Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Bobcats Dec 14

The “bollocks” edition.

The “bollocks” edition:

Alabi: DNP-NW

Barbosa: sub-standard for him tonight. That little hitch in his shooting motion didn’t seem to help.

Bargnani: we all have those nights were you would just rather be anywhere else. Say, Real Sports at around 6:30pm tonight when Arsenalist was hitting on our waitress. Bargs had an off night and like many of you (misguided) fans from last year pointed out, Bosh had more than his fair share. So, Andrea, enjoy your mini-vacation. We’ll chalk that late 4th quarter turnover to brain freeze in chilly Charlotte.

Bayless: Jerryd the Menace continued on his merry little way. Would love to see a few more trips to the free throw line, but beggars/choosers. Think he won the PG battle tonight.

Calderon: a few weeks ago, he felt he was golden in Toronto….now he’s nervous every time the phone rings.

Davis: that yell he let out when he slammed the ball home in the first was, um, unnerving. I think Jordan spit his soda out. Big minutes (25) for the kid tonight and it translated into a nice relaxed effort. Nice to see a kid come “home”.

DeRozan: produced a candidate for Raptors dunk of the year…but more importantly, played well. Took a few too many shots from long range for my liking, but it wasn’t a Dormant DeRozan night and we need to celebrate whatever we can.

Dorsey: made it off the bench, shook a few hands, kissed a few babies.

Evans: I need him to be my Santa at our office Christmas party….just to see the kids try to decipher what he says.

Johnson: 36 minutes!!!! Blimey!  A double double!!  Get the hell outta here!! This Amir is the one I want under my tree this year.

Kleiza: hoot hoot. well, he, uhhh, put his shirt on correctly. I want to set Linas and Sonny up side by side and do this.

Stojakovic: best job in the world.

Weems: seriously, that block by Wallace on Weems was like the Coles Notes version of Sonny’s last few weeks. I can’t begin to count the number of times he’s made me groan out loud. Way more than Isis Taylor…and that is saying something.

Wright: the guy gets press, he is featured on fan sites, people actually now know what he looks like and Jay……still doesn’t give him many minutes. Appalling.

Driving The Bus: Amir Johnson

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

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