Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Nov 27


“A lot of young cats,” Shaquille O’Neal said, “disrespect the legends out there. Amir scored and he had a good game last time so he was actually talking like he was a player and Kevin took that personal as he should.”


Raptors Suffer Honorable Defeat in Boston


This wasn’t a humiliation of epic proportions, and that’s a good enough starting point when talking about the Raptors in Boston. As a Raptors fan you walked away from this game knowing that the overall effort was good, the team made a proper stand, and if it weren’t for two stretches where the Raptors shot themselves in the foot, things might have turned out differently, or at least the finish would have been tighter.

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Reggie Evans Breaks Foot


It happened. He broke it. Recall Alabi? Get back Davis ASAP? BryCo has some work to do. Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @CornerSniper