Kleiza Leads Lithuania Over Spain

The Raptors very own Linas Kleiza continues his strong performance at the FIBA World Championships helping his team with another come from behind victory, this time overtaking the powerful Spaniards with a 76-73 win. Come and check out what Raptors fans have to say.


Does Amir’s Recent Tweet Mean Anything?

Some fans think a Melo to Toronto scenario is feasible, while many think its a pipedream. Amir asked his fans what they thought about the possibility of Anthony coming to Toronto. Here are what our members think.


Did The Raptors Mess Up Bargnani’s Development?

RR Member NoFrillz asks whether or not fans feel if the Raptors focused way too much on Andrea’s deficiencies and not enough on his strengths? Could this be the reason why he’s been slow to develop? If not, what could it be then? Or are we overreacting and the best is yet to come from… Read more »


Raptors Need To Keep An Eye On These Kids

With a disappointing Canadian Men’s National program right now, the future appear to bright with Canadian prospects such as Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph who are making waves in the United States right now. Keep an eye on these kids and if don’t play for the Raptors one day, let’s hope they atleast get the… Read more »


How much time do Triano/Colangelo have?

The Jay Triano and Bryan Colangelo combination are on the verge of a dubious honor in Raptors history. At this point, it’s natural to wonder just how long these two can partner in their quest to return the Raptors to respectability.


Beyond the Raptors: Kevin McElroy & The Knicks

In order to give Arsenalist a break from his insane-post-a-day commitment, I had the chance to sit down with Kevin McElroy, ├╝ber blogger from the ESPN TrueHoop Affiliate Knickerblogger, to talk about the Knicks, the Eastern Conference and the Raptors


Ball Don’t Lie Ranks Bargs as 18th Best Centre in the NBA

BDL’s Kelly Dwyer ranks Andrea at #18 for the league’s best centres. The position of the ranking I don’t really have an issue with, but the fact Dwyer ranked Hibbert at #16 ahead of Andrea isn’t sitting well with me. Rebounding better than Andrea? Sure, but that’s about it. I don’t get it. What are… Read more »


Does Anybody Else Find This Type Of Attitude In a Fan Tasteless?

To tank or not to tank? That is the question. Seeing how most NBA analysts and even fans have written us off next season, would you prefer a scappy young team competing for the 8th playoff spot in the conference or tanking the season so we can hopefully acquire one of those can’t miss prospects… Read more »