45 Wins, and How the Raptors Will Get There

It’s been a couple weeks since all the action BC done-did, and having come down from the high of all the activity, I’m looking around and thinking that this is a good start, but this team still has holes. I realize that there could be a move or two to be made, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

BC hasn’t come out and said that he’s done-doin-work, but we are over the cap, the chances of signing & trading either Delfino, Pops or Voshkul for someone useful are zero; and the list of quality players for the backup SF keeps dwindling; we can safely project that this is the roster that will be heading into training. We may add one/both of Delfino and Pops, but I don’t see that translating into any more wins/losses.

I don’t see this team hitting 50 wins, I just don’t. They weren’t a 50 win team last year, and aren’t one again this season, for that, they would need better coaching (I don’t care what Colangelo’s Sr/Jr and Coach K say) and the ability to make defensive stops at critical points of a game (something they have never done, ever).

With that in mind, I was interested in taking a first look at what this team could hope to achieve this coming season. My method is far more art then science, but this is my process:

  • I start by examining each player on the roster
  • I look at the schedule and decide whether the Raptors will win or lose based on who they are playing, where they are playing, toughness of the schedule, and how likely the Raptor-Killer of that team will have one of those games that sets records or forces us to yank our hair out
  • In the event I am on the fence, I flip a coin

Like I said, more art then science…

I have the Raptors making a 12 game improvement to 45 wins this year (individual predictions below). Take the particular wins/losses with a grain of salt, individuals results will vary during year, but there win total wont stray far from 45, a game or two either way.

This picture has nothing to do with the article, but it’s hilarious.

My Highlights:

  • 11-5 against the Atlantic
  • 30-22 against the East
  • 15-15 against the West
  • 31-10 at home (seems high to me too, but I stand by my decision)
  • 2-13 on three and four game road trips
  • 3-3 on Mondays
  • 3-6 on Tuesdays
  • 13-10 on Wednesdays
  • 1-0 on Thursdays
  • 11-6 on Fridays
  • 2-5 on Saturdays
  • 12-7 on Sundays

October 2-0
Wed 28 vs Cleveland W
Fri 30 @ Memphis W

November 8-8
Sun 01 vs Orlando L
Wed 04 vs Detroit W
Fri 06 @ New Orleans L
Sat 07 @ Dallas L
Mon 09 @ San Antonio L
Wed 11 vs Chicago W
Fri 13 @ LA Clippers W
Sun 15 @ Phoenix L
Tue 17 @ Denver L
Wed 18 @ Utah L
Fri 20 vs Miami W
Sun 22 vs Orlando W
Tue 24 vs Indiana W
Wed 25 @ Charlotte W
Fri 27 @ Boston L
Sun 29 vs Phoenix W

December 9-6
Tue 01 vs Washington W
Wed 02 @ Atlanta L
Fri 04 @ Washington L
Sat 05 @ Chicago L
Tue 08 vs Minnesota W
Wed 09 @ Milwaukee W
Fri 11 vs Atlanta W
Sun 13 vs Houston W
Tue 15 @ Miami L
Wed 16 @ Orlando L
Fri 18 vs New Jersey W
Sun 20 vs New Orleans W
Wed 23 @ Detroit L
Sun 27 vs Detroit W
Wed 30 vs Charlotte W

January 8-7
Sat 02 @ Boston L
Sun 03 vs San Antonio W
Wed 06 @ Orlando L
Fri 08 @ Philadelphia W
Sun 10 vs Boston L
Mon 11 @ Indiana W
Fri 15 @ New York W
Sun 17 vs Dallas L
Tue 19 @ Cleveland L
Wed 20 @ Milwaukee L
Fri 22 vs Milwaukee W
Sun 24 vs LA Lakers L
Wed 27 vs Miami W
Thu 28 @ New York W
Sun 31 vs Indiana W

February 7-3
Tue 02 @ Indiana L
Wed 03 vs New Jersey W
Sun 07 vs Sacramento W
Wed 10 vs Philadelphia W
Wed 17 vs Memphis W
Fri 19 @ New Jersey W
Sat 20 vs Washington W
Wed 24 vs Portland L
Fri 26 vs Cleveland L
Sun 28 @ Oklahoma City W

March 7-9
Mon 01 @ Houston L
Fri 05 vs New York W
Sun 07 vs Philadelphia W
Tue 09 @ LA Lakers L
Wed 10 @ Sacramento W
Sat 13 @ Golden State L
Sun 14 @ Portland L
Wed 17 vs Atlanta L
Fri 19 vs Oklahoma City W
Sat 20 @ New Jersey W
Mon 22 @ Minnesota W
Wed 24 vs Utah L
Fri 26 vs Denver L
Sun 28 @ Miami L
Mon 29 @ Charlotte L
Wed 31 vs LA Clippers W

April 4-4
Sat 03 @ Philadelphia L
Sun 04 vs Golden State W
Tue 06 @ Cleveland L
Wed 07 vs Boston L
Fri 09 @ Atlanta L
Sun 11 vs Chicago W
Mon 12 @ Detroit W
Wed 14 vs New York W

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