Post-game coming up when I come off the high of Arsenal beating Barcelona, I’ll also be talking to A-Dub who was at the game a bit later.

Amir Johnson, 7. The 2-10 is sticking out like a sore thumb, but his overall defense was good and his energy kept us ticking. He should know better to fall for Bosh’s jumper-fakes, I could’ve seen those coming. Missed a lot of close ones he usually makes.

Sonny Weems, 1. Zero awareness on defense, zero chance of coming back next year. The guy turns his back on his check too many times and always gets burned by it. Yeah, he’s guarding LeBron, that should serve as a motivation and pump you up, not make you shrivel and die. I hate him.

Andrea Bargnani, 7. He had 1 rebound for the majority of this game, and played the poorest help defense of all season. Still, you can’t ignore 38 points and offensively, he was the ONLY thing going along with DeMar’s improving jumper. Would like to see him defend, honestly, it’s getting old but he needs to defend because, you know, it’s part of the game. Not going to happen.

Jose Calderon, 5. 14 assists, good quarterbacking of the team, too bad we also needed his jumper – 2-9. Many of them wide open. Generally poor defense.

DeMar DeRozan, 6. The jumper is improving, so is the confidence. I’m waiting for him to start finishing better at the rim, no need to twist and turn, just throw it down. If you can. Development year…development year…development year…

Leandro Barbosa, 1. Ouch. 1-7 FG. Terrible D on House. Hurt his trade value.

Jerryd Bayless, 2. Double Ouch. Terrible D on House, bad shot selection. Needed him to provide a boost off the bench, he failed.

Alexis Ajinca, 5. Surprisingly active off the bench, as Jack Armstrong said, he’s playing for a contract (Weems should take note). Gave us a boost in the third quarter, good game.

Ed Davis, 8. 13 rebounds, good finishing around the rim, great effort as usual. Him and DeRozan might just make this terrible year worth it.

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  • WhatWhat

    The Chucky Weems hate is so strong. I still think that he can be a good bench player.

    • Nilanka15

      Weems’ biggest problem is a lack of discipline. He needs to know he’s not Michael Jordan. He needs to know his best bet to land another NBA contract is to work on his hustle stats and defense. He’s got all the physical tools to be a legit player in this league, but like Kris Humphries, he’s gotta figure out his niche.

  • mas312

    looool bargnani went off on bosh. he should play with that kind of passion every night (too bad he only had 4 rebounds and was pretty was terrible on defence)

    • Fletchmer

      Bargs may have had only 4 boards but 2 came late in the game when we needed him(Davis & AJ on the bench) . Unlike most bigs bargs rarely if ever stays around for uncontested D rebounds. Lets the other guys on the team pad the numbers. On the offence bargs made CB4 look like he was only 6′ tall shouting over him.

      • Not padding his rebounding numbers? That’s one way of putting it. Kind of like saying that Linsday Lohan isn’t mired by rational thinking.

        • C.d.G.

          Tim w.,
          please, disappear!
          It’s not the night for you to come out with the usual amount of venom on someone who, someway, just scored 38! Please, try not to seem too stupid.
          PS = Arsenalist, 8 for Ed Davis means I was right before: You want him sanctified! Now!

          • Nilanka15

            Bargnani hasn’t reached the 7 rebound mark in 14 games. But one good offensive night is supposed to ignore such futility from your starting centre…in a losing effort, I might add? Gimmie a break.

            Even Jack Armstrong can no longer compliment Bargnani without adding “from an offensive perspective” afterwards.

            Isn’t it laughable to Bargnani fans when the likes of Ajinca starts playing better help defense than White Swan?

          • arsenalist

            It’s all relative to expectation, man. All relative to that.

            • Bo4

              What does a starting NBA C have to be? Top 30 in blocks. Top 60 in rebounds. Top 150 in scoring. Getting 1/3 right is failing, everybody.

              • arsenalist

                I was referring to the rating. Ed Davis’ production has been surprising, always expected him to turn out good, just not this soon. He’s delivering strong performances and doing his job perfectly, hence the high rating. For example, if he gets 10/10 and Johnson gets 10/10 and game impact is the same, Davis will be rated higher just because.

                Anyway, it’s a number. That’s all. Our frontline had a good game, other than AJ’s misses.

  • Boomer

    Weems, much like Kleiza, should be on a veteran team with a solid bench, where if they aren’t performing that well during a game, they can be sat for someone else. They are solid talents, but so maddeningly inconsistant, and that’s why they should never be more than 12-16 minute per game guys.
    When Weems was thrown in to that Delfino trade last year, I thought we were stealing a solid rookie. However, especially with Wright coming over and showing how much he cares, I won’t mind seeing Sonny leave.
    As well, better teams know how to massage these types of players to get what they need to get. Triano doesn’t even know when to call a time-out, let alone massage a player into what he needs.

    • Boomer

      PS. Go Barca.

  • Rapture

    we need to drop weems so fast… He just doesnt care enough to be consistent.. i really miss jose’s jump shot

  • AwesomeGuest

    “Surprisingly active off the bench, as Jack Armstrong said, he’s playing for a contract (Weems should take note)”

    But that’s exactly the problem with Weems. He’s trying TOO hard (not defensively) to get that contract. He’s taking much more shots – and bricks – and trying to release his inner Michael Jordan BECAUSE of the fact that it’s his last contract year.

    • AwesomeGuest

      Thank you good sir for making this a ROTD

  • Pakdawgie

    Agree completely with some of the comments above. Sonny can be a valuable niche role player in the NBA. He just needs to come to terms and embrace it or he’ll find himself on the outside looking in.

  • Bo4

    I don’t care how many points Andrea scores. If he isn’t a significant factor in the blocks & rebounds, he’s insignificant to the potential win. I’d trade him away in a second to make room to get someone like Marc Gasol.

    We need someone like Gerald Wallace at SF, so trading away Leandro would not make me cry.

    Since I want us to draft Kyrie Irving, letting Sonny walk away is fine with me. I’d rather have Jerryd at SG sub.

  • No

    Ratings are skewed IMO. 5 out of 10 for Ajinca? Are you kidding me? That kid lit it up in limited minutes against a stellar team. Give the guy more credit!

  • RapsM

    Is Julian Wright injured or something?