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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Hawks Nov 28

The “third quarter from hell” edition.

The “third quarter from hell” edition:

Alabi: if you don’t get some PT in the coming months, you might want to look into this.

Barbosa: no rebounds and 4/10 shooting pretty much says it all. More dung-filled toilet than blur, if you ask me.

Bargnani: turnovers continue to be an issue lately but his rebound numbers have popped back up and his shot selection isn’t abysmal. He showed effort tonight, but leadership? Lacking.

Bayless: as advertised so far and I don’t mind. The kid is out there learning on the fly and enjoying confidence shown in him for probably the first time as a pro. He couldn’t hit a shot but his hunger to play gave us some extra hands on the boards.

Calderon: on the one hand, I want him to take the shot when it is given to him. On the other hand, I fear that Devlin has more of a chance with Katy Perry than Jose has of converting some of those horrific attempts. Still happy he is here, though, and feel he could mentor Bayless into being a better player than Jose himself is.

Davis: if I have to go down there and bring him up here by pedicab, I will.

DeRozan: if this game was a bunch of fuzzy strawberries, DeMar’s performance was one with just enough good strawberry left that you could cut off the fuzz and eat it, enjoying it as you did. Not even close to a game to rave about, he was a beacon of light in a peasoup fog of a game.

Dorsey: geeze, Sonny II. You give a guy a starting slot and all of a sudden he can be a beast and look like he just downed a pound of gummy bears before checking in. Excited guys always win my respect. Guys who sustain it get my admiration.

Evans: nothing like seeing Chiclets out there with his team at the half looking like he wanted to Favre it up by getting all motivational. I fear the road games.

Johnson: Casper bolted himself to the bench in the first half thanks to fouls but kept himself in check the rest of the way. Still looks like he’d rather be at St. Louis chowing down on some wings.

Kleiza: I don’t get it. He is as consistent with passion as one would imagine Steven Wright is. I’m probably expecting too much. Typical Torontonian.

Stojakovic: guess his suits made it to Toronto.

Weems: I will not mention how hard I laughed when he missed that chippy. I really won’t. You’d think the guy would want to work on a highlight reel for his next team (in Europe). But, no, we get Mr. Lethargy who plays defence like it was a new concept in basketball. Find your man, stick to him, help us win.

Wright: 7 minutes, 1 bucket, everything else zeroes. He should be the spokesperson for Sarah Palin.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

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