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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Pacers Dec 6

The “so much for a bounceback” edition.

The “so much for a bounceback” edition:

Alabi: like flat soda

Barbosa: started off like a house on fire trying to ignite a spark but then fizzled out like a bonfire at a homecoming. Maybe he got unnerved by the Utah-like crowd.

Bargnani: can’t tell me you didn’t like the a) flop and b) nonchalant elbow to Dunleavy’s face. Those were things of beauty to all the Andrea-is-soft peeps. Otherwise? Non-impressive and very laidback.

Bayless: I’m guessing yesterday took a lot out of him. 2/10 2 assists 3 fouls is not the type of line you want to see too often, but does lead credence to the flash in the pan argument.

Calderon: good shooting night coupled with his traffic direction-like hand movements made me look back fondly on his second season. Sigh.

Davis: liked his game tonight. Very active, flashed quite a bit, tried to make himself avaiable. One of the few that actually exerted effort on the defensive end.

DeRozan: attacked the bucket 2 or 3 times the whole game and literally floated the rest of it. Just an ugly all round game from him.

Dorsey: bless garbage time for giving bottom feeders impressive PER number fodder.  Joey had 3 rebounds in 4 minutes. He’s a machine.

Evans: his stocking is the one wrapped in gauze. Again.

Johnson: another good game. Near double double, and again it looked like he was actually concentrating. He so easily checks out when given the opportunity, but something is under his skin and it’s good.

Kleiza: 3 fouls, 4 turnovers, 4 rebounds, 1 soon to be traded basketball player.

Stojakovic: Philadelphia is his kind of town.

Weems: hate to agree with Leo, but unless this guy attacks, he’s worthless to us. He isn’t being taken out of games, he is taking himself out of games. Attack the rim, dish it off if nothing is there (see Leandro for training) and help your team win, not sputter out of the gates.

Wright: heaven help us that we relied on Julian Wright to bring defensive energy late in the first quarter. It’s the first real sign that 2012 is just around the corner. Hug your loved ones.

Driving The Bus: Amir Johnson

Under The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

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