Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

The Myopia of Toronto Raptor Fans


RR member ibzilla shares his two cents in that its time for Raptors fans to wake up and smell the coffee. In his opinion the Raptors are just a “bunch of role players and nothing more.” Is he right? And if so, is it time to finally blow things up and host a fire sale?… Read more »


Good start, bad rest of the game


That was the winnable game on this three-game roadtrip. Too bad all the Raptors could muster was a decent quarter of play, after that the wheels came off and by wheels I mean turnovers. Twenty-five turnovers leading to 27 points, it’s like a disease without a cure. I’d like the NBA to keep a stat on the number of fastbreak points that were the result of turnovers, I bet that it would be really high for this one.