Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Warriors March 25

the wheels on the bus go round and round…

The “woah” edition:

Ajinca: in night where not many defensive rebounds were there to be had, POB 2.0 proved his worth by tearing down 8. Not to overkill a point I’ve made before, this guy is just as talented as the other lepers we throw out there in the regular rotation. Use him.

Alabi: you can bet your ass he was killing himself laughing as he was watching SportsCenter

Barbosa: there was a lot of quit in this team tonight, but Barbosa played his role and didn’t slunk around with his shoulders down. I’d be surprised if he kept his cool in the postgame interviews though.

Bargnani: rumour has it he has the flu again. Seriously. If true, kudos for playing, but you helped about as much as a support technician from Rogers. Just not a good game.

Bayless: I’m fairly certain that “huddle” he brought together in the first half was an acting job, but so what? At least he showed he cared he was getting his can kicked and didn’t want to give up the fight early. He had to cover for a shut down Calderon and he did okay considering he had Curry to worry about.

Calderon: he had a nagging injury coming in and then he got hit in the hammy. Maybe a little cuddle with Reggie on the bus will make it all better.

Davis: with no Evans or Amir, Ed got the start and did just as well as anybody else tonight. Posted a double double and got to the line. Still has a lot of work to do from the stripe, but he held it together tonight, going 8/12

DeRozan: shot the ball well, but was easily one of the guys that checked out by the end of the first half. Not what a future leader does and not a good example for the rest of your crew.

Dorsey: how is this for fate? Guy hasn’t played since Bryan Adams had a hit, gets an opportunity, but calls in sick.

Evans: night off due to a bad wheel. As Ryan at the Toronto Sun said earlier in the week, shut him down and let the kids play.

A. Johnson: he has to be wondering if they make ice tubs in doubles. Every time he needs one for rehab, Reggie is in it.

J. Johnson: came out blazing like Paris Hilton at a paparazzi convention, but then got carried away. Fantastic energy, helped us go punch for punch there for a while, but got swept up in a wave of disinterest.

Kleiza: switched the game off to watch CSI reruns.

Weems: 5 assists which must be close to a record for the one guy who has a shoot first mentality that, well, shouldn’t.

Wright: wondering how many Club Z points he has…

Driving The Bus: James Johnson

Under The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

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