Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Jan 10 vs Celtics

The “close to the corner, waiting for the light to change” edition.

Banks – begging Bosh to take him with him to L.A.

Bargnani –  stop me if you’ve heard this line before: “season high against the Raptors”.  Shot well but didn’t have the recent fire. Needed him to step up his defensive effort, not take a step back.

Belinelli – his style still reminds me of a spinning top that is just about to stop spinning. Shooting himself out of his slump, he provided a lift in the second half and Jay kept him out there for the stretch. It’s why he was brought here and about time for him to start showing up.

Bosh – he was exposed defensively a few times today, again showing that Andrea has grown to be better at boxing people out than Bosh is, and the turnovers (5 tonight) continue to be a huge concern. Still, no denying he was the man out there today with a 31/13. That dunk he had was full of piss and vinegar after Triano called him out after one particularly brutal TO.

Calderon – gotta say, loving him as a backup. Played well on both ends of the floor, created well, found his guys, attacked the hoop once or twice.  Good game for him.

DeRozan – Lighthouse decided to make a return. Lethargic for most of the game offensively, but hoping that was just because Allen made him run for most of the night on the defensive end. Guess they don’t show that aspect of Ray’s game on 2k10.

Evans – his locker is next to Hedo’s.  Can’t you just imagine the discussion going back and forth? Comparing notes on pizza places, tailors, the latest in leather sofas and VIP rooms, who has the best bling….

Jack – when Lily, his favourite masseuse at Soft & Sensual Touch on Spadina, lifts the towel toward the end of the rub down, she will surely see a bruise in the shape of Rondo’s face on Jarrett’s body. Rajon made Jarrett look silly (with or without the headband) and it was obvious Jack had no answer. Factor in our inability to play help defence of any kind and that is a recipe for disaster.

Johnson – never let it be said that Amir should be feared for his offensive ability. Still, he did his job, notably being an active player off the bench on the defensive end. Had a particularly bad 2-play sequence, but otherwise gave his supporters more fodder.

Nesterovic – I’m betting he’s depressed he doesn’t see his name in those worthless simulations we used to reference here in the pregames. He probably actively forwarded those back home to the old country to show he is still capable of NBA level ball.

O’Bryant – ACTIVATED!!! Holy crap, there IS a Santa Claus!!!

Turkoglu- wow. You know that frustration you feel when you are writing with a pencil and the lead suddenly breaks? As a Raptors fan, that must be like what you felt watching his game today. Yes, he did a fine job passing the ball, but moving without it, shooting it, demanding it, defending it….well, no.

Weems – not given much opportunity given Jay’s tight rotation, but seemed lost during the time he was on the floor. Saw Iavaroni get frustrated twice with him, so could explain the quick hook.

Wright – well, there’s always tomorrow. Better match up for him and he’s well rested. Very well rested.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Hedo Turkoglu

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