What we have here is a failure to communicate

Seems like after 3 months or so of playing together, that December 3rd was the first time the Raptor players and coaches decided to talk to each other. I’m totally blown away with this revelation Feschuk dropped on us today:

“A lot of times we let the simple things – a guy being from Italy – make the decision on whether you want to talk to that guy, or to the next guy,” said Antoine Wright, the California-born reserve swingman. “If we want to win, we need to talk to each other. (The meeting) did a good job in addressing that problem.”

Ok…so talking is good, but these guys haven’t been talking to each other for 3 months. What the f*ck is going on in that dressing room, or in that huddle?

Wright: “Dude, when I pop off that screen you need to hit me with the rock man”

Belinelli: (Blank Stare … Turns to Bargnani) “Che cosa è questo tizio dice?”

Bargnani: (Shrugs)

Belinelli: (Turns back to Wright) “Ok”

What may be worse is Bosh and Turkoglu had nothing to say…

I fully blame this on Triano. You don’t know what’s going on in your own house, and you wait until you’re 20 games in to do something about it?

We have nine new guys and guys are still trying to figure out who’s who, how to talk to somebody, what buttons to push for some people – and that goes from coaches to players, and from players to coaches.

So the plan you had sucked and didn’t work. You let things deteriorate until your role players call everyone out in the media before deciding to do something else? This is the guy USA Basketball has on staff for international experience? A dude who doesn’t know how to get Italians and Californians to communicate? Luckily they have enough talent to overcome strategic shortcomings like this, unfortunately, the Raptors dont. #FMT

…buy a t-shirt.

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