Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Celtics Jan 2

The “death to the leprechaun” edition.

The “death to the leprechaun” edition:

Alabi: you know when you are trying to get cellophane off something and it frustrates the hell out of you. There ya go.

Barbosa: save that one steal and lay-in, he was pretty quiet. If it’s possible to play basketball in a timid fashion, he did so tonight.

Bargnani: if I had a girlfriend like that, I’d be fine with kicking back midseason and taking my time too.

Bayless: don’t worry, a little fairy dust, a kiss from Tinkerbell and a foot rub from the Raptor and all will be as good as new.

Calderon: he knew he had to come in and face a revved up Rondo and he did a great job matching up against him. Could have used a bit more of a shooting touch, but that’s been MIA off and on all season.

Davis: love the passion he showed early, but it tailed off faster than Rob Ford at a Weight Watchers seminar. It was a good test for the rook, though. He saw more meat in the paint than lunchtime at McDonalds.

DeRozan: man alive, did someone tell this guy the season started? Two great games in a row….I expected this like I expected consistency from my girls cycle. He’s been doing what Vince used to do: drive, look for contact, be aggressive. That one sequence where he drove and didn’t back down from Shaq almost made me weep a little.

Dorsey: he’s like the Christmas blend at Starbucks. You see it, you wonder if it will be any good, you spend your $4 and BANG it knocks you on your ass. Also called the Glen Davis affect. Joey had another solid game, didn’t back down from Shaq, and did a great job of hanging around the bucket looking for the ball.

Dupree: can easily pay his rent.

Evans: Evans vs Shaq in a MMA fight would be awesome to see. Winner gets to play a full NBA season.

Johnson: pretty quiet double double. Beginning to wonder if there is something to my Amir-is-better-without-Sonny theory. I love this Amir Johnson, though. He seems much more focussed and willing to bang bodies.

Kleiza: Alex English needs to get his hands on Linas and get his shooting back. It’s disappeared like turned up polo shirt collars. If Joey was smart, he’d head to the bucket everytime Linas cocks a shot because you know it’s coming off the rim.

Stojakovic: bitch.

Weems: he doesn’t know how his back got that way. Right. Maybe you turned to get your laptop to Tweet about how hot your posse is and twisted your back. Or, maybe you hurt it chucking up shots rather than passing. Either way, waah waah waah.

Wright: shortchanged by Jay again. I saw more defensive intensity in 7 minutes from him than I have in 7 months from Andrea. Just sayin.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Linas Kleiza

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