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Morning Coffee Aug 24


To be honest, I have not been this pumped about a Raptors season since before the Hakeem Olajuwon era was supposed to begin. Of course, that season was a major letdown that became the first step in dismantling the Carter-led Raptors, instead of the start of a projected Raptor dynasty.
Visiting other NBA cities has only made me more excited about what promises to be a fun season for fans of the Toronto Raptors.

Bleacher Report

Of course, if I didn’t have to choose between a pass-first and a shoot-first point guard, I would want a player who can do both really well. Enter Jose Calderon, also known as "a coach’s dream."

Calderon can both pass and shoot extremely well, so I believe that he’s an even better fit with Turkoglu than strictly shoot-first point guards would be.

Both Calderon and Turkoglu can play the role of primary playmaker or sharp-shooter. So, when they’re both on the floor together, the opposition should expect the unexpected.


Draft picks are the grease when it comes to trades. They carry no actual value as to whether or not a trade works under CBA rules, but they are the sweet bits of chocolate that can coerce another team into saying yes. Some teams horde their picks, picking them up from other teams as much as possible. Other teams view draft picks as simply a means to an end, preferring to trade them for proven talents.

Here is a list of all future draft picks that have been traded. This broken down by year and round, with the team receiving the pick named followed by where the pick comes from detailed.


Toronto Raptors: Hard to tell if signing Hedo Turkoglu was a good decision. I guess we will find out if Chris Bosh decides to leave in 2010. This addition one works if Chris Bosh stays in Toronto. Otherwise, Hedo Turkoglu is the only guy they have left to lead the Raptors.

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