Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Jan 8 vs 76ers

The “another year off my life” edition.

Banks – the only shot he has of seeing increased minutes in a Raptors uniform is to bring out his inner Tonya Harding.

Bargnani –  at some point tonight both his haters and his supporters had something to crow about. It was like a live version of the old Miller Lite commercial. His first half was comprised mostly of the younger Bargs. Getting denied, showing frustration, heck even getting T’d up. Then came the onslaught of the January Andrea of 09 and 10. Playing intense D, hitting shots, smiling, winking at ladies sitting courtside, kissing babies and making a game insuring block in the final minute of the fourth.

Belinelli – only attempted 3 shots and you have to wonder if he really is starting to doubt his own ability to shoot. Still, he has stepped the rest of his game up. Continues to get to the line, defensively he has remained active, and his mouthguard still gets more on-screen time than Jason Kapono.

Bosh – how elite is Chris Bosh? At the half he led this team in points, assists and rebounds. He did that while playing a sub-par game and looking like he would rather be drawing a new tattoo than be on the court. Then, like his brother in arms Andrea Bargnani, he re-asserts himself in the second half and reminds everybody that he truly should be considered in the top 3 of his draft class without hesitation. That continuation call at the end of the game was dubious, to say the least, but even had it not been called I think Bosh would have nailed both free throws.

Calderon – I was surfing YouTube and stumbled upon what Jose must be using as his guide to defending. Lou Williams was making Jose look like an aluminum door in a hurricane. Williams was playing out of his mind, but man alive, put some body on him.

DeRozan – wee bit pumped to play against Iverson? DeMar played well tonight and continues to put pressure on Jay to possibly let him show what he can do down the stretch.

Evans – anybody else out there get a little nervous watching Reggie do a spin move on the sidelines? Sure, maybe his oversized clothes would break his fall but for a guy who is going to be out longer than Blake Griffin but back sometime before, say, Bargs’ retirement, maybe he should stick to fist pumping and ass slapping.

Jack – the first half of the game was as bad as any this season for the Raptors. Part of that lethargic start has to come down to your floor generals. Both Jose and Jarrett need to demand more of their guys and of themselves. Jarrett loves to be vocal so lets see him use it for the greater good.

Johnson – was on the receiving end of a Jose alley-oop, he battled hard down low, and he attacked any loose ball that dared come near him. Nice game.

Nesterovic – hopefully all you whiners that go on about people laughing on the bench when we are losing saw him doing just that in the first half.  At least he offset that by looking like he just found out that krempita’s were on sale at the farmers market in Center City at the end of the game. 

O’Bryant – had to giggle when I saw him motioning the fans to sit down late in the 4th. He’s finally found a way to tap into his specialty.

Turkoglu- he only hit one 3 tonight, but it was a biggy. Deep in the corner, in front of the Sixers bench and a dagger to the courtside fan that he was having a conversation with all night. Not his best game but he seemed loose and kept his head in the game.

Weems – damned if Devlin knows who he is. The stat sheet doesn’t show hustle, but he did tonight. I live for the games where he checks in and hits the ground running……and too often this season I’ve been on life support. Tonight, though, I was breathing easy. Of course I would have been light headed had he actually hit some of his shots, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Wright – this years version of Joey Graham checked in with another Bad Antoine night. I would love to see Alex English take him under his wing and, well, kick his ass. So much untapped potential.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Jose Calderon (hahaha…you guys are like shooting fish in a barrel…) Hedo Turkoglu

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