Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call March 9 vs Jazz

The boys are back!

The “water tastes funny…we must be home” edition:

Ajinca: sat out with a bad wheel. Not like Jay would know what to do with him anyway.

Alabi: anybody know if Motel 6 has a frequent lodger program?

Barbosa: is there a veteran wall as well? Leandro just seemed to be running in mud tonight. Had me wondering if he is one of the guys who simply needs to play every other day to keep in rhythm because he was anything but.

Bargnani: time for the haters to point to similarities to Andrea taking time off after the allstar break like Bosh did. He’s either got the immune system of 80lb woman with open sores who is working in a chamber full of diseases or something is up.

Bayless: finally nailed who he reminds me of when it comes to mannerisms: the dog from Up.

Calderon: just some ugly turnovers and a display of how not to run a team. He didn’t play poorly, but he didn’t play well, which was the difference down the stretch.

Davis: thanks to Andrea hugging the porcelain, Davis was back in the starting lineup. Played well in spurts but the consistency wasn’t there. In that sense it was like Andrea never left.

DeRozan: Solid game. Loved how he continued to be aggressive, still hated the childlike glances at the refs. Prove yourself, sir. How about “no attitude needed”? Shot poorly from the field, but made it to the charity stripe enough to make it back.

Dorsey: it’s like he’s been playing every game. Solid contribution considering the rust that is on his body. 5 boards and 6 points in 12 minutes are numbers that can command a parade for some fans.

Evans: finally back and trying to up his market value…which he did tonight. 11 rebounds coupled with only 2 attempts from the floor made it the type of night he excels for us.

A. Johnson: his absence was felt as the game went on. Only getting 8 minutes out of a guy that can play like a beast and steal you that extra board hurts. Hope to see him back full strength.

J. Johnson: still baffles me that the guy goes from no minutes to being a starter. He was fouling way too much for Jay’s liking so he received a few quick yanks (something usually reserved for Liston at his summer cottage). It’s a shame we can’t play Chicago every night.

Kleiza: picking up some shifts as a GO Train constable. He likes authority.

Weems: well if the word is right that he is pissed at how he is being used, tonight was a great way to show it. Nice all around game, posed on the bench a few times, and no doubt is going to Real Sports to toast his ego.

Wright: I lost the bet…apparently he DOES still play for us.

Driving The Bus: Sonny Weems

Under The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

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