The “water tastes funny…we must be home” edition:

Ajinca: sat out with a bad wheel. Not like Jay would know what to do with him anyway.

Alabi: anybody know if Motel 6 has a frequent lodger program?

Barbosa: is there a veteran wall as well? Leandro just seemed to be running in mud tonight. Had me wondering if he is one of the guys who simply needs to play every other day to keep in rhythm because he was anything but.

Bargnani: time for the haters to point to similarities to Andrea taking time off after the allstar break like Bosh did. He’s either got the immune system of 80lb woman with open sores who is working in a chamber full of diseases or something is up.

Bayless: finally nailed who he reminds me of when it comes to mannerisms: the dog from Up.

Calderon: just some ugly turnovers and a display of how not to run a team. He didn’t play poorly, but he didn’t play well, which was the difference down the stretch.

Davis: thanks to Andrea hugging the porcelain, Davis was back in the starting lineup. Played well in spurts but the consistency wasn’t there. In that sense it was like Andrea never left.

DeRozan: Solid game. Loved how he continued to be aggressive, still hated the childlike glances at the refs. Prove yourself, sir. How about “no attitude needed”? Shot poorly from the field, but made it to the charity stripe enough to make it back.

Dorsey: it’s like he’s been playing every game. Solid contribution considering the rust that is on his body. 5 boards and 6 points in 12 minutes are numbers that can command a parade for some fans.

Evans: finally back and trying to up his market value…which he did tonight. 11 rebounds coupled with only 2 attempts from the floor made it the type of night he excels for us.

A. Johnson: his absence was felt as the game went on. Only getting 8 minutes out of a guy that can play like a beast and steal you that extra board hurts. Hope to see him back full strength.

J. Johnson: still baffles me that the guy goes from no minutes to being a starter. He was fouling way too much for Jay’s liking so he received a few quick yanks (something usually reserved for Liston at his summer cottage). It’s a shame we can’t play Chicago every night.

Kleiza: picking up some shifts as a GO Train constable. He likes authority.

Weems: well if the word is right that he is pissed at how he is being used, tonight was a great way to show it. Nice all around game, posed on the bench a few times, and no doubt is going to Real Sports to toast his ego.

Wright: I lost the bet…apparently he DOES still play for us.

Driving The Bus: Sonny Weems

Under The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

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  • Leighton

    Missed the game but Bargnani letting Al Jefferson go off for 34 is typical. No more soft Euros on this team.

    • L-man

      Bargnani didn’t even play.

    • hotfuzz

      check the box score first!

    • Mladen_09

      some people…

    • The Rawth

      Holy shit ur retarded

    • DunkinDerozan

      hahaha it sometimes takes a blind man to prove a point. GOOD JOB your my hero

    • Boomer

      Thanks for reminding me why I hate internet commenters

    • Leighton

      My bad.

    • AwesomeGuest

      Lmao what a guy.

    • mountio

      There is no such thing as enough piling on for an idiotic comment like that .. so Ill add to the list. Im not sure why this comment surprises me given the sentiment on this board .. but this one does take it to a new level ..

    • Bendit

      Is everyone really sure Leighton wasnt tweaking the board?

  • hotfuzz

    Nice review, either the tank is in full force or we are really that bad.
    A bit dissapointed in demar as he didn’t have a good 4th Q.

  • John

    was amir hurt ?

  • Webcrawler89

    Man, Leighton, it’s guys like you that make us critics look bad, at least go check the box score before you come here and post.

    What can I say, I wholeheartedly believe we’ve embraced the tank-mode.

    I didn’t like how little rebounds a lot of the guys on the team got, I’m starting to wonder if this too is a coaching thing. Just cuz Reggie is back doesn’t mean we don’t need to get boards anymore (yes, I know that Demar 7, and Weems and Dorsey got 5…)…also, we’re turning over the ball waaay too much, mostly because of stupidity. Maybe it’s time to slow down this offense?

    • MET

      Turnovers are always bad but it is difficult for a team with no real low post threat and poor outside shooting to play a strict half court set offence.

  • am actually happy we lost again higher ping pong balls

  • WhatWhat

    The tank can’t be stopped.

  • MET

    I have officially began to optimistically think about Kyle Irving or Harrrison Barnes et al. being on the Raptors.

    One thing from tonight that has become even more clear…this team struggles with their outside shooting. The Utah zone really jammed the shot challenged Raps.

  • voy

    at least now we can stop including J.Johnson’s name in the same sentence with Labron James…Not that he played a bad (or good) game tonight but come on lets try and base at least 10% of these comments in reality.

    I’m pretty sure Leighton was joking.

  • MET

    In terms of Bargs health…you have to wonder if his health is slightly “in doubt” amidst a lottery season that the powers may “recommend” sitting rather than playing through the illness. Unlike Bosh, who was MIA during a playoff run, Bargs is sick during a lottery run.

    On a related note, I always wondered if D. Robinson could have actually returned in the final games of the year when SA tanked and drafted Duncan. It is always easier to shut down a player when you have a high lottery pick already dangling in your face.

  • Dookielove

    Our starting centre plays 36 minutes, goes 5-for-13, grabs 3 boards, and the opposing centre goes off for 34 on 17-for-24 (.708 AND including game winning basket off an offensive rebound and tip in) and the board hasn’t exploded yet?

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Barney was using mind control …. “play like me”

    • Sam

      Nothing new there, seemingly average big men always seem to have career nights against he Raps.

    • voy

      Just because you like Bargs, like I do, doesn’t mean you need to hate on ED. Fine, he didn’t have a good game today but so far its clear that ED is projecting into a pretty good PF.

      The defensive problems the Raps have is systemic wide. Its not like the narrative some push here “oh if just we had a centre who could guard his man and at the same time guard the other player who just blew by his man on the perimeter and is going in for a layup on a 2 on 1 situation, we’d all be basking in rainbows and kitten farts”

      I know some here also think that its impossible to guard PGs or SGs in the nba but that is nonsense. Good defensive teams dont have the expectation that the other team’s perimeter players are gonna smoke them off the bounce 90% of the time. Its all relative anyway. Do guys like CJ Miles consistently go off for 10+ points above their season average on other teams, as often as they do on us? Naw.

      The above being said, I’m not gonna hit the self-destruct button yet. I like the fact that Demar looks like he can be a consistent 15-20 point per game scorer. I like the fact that ED seems to find the ball so easily off the offensive glass. I like the fact that Amir looks like he wants to work on his game instead of just coasting on his 5 year contract. Will all these guys be on the team when we become any good? Who knows, but the important thing at this stage of the rebuild is to continue to acquire young pieces, fill in needs and hopefully management can begin to assemble a cohesive team within 2 or 3 years.

      Lastly, I still cant believe we lost this game. I think this may be the worse loss of the season (considering the lineup utah was fielding)

      • mountio

        Have to disagree about cant believe we lost. Was at the game, we were up 10 or 12 with like 6 minutes left and said to my buddy “only problem is we might actually win this thing” .. of course, Triano sticks with the zone way too long (only way they were coming back at that point was to bomb 3s) and next thing you know its basically tied.
        But – I couldnt be happier .. this is the type of game we do not want to win. We had flashes of good things in the first half and a run in the 3rd q .. thats fine for me. Lets rack up the ping pong balls since the season is long over ..

      • mountio

        And .. dont think the comment was a hate on Ed at all, simply a hate on people’s typical reaction to AB. I thought Ed played fine .. a couple of tough calls on blocks that looked pretty clean to me. Ive said a million times, I dont get too worried about one guys rebounding stats. Team rebounding is very important, but I could care less if Reggie, Ed, AB, DD or Jose for that matter gets them .. as long as its not the other team.

    • Nilanka15

      Did you forget that Davis is a rookie, and NOT a 5th year player?

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

    This is what BC has turned Raptor basketball into 5 years after the fact- 100% bull chit.

    It’s not a true rebuild until both Jose & Bargnani are traded away plus BC, Gheradini & Jay are removed from the organization.

  • Trent

    Heartbreaker….but at least DeMar did an awesome dunk, one of his best.

  • Smushmush

    Fans, you knew this was going to be a loss anyway – why bother watching? This organization has turned to a joke in the league. Until BC and Triano go, they have my disinterest in their games – I have other basketball games to watch a la Thursday showcase on TSN2, Sunday showcase, Playoffs to see real teams play basketball the way it should be played not the crap this team is playing smh.

    • Jose

      Must admit that last night was the first time I fell asleep after watching almost every single Raps game in past 12 years. The only thing that excites me in the NBA these days is Miami losing streak. Cannot wait for the LA-MIA match up tonight.

      And yes, it would be wonderful seeing Colangelo, Maurizio and their crew packing up and leaving. I see no hope with these dudes “running” this franchise. Only one winning season in 5 years. Cannot do much worse than that, I guess.

    • Qwert

      Okay, just don’t come back to these forums then.

      • Smushmush

        Unfortunately, as a fan, I want this team to succeed – there is no reason why imo, I should not talk about how horrible this organization is run. I am Raptors fan first and NBA fan second – I want to see the Raptors play basketball the way, it should be played and not forgetting the less glamorous part of basketball which is defense – I guess it is too much to ask as a fan sigh (And as a fan Qwert, you are not a real fan – I will not be surprised you are a poster child for fans selling out Maple Leafs arenas and taking the misery associated with it smh). If the Raptors continue playing awful basketball, I got Thursday Showcase on TSN & TSN2, Sunday Showcase on ABC and the Playoffs to see basketball teams play basketball the right way and if a child learning basketball comes in, I know he will learn from the best instead of picking up bad habits and flaws watching the abysmal Toronto Raptors. Food for thought.

        • Qwert

          You said why bother watching these games anymore. Okay then, don’t, just don’t come back here either to spread your negativity, go be a bandwagoner Heat or Celtic fan because it seems like this Raptors team is forcing you into a form of mental depression disorder, it is negatively affecting your life, so go cry more, it’s just a game lol, there are far worse teams than us, it could be worse, we could be the Cavs and not have an inkling of talent on the roster…So go ahead and whine and complain, but don’t call yourself a fan if you resort to boycotting the watching of Raptors games, not that it matters if you’re gone lol.

          And sorry, don’t follow the Leafs because I don’t like hockey as a sport in general, stop acting like you know me smdh..

          • Smushmush

            Unfortunately, the negativity you say I spew here is actually reality. As a fan of this club, my wish is we become respectable and stop being a joke in this league – that will not happen until Jose, Bargs, Triano, BC and MG leave this organization. I demand change in a negative situation, I don’t wear rose coloured glasses like you are. Yes, we have our youngsters improving but there is no superstar on this team (unlike Sacramento Kings with Demarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans or Los Angeles Clippers with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon – the OKCs of tommorrow imo), let us be realistic(actually, I am turning it down a notch – there is no All-star on this team currently sigh). 5 years of management with no prospective All-stars or superstar on the team being managed is horrible management. Consequently, I am deeply deeply sorry for concluding you are a Maple Leaf fan(infact, if you want an apology, I will give you one. I have really hurt your feelings. I have to respect your feelings). Food for thought.

            • Qwert

              First of all, stop concluding all of your posts with “food for thought” nothing you write provides a mental stimulus for thinking.

              I never said the team will be great this season, when your best player leaves, this kind of season is to be expected. I just said for you stop feeling sorry for the team and yourself and stop coming here with your negativity and cynicism. You want realism? This team has a few good pieces, and not all bad teams can say that. Management change? Sure, that’s your opinion, and a lot of people say that, but what they never seem to say is who they want to replace them. From Thomas, Grunwald to Babcock, this team has had a history of bad GMs.

              Again, the argument came down to your promise to not watch any more Raptors, fine, just keep it to yourself, because the last time I checked, this is not an anti-Raptors website, I’m sure there are some out there, go find them and rant there. Fans can criticize too, of course, but when you have “disinterest” in their games as you said, then you might as well leave.

  • D What?

    It seems dunking is the only thing that matters. DD, 25% shooting tonight, 0,09% 3pts percentage during the whole season (3-31), not defense at all, not rebounds, not assists,…. If he´s the franchise player I guess Raps will never reach playoff

    • minks77

      no one ever said anything about him being a franchise player or that dunking is the only thing that matters. And his D has improved more in a season and a half than a certain Italians has in 5.

      That spin move/slam was a thing of beauty in a dismal season though.

      Player I felt the worst for was Special Ed, dude matched up with Al Jeff? He’s only giving up a couple of inches and about 40lbs to one of the best ow post scorers n the league. Dude is a BEAST. Love his game even when he isn’t in Jordan mode and sinking fade away 18 foot J’s. Not the greatest on D but this guy is the antithesis of Bargs. Owning the block.

  • KJ-B

    Man, can’t wait for the playoffs and the layoffs!

  • Cole

    unrelated, but does anyone know how to activate their account so that they can post in the forum?

  • Sea

    Pacer’s fired their coach earlier in the season because he couldn’t finish games, he couldn’t clamp down when needed to. I can draw the same parallels with Triano…only he won’t get fired.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Jay as per Jack Armstrong is a Company Man doing whatever BC directs him to do like a good puppet coach.

      BC just wants someone who will coddled Bargnani ie this is basketball not reboundball/sometimes I get lazy- and a real coach would have benched his ass like Sam did to protect their job but Jay’s job isn’t in jeopary due to MLSE neoptism ie BC consensus.

      Jay is MLSE for life or as long as he wants to be involved with Raptor basketball either as a coach (head or assistant) or in the front office.

      Sam got fired at 8-9. Jay finished up at 25-40. Jay has had 2 training camps and still no defense from the Rap’s- do the math.

      • Jose

        I still cannot figure out why he fired Sam Mitchell. 8-9 start? I doubt. That’s not a bad start for even much better teams.

        There must be some other reasons we don’t about.

        • Nilanka15

          A small part of it revolved around Mitchell not giving Bargnani the minutes management felt he deserved.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    It shouldn’t baffle you how JJ went from no minutes in Chi Town to a starter in the TDot- BC had to justify trading a #1 draft pick acquired in the Bosh S&T so he ordered Jay aka Company Man to start him so that it would fool some fans into thinking that BC got a starter from Chicago in exchange for Miami’s 2011 draft pick.

    Another slight of hand from BC as we have seen JJ’s play come back down to reality after that Chicago game (almost all players will play extra hard against their former teams). Weems, who was mad at being demoted for JJ, is currently a better all around player than JJ.

    I find it believable that BC didn’t want to bring all the potential players into the TDot to scout them pre draft at that late of pick as it was more of a cost cutting measure to save the Rap’s $$ on the draft particulars in my mind.

    BC has turned Raptor basketball into a cult full of mind controlled ie BC consensus, employees from the front office down to the game announcers they are all company people selling a pr spun image not reality.

    • Sam

      Madness, madness! It’s a conspiracy I say!

      • Jose

        It’s a total incompetence I say. 1 winning season in 5 years. No theories of any sort needed. Nuff said.

    • mountio

      “I find it believable that BC didn’t want to bring all the potential players into the TDot to scout them pre draft at that late of pick as it was more of a cost cutting measure to save the Rap’s $$ on the draft particulars in my mind.”

      That is perhaps the most ludicrus statement I have ever read on this board (and there have been many).

      Lots of potential reasons for the trade, but no way in hell because MLSE wanted to save a little dough on flights for prospects. Absolutely ridiculus

  • Bevilacr

    guys- huge raps fan and love the site…. i need some help tho! i need to finish grad school and i need more responses for my survey… it’s about humor so its fun and takes only 4 mins! thank you guys so much!