servant to the franchise. He’s like that guy at work who’s been there forever and finally got the promotion he was passed over for time and time again. Jay’s happy with the award, but I’m sure deep down he’s eying the bigger prize of being named permanent:

I’m very honoured. This is where my roots are – especially an award named after Jimmy Rose, who was a big part of basketball in this area. He coached my dad and then coached with my dad

He also nicely evaded a question about when he’s going to be made permanent:

There’s a process they have to go through as an organization and Bryan has a lot of things on the go right now. Hopefully we’ll find out in the next little bit….It’s fun – even when I was an assistant coach. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s competitive. Who wouldn’t want all those things in their life? And to be able to do it in Canada is a great opportunity for me.

I can’t find any betting sites taking wagers on “Next Raptors Coach” but if there were I’d take out a big loan and bet on Triano.

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