Question of The Day – Sep 24th

First up, if you’re wondering why our twitter account isn’t being updated it’s because Raps Fan went out on the piss last night and decided he needed to tweet his exploits. In his inebriated state he entered the wrong password 64 times. After some time Twitter said enough is enough and locked his drunk ass out. He then tried to reset said password about 36 times. This really pissed them off and they told him to go suck an egg. End result: we’re locked out of our account. So there, that’s full disclosure.

Next up, where has the morning coffee gone? We’re working on that, that’s all I’m saying. Meanwhile, I’ll fill in for today under a different title (if you have suggestions for it, let me know). Since everybody with an access to a keyboard can have a blog, it’s hard to mandate that they make their posts before a certain time every day. So this post will be updated throughout the day if new things pop up. For example, if The Bleacher Reports churns out a grammatically incorrect piece of crap article about how they just discovered that Andrea Bargnani can’t rebound, we’ll add it later in the day. And if you find something on any of the internets in you or in your neighborhood, post a link and we’ll add it.

Triano on the Fan 590

The head coach of the Raps joins The Game Plan in-studio to recap the off-season and preview training camp which opens on Monday. Some of the topics of discussion include the coaching strategy for the season, having a full camp to instill his systems and Chris Bosh’s committment to off-season training.

Raptors set to hoop it up in capital

The Raptors have announced they will conduct the first part of their training camp at Carleton University from Sept. 29-Oct. 3 before returning to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto Oct. 4-27.

Doug Smith – Of golfing and oligarchs; a strange mix indeed

Yep, today’s the big old Raptors Foundation golfing event (no, my invitation to play never did arrive) but it’s another signal that things are close – really close – to beginning for real.

And who knows, it might give a grunt a chance to sniff out some items. Wish me luck.

Eastern Landscape — Middle of the Pack Teams

I think this is true for all the teams in the East between #7-#14. Even the fifteenth team, the New Jersey Nets, I think they’re better than they’re been given credit for too … and while they’re the worst in the East, they’re still not as bad as several of the very poor teams in the West were last season.

The All-Time Raptors Defensive Team

The all time Raptor defensive team. Criteria: Only count players who played in a Raptor uniform (for example, Billups is a great defender, but he did it in Detroit, not in Toronto. So he is not eligible), also the length of time the player is in a Raptor uniform is also being considered.

Heels on Hardwood analyzes the Knicks. Remind me who they are again.

Strengths: The Knick coaching staff and its 7 seconds or less offense-first system (which excels at providing roles for players of varying abilities) remains the team’s biggest strength, after a dormant summer where the front office chose to stay away from major acquisitions and preserve cap space for 2010. Player-wise, Danilo Gallinari, last year’s first round pick, returns at full strength (if reports are to believed): playing at 60 to 70 percent his rookie year, he was already showing tantalizing flashes of what could be, and there is plenty of optimism for him as a savvy shooter and play-maker capable of playing 3 positions in D’Antoni’s system. The Knicks also have more front line depth and overall size than the 2008-09 roster.

Amir Johnson, Toronto Raptors Next Marcus Camby?

Considered an athletic freak, Johnson’s game was understandably considered to be extremely raw. In his first 2 NBA seasons, Amir Johnson played more games in the NBADL than he did in the NBA. It appears that Joe Dumars had stashed his promising young prospect where he could ensure Johnson’s game would get a chance to develop. A side benefit of letting Johnson develop elsewhere was he reportedly grew another 2” to 6’ 11” before seeing significant NBA minutes.

Canada’s women hoopsters roll in world quest

Canada led from start to finish but put the game away in the second quarter. Ahead 25-13 after 10 minutes, the Canucks used a 30-7 run in the second to make the entire second half virtually inconsequential.

Media Advisory – LG to host Leafs and Raptors GMs as they discuss technology and change in the sports industry

WHAT: Official announcement of a new partnership between Maple Leaf
Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) and LG.

MLSE’s Tom Anselmi and General Managers Brian Burke and Bryan
Colangelo will also discuss how technology has impacted sports on
and off the field, followed by a tour of the LG Experience Zone.

Raps HQ talks to the gimp MoFo we peeled off the bench when he was ice-cold to take the game-deciding shot.

If you were to walk through the list of noteable ex-Raptors the list wouldn’t be very long.

Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Charles Oakley, JYD, Damon Stoudamire, Marcus Camby, Alvin Williams, Dell Curry and Mo Pete would be among the notables but many forget some of the true stars of Toronto’s first era of NBA ball.

That list would include names like Alvin Robertson and of course, Dee Brown.

Expert NBA Sports Picks: Toronto Raptors Predictions

They tried several different combinations of players and trades with none of them working very effectively. At one point they had Shawn Marion and Jermaine O’Neal on the roster, but later traded them away. Let’s take a look at free NBA picks to see if the Raptors did enough in the offseason to merit any consideration as a contender this year?


I’m jazzed like I’m getting a personal tour from Mila Kunis of her bedroom, Raptors, and I’ma let you think you’re the sleeper team from the East to look out for, but the Washington Wizards are sleepier than you.

Nathan Jawai interview (Remember this guy? We drafted him)

Though mostly the biggest influence on me has to be, (Dirk) Nowitzki. His current leadership and hints to me have totally influenced me on how to improve my game in every way. Oh, he’s gonna like that 🙂 (yes, he typed the smiley face)

Early Win Shares-Projected 2009-10 Standings

TOR: 43.4

Quincy Douby, Reinvented by the Raptors

A 6’ 3” 175 lb star shooting guard from Rutgers, Douby was drafted 19th overall in the first round of the 2006 NBA Draft by the Sacramento Kings after his junior year. Following a rough 2 ½ NBA seasons, he was waived by the Kings on February 18, 2009.


Given Amir Johnson’s age and need for development, should he be preferred over Reggie Evans?

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