The “woah” edition:

Ajinca: in night where not many defensive rebounds were there to be had, POB 2.0 proved his worth by tearing down 8. Not to overkill a point I’ve made before, this guy is just as talented as the other lepers we throw out there in the regular rotation. Use him.

Alabi: you can bet your ass he was killing himself laughing as he was watching SportsCenter

Barbosa: there was a lot of quit in this team tonight, but Barbosa played his role and didn’t slunk around with his shoulders down. I’d be surprised if he kept his cool in the postgame interviews though.

Bargnani: rumour has it he has the flu again. Seriously. If true, kudos for playing, but you helped about as much as a support technician from Rogers. Just not a good game.

Bayless: I’m fairly certain that “huddle” he brought together in the first half was an acting job, but so what? At least he showed he cared he was getting his can kicked and didn’t want to give up the fight early. He had to cover for a shut down Calderon and he did okay considering he had Curry to worry about.

Calderon: he had a nagging injury coming in and then he got hit in the hammy. Maybe a little cuddle with Reggie on the bus will make it all better.

Davis: with no Evans or Amir, Ed got the start and did just as well as anybody else tonight. Posted a double double and got to the line. Still has a lot of work to do from the stripe, but he held it together tonight, going 8/12

DeRozan: shot the ball well, but was easily one of the guys that checked out by the end of the first half. Not what a future leader does and not a good example for the rest of your crew.

Dorsey: how is this for fate? Guy hasn’t played since Bryan Adams had a hit, gets an opportunity, but calls in sick.

Evans: night off due to a bad wheel. As Ryan at the Toronto Sun said earlier in the week, shut him down and let the kids play.

A. Johnson: he has to be wondering if they make ice tubs in doubles. Every time he needs one for rehab, Reggie is in it.

J. Johnson: came out blazing like Paris Hilton at a paparazzi convention, but then got carried away. Fantastic energy, helped us go punch for punch there for a while, but got swept up in a wave of disinterest.

Kleiza: switched the game off to watch CSI reruns.

Weems: 5 assists which must be close to a record for the one guy who has a shoot first mentality that, well, shouldn’t.

Wright: wondering how many Club Z points he has…

Driving The Bus: James Johnson

Under The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

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  • WhatWhat

    Who put nos in the tank? That was completely unneeded.

  • Homer2004

    Under the bus, everyone!!!!

  • voy

    If we were a chick (as a collective), last night’s game was the equivalent of us going to a bar and giving up the cootch to the first unwashed stranger who buys us one drink on $4 hootch night.

  • Rapture

    bayless was definitely trying to pick up the team in that huddle. I thought it was kinda futile from the look on JJ’s face right afterward

  • Bendit

    If Bargnani has the flu again I suggest he hookup with Don Cherry for an enema of ColdFx.

  • Come back Glen Grunwald

    Its gotten to the point where we’re now hoping to blown out and be embarassed in all remaining games so that there’s no possibility whatsoever for the Colangelo/Triano era to continue. We need to blow this up now!!!

  • barenakedman

    Considering such a pathetic effort this was a pretty forgiving Roll Call. Maybe at this stage of the game there is no sense in pointing out the obvious but this club has a huge problem communicating with each other and I don’t mean just the players. Maybe the Raptors are in denial and can’t see it but when you watch the opposition laugh and score against you in whatever way they want it has to tell you something. Is there any leadership on this team?

  • RapsM

    I don’t want to overeact but that had to be one of the worst losses…ever.

  • Jib

    What did DeRozan do to be under the bus? He scored 19 in this game.

    • Fire Colangelo Now!

      Maybe you should’ve watched the game and see that most of his points was made during garbage time and seethe with the rest of us who watched him repeatedly turnover the ball when there was still a game in the first half.

      • Jib

        I’m just saying this game can’t just be pinned on one guy, no one showed up to play. Maybe you should’ve watched the game instead of praying for Grunwald to come back.

        • Fire Colangelo Now!

          Certainly some of us were watching the game rather than just spewing out nonsense from the box score.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Jay can’t blame injuries as GS was playing w/o their starting center Beidrins. Our collective roster talent level is just so low- blame BC.

    As well, if Barg’s is sick again his immune system must be weak as fuck. I got as many rebounds from my couch watching the game as did Barg’s.

    Jose aka The Spanish X Ray is hurt again- what a surprise- not. His body looks like it’s not made to be a NBA starter for 82 games plus play for Spain in the summertimes (I know he took last summer off).

    Too bad Jack, who has played in all 82 games over the past 3 seasons, was traded away.

    Ajinca launching 3s- wtf? When him & Barg’s were paired together the Rap’s defense was giving up fastbreaks like they were going out of style.

    Wright & Dorsey have a right to be mad when new guys come in and are just handed rotations spots over them ie Johnson & Ajinca, just to make BC’s moves look pro active to the average Raptor fan.

    Btw- I liked how Leo put Barg’s on blast last night.

    Driving the bus: Bargnani & Jose.
    Under the bus: BC, Gheradini, Jim Kelly, Jay, Matt & Jack aka Gulf seafood anyone?

    • Rapscolla

      yes the raptors only trade away healthy players. An bargnia is always sick when the Raptors get blown out. No wonder why Jay triano never got the opportunity to play in the NBA. This dark harted imbesil treat certain of his players bad. Only giving certain players opportunity in record blow out in NBA history in a half. Other than that thats the only time he lets them play. I hate the way how calderon and bargnia can never get blame for anything even a blow, triano always find ways to mass their their fuckry by saying that bargnia has the flu for the record 23 time this year, Maybe thats in honer of Micheal Joron who said that caleron would never play on the Bobcats

  • whattt

    what did Rautins say?

    • The Rawth

      You could see his continuous frustrasions with the Raps defence, especially on the fastbreak where Bargnani doesnt get a rebound but also doesnt put effort into backing up on the fastbreak defence. He was pointing at the whole team in general but you could sense his frustration with bargs

  • The Rawth

    Even tho Bargs had season low points, i was surprised at his 5 assists in the first quarter, his passing was crisp for a center whoch is a good attribute for a bigman

    • Theswirsky

      just because he got 5 assists does not mean his passing is “crisp” or good.

      He was terrible last night…

      … you know whats a good attribute for a center? Not wearing a skirt to the game.