The “death to the leprechaun” edition:

Alabi: you know when you are trying to get cellophane off something and it frustrates the hell out of you. There ya go.

Barbosa: save that one steal and lay-in, he was pretty quiet. If it’s possible to play basketball in a timid fashion, he did so tonight.

Bargnani: if I had a girlfriend like that, I’d be fine with kicking back midseason and taking my time too.

Bayless: don’t worry, a little fairy dust, a kiss from Tinkerbell and a foot rub from the Raptor and all will be as good as new.

Calderon: he knew he had to come in and face a revved up Rondo and he did a great job matching up against him. Could have used a bit more of a shooting touch, but that’s been MIA off and on all season.

Davis: love the passion he showed early, but it tailed off faster than Rob Ford at a Weight Watchers seminar. It was a good test for the rook, though. He saw more meat in the paint than lunchtime at McDonalds.

DeRozan: man alive, did someone tell this guy the season started? Two great games in a row….I expected this like I expected consistency from my girls cycle. He’s been doing what Vince used to do: drive, look for contact, be aggressive. That one sequence where he drove and didn’t back down from Shaq almost made me weep a little.

Dorsey: he’s like the Christmas blend at Starbucks. You see it, you wonder if it will be any good, you spend your $4 and BANG it knocks you on your ass. Also called the Glen Davis affect. Joey had another solid game, didn’t back down from Shaq, and did a great job of hanging around the bucket looking for the ball.

Dupree: can easily pay his rent.

Evans: Evans vs Shaq in a MMA fight would be awesome to see. Winner gets to play a full NBA season.

Johnson: pretty quiet double double. Beginning to wonder if there is something to my Amir-is-better-without-Sonny theory. I love this Amir Johnson, though. He seems much more focussed and willing to bang bodies.

Kleiza: Alex English needs to get his hands on Linas and get his shooting back. It’s disappeared like turned up polo shirt collars. If Joey was smart, he’d head to the bucket everytime Linas cocks a shot because you know it’s coming off the rim.

Stojakovic: bitch.

Weems: he doesn’t know how his back got that way. Right. Maybe you turned to get your laptop to Tweet about how hot your posse is and twisted your back. Or, maybe you hurt it chucking up shots rather than passing. Either way, waah waah waah.

Wright: shortchanged by Jay again. I saw more defensive intensity in 7 minutes from him than I have in 7 months from Andrea. Just sayin.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Linas Kleiza

Game Theme:

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  • Brain Colangelo

    Love the dd offence and though he (and jose) were shortchanged by the refs.

    2 games straight w dd as worst +/- and linus as best (or close to it)… funny, that…

    • voy

      funny how 30 pts. and a team worst +/- is considered a great game for some and not for others.

      Either way I think the +/- stat is bs. Nice to see DD get his offense on. On every team you need a few guys to board, a few guys to score and a few guys to defend. No one is gonna do everything. If demar can drop 20 a game I wouldn’t stress about his defense.

      Why not sub kleiza for wright and see what he could have done against Jesus Shuttlesworth or Pierce. Those guys went 10-18 and 10-15 respectively.

      • Theswirsky

        its not good for some and not for others. DD’s D has been sub par (at best) all year. Atleast he has the excuse of only 1 and a half years experience under his belt…..

        • voy

          you dont think dd had a good game tonight, swirsk?

          my comment was more directed to those who were critical of bargs’s 42 point performance against the NYK because of his minus 8 but will undoubtable be on dd’s tip tonight after tonight’s performance. You cant cherry pick what stats you’re gonna cite to quantify a good game.

          Personally, I like what I’m seeing from DD lately. I’m not gonna hold the kid’s feet to the fire for his D. I’d rather see what he can do on O on a day-in-day-out basis and concern myself with his D later.

          • cesco

            I would like to reprint here an observation by voy which he made last night at 10.41 PM in Arse article because not many people saw it . Notice that the 4 guys he mentioned are all-star or near all-star types , note that Noah is hurting the Bulls defensively when he is on the floor , enjoy .

            “been fooling around with the on/off stat per 100 possessions on the 82 games website.

            did you know the lakers are a better defensive team without kobe by 9 points and are only better offensively with kobe by 6 points? trade him.

            OKC better defensively w/o westbrook by 8.5 points; but only 3 points better offensively with him on the floor. i guess they’d be better w/o him.

            Miami is only 0.09 points better offensively with Labron on the floor. He makes no impact defensively as the team’s points allowed per 100 possessions are exactly the same.

            Noah improves the Bulls offense by 5.6 points. Yeaaaaah. But hurts the team’s defense by 8.3 points. Fail. Noah actually also hurts the bulls total rebounding by 0.06%.”

          • Theswirsky


            I thought DD played well tonight. He was agressive, got to the line, and worked hard. You wont hear complaints, in general, from me about a game like this from DD.

            But he still has a lot of work to do on his defense, and it doesnt mean we cant be critical of it just because he scored well. Then again he is in his second year in the league, and responsible for covering some great guards, so he gets some slack.

            Just like Bargs got slack from me his first few years in the league. The difference is now he is in his 5th year and no longer responsible for the ‘tough’ check on a nightly basis (which he was last year).

            ‘I’d rather see what he can do on O on a day-in-day-out basis and concern myself with his D later.’

            yeah seems like thats the general consensus about most of the players on this team for the past few years… eventually you have got to start concerning yourself with D to, or you end up with one of the top offenses, worst defenses, a losing record and no playoffs….

            • voy

              hey swirsk,

              i totally agree, we can be critical of anyone regardless of how many points they drop.

              last year the D was a huge concern for me. last year we were supposed to compete, and i guess we had a great run for a bit during the season but the team defense was a disaster.

              w/o bosh on the team, the raps are a million miles from being half-decent so if some of the youngbloods’ game (offence/defence) dont all develop at the same pace i’ll try and not be too too critical. This being said if dd goes through a cold spell and doesn’t try and elevate the other aspects of his game maybe coach should stress “hey if your O is not clicking there are other things you can do, other aspects of the game you can focus on to be a net positive factor”.

              You are right, the D will have to improve if we ever hope to contend. In my opinion, the team D will improve as we start adding better pieces to the team (draft/trade/fa). If they are still with the team, I dont think the weakest defensive links on the current team will appear so weak. No man is an island.

      • Triano didn’t think that DD played that great tonight. Fire the coach?

        Seriously in the post game presser he said that he thought DD played ok!

        No kidding.

        Good have been DD’s defense or lack of it that had Triano a little cool toward his overall performance.

        Now if only the Wings could play defense like Davis, Dorsey and Johnson the Raptors might be on to something good.

  • The defense by the wings was terrible.

    Then again Pierce and Allen have burned hundreds over their careers and they ain’t done yet.

    KG was out but the other two HOF guys won it for them.

  • Pierce posterizing Johnson.

    I didn’t think that Pierce could still move that quick with those kind of hops. I don’t think Johnson did either. LOL

    • WhatWhat

      Pierce is the only player to successfully play his entire career in slow motion.

  • L4D

    “shortchanged by Jay again. I saw more defensive intensity in 7 minutes from him than I have in 7 months from Andrea. Just sayin.”
    So much truth in this that it hurts

    • nesnes

      Well, i remember him playing hard against NYK and NJN, but then again, that’s not much better. So the comparison is pretty spot on.

  • Dookielover

    dd only plays one side of the floor. he’s our worst defender.

    • Vik

      On most nights, yes. Tonight he actually did a pretty solid job. Barbosa and Kleiza on the other hand were just off…

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    Officiating in the NBA makes me weep

    • Nilanka15

      I realize refs tend to give “star players” the benefit of the doubt, but it’s really frustrating to see the amount of respect Pierce gets. The slightest breeze on his jersey is enough to call a foul. It seems way worse than the phantom calls Kobe, LeBron, Wade, etc. are gifted with. Pierce exaggerates contact worse than Iverson used to. It’s the act of flopping without actually hitting the ground. Sickening to watch.

      • RenaldoSugarbush

        That is what makes the NBA so tough to watch sometimes.

  • John_P

    79 points and 1-6. the sample size just keeps on growing.

    • The last four have all been on the road and the seven game road trip with only 8 able bodies continues with a back to back starting Tuesday.

      Ask any NBA player and they will tell you that a single home game sandwiched between two three game road trips is like a seven game road trip.

    • brakeman1

      do you know anything about basketball

      • John_P

        Actually yes I know quite a bit about basketball and the number one rule is you build around stars. A concept that seems lost on many of you. Also, asking me if I know anything about basketball doesn’t really reveal your basketball insight. The fact is this team is worse without their star and the numbers and sample size are proving it. I love how people will throw out stats to try and trash Bargs, but when stats are used to counter the arguement, then they question your “basketball knowledge”.

        • brakeman1

          andrea is not a star in this leauge no allstar no first second or third all anything that spell star in your book, having tons of play run for him and averaging 21 ppg whats demar averaging with plays run for him. what did Bosh average with plays called for him. Whats the first rule of up tempo style of basketball we want to play?

          • John_P

            Yeah you’re right, every proffessional player, commentator and executive lavishes praise on him and makes a point of saying how difficult he is to guard and what a vast skill set he has but he’s not a star. Top 20 scorer in the NBA and he’s not a star. You must know more then anyone else. Perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you “know anything about basketball?”

            • brakeman1

              whats the star player done for Toronto 6 games BELOW .500. He plays no defense and can’t rebound we have tried out scoring our oppenents instead of tying to stop them. That is why golden state is where they are at. What is the difference between golden state and us. What style of play are the Raptors trying to implement? Offense is only half of the game. Do you want your franchise player only playing one end of the floor. Does Duncan play one end of the floor? I have forgotten more about this game than you will ever know. Offense does not win in the playoffs let alone a championship. You will never win with a sevenfooter that averages 5 rebounds and plays a midrange game. Is he a top five player at his position? Would you take a healthy Bynum, Howard, Noah, Lopez, Jefferson. Theses are all better two way players. All of the front court players the Raptors have tried to accuire is to mask his weaknesses. Just get one good two way players. Beasly right now is having a better season than your franchise. Thats why this francise is where its at one dimesional players. The american media taught Chris Bosh was a low post player.

              • John_P

                You’re so delusional it’s not even funny. Who the hell is talking about a championship with this team you moron? I was responding to the idiots who beleive we are a better team without Bargnani, which couldn’t be further from the truth. How can you talk about championship teams when this team isn’t anywhere near this level. Also I suppose Dallas, who has been a legit title contender and looks like they finally have the recipe, should trade Dirk because he can’t defend. They have done so well without him since he’s been injured.

                • brakeman1

                  what is this teams ultimate goal? If you’re not building towards a championship what are you doing. I just wish his fan boys would be honest about what he is. I love Dirk but he’s never going to win a championship in Dallas. I love Demar but he has to get better defensively. Whats the biggest knock on calderon “D”. When you win the battle on the boards you stand a good chance of winning the game. Theres nothing like the look in an opponents face when he can’t play “D” and realizes he can’t score. Defense always wins, everytime. This franchise needs to change its philosophy and in my mind its starting to happen although it wont happen overnight it will change.

                • John_P

                  Well I wish you fag boys would be honest with what this team is. If you’re goal is to build a championship, you dont start by getting rid of your best player, who happens to be 25 and still improving. Also whether Dirk wins a championship or not is not all on him. Ever hear of a guy named Kobe? What were people saying about Pau before he got traded to the Lakers? It takes more then one person and to lay the blame on Bargs is just laughable, considering he’s one of 3 legit NBA players on this roster. In my opnion you fag boys need to come to grips with the fact that this team sucks on D, with or without Bargnani. The perimeter D is consistently shit and the main reason why our bigs get in trouble and why we suck on D.

                • brakeman1

                  Im not the grown man licking this faggots nuts calling him a legit player when for five years all he’s done is under achive. No one breaks out in year five faggot. If he is the future this franchise deserves everything it gets like the lottery for the next 10 years before they cut ties with this wanker. Pau was a really good player and lead the Grizzlies to the playoff each of his last three years he was there. By year 3 he was a legit star in this leauge. No Allstar no all nba anything get used to it asshole. What is the main proponent in up tempo basketball. You probably started watching basketball when Toronto got the Raptors, didn’t you faggot? spit first before you answer. Youre the load your mother should have swallowed cum sucker.

                • John_P

                  No you’re the grown man, on his knees in the middle of a young guns circle jerk, with your mouth wide open. Make sure to close your eyes, you don’t want get pink eye like the last time.

                • Theswirsky

                  its amazing how far people go to defend bargnani….

                  the guy is simply not good enough, get over it. You say this teams needs a star to win, fine. But Bargs ain’t that guy, he’s not a star. And talking about blowing guys and taking loads won’t change that (by the way brakeman said nothing about ‘young guns’…)

                • John_P

                  It’s even more amazing how far people go to trash him. You don’t think he’s the star of the team, fine, but he’s far from being the problem on the team. There are many other issues and players that need to be dealt with before we address Bargnani. Also was I the one who initiated the blowing guys or faggot references? I merely replied with a 10x more clever post.

                • John_P

                  It also amazes me that despite the fact that he is praised as the star of this team by opponents, commentators and professionals in the industry, people on here will insist on arguing otherwise, as if to say that they are more insightful. The majority of Raps fans aren’t this ignorant, as was proven by the poll RR posted.

                • Nilanka15

                  All in all fairness, there’s a certain level of professional respect amongst the players, coaches and commentators. They’re not going to trash other players via the media unless they have a legit reason to. You put a LOT of weight on the opinion of these people, when all of them would’ve had the same praise for Bosh last year…and I know you wouldn’t have agreed with them. Point of the story: what you hear in quotes is simple basketball political correctness. Take it was a grain of salt…

  • Sek99

    Wow. No real calls to trade Bargs yet. I’m shocked. But really, am I the only one who thinks we have a high school coach on our bench? Triano is awful. The guy sticks to his rotation like Peja sticks to the bench. The games about adapting. We saw it in New York, when we painfully watched Amir get torched by Triano forcing him to guard Chandler, who’s a three. I saw it tonight when firstly, Barbosa was playing terribly, and secondly, he takes out Derozan, who couldn’t miss a shot in the first quarter, and only reinserts him halfway through the second. The guy is young, give him some big minutes. Also, there were only two good defensive plays on Pierce. One by Wright, for the short time he was on the floor, than one by Kleiza for all 30+ minutes the guy was on the floor. Derozans bad D you can live with if hes providing the O, but Triano needs to learn to adapt to an NBA game. If a guys playing poorly, sit em down and let him collect himself. Don’t leave him out there to get torched, or just chuck up 3’s all night and kill our chances. I feel like my brains gonna burst sometimes when I watch the Raptors games when there’s obvious change that needs to be made, but Triano just bites away on his nails, continues to look like a giant egg, and help us to another loss. Have you seen the state of the league? We’re not getting a top 3 pick, maybe a top 5 if were lucky, and who knows who’ll declare for the draft next year anyway. Make the playoffs, give our young guys some pride, and stop losing games for us Triano. Rotations don’t win games. Players playing well win games. This guy is like shitty writer who has good grammar, good vocabulary, very technically sound, but lacks creativity and the ability to change with the times. And don’t even get me started on his inability to teach defense.

    • yertu damkule

      FWIW, DD picked up two fouls in the first few minutes, and so while it would have been nice if he’d been able to play more minutes early, they took him out so he’d have a chance to play heavy minutes late. it’s doubtful his absence in the 1st Q was overly detrimental, since they went into halftime down 1, and he was able to play significant minutes in the 2nd half, so your argument about JT’s poor coaching in that regard seems a bit misplaced.

  • sangaman

    The celts pushed the raps around like a schoolyard bully. (The refs didnt help either). Reggie is the only guy that could step on the floor and push back. Thats why Reggie is a key to raptor success. Even the Heat will lose to the Celts because of physical intimidation- mark my word.

    • Theswirsky

      I thought the Raps gave as good as the got. The pure difference in bulk will give Boston an edge.

      But I thought Jack and Devlin mentioned one of the big differences in this game… the ‘no calls’ the Raps didn’t get. They played extremely aggressively yet weren’t always rewarded for it. But most of them don’t have enough ‘experience’ yet to be rewarded from the officials (well Jose does, but he has spent so much time flopping on his layups over the years I don’t think the refs bother giving him the benifit of the doubt).

    • Nilanka15

      You’re the biggest Reggie supporter on this site. It’s a shame he’ll likely never suit up for the Raptors again…

      • SANGAMAN

        Like i have said before..Basketball is a physical sport and every team needs at least one tough guy (the celts have 5). Reggie was looking more like should be hall of famer Dennis Rodman every day. Without reggie the raps are a milquetoast team. Even his scoring was even getting better in the few games before the injury.

  • draftedraptor

    What happened to our offense today? Barbosa , Kleiza and Jose were just awful. FG of 3/12 , 3/12 , 3/14. Jose should stop taking shots when he is obviously better passing it. Disappointed at Julian’s minutes. I thought Amir had an average game today – D against Celts is easy now. wait till KG and Perkins get fit.

  • Nilanka15

    Was at the game, and I must say, there were FAAAAAAAR too many C**tic fans around. The only saving grace was watching the inflated Raptor mascot beat up the inflated C**tic mascot. I bet most of the folks rocking Garnett and Rondo jerseys last night couldn’t tell me who Rick Patino, or Antoine Walker are…

  • knickz

    dumb ppl claim to be raptors fans and cheer for the celtics… don’t cheer for the enemey

    • Jackie Moon

      ….especially not the celtics.