Triano Won’t Hesitate Playing Barbosa at the Point

Expect to see backcourt pairings of Barbosa with DeRozan and Weems this season. Like I’ve said before, I think this team will be depending on Barbosa more than most haven’t given him credit for from what I’ve read here over the summer.


Why Toronto Might Be the Best Option for Dampier

Doug suggests that the Raptors might be holding out for Erick Dampier hoping to entice the veteran. If it does happen, this would also mean that Dampier would likley be our starting centre forcing Amir back to the bench and Bargnani to start at PF. Thoughts?

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Sept 28

Every team that calls wants to ask about Andrea. Is he available? They smell blood in the water. They read articles about how bad he is. I’m telling you, from a standpoint of value, it’s definitely there.


Rapcast #88: Raptors Media Day

The player’s are talking and we’re reading between the lines trying to figure out just what exactly we have here. A team on the rise or one destined for spectacular failure, nobody knows for sure, but at least we got Ryan McNeill from Hoops Addict informing us about what was notable (and surprising) on Media Day.