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Best Raptor Ever: Battle 2


Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Oakley vs Marshall…..Bruiser vs Shooter….

Developing: Who wants Carlos Delfino?



Our sources (which I trust implicitly) say it’s too early to confirm and there are 2-3 balls in the air. From our understanding, Doug Smith’s post about Roko & Carlos going to the Bucks for Amir + filler is closer to the truth than a straight up Carlos for Amir. One hitch is that Carlos   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee Aug 17


Defense on Trial



The first of a mini-series examining the Raptor players, and how they stack up in regards to a particular facet of the game. In this case: Defense. The Starters Calderon You do a lot of running around, your arms are active, you’re always yelling, but not a whole lot of defense is going on. Amazing   …Continue Reading

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