Bryan Colangelo fired his second coach as Raptors GM yesterday. Make no mistake, the reassignment of Jay Triano to the Raptors front office is only a face-saving measure the club have offered to one of their longest serving employees. No matter how amiably it is framed, the guillotine falling on Triano alleges incompetence and a failure to make the most of the extraordinary opportunity presented to the Canadian to establish himself as a NBA head coach. The act is not surprising as Colangelo had withheld a proper stamp of approval at his end-of-season press conference. The best he could muster up was that “based on the early prognosis…he deserves consideration for the head coach”. Not having a new contract at the time had to have hampered his authority to speak his mind, but now that the clouds have cleared, Colangelo has taken the first step in his two-year project by deflecting a good chunk of the blame for the Raptors’ abysmal season on Triano.

The brass has spoken often about how the number of wins isn’t the metric to measure the team’s success, and that the growth and maturation of the players is what the object of the campaign was. What does Triano’s firing mean in that context? Well, it’s easy to speculate that the growth the players showed last year was either not satisfactory, or that Colangelo sees Triano’s limits as a head coach and doesn’t think he can take them to the next level. And the next level here being .500 ball.

One of the debates that rages on is whether Triano had the personnel to do better on defense, or whether he was doomed from the start given the quality of the roster. I understand that athleticism doesn’t translate to defense, and that neither does effort (it’s still a significant variable in its function), but surely the Raptors had enough of both to avoid being dead-last in defense for two consecutive years. I get the 2009-10 season, an injured Jose Calderon, a disinterested Hedo Turkoglu and the sieve-like Bargnani can’t help the cause, but what about this year? Calderon saw a rejuvenation of sorts, Turkoglu was gone, and Bargnani, well, you can’t tell me it’s all Bargnani’s fault.

The bottom line is that even though it appeared Triano got decent effort out of the players all of last season, he failed to improve the defense one iota, and paid for it. By all accounts his relationship with the team was great, he was well-liked, respected, with the predilection his players had for him made him a favorable candidate to return. However, it wasn’t to be, and Triano, like Sam Mitchell, is the fall guy for Colangelo.

The timing of the announcement strikes me as odd, this is one of those decisions that shouldn’t take this long. You either want a guy to coach your team, or you don’t. If this was Colangelo’s decision then it should have happened a day after he signed his new deal, thus allowing for maximum time for a coach to be established before the draft. If it was the board’s, then there’s no reason for it not to happen after the end of the season. According to Colangelo, the rationale behind the move is to alter the voice of leadership, he said, “It was a gut feeling on where this needs to go and how we want to get there..we talked about the direction of team [and] decided it was time to change the voice, change the leader at the helm.”

No word on whether this is the same “gut feeling” that fired Sam Mitchell after an 8-9 start, signed Jason Kapono, Hedo Turkoglu, Jarrett Jack, Jermaine O’Neal…

Unlike the last coaching change, this one will have to reflect a shift in the Raptors’ team-building and basketball philosophy. The Mitchell-Triano transition was too smooth to have the jarring impact a coaching change usually has. The wake-up call that accompanies coaching changes wasn’t there the last time, and it is sure to be in the next hire. I don’t think we’ll see a hire that is considered a “player’s coach”, it will, or at least should be, an authoritarian of a high order. One who commands respect and accepts nothing less than an unremitting quality of defense and total discipline, most of all it has to be someone who will not be influenced or dictated to by the front-office, as Triano surely was. My guess is that it will be a coach that values defense and will have the final chance of extracting something out of Andrea Bargnani. Colangelo appears to agree, “For our team . . . we need somewhat of a pedigree or resume, someone who has somewhat of a defensive-minded presence (and) a flow to the offence.”

Colangelo had two strikes on him and simply couldn’t afford to take the risk of entering the final two years of his contract with Triano in charge. If Colangelo fails in his attempt to resuscitate this franchise before his contract ends, he could irreparably tarnish his over-varnished image. With that in mind, he made the change; now that he’s under the gun and his performance is being closely monitored within MLSE, by an overly skeptical mainstream media, and certainly the fans, I expect a no-holds-barred approach to delivering on expectations. Will history repeat itself and prove Colangelo to be reckless, or will his calculations add up and culminate in a team that will be on a trajectory of contention come 2013? One thing is for certain: the pace at which the team was developing under Triano was not acceptable, and Colangelo has chosen to accelerate the process. Whether it’s an act in haste or a fruitful exercise in expediting the rebuild remains to be seen.

Keep also in mind that season tickets need to be renewed, and it’s much easier to sell “new” of everything to incredulous season seat holders who have been subjected to the lowest form of basketball in these cold winters. It just might be easier to sell Jeff Van Gundy than DeMar DeRozan at this point. The question of when to hire the new saviour is one of intrigue, common sense would dictate that it should happen well before the draft and well in advance of a potential work stoppage. If that is the case, then Colangelo has to move fast or he might be in danger of presenting the new coach with a pre-selected lottery pick who is expected to receive playing time.

From Triano’s perspective, he has to be second-guessing his decisions of the last three years, a span that could very well have extinguished his NBA coaching career. He has to be wondering what might have been if, instead of following Colangelo’s orders, he had gone about his own way on how to organize team strategies, award playing time, hire assistant coaches, and other things a head coach usually has full, if not the majority of control in. The Raptors gave him an unlikely opportunity to become a NBA head coach, and Triano had almost three full seasons to prove that he was capable. At the end of those three long years, he failed to impress in any category other than that of likability, which was rightfully not enough.

I hope this change doesn’t vindicate the current squad and lead Colangelo and his liturgical acolytes to believe that a mere coaching change is going to come close to addressing the deep issues with the roster. I would think Colangelo already has someone in mind. It’s not going to be P.J Carlesimo, that’s for certain, candidates out there include defensive specialists such as Larry Brown, Mike Fratello, Jeff Van Gundy, Rick Adelman and Lawrence Frank. Hiring a rookie coach has been already ruled out, five of the Raptors seven head coaches have been given their first shot at coaching by the organization, and one of the other two was Brendan Malone in the inaugural season. Lenny Wilkens has been the only experienced hire since, coincidentally he’s also the one who ever won a playoff series for the club.

This is a switch signifying a change of direction, both for the strategies deployed on the court, and the environment around the clubhouse. Raptors fans might disagree on the players and their ability, but one thing that they can all shake hands on is that the Raptors play with too much passivity and that there is a general lack of seriousness around the club, which serve as inputs to the atrocious defense manifested on the court. Fix that, and maybe there’s a chance to be half decent.

We’ll end with the man himself:

“I am grateful to the organization for the opportunity to be a head coach in the NBA. I am proud of the work that I and the coaching staff have done with our young players and feel confident we have laid the foundation for a team that will continue to improve. I look forward in assisting Bryan to deliver a championship team to Toronto.”

No other way of putting this: he blew his chance.

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  • Anuson W

    give me some adelman …. totally be all over that…

    and i believe mike brown agreed to coach the lakers, correct me if im wrong



    • Jakep1979

      No Messina, the guy defended Bargnani against his warranted criticism and actually criticized the Raptors instead.

      • ak

        he also is the guy who quit on his team, the best club in europe at a time, because of lack of effort shown by his players.

        he is the embodiment of european authoritarian coach.

        • ak

          .. and he is expected to join mike brown’s staff in la

  • Theswirsky

    I’m indifferent to Triano…. but he gets too much blame for something almost no one could accomplish.

    Jose – as much as I like the guy is not winning any defensive awards
    Demar – at best is still learning, at worst a terrible defender
    Kleiza – to slow for the perimeter, to small for PFs
    Weems – is not going to match up with almost any SF in the league yet was thrust into that position
    Bargnani – perhaps the worst defensive player of all time playing the (or atleast one of the) most important defensive position and not even pretending to try.

    Then you have the team in general being extremely young, and a ton of man hours lost to injury, no true C or atleast severely undersized at C (Amir/Reggie/Ed) by having to hide Bargnani on whatever opposing big was not as good, didn’t use a legit SF until the season was almost over, and playing jump shot basketball that just screams fast break for the opposition….

    Then you have to question was he even allowed to hold players accountable?  Did he even have the control to make significant long term line up changes?

    I’m not saying the decision to let Triano go is good or bad, but who’s gonna be successful with that barrier infront of you?

    PS. If this firing becomes an excuse to try and give Bargnani a 6th chance… my god I expect there to be hell to pay.

    • Statement

      I’m curious to see what happens with Bargnani.  Colangelo seems a little bit shaken (an only 2 year contract will do that) and as a result, he can’t afford to put in any more time with Bargs.

      • sleepz

        Agreed. A new coach won’t want the headaches of having to try and motivate a player to give effort or get him to learn his rotations after being in the league 5 years already.
        I think the writing is already on the wall for Andrea.
        I also think the Triano decision wasn’t made right away after BC’s extension as he had to discuss this with Tannenbaum first. Larry was the one who probably got BC to committ to Triano in the first place and now has given him the green light to hire his own guy now.

        • Theswirsky

          “I think the writing is already on the wall for Andrea”

          good god I hope so….. 

        • James

          AB ‘s value is at its all time LOW right now with the new CBA, the bad press that he has gotten last season and all the side stories and … BC has invested so much on AB that I don’t think he is going to let go that easily.
          He will have serious discussion with who ever he is choosing as a Coach about the possibility of using AB in their system the RIGHT WAY and will definitely see what his coach think.

          However, if his Coach comes back and tells him that he CAN NOT use AB effectively in his system and AB will be a HUGE liability in defense that his offense will not compensate for it, then I can see BC moving AB.

          But as of now, AB is here and will NOT go away.

          • Nilanka15

            With all the evidence pointing to an inevitable Bargnani departure (i.e Colangelo’s less than flattering analysis, the media’s less than flattering analysis, Jack, Matt and Leo’s less than flattering analysis, trade rumours, and statistical evidence pointing to a poor team fit), you seem quite adament that Bargnani isn’t going anywhere. 

            Do you think anyone in LA was happy with Baron Davis?  Yet he was magically traded.  Same with Phoenix and Turkoglu, Washington and Arenas, Detroit and Iverson, etc.  A poor reputation clearly doesn’t make a player untradable.  Bargnani is no exception.

            The CBA affects all teams/players equally, so not sure how it would “lower” Bargnani’s trade value. 

            It’s far more likely Bargnani WON’T be averaging 36 mpg next season (under any coach) thanks to the continuing development of Davis, Amir, and potentially Kanter/Valanciunas/Thompson.  The one thing Bargnani does well (scoring) will be reduced, thus lowering his trade value.  The time to trade him is now.  And if Adelman, Van Gundy, Frank or Casey is hired as Triano’s replacement, Bargnani will be lucky to see heavy minutes at all. 

            • Sam Holako

              The Clippers had to give up their lottery pick, and only got Mo Williams in return who is also on a bad contract.

              You are right that they were able to get rid of him, but it cost them a great deal.

              • Nilanka15

                It seems like the Clippers would make a great trading partner 😉

              • James

                +1 unfortunately, some people here do not understand the concept of value and demand and  …. They can NOT wait to get rid of AB, believe he can not play defense, he is the reason behind why Raptors are the worst defensive team in NBA and he can not even be a 3rd option in  a team and … BUT then expect other GMs in the league pay big money for this guy !!!

  • Juicey

    In some ways it’s too bad with ego’s and perception, that there can’t be demotions in the NBA.  Truth be told, he was a solid assistant coach and a horrible head coach.  His work with USA Basketball can’t be overlooked, but his failures with Toronto are obvious.  And please nobody tell me that he did the best he could with a bad team after Bosh left.  He had some talent the two seasons before this one and he failed then too.

    Oh well.  This may end up the best thing for all those involved.  Jay is taking this assistant GM-like role for now, but will probably someday leave to be an assistant somewhere else where he may very well succeed.  Meanwhile the Raptors will get the coach they deserve, and in many ways, have never had.

    Other good news?  Kevin Mchale was just hired to Houston, so we know Colangelo can’t make that mistake.  Also great news?  Talking about looking for a defensive coach should rule out Colangelo hiring D’Antoni.

    • barenakedman

      According to Colangelo Triano has an opportunity to stay on as an assistant coach if the new head coach would like to retain him in that role.  

      • Guest

        He would be a great asst coach for a vet who can run a defense and get accountability.

  • hilfgott

    I would bet my money on Lawrence Frank or Dwayne Casey.  

    • Juicey

      I would be pretty happy with Lawrence Frank.  When there was real talent in New Jersey he did really well, and defensive mind is crucial in the current NBA.

      The only knock would be the failure of his last season in New Jersey.  You could argue that there was no talent there, but then again there is pretty much no talent here either.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!!

    Sam was fired at 8-9.

    Jay finished up at 25-40.

    Apologists say that Jay needs a full training camp in order to implement his system and erase any lingering bad habits from Sam’s era- BC turns over roster in off season.

    Jay was given a 2 year contract w/ a Team option on a 3rd year by BC.

    Jay gets not 1 but 2 NBA training camps and the Rap’s are still last in the NBA in Team Defense for 2 years running while the locker room splits due to Bargnani’s coddling splits the team costing it a potential playoff berth in 2009-10 due to Jay’s lack of ability to control the locker room & manage egos. 

    This past season Jay blamed everything (the losing) on youth, inexperience and the lack of girth (muscle/weight/size) yet Joey Dorsey would stay glued to the bench for multiple games at a time.

    Jay even lied on CB in the media questioning everything from his character to his manhood yet wanted to re-sign CB before CB announced that he was Miami bound then Jay wouldn’t even shake CB’s hand pre game while giving some lame excuse about not being friendly with opposing teams but yet shook both SNash’s & MBibby’s hands pre game as caught by tv cameras.

    Jay is a classless bum who cussed at The Score’s Holly MacKenzie for asking a basketball related question (Barbosa) after the Rap’s practice session now Jay can go- fuckin’ relax a bit.
    As well, Jay was just BC’s Manchurian Candidate  puppet coach hired to pacify fans as being the 1st NBA Canadian head coach in NBA history media spin.

    Jay was nothing more than a figure head as it was BC calling all the shots while laying in the cut, Jay should be embarrassed to ever call himself an ex head coach in the NBA because he wasn’t coaching he was being a ‘Company Man’ as per Jack Armstrong.

    Jay will forever be remembered as instilling the ‘no accountability’ era in Raptors basketball & for selling his soul, integrity to BC in exchange to be a NBA head coach.

    Keep Jay in the front office as an empty suit and off of the sidelines in the TDot as an assistant coach- in other words tell Jay to fuck off somewhere good riddance.

    My top choices:

    Bob McAdoo (my choice)
    Bill Laimbeer
    Jeff Van Gundy
    Mike Woodson
    Alex English

    Out of the running:

    Rick Adelman- is rumored to be PO’s next GM.
    Larry Brown- Too old.
    Jerry Sloan- Too old.
    Mike D’Antoni- All offense, no defense plus he’s under contract to NY.

    • Maurice “Mo” Shats

      “This past season Jay blamed everything (the losing) on youth, inexperience and the lack of girth (muscle/weight/size) yet Joey Dorsey would stay glued to the bench for multiple games at a time.”. Your basketball knowledge is severely lacking if you think Joey Dorsey would have helped win games.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        But Joey is a big healthy body on the roster when Jay was complaining about the lack of big bodies (girth) on the court for the Rap’s- do the full math not the self serving half.

        • Nilanka15

          Joey is a big healthy body, but with severely limited capabilities.  In other words, he sucks and would’ve been on continuous 10-day contracts if not for the Raptors’ weak roster.

    • R.U.Serious

      You HAVE to be THE most STUPID person, EVER!!! An obvious CB jock strap. Your hate for Triano, based off your uneducated list of negatives towards him, is absolutely baseless. Go watch curling or ping-pong tournaments. Maybe, take the kids out for some ball hockey or kite flying….because it’s obvious your basketball “knowledge” is hockey…lmao. FOH!!!!!

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Thank you. I wish you all the best.

        Btw- insinuation is like masturbation- it only gets you off, kiddo.

    • Nilanka15

      Do you have a little thing for Holly MacKenzie?  You’ve mentioned this miniscule “cussing” incident many times before.  If Holly was that hurt by it, she wouldn’t have wrote the absolutely glowing piece about Triano in her blog this morning.

      I’m no Triano apologist, but if you’re going to rip him, at least keep the discussion relevant.

      • Neaguda

        Dude. Holly McKenzie is hot.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        She was hurt by it when it initially happened as she wrote about it on The Score’s blog- look it up urself. How do you tell a woman reporter to- fuckin’ relax a bit? Did Jay’s mom teach him to talk to women dointg their job like that?

        That just shows that she’s has more class & is more professional than Jay to rip him when she could have very easily- point blank.

        If you’re gonna come at me come at me straight not sideways- buddy.

        • Theswirsky

          have you read her newest entry?  Maybe you should.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            I read it and commented on it- you’re late.

            That just goes to show how much class Holly has not to kick Jay when he is down unlike Jay who can now go- ‘fuckin’ relax a bit’.

    • sleepz

      B. McAdoo is an interesting choice. I wonder if he is even interested in becoming a head coach as he’s been an assistant for quite awhile no?

      There would be no ‘respect’ problem from players as he’s a legend.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        College – North Carolina McAdoo enters his 16th season as an assistant coach with the Miami HEAT.

        As a former NBA MVP, McAdoo works primarily with the HEAT big men and has been instrumental in developing their overall skills. He also works on a constant basis with all players to improve their shooting skills, while imparting the wisdom and knowledge derived from a 14-year NBA playing career. McAdoo is in charge of charting the team’s offensive efficiency and focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of opponent’s big men. He also served as the head coach of the HEAT’s Summer League team in 2004.
        McAdoo, generally considered the greatest shooting big man in NBA history, enjoyed a storied 14-year playing career in the NBA, which included three consecutive scoring titles from 1973-74 through 1975-76 – making him one of only six NBA players to accomplish the feat. He appeared in five consecutive All-Star games, where he averaged 17.6 points and 6.0 rebounds, as well as being named the NBA MVP in 1975. McAdoo received the game’s greatest honor when he was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000.

        Over his career, “Mac” averaged 22.1 points and 9.4 rebounds while connecting on 50.3 percent of his field goal attempts, and has worked with many of the best in the business. In 1982, he was a member of Pat Riley’s first championship team with the Los Angeles Lakers. Former HEAT broadcaster and fellow Hall of Famer Dr. Jack Ramsay was McAdoo’s first coach in Buffalo in 1972. His career also included tours with New York, New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia. After finishing in 1986 with the 76ers, McAdoo played professionally in Italy (1986-92) where his teams went on to win the Italian Championship three times and the European Championship twice. Individually, he captured MVP honors in both the Italian League and European Championships. Additionally, he appeared in the first McDonald’s Open in 1987, averaging 42 points in losing causes to the Milwaukee Bucks and Russian National team. In May of 2008 he was named as one of the 50 most influential personalities in European Club Basketball over the last half century. McAdoo was one of just 35 players to receive that honor.

        McAdoo’s success began early in his career, as he earned the 1972-73 NBA Rookie of the Year award after averaging 18.0 points and 9.1 rebounds for the Buffalo Braves. In each of the next three seasons he averaged at least 30 points and 12 rebounds. McAdoo was an All-American at every level of play, starting in high school, and then at Vincennes JC, where he was a member of the JUCO national championship team in 1970. He also received All-America honors while playing at the University of North Carolina, where he helped guide the Tar Heels to a Final Four appearance. He was recently honored at UNC as part of a halftime ceremony where a banner was hung at the Smith Center honoring UNC’s eight Hall of Fame members. McAdoo also played for the United States in the 1971 Pan American Games.

        This past summer he took part in the Basketball without Borders program in Singapore which uses sport to create a positive social change in areas of education, health and wellness. He also participated in the Basketball without Borders program in Beijing during the summer of 2009 and the NBA Legends Tour to South Africa in 1993, which included a goodwill tour with NBA Commissioner David Stern and other players to promote the NBA. Besides his accomplishments on the court, McAdoo was the basketball technical advisor for the 1993 motion picture The Air Up There, starring Kevin Bacon. For his musical exploits on the alto saxophone, McAdoo was selected as a member of the North Carolina All-State High School band team. Rounding out his high school career, he was also the North Carolina High School high jump champion as a senior.

        McAdoo and his wife, Patrizia, reside in Miami with their children Russell, Rasheeda, and Ryan. McAdoo’s eldest son Robert III and daughter Rita live in New York, while their other son, Ross, also lives in Miami. *END

  • Junior Maurice

    jerry Sloan next raps head coach 

  • bboyskinnylegs

    Obviously Sloan, Larry Brown, and Adelman would be great for us, although sadly it’s highly unlikely that any of them would want to play here. I like the idea of bringing Messina in, the guy is a great basketball mind that can really teach the game at a fundamental level to our young players, which I think is just as valuable, if not moreso than his ability to lay out schemes and plays. JVG and Frank would be other guys we might consider as well. 

  • enlightenment

    I think we should all consider Alex English to be the favourite for the position. I think he will do an admirable job!

    • Juicey

      Not sure I’d make him head coach.  I am excited about finally finding a proven head coach, and not giving someone their first head coach job.

      But I’d love to see him still around as an assistant.  His ability to work with and develop young talent is crucial to this teams current situation.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Hopefully the new head coach will recognize & respect Alex’s abilitites & keep Alex as a Rap’s assistant coach. I would like to see Alex as the Rap’s new GM.

        Fuck Jay he would just BC’s spy on the new coach for BC ie Company Man.

    • James

      As a Head Coach !!! I think BC has mentioned that he does not want a Rookie head Coach.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        BC said:

        Although the ideal candidate will have prior experience, an emphasis on defense, and a proven track record, Colangelo is not ruling anyone out as candidates.

        • Bendit

          C’mon now….you dont take everything BC says as fully truthful do you?  

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            I’m just posting what he said- take it however you wish.

  • YeDig

    I don’t know why Jay gets such a bad rap with so many raptors fans…he didn’t do a good job, but it wasn’t bad either. 
    the poor D shouldn’t all be blamed on Triano.  The two most key positions on D are PG and C…look at the Raptor’s starters at those positions…arguably the two worst defenders at that position in the league.  Calderon can’t stop penetration, and then Bargnani doesn’t know what help defense is.   Fuckin lay-up lines all day for the other team.  Ship out those two players and bring in a guy like Lawrence Frank and they could be a very hard team to score on.

    Furthermore—Sign Nene and draft Brandon Knight.  My two cents

  • peen

    cant get free agents, now were talkin about the coaches we cant get either, canada should just have its own league give the raps to some shitty states city and move on

  • Daniel

    Triano lost me when they showed the soundbites during the time-outs.  My daughter’s coach is more inspiring and in control than him. I put our defensive woes squarely on him: with Bosh, Calderon, Bargnani, Garbo, Rasho and AP we were a decent defensive team. He either didn’t have the right defensive system or the players didn’t buy into them. Whatever it was he is a perfect illustration of one of Murphy’s Law: everyone will attend in their career the maximum level of incompetency. Triano is a good assistant coach and an awful head coach.
    I’m really intrigued by Messina however he is a gamble and I’m not sure at this point BC is willing to take the gamble. NBA is a players’ league and in my opinion the majority of coaches have poor basketball knowledge. Messina is top notch in terms of knowledge, a coaches’ coach. Can he handle the huge ego’s of NBA players?

    • d279

      I read somewhere yesterday that Messina is entertaining the thought of becoming an assistant for the Lakers…if that has an ounce of truth to it,why would we not consider him…because he is Italian !!!!! wake the f up boys.did he back up Bargs at the end of the season ya…..I’ve watched this guy live,and he has no problem ripping any ego a new ass hole.and at this point I really dont care if egos are bruised….I also like Lambeer,tough as nails….bring Sir Charles as a special assistant :-)

      • Theswirsky

        Nothing against Messina… but because he would be an assistant for another team he should be considered for the head coaching job here?

        Wow talk about team esteem problems……

      • Nilanka15

        We want a coach who knows the NBA like the back of his hand.  Not another 1st-time coach, who not only has zero NBA head coaching experience, but also has zero NBA experience period.  Messina is the LAST guy we need.

        • Daniel

          NBA is a basketball professional league. Messina is one of the best basketball coaches still active. Do you see the connection? I don’t know if he’s the best for the job however I do believe he should be granted at least an interview. Adelman, Frank are valid choices as well. All I care is that we stop thinking about PR and marketing angles and start buiding an actual winning franchise.

          • Nilanka15

            All I’m saying is that we don’t need any more “experiments” in Toronto.  And Messina would most definitely be an experiment.

            Coaching is much more than Xs and Os.  It’s also about managing egos, and it’s a fair generalization to suggest that NBA players’e egos (aided by their ridiculous contracts) would be tougher to deal with than European egos.  NBA players have an unwarranted sense of entitlement that Messina probably isn’t use to.

            From what I’ve heard, Messina is one of those Texas high school football-type coaches, who will yell, scream and belittle players to get them to fall in line.  I highly doubt this kind of tactic would work well at the NBA level.  And if it does work initially, it would have a very short shelf-life before players start tuning him out.

            A fiery coach would be a welcome change compared to Triano, but it may not be the best answer.

          • James

            Adelman is NOT Coming here. Mark My Words on This.

        • Justarrfanboy

          yeah 20 years coaching experience winning every trophy available is not qualifying….u dumb cunt.

          • Nilanka15

            Joshua Reynolds, you really are the dumbest kid to ever post on this forum.  There’s no difference between European ball and the NBA, right?  It’s all the same shit, right?  It’s just 10 men trying to put an orange ball through a hoop, right?  Fucking moron.

            Triano has 20+ years experience too…and MORE RELEVANT experience at that, you fucking douche. 

            Have you ever watched a game of basketball that didn’t involve the Raptors?

    • Statement

      How do you know that Messina is so good? Where are all these rave reviews coming from?

      Also, Larry Brown or anybody is not going to make this team good. More talent will make this team good.

      • James

        Larry Brown is a good coach for a veteran team and NOT a team that is rebuilding, especially now that he is almost 70 years old.

    • Gus

      Out of the list above, Rasho and Garbo were the only decent team defense players.  Smart, reasonably quick, and tough. They made up for the defviciencies of the others.   

  • Milesboyer

    The biggest problem with Triano is that he just didn’t have the right personality to be a head coach.  Too nice of a guy – he typifies the stereotype of a true Canadian – nice, apologetic, laid back, won’t rock the boat.

    • barenakedman

      His biggest problem as a head coach was his inability to manage the team in game situations. Motivation, adjustments, play calling and substitutions that make sense.     

      He is very fortunate that he’ll be able to continue on with the team and enjoy the fruition of the hard work he put in to help develop all the youth.   

  • 511

    Really, this had to happen. For it not to would’ve been lazy and just wrong, imo. Depending on how ambitious Triano is about his career, I won’t be surprised to see him take an assistant coaching job with another team; it’d be his only chance at getting another shot at a head coaching job, one day. And he’s too young to give up on that idea. 

    I agree that the timing of this suggests that it’s likely that Colangelo has someone lined up already. If so, it shouldn’t take long for that next announcement to happen. I look forward to seeing who it might be. When you think about it, this’ll really be Colangelo’s first real chance to get a coach of ‘his own’. He inherited Smitch – who I always had a notion he wasn’t wild about – and with Triano being the interim, an extension at the time, was … too easy, in a way, not to do. So, who’ll it be, now? I’d wager he’s thought long and hard about it for a good while. Good luck to whoever it is. 

  • cesco

    Messina is interested in an assistant coach job in the NBA for the next couple of years to learn the intricacies of coaching in the NBA . Why not hire him as an assistant coach here , instead of LA or SA (Popovich sleep with Ettore bible under his pillow) . 

    • Statement

      If messina comes over, will you then be a Messina fan vs a Raptors fan like you are with Bargnani?

      • cesco

        I am a Raptors fan and a Bargnani fan . If ever Andrea is traded , I will still follow the Raptors fortunes wishing nothing but the best for them . If they do not improve then my interested in them will fade , same as with the Falling Leaves .

        • cb

           stop posting here cesco. go watch the nhl playoffs or something. gawd.

        • James

          Nicely Said.

        • Nilanka15

          In other words, if Bargnani isn’t in Toronto, you’ll turn into a “fair weather” fan, and only support us if we start winning.  Understood.

          By the way cesco, you never answered my question yesterday.  If Bargnani was, for example, Australian instead of Italian, would you give two shits about him???

          • cesco

            You are right but an explanation is needed . I was watching very little bball until 5 years ago when Andrea came in town . The first Italian of some importance to play professional team sport in NA . So how was an Australian going to get me interested in becoming a big fan of bball and the Raps ? I was lucky because my previous two teams , the Maple Leafs and the Montreal Expos disappointed me so much , the Expos by leaving town , and there is nothing better than being a fan of any club , any sport , any continent so like I said , Andrea was the main reason I discovered a new team to be watching daily and getting involved in a blog , I thank him . 

            • Theswirsky

              and yet how many times did you attack and insult people and challenged their basketball knowledge…. yet only started watching 5 years ago… and only because of Andrea at that?

              HAHAHAHA…. I mean I think almost every knew it, but its nice now that now that his era is finally (hopefully) coming to an end, the truth comes out.

              • cesco

                I am  100% sure there are a few fans that defended Andrea that have been playing basketball since their youth , and I am sure not all of them are of Italian descent .

                • James

                  LOL, no, They are all Italian and can not play Basketball. Not only that, they have serial killing tendency and hate puppies. 

                • Malefax

                  You are really raising the tone here. Well done, sir.

                • Nilanka15

                  You forgot selling coke to kids.

          • RapthoseLeafs

            *** Fairweather Fans ***

            I came to the Raptors, as a fan, via Carter. And when that blew up, I became a fair weather fan. Then Bosh arrived, and my interest came back. Not all the way to the end (of CB’s Raptor career), as the YouTube crap lost me to some degree …. but long enough to see the team develop, and acquire more talent.

            Then Andrea popped up, and as much as he can’t compare to Vinny, he’s been the guy who I saw some nice potential, plus he loved playing in the city. Which I know, they’ve all said many times, how they love this city … blah blah blah …. and then subsequently bolted like rabbits being chased by Elmer Fudd.

            While Bargnani hasn’t shown that next level (as the other two have/had), and may have hit his ceiling, to shuffle him off for someone else’s problems, doesn’t strike me as intelligent.
            Beating up an asset, and then expecting a quality return, doesn’t strike me as a sound strategy either.

            If Andrea does move on, like any player from the past, I might develop a fair weather attitude for awhile – I’ve been doing this with the Leafs for f*@king too long to remember – eventually the next guy will show up, and I’ll return to being another Toronto schmuck who watches our next “Star” shoot for the stars ….. and bright lights (somewhere else).

            • rodolphus Lestrange

               I don’t understand you RapThoseLeafs, are you trolling or are you really this stupid?

              • RapthoseLeafs

                Thank you … oh great wizard.

    • points

      …that way bargs get to stay and so on and so on ,i see where you’r going fuck BC if he ever continue this URO SHIT! take that shit to the NETS your URO TEAM should be based in the USA and give CANADA , U.S  product (smile)

      • cesco

        It is EURO , and BC will probably let Messina earn his stripes in LA or some other NBA team and then try to hire him as the main coach ( many other teams will try also) .

  • golden

    The Raptors team culture, as far as effort and discipline on the floor needs to do a complete 180.  Serious, gut-wrenching culture shock is required.  Sloan, L. Brown or JVG would give you that.  Lawrence Frank is nice, but he needs a strong veteran star like J.Kidd to police the locker room.  Messina sounds interesting, but too risky at this point.  Adelman doesn’t seem like the right type of coach for rebuilding situations.

    All in all, I think Sloan’s the best choice.  Is he old?  Yes.  But old school discipline is exactly what these young punks need and more importantly, the whole franchise.  

  • Tom Liston

    For the Lawrence Frank fans out there:!/michaelgrange/status/76105839982817280

    • Nilanka15

      Bringing in Frank makes a ton of sense.  I bet he learned a lot about defense, and simply the mentality of a championship-calibre squad while sharing the sidelines in Boston last year.  Plus, he’s not a freaking dinosaur (like Sloan, Larry Brown, Hubie Brown, Fratello, etc.).  He’s young, and shouldn’t have a hard time relating to the players.  And let’s face it, when we met New Jersey in the 2007 playoffs, it was Frank who severely out-coached Mitchell, especially with his suffocating defense on Bosh…and methinks he’s learned quit a bit since then.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        One Jose to CB entry pass might change you’re recollection of that series.

        Only if Jose could have made that simple entry pass to CB who had his man sealed middle ft line but he couldn’t deliver the ball to CB.

        • Nilanka15

          I remember that play clearly.  But 1 play doesn’t make you lose 4 games 😉

  • Guest

    “and Bargnani, well, you can’t tell me it’s all Bargnani’s fault.”Biggest complement I’ve ever seen Bargnani given here.

    • Why

      The Raps defence was poor the majority of the time … whether Bargnani was on the floor or not.

      • Bendit

        Especially at the nba level continuity of personnel is essential. This is evidenced by how long it took the Heat to become a cohesive unit…moreso on defense. AB takes up an important starting unit spot. Moving him (injury or otherwise) by the game does nothing when it comes to determining the efficacy or negativity of his presence. An NBA basketball team simply cannot flip a switch. AB is just not good defensively and so are some others but his position makes it imperative that he be at least good and very active. 

  • Nilanka15

    Colangelo was interviewed on The Fan 590 this morning.  Some points mentioned:

    – Triano hasn’t been ruled out as an assistant coach to whoever the new coach will be.
    – Although ideal timelines has a new coach in place before June 23rd’s draft, it’s not guaranteed to happen.
    – Despite what some think, Colangelo’s phone has been ringing off the hook about job interviews (from coaches, and coaches’ agents) about filling the vacancy.  This is a very desirable opportunity.
    – Although the ideal candidate will have prior experience, an emphasis on defense, and a proven track record, Colangelo is not ruling anyone out as candidates.
    – Colangelo admits that fans are frustrated, but the outcry isn’t nearly as bad as the 2009-10 season, when a very capable squad missed the playoffs.  For the most part, the fans are excited about the young pieces in DeRozan, Amir, Davis, J.Johnson, Bayless, #5 draft pick, and the potential for upcoming free agents signings and trades.  There is nowhere to go but up.

    • mountio

      Thanks. Triano as an assistant coach would not be a good idea. I can’t imagine any coach with a resonable track record wanting the guy who just got fired to sit beside them. A token role in the front office seems fine to me.
      As for my picks, I agree with head coaching experience as a must. I like the thoughts of McAdoo and English .. but not sure they’re ready (or this is the squad for them to break in with).
      JVG would be great (although his teams are dead boring to watch), but dont think hes leaving TV
      How about Mo Cheeks?

  • Rkrizman

    There is little point in defending Triano given the team’s record and poor defensive performance  – although I think the personnel on this team have a lot more to do with the team’s poor defense and performance.  The fact is that he was a loyal soldier who did everything his GM wanted and was still thrown under the bus by Colangelo.

    Of more important concern is that the coaching change at this time suggests that Colangelo expects the team to make immediate improvements next year.  Once again, BC seems to want to fast track a rebuild of this team.  The fact is that this team needs a significant upgrade of talent and that will not be addressed by this year’s draft pick.  If the team is to properly rebuild then they need to end up with a high lottery draft pick next year – a year in which most pundits suggest will be a very deep and talented draft. 

    My concern is that Colangelo is looking to make short term improvements this summer with a new coach and free agent signings which will do little for the long term success of this team.  This roster has little chance of any serious contention with the current talent and so I fail to see how a potential 32-35 win season next year (with a new coach and free agent signings) will help this team other than to continue a long track record of mediocrity.

    • Nilanka15

      It is possible to jump up the 30-win mark next year without compromising our rebuilding plan.  32-35 wins next year would be a Godsend if it happens with DeRozan, Amir, Davis, J.Johnson, Bayless, and our 5th pick doing MOST of the heavy lifting.  Also, even young, rebuilding teams need veteran leadership, so there shouldn’t be any concern with signing free agents.

      Nevertheless, your concern was specifically addressed during Colangelo’s Fan 590 interview this morning.  Colangelo’s answer (which obviously should be taken with a grain of salt) essentially said that his primary concern is the Toronto Raptors, not repairing his personal reputation, or strengthening his status with MLSE.  His goal is to improve this team, not to improve himself.

  • Brian Y

    This is a squad that many would consider a major victory if we win more than 30 games next season.  I don’t see older guys like Adelman, Sloan, Brown or Fratello having the patience to take part in a rebuilding process and “growing” with a very young team such as ours. 

    I also can’t see BC hiring another rookie or inexperienced coach.  That rules out guys like Casey, Shaw, Messina, or English.

    My choices are Lawrence Frank or Jeff Van Gundy, if can be coaxed out of
    his cushy broadcasting career.  The two are both defense-first coaches
    who are relatively young and have taken their respective teams deep
    into the playoffs on several occasions. 

    • Nilanka15

      The New York Daily news reports that Van Gundy is comfortable with his broadcasting job at ABC/ESPN, and would wait at least a year before considering coaching again.

    • barenakedman

      The groundwork has been laid for the Raptors to improve next year regardless of who comes in as coach.  I’m shocked if the young core doesn’t get better.
      If someone believes they can help that talent  produce significantly more wins it is a situation that has to be very appealing for anyone with the credentials the Raptors are looking for. 
      I’m wondering if they have the budget to acquire someone that may demand top dollar.  

      • Nilanka15

        Thankfully, coaches’ salaries are not included in salary caps.  MLSE would have no reason not to sign a cheque.

  • dribbles

    Coaches may be overrated in the NBA, but BC owed it to himself and to the team to get someone with a proven track record. Of course Triano isn’t to be blamed for the lack of talent, but at the end of the day the only question that matters is can the Raps do better than Sam Mitchell and Jay Triano? If the answer is yes, and I don’t see anyone disputing that, everything else is noise. The earlier the young guys learn to play the right way, on both ends of the floor, the better.

  • 77er

    Its already been said but the talent on this team sucks. Jay did the best he could with this sorry excuse of an NBA roster.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Not the team with Turk & CB as they were 4th or 5th in the East at the All Star break in 2009-10- remember? Then they fell apart due to Jay’s lack of leadership.

      That’s just it Jay didn’t do anything as he wasn’t coaching Jay was just sitting on the sidelines with no guidelines as BC’s puppet.

       Now Sam worked magic with the BullChit rosters he was given by BC.

      Jay should be embarrassed as he had an opprotunity that many people would love to have- coach a NBA team, and didn’t even really coach the team but let the President & GM use him as an empty suit and a pr media spin (1st Canadian head coach in the NBA).

      As well, Jay also lost the 1st 2 regular season NBA games ever played in London.

      • Theswirsky

        “fell apart due to Jay’s lack of leadership”… or Bosh quitting.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          CB as well as other players (Weems, Calderon, Jack, Turk, Bargs) when questioned about CB’s efforts during the post All Star break part of said season none of them said that CB gave up or quit on the team- that’s a BC pr media spin ie kool aid propaganda.

          Only BC & Jay said, implied that particular in order to save their asses for missing the palyoffs- blame CB.

          The life of a Rap’s fans is drinking BC’s self serving lies as bond.

          Critical thinking is a must if in BC you

          CB is really quiting on Miami, huh?lol

          • Theswirsky

            I wonder if you think its BC who lays out the clothes for you that you don’t like and its BC who puts coal in your stocking every year? 

            Do you really believe that everything that people think around here (whether you like or dislike BC/Barg/Triano or whoever) is somehow directly related to BC?  You do know I’m not a fan and don’t feel he should have been resigned right?   

            I thought Bosh had slowed down his game while it happened… not after when BC claimed it did.  I have no idea how Bosh doing what he is doing in Miami even remotely relates to this.

            If you don’t try at your job at Walmart but do at McDonalds does that mean you actually did try at Walmart?  Ask you boss and let me know.

            • Jonathan

              “If you don’t try at your job at Walmart but do at McDonalds does that mean you actually did try at Walmart?  Ask you boss and let me know.”

              You tell him!  I can’t wait to hear what half-cocked BS he’ll come back with next. =P

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

              Facetious balderdash……

          • onemanweave

            If you couldn’t see that Bosh’s give-a-fudge quota dropped drastically after the all-star break last year, you need to adjust your glasses.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              He was also injured post All Star- recognize game.

              His numbers may have dropped slightly but his effort remained constantly high end- I watched every game that season.

  • Mediumcore

    Mike Woodson wasn’t my favourite coach in the world, but he was tough on players and demanded solid D. He might be a good option on a 2 year contract until the team improves enough where a better x’s and o’s coach can come in to take us to the next level.

    • Nilanka15

      The plan makes sense, but I would hope that Colangelo’s mindset is less concerned about the short team, and more focused on hiring a coach for the long-haul.  I’m not suggesting offering 5-year deals to anyone, but to hire a man that brings the right offensive philosophy, the right defensive philosophy, has championship-calibre experience, has a strong understanding of Xs and Os, and has the patience to sit through a rebuilding process. 

      For stability’s sake, it’s much better to exhaust all options and hire the best man for the job today, rather than hiring a temporary coach now, and go through the process again in 2 years.

      • Mediumcore

        That makes sense. I just look at the team right now and see a young roster that is void of enough talent to compete for anything more than the 8th seed in the east. Why bother spending big bucks right now on a champion ship calibre coach whose interest in coaching the Raptors is likely to be diminished over the next couple of years while the young players develop and the team rounds into form? I think a tough coach like Woodson is perfect to instill good defensive habits and straighten out players that feel like what they do on offense is more complicated that what their team mates are trying to do on defense.

  • Nilanka15

    As per Michael Grange, one Raptor insider’s opinion on Lawrence Frank:

    “He’s coached in what, three all-star games [an honour going to the coach of the team with the best record in each conference at the all-star break] and been to the finals twice?  And now he’s got a year under Doc?  That’s about right.”

  • Nilanka15

    To nobody’s surprise, Doug Smith thinks Triano deserved another shot, and that Colangelo pulled the trigger too early. 

    You should’ve heard him discussing the breaking news on the Bob McCown show last night.  Smitty sounded like he was going to cry.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      What was his response to Sam’s firing at 8-9? Anyone recall?

  • Nilanka15

    Getting back to player news, Rubio signed a contract with Minnesota on Tuesday, and will be suiting up for the TWolves next season.

    With Flynn and Ridnour under contract, a trade seems very likely.  Perhaps the #2 pick is attainable for the right price (i.e. any combintation of Barbosa, Calderon, Bargnani, and the #5 pick)?

  • Roarque

    Those young gunz are going to rue the day they ignored JT – the new sheriff in town is going to whip their backsides until they bleed defense. It’s not going to be pretty.

    Jay will end up with OKC or Golden State – his player development skills are respected across the NBA. Who was responsible for turning CB4 into an all-star? Who worked him out for three years? Jay needs to catch on with a head coach who can motivate and then help his best player ( one who is truly ambitious ) become an all star.

  • samleguk

    Did he really blow his chance, or was he dealt a losing hand? Someone had to be the coach of these lousy teams. Triano is a company man; he may have just “taken one for the team” here. 

    • Theswirsky

      considering he got a pseudo-promotion… I think thats exactly what happened.

  • Sheptor

    Bryan Colangelo is the one who should be gone! Failing to trade Bosh when he had the chance and not getting anything in return is a big problem why this team has little to no assets. This team was doomed last season no matter what. Bargnani may go, but he’s not the total blame and I’m sick of ppl saying he is. If we let Bargs go for peanuts I guarantee you we’ll regret it when he’s on a team with a defensive Pg and still puts up 22pts and increases his rbs to 7/8 because on a new team  he won’t be cut the slack by a soft Raptors coaching staff and front office. Bargnani will not play on the bench for many teams in this league like so many predict. The problem was taking players like Kleiza, Weems, Amir, etc. and telling them they were starters. Love Amir but he’s no starter…Bargnani is. If they bring in a defensive minded coach who is tough and doesn’t give a rats ass, draft Knight, trade Amir/Jose for a defensive centre put Bargs at the four, bring a young Davis off the bench this team will improve drastically. If Bargs leaves I promise you we’ll be cursing Demar for not bringing his ppg from 16 to 22 and carrying this team as if he’s the next Ray Allen/Vince. If the team is left to rely on Demar and Davis along with the peanuts we might receive for Bargnani the team will be worst count on it.

    • Giolondon999

      I share your pain…I agree 100% !

  • Mediumcore

    It sounds like you’re blaming the coaching staff for Bargnani being a poor defender. There is something to be said about a guy who needs to be yelled at in order to play defense. That kind of motivation should come from within.

    • Nilanka15

      Similarly, it’s the coaches’ fault that Gilbert Arenas is a jackass, and that Hedo Turkoglu is a fat turd, and that Charlie Villenueva is lazy, and that Adam Morrison doesn’t shave.  It’s always the coaches’ fault, never the players’.

      We live in a society of enablers, and Bargnani is the biggest benefactor.

    • Sheptor

      I’m blaming Colangelo for assembling a piss poor team full of BAD defenders. Placing blame on his coach, and on his best player Bargnani. Everyone else just wants to blame Bargnani…”number one pick this….5 years in the league that…poor defender…unmotivated…. soft Euro FAT!”…PLeaseee Bargs had Sam Mitchell for his early years, not exactly  great at nurturing young talent…especially euros. I’m not getting into defending Bargnani because he is a bad defender, but so is the rest of the team. And if we think everyone else can improve under a new coach I believe Bargs can too. All I’m saying is getting rid of Bargnani is not necessarily the answer, and if we can think back we should be recognizing Colangelo’s mismanement of the roster dating back to when Bosh had career numbers but we wanted to hang on and wait and see if he would sign. Of course he didn’t and we got stuck with nothing. Instead of a Monta Ellis or some sort of asset in return. Derozan is never going to be a franchise guy or all star, but we wanna ship Bargs out and roll the dice on him and our number 5 pick. Then raise our expectations on Davis who isn’t exactly an all-star in the making either. Trade Amir and Jose…Jose deserves a better team, and Amir (too most) seems to be untouchable for some reason…perfect time to trade him IMO. The contract is a year shorter and he proved he’s somewhat worthy of it and is still young. Get a God Damn centre for once and play Bargs at the 4. Best thing to do…if we start to suck. Then trade BARGS. But if he goes now I promise you he will not fail and will improve, and there’s only about 4 or 5 teams in the league  who wouldn’t try and start him…We’re not trying to build a team around Bargs, but we should recognize he’s our best asset and a great piece to a rebuilding puzzle if the other pieces fit.

      • Mediumcore

        I’ve never blamed Bargnani as the single reason the Raptors are a bad defensive team, but the fact is that the Centre and PF spots are the most vital spots on your team where being a good defender is cruicial. And Bargnani has been in the league long enough that if he was going to improve defensively he would have. He’s been coached by a tough Sam Mitchel and a sof Jay Triano and has never improved on that end of the floor and by his own words it’s not a priority for him. There are very few teams where he could be a starter and maybe be successful…Orlando, and Atlanta if he plays PF between Horford and Smith. Perhaps he will go to another team and be successful (and I’d be happy for the guy), but it won’t be for the Raptors because this team doesn’t have the parts to compensate for his poor defense. In your own words BC lost out on trading Bosh by waiting on him to resign, so why do we keep waiting on Bargnani to turn into a better defender or a better position etc.. You hold onto an asset for too long and it depreciates.

  • Junior Maurice

    messina or messiah whatever his name is not the answer to coach this team especially when he was defending about this shitty defense 

    • Giolondon999

      He never defend Bargnani about his lack of defense…he just  said …it’s not that clever to bash your best asset at the end of the season and a clever person can only agree …he just defend Bargnani about speculation about his commitment to Toronto and the team!

  • Mike

    Great article. I always felt that Triano didn’t have full control, even though he was the head coach. At times last year and the year before it seemed like he was told to play the players with the highest salary..remember the lineup of Caledron, Jack, Turk, Bargs and Bosh..not a lick of defense in the bunch, but they were the highest paid players at the time. Triano was critical of Bargs, but at the same time played him a set number of minutes..i have to think that was BC ordering Triano to play his man crush.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      You’re just now figuring out that Jay aka Mr No Accountability was nothing more than a puppet coach?

       BC was his hidden hand svengali calling all the shots (playing time, rotations) through Jay.

      Why do you think that Jay is getting promoted into the Front Office and not fired because he followed BC’s orders to the letter like a good soulless suit.

      How do you think JJ became an instant Raptors starter after languishing on Chicago’s bench- BC told Jay to start JJ.

      Jay was nothing more than a ‘Company Man’ as per Jack Armstrong- do the math.

      No wonder BC continues to get over on alot of Raptor fans, damn.

      • Mike

        I figured that out a long time go. BC should be accountable for the flawed roster he put together. If BC didn’t have his hand up Triano’s ass then we probably would have seen different results..may not in terms of wins/loss but different strategies.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Fair enough.

          I agree.

          But Jay was never given the true authority of a NBA head coach to call his own shots while making his own bed to lay in instead he had BC’s hand up his ass- and seemed to like it that way. lol

  • slaw

    I think the article is a little harsh on Triano. The first season he was overmatched, no question, but the last two seasons have featured poor rosters with the ’11 edition being maybe the worst collection of talent in the NBA. Did he fail? I guess. But if I give you some scotch tape, cardboard and a spatula and tell you build a sauna you’ll fail, too.

    As for a new coach, I have no idea. One name I haven’t seen mentioned is Mike Malone who could be a Tom Thibedeau type hire. Of course, the lack of head coaching experience may weigh against it.

    • Nilanka15

      Jack Armstrong and Doug Smith both endorse Mike Malone….that should give us every reason imaginable to stay away from him 😉

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      I call bullshit on you.

      Jay’s 2nd year the Rap’s had a playoff roster as they were around 4th or 5th in the East at the All Star break then it all fell apart because Jay couldn’t manage ego’s in the locker room.

      Sam Mitchell was given shit ass roster by BC as well but he made the playoffs with those rosters while Jay just stood on the sidelines with no guidelines.

      The Rap’s need to hire a brother with some swag to coach them ie Mike Woodson- the man who deserves credit for the Hawks recent success, not another substitute teacher like Jay.

      • Nilanka15

        I’d argue that Mitchell’s team in 2006-07 had a far better roster than what Triano had in 2009-10.  Mitchell had less talent available to him, but he had true professionals in Anthony Parker, Jorge Garbojosa, Rasho Nesterovic, MoPete and Derrick Martin, who actually treated their jobs with respect.  If there was any dissention in the locker room, those guys would’ve put a quick end to it.  At the end of the day, having guys like that makes coaching much, much, much easier.

    • Juicey

      I fail?  But you are discounting the very real possibility that I am MacGuyver.  In which case, building your Sauna would be a breeze, I wouldn’t even need the spatula.

      • slaw

        No, you’d need a gum and the wrapper, though. There was always gum….

  • Hope Caper

        Interesting perspective but a little out of context I believe. You seem to be saying that if you have a Honda Civic and you have a chance to race Formula ! and don’t win you blew it. All of the potential, possibility, shoulda, woulda, coulda, stuff is just that. Speculation. I have a different view of things. First, this team was tied up financially when BC got here and second it was tied up with its franchise player. So he had a little cash to make tweaks but really the character was already here and the chance to change with draft picks was not happening because the previous GMs had already raided the piggy bank and the team was a low tier playoff team. Just high enough not to get good picks and not enough bucks to change things significantly. In hindsight dealing Bosh if a decent deal could be found would have been best, but considering BC’s acumen in making deals I believe he would have made one if it was there. He brought in guys to address perceived weaknesses but they didn’t work out. You can blame him for that I guess but these  guys had a proven track record and on paper should have helped the team. As to building around Bosh through the draft it wasn’t there because they had been dealt in previous schemes.
      So looking back on it the team should have been blown up and rebuilt from scratch. Not too many experienced BB minds advocated that. A lot of players underachieved and injury had a lot to do with it. Injury coupled with lack of depth because the future had been traded away for the present over and over again. Some where some how the cycle had to be broken and that was forced when Bosh left. I like what I see in the additions and I like what Jay did with what he had. He proved to be a master motivator and team builder. A lot of the arm chair coaches and GMs criticized the performance which if taken over the past 5 or 6 years might be justified but when you look at the poor decisions made prior to this, they had a huge impact on the product today. Financially this franchise has divested it self each year of bad economic decisions made in the past and it is now in the right place to start getting picks that have not been traded away to get a fix so the team gets to the next level. Would I like to have seen Jay or BC pull a miracle out their respective asses? Absolutely. They rarely happen in real life and much more frequently in movies and books.
      So I’m  not saying you’re wrong and I’m right. I guess we see the same thing a little differently.

    • Theswirsky

      “because the future had been traded away for the present over and over again. Some where some how the cycle had to be broken “but it was Colangelo that did that… he was the one who traded away the future (picks) for the present.  He also could have broken the cycle at any time had he chosen to…. its not like this was some forced dictated by the gods or nature.  It was his choice to go that route.The decision made prior to Colangelo taking over the team (good or bad) were almost completely wipedout in BC’s first year (all of them after his 2nd season).  TJ, AP, Garbo, Rasho were all his.  He extended Bosh, drafted AB, resigned Calderon, let Mo Pete go.  Traded away a first round pick, numerous 2nds, signed Hedo and Jack etc etc etc.  This became his mess…. he was forced into this rebuild by his own mistakes rather than someone’s elses choice.  And even then he didn’t change the approach until this season was already underway. (he stated the team didn’t even decided to start rebuilding until part way into this past season)  Like you said, Jay was told he was going race Formula 1 and then handed a civic.  BC then replaced parts with inferior replicas over the years… but said Jay had to use them because they cost so much.   Whether Jay was a good coach or not I don’t think anyone can say fairly.  But BC pretty much set him up for failure… and Isaih, Grunwald, Babcock or Emery had no influence on that.

    • O D

      Cant have the Worst defense in the league two years running, and a 2.2 win season and call yourself a developer of nothin.. Jay had their milk ready before bed and made sure the janitors had the floor ready for the games, but these kids had the charecter, and work ethic… sans no money Weems…. I look at it as these kids played hard because theyre young have charecter, and something to prove. I give Treyano a half credit for his middling offense… I question if Tri a no should stick around the organization… I mean you just got fired…not sure just sayin.. Go Nucks! For the record I personally have always been just little indifferent to Triano because with enough horsepower youd be surprised who can go fast, but I did love he was from our country.

  • Rpsfan95

    I know the talent level is not even close but I think Brian Shaw running a triangle offense thru Demar would be interesting
    (and i know hes never coached before also)

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      If BShaw were to coach the Rap’s what makes you think that he would implement the Triangle offense?

      He might have other ideas for an offense as we saw what happened when Rambis tried to install the Triangle in Minny.

      Btw- he has been an assistant coach on multiple Championship Laker teams under Phil Jackson.

      • Rpsfan95

        assuming Demar is now the #1 option, it would make sense for a phil disciple to attempt it

  • O D

    Can Shaq coach? I would do it! On the real reel go get ADLEMAN, Man is no joke, understands defence as well as offence, and he’s dynamic. My gut says he the best for THIS job. Gundy, a little too funny.. Frank, lets be honest top class Second rank. Colangelo has Adleman or a surprise no ones looking at… SHAQ!

    • Theswirsky

      You can’t throw shaq directly into a coaching job.  Charles Barkley head coach.. Shaq assistant.

      The Raps would at the very least have the greatest coach interview of all time.

      • O D

        Herky Jerky Swing offense combined with the Vaunted Shaqnosis telepathic defense.
        Period, dot, comma go tell your pops and your  mama!

  • Nilanka15

    Shaw seems like the biggest hack.  Having been lucky enough to be an assistant coach for Phil Jackson, while witnessing one of the greatest players of all time in Kobe, Shaw seems like he would be utterly clueless on how to run a team if forced to swim on his own.  I mean really, would the Lakers have been less of a contender if Shaw wasn’t on their sidelines?  He’s LA’s version of Micah Nori with the added benefit of being a former player.  No thanks.

  • James

    It amazes me how some people on this board think they can trade Calderon for Flynn and Webster :) :) You got to love the logic.

    1) Calderon: An aging, injury prone European PG who can not defend at all and has 20.3 million dollar guarantee left on his contract.

    2) Flynn: a Young PG with lots of potential who can at least become a very solid backup PG in this league in Rookie Contract.

    3) Decent Young Small forward with 11 million on his contract where ONLY 5.2 is guaranteed !!

    And the reason? Minny wants a mentor for Rubio !!! 
    God, please give me a million dollar and little brain to this delusional Raptor fans.

    • Theswirsky

      it amazes me that some people actually want to trade Calderon for Flynn and Webster.

    • O D

      Waaaaaait a minute! wheres my second pick???? If  Colangelo goes out to Wisconsin he better not come home without my Second pick….. not joking.

    • Bigbalboski79

      i agree. people are delusional.  i;d be curious if minny would be interested in bargani?  with loves rebounding numbers, bargs weaknessnes might be covered.  and minny has crazy depth.  in addition to them possessing picks at the 2and 4, they have beasley, webster and johnson, as well as anothny randolph.  all intriguing guys.

      if i am brian colangelo, i am looking at the possiblity of making this a BIG trade.  manny has alot of assets, and they are in the west.

    • Malefax

      Yeah, except Calderon is a legit (if fairly unexciting) starter and Flynn hasn’t even proved he can be a backup in the NBA.

    • Nilanka15

      It’s amazing how some fans think NBA trades are only performed using ESPN’s Trade Machine tool.  Every player has value to someone.

  • Rpsfan95

    if Frank is the guy, does Leonard move ahead of Kemba on the big board ?

  • RapthoseLeafs

    This firing just reinforces how MLSE
    waited too long to make their call on Colangelo, and jeopardized a strong start
    to this next phase – whatever it is.

    As time dragged on, each issue (or stage), occupied too
    much time in the space between season’s end, and (a hoped for) season start.

    GM …..  Coach …. Get a new Coach … Draft with /
    without a new Coach …. Trades ….. Free Agency …… and a CBA to boot

    Not much time for a Coach to get acclimatized.

    As for Triano staying around, and whether
    MLSE made that a GM condition, I think just shows that not all is being defined
    by the Accountant. Besides being more than just numbers, it brings an asset he’s
    demonstrated with the Americans – skills behind the scenes. JT’s strength is analytical, and not in a “Leader” type capacity, which is what Raptors have been missing for too long. 


    Hopefully a new Coach can get up to
    speed fast. Time is limited for him. I think the Blogs are
    happy though. Lots of presupposition to come.

    Speaking of Bargnani, apparently AB
    Heavy had a great night against 2 & 1/2 Men. Unfortunately I was pissed Mavs were down so much
    with so little time (I thought) in the 4th Quarter, I turned off the TV.

    F*@king comebacks.


  • RapthoseLeafs

    Had to Re-post this. Writing style nightmare.

    This firing just reinforces how MLSE waited too long to make their call on Colangelo, and jeopardized a strong start to this next phase – whatever it is.

    As time dragged on, each issue (or stage), occupied too much time in the space between season’s end, and (a hoped for) season start.

    GM …..  Coach …. Get a new Coach … Draft with / without a new Coach …. Trades ….. Free Agency …… and a CBA to boot.

    Not much time for a Coach to get acclimatized.

    As for Triano staying around, and whether MLSE made that a GM condition, I think just shows that not all is being defined by the Accountant. Besides being more than just numbers, it brings an asset he’s demonstrated
    with the Americans – skills behind the scenes. JT’s strength is
    analytical, and not in a “Leader” type capacity, which is what Raptors
    have been missing for too long. 
    Hopefully a new Coach can get up to speed fast. Time is limited for him. I think the Blogs are happy though. Lots of presupposition to come. 
    Speaking of Bargnani, apparently AB Heavy had a great night against 2 & 1/2 Men. Unfortunately I was pissed Mavs were down so much with so little time (I thought) in the 4th Quarter, I turned off the TV.

    F*@king comebacks.

  • Carbon Jones

    We will never know how good a coach Triano could have been.  The roster was nearly D-league last year.  But in the NBA world 2 years is an eternity.

    Please check out Carbon’s Drafted 3 audition

    Go Raptors!!!

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Jay has had 2 3/4 seasons as the Rap’s head coach- good riddance.

      Are you forgetting that Jay took over for Sam (a 50 win team according to BC), who was fired at 8-9, and proceeded to finish up at 25-40?

      Then in 2009-10 he had a playoff caliber roster (BC said that team was the most talented team he put together in the TDot)missed the playoffs- last in NBA in defense.

      Ths past season he had a fairly young roster that was last in the NBA in defense.

      Jay was never coaching in the 1st place he was posing like a poser following BC’s orders to the letter on playing time & rotations while coddling Bargnani and not holding him accountable for his on court play, effort.