Get ready to shed some tears

Our man Birdman is back and this time he’s removed that sperm-like substance from the bottom. This one’s a tribute to ex-Raptor Jermaine O’Neal. Yes, HO JO. Birdman has managed to get the actual footage of JO’s knee being operated and mixed it with some music that’ll remind you of Normandy. This one’s a classic in a not-so-classic sort of way as it traces JO from his earliest to his latest days. Needless to say there’s good footage from the first-half of the Boston game where he made Kendrick Perkins his bitch only for the favor to be returned in the second half. No better way to finish off your long weekend.

To make this thread more interesting, describe JO’s time with the Raptors in one sentence. I’ll go with one word: unfortunate.

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