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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Grizzlies Dec 27

The “playing the role of Hawkeye in tonights performance is……” edition.

The “playing the role of Hawkeye in tonights performance is……” edition:

Alabi: when Joey Dorsey starts and you still get a DNP-CD, you have to re-evaluate your life.

Barbosa: there are off shooting nights, then there are Barbosa-In-Memphis type shooting nights. I’m pretty sure when he tossed his gum at the end of the night it ended up stuck to the wall.

Bargnani: back in Toronto probably at Real Sports watching MNF.

Bayless: at least he wasn’t throwing up this time, but the effort he did give was poorer than Tiny Tim’s family. He looked out of sorts and unsure of how to get his team involved and together. Not good when you are the backup quarterback.

Calderon: an average Jose-type game tonight. Turnovers are still a bit high for him (4) but he did try and stir the pot a bit and get his guys going. But with few hot hands to feed, it wasn’t in the cards.

Davis: I’m concerned he is pulling a DeMar. He’s blending into the background a bit too much. He has to realize he has the ability to change the game for the second unit and bring that to the surface. Become that intimidating factor in the lane. Right now he is no more than a sticky turnstile.

DeRozan: rest did him good and I guess the money from that commercial will buy him some groovy 3D glasses for his television. Give me this effort 3 out of every 5 games and I’ll be beside myself. Good game, strong presence and very alert.

Dorsey: no complaints here. Came in and Dwight Howard’d his ass off. A double double from a guy who rarely sees the floor and is playing with guys that should be embarrassed at their own efforts after seeing Joey play.

Dupree: Merry Christmas.

Evans: up walking around now, which is a positive sign. Need him back to the form he showed early this season and soon, otherwise the playoffs will be out of reach by the break.

Johnson: he’s hurting, but not as much as it hurts watching him play the game of basketball lately. Credit for going out there knowing the rest of the team is hurting, but he’s about as helpful as a tour guide with no sense of direction.

Kleiza: turnovers hurt but the man has never seen a shooting opportunity he doesn’t like. He must go nutso at Pop-A-Shot. Overall a good game from Linas who, unfortunately, has to be a leader right now. Save us.

Stojakovic: second opinion? How’s this: you don’t wear jeans well.

Weems: still a no-go. Shame, really. Okay, not really. He’s useless when healthy.

Wright: As the Grizzlies were running drills on us in the 2nd and 3rd, why not throw in Wright to see if he could stop the surge? It would make sense? Right. Got it.

Driving The Bus: Joey Dorsey

Under The Bus: Amir Johnson

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