Let’s try to make sense of this.

Things we need to acknowledge
Jonas Valanciunas was very highly rated across every draft board. I don’t claim to know much about the player, but it is undeniable that everybody and their mom was high on him. I don’t know why, maybe he’s the second coming of Dirk Nowitzki or just a poor man’s Andrea Bargnani, all anybody knows about him is that he has size, potential, and is only 18 years old. It’s not like the Raptors selected Remone Van De Hare with the 5th pick. As bad as this pick sounds when you first hear about it, it’s not going against the grain of informed NBA thought.

Gut reaction
Andrea Bargnani 2.0? Another European 7-footer nobody has ever seen play? WTF? Yes, we acknowledge that center is one of the needs of this team, but we also have painfully come to realize that the point guard and small forward positions needed to be addressed, especially the point guard. So when you have Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker to pick from, it’s hard for anyone to swallow the fact that we passed up on getting a potentially marquee point guard in a league which now almost requires you to have a dynamic floor general at the helm. Raptors fans want to see an exciting product just as much they want to see a winner, and the overwhelming feeling heading into this draft was that we would be able to inject some excitement into this team by drafting exciting NBA-ready players, not an 18-year old who comes packaged with years and years of excuses courtesy of his youth (remind you of anyone?). This is a town that is begging for a winner and I fully believe that if this team was even remotely decent, Raptors fans would eclipse Leafs nation quite quickly, but if winning can’t be delivered, at least give us something to be excited about.

Colangelo thinking long-term
So he didn’t try to “fast forward” the rebuild and picked another project. On the drive over, Eric Smith, Jack Armstrong and Paul Jones were all collectively suckling on Colangelo’s left teet for putting the “franchise first”. I’m sorry, I don’t buy it. You can’t tell me that picking Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight, or even Kawhi Leonard would be seen as Colangelo looking out for himself and not putting the franchise’s best interest first. The theory that Colangelo took one for the team doesn’t hold water, the only way he would’ve sabotaged the rebuild is if he had traded that pick fro Tony Parker or someone else. As it stands, he probably extended the rebuild. I’m not going to be thankful to him for not going the “instant gratification” (his words, not mine) route because you can be instantly gratified by picking a player who is ready to help now, and is a core piece going forward. I don’t know man, maybe I’m just a Kemba Walker fanboy licking his wounds.

Lockout and all that nonsense
My gut feeling is that even though players and owners are 189 gazillion dollars apart, there will be a season next year. If there is, then Valanciunas will come over to the NBA, pay the majority of the $2.5 million buyout (Raptors can cover it all but anything over $500K would count against the cap) and begin his NBA development. It makes no sense for him to stay over there when the Raptors have a gaping hole at center and happen to be developing players through rebuilding. If my gut feeling turns out to be an upset stomach and there is a lockout, then Valanciunas instantly gains an advantage as he becomes one of the few players who gets to hone his skill while the rest of his NBA colleagues sit on the beach drinking Black Russians.

The player
Comparisons are being made to Chris Kaman, Andrew Bogut, Andris Biedrins. I will not even pretend to be an expert on this guy. Go read his Draft Express profile, that’s what everybody including the newspaper guys are doing right now. I’m just admitting to it.

Team fit
Has Colangelo finally given in to Bargnani’s insistence that he play the power forward? Valanciunas is a center, there is no question about it, and if he starts next year then it naturally moves Bargnani to the four, which in turn moves Ed Davis and Amir Johnson to the bench. Which likely shrinks the minutes of Davis, which is not good. Right now, if Colangelo gives in to Bargnani playing the four, then we have three power forwards: Bargnani, Davis and Johnson. Sure, they can switch over and play the five here and there, but let’s not kid ourselves, one of the three will get hosed. Of course, the sensible thing here would be to move Bargnani to the bench but that’s not going to happen. I need more time for this acquisition to sink in before I start forming opinions, but on first glance I’m feeling a little sorry for Ed Davis. Dave Feschuk is also suggesting the Raptors will target Chandler which would compound the minutes issue.

Site notes and party
We apologize for the site being slow. Obviously, the copious amounts of money we pay to mediatemple.net isn’t worth it. We will fire them as soon as we can. On a more positive note, what a great party! Met many of you and it was a blast. St. Louis on Yonge/Wellesley is a tremendous joint where the owner is nuts for basketball. Let me put it this way, if a Leafs playoffs game was on and the Raptors were playing a regular season game, he’d put the Raptors on. With audio. That’s all you need to know. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the games, and congratulations to the winners.

On the Rapcast are myself, Steve and A-Dub and we’ve all had a bit to drink. We cover all the angles of this pick (at least the ones we could get our hands on) and promise to sleep over it:

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (16:12, 7MB). Or just listen below:

Final word to Colangelo:

“I can tell you that without question we have found a combination of the best talent and the best fit for this team”.

I hope you’re *#!%$@ right.

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  • Michael Knight

    the inevitable lockout ends, knight and walker get playing time and
    numbers, Val is in Lithuania or sitting on the bench learning and the
    raps win 23-25 games. After he comes to toronto in 2012 where hes maybe
    80% as good as bargs was in his rookie year, nothing tooamazing and the
    raps win +/- 28 games and bryan proceeds to get fired alongside
    (unfortunately) Casey, who tried valiantly to spin gold out of straw

    The problem is that colangelo is setting himself
    up to fail. By reaching for such an obvious project, if ANYONE below big
    val outperforms him then its Bargnani all over again, and he has no
    one to blame but himself

    • JW

      You can’t teach size, and this kid has a lot of skill already, 90% FT.  The Bosh comment was funny, but at the same time Chris was no bigger when he came into this league.  They both share an unreal FG% coming into the league (and we all know how well that served Bosh – take that FG% away and Haslem is the better player), and in this case JV has it against better competition.   He already plays as well as Fran Vazques who is much more tenured.  

      Bargnani 2.0, LOL – NO, kid loves to rebound, plays in the post.  Again, you can not teach size, and the skills displayed at his size are extremely impressive.  He is not a jump shooter, he does not play like a guard.

      People need to get over themeles and realize that he is an awesome pick at 5.   As for Kemba and Knight, they were not the sure PG’s that many make them out to be, a lot other teams reached ahead of them. 

      So back to my point, you can’t teach size and a mobile hustling big men like JV with 7’6 foot wing spans are worth serious coin in this league (Bismark has the same span, and no where close to the skill or basketball IQ).    The guys motor is off the hook, he sets picks, boxes out, rebounds does all the things that one expects from a solid big. 

      His Euro stint and his role on his team is a lot more impressive than what Andrea did at this level at the same age.  THIS IS A SOLID PICK!

      • Raptors4Ever

        “You can’t teach size, and this kid has a lot of skill already”

        So did Darko When he was in Europe 🙂

        • Gradgrind101

          Yeah but Darko was a head case…If Detroit didn’t commit to him so early more teams would have evaluated him and his true abilities and nature would have been exposed. In the Jonus case the raps weren’t the only team to want him. Just like Ed Davis last year other teams shied away because of an injury and Jonus was not picked at 2, 3 or 4 because of his contract situation. In the end Jonus will be better than Kanter.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        This is a Bullchit pick- especially given the Rap’s current state of needing an immediate talent infusion on the roster!!

        Jonas can’t block shots, rebound, hustle or defend for the Rap’s while in Europe.

        • Yep, because winning 35-45 games in perpetuity is a great strategy.

          Ug.  You build a team that matures all around the same time – in the Raptors case 3-4 years.  NOT the time to a plug short-rerm need.  


          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            It’s better than winning 20-35 games in perpetuity which is the road we are currently on- as is.

            You build a team with different levels of ages everyone can’t be young as they all want to get theirs 1st that’s why you need a mix of vets (& young guys) who are willing to play a role within the team’s overall scheme and grow as a unit adding pieces as needed via draft, f/a & trades.


      • Hoopsjunkie401

        You are making a lot of statements about how good this player is.  Have you seen him play ?  I think everyone has seen all the same youtube video on this guy and all I see is a player who sets screens and rolls to the basket.  If that is what you qualify as talent, it is no wonder Colangelo gets away with the crap that he has been doing the last 5 yrs.
        Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and learn the game.

    • Statement

      True enough,

      but I’d argue that Knight is more of an obvious project.

    • oize

      lol buddy while BK and KW play in drew league with a bunch of stiffs next year JV will be playing against professional-level talent. and I don’t think this guy is going to develop as slow as bargs…he’ll break out his third season just like NOAH

  • ValMal

    The guy is too young, too skinny and … which will not be able to make any impact in NBA for at least another 5-6 years which is the best case scenario since Big men take a while to develop. 

    I just can’t wrap my head around this !! Was this the best way to go forward !!

    • Gradgrind101

      Valanciunas will not take 5 – 6 years. He has abilities that the raps need today like rebounding and his presence around the rim. He will be a defensive liability against polished bigs in the low post but after he adds some more bulk that will be less of an issue. He is very active offensively setting screens and pick and rolls. Also, he would be the ideal middle piece in a 1-3-1 zone defence. By the way a 1-3-1 is an excellent defense against dominant guards…

  • Joaquim

    I am speechless.  I think all the fans were drooling at the chance of getting either Knight or Walker… and he drafts a tall toothpick who will take time to develop and won’t contribute on the defensive end???  Then you rub a ton of salt in the wound by mentioning that Davis might lose minutes when this guy comes to TO?

    We were joking that BC would need a brain fart to pass on Knight or Kemba… well he sure did.  Two more years of putting up with bC.  Yuck – fire his ass already.  Send him to the same place they are sending Triano.

    • JW

      Rose and Wall, struggled in their first years.  Hell, even LeBron looked out matched in his 1st year.  He wasn’t bad, but he sure did not look like the 1st overall pick a lot pegged him for. The learning curve for guards in this league is VERY STEEP TOO!

      I fail to see how Kemba and Knight were going to leap frog these guards that were rated head and shoulders above them and impact the league in the ways you fans are expecting. I think it takes a lot of koolaid to think that Knight and Walker are going to be solid starters from the get go. They will need to make a lot of mistakes and see a lot of situations to be able to compete with vetran guards in this league. They have the same distance to agument against a Rhondo, a paul, a Rose, that JV has against a Noah or a Lopez.

      Knight and Walker, are not sure things out of the gate either, they will be picked apart and challanged early.

  • Darien

    Stunting Ed Davis’ development to accommodate our Prima Donna Pasta shill Bargnani is absolutely inexcusable. BC had better have Bargnani on his way out tonight for something good, or he should be fired immediately.

  • Ahmad

    ***********************Jose  Barbosa
    ********************AB       Val             KelizaThis my friends can be on the floor next year 🙂 Two from Lithuania the Center of Basketball in the world.

    • FAQ

      EuroRaptors … deyz comin’ …!!!

    • Bendit

      For the old Soviet Union they were. It has a rich history of basketball and the country might well be the size of Brampton which delivered the #4 pick 🙂 

  • Chad

    Corey Joseph could have been had with the Pick we burnt on James Johnson !!! This is why you should NOT burn your pick that early and actually do your work. 
    JJ would have been available today as he was 3 month ago but having a guy like Joseph with that Pick does no happen all the time.

    • Ihatehaters

      Don’t worry about it. Cory Joseph is a waste of a roster spot and will be out of the league in 2 years. 

  • Buddahfan

    I have seen him play a bunch of games.

    I am not going to tell you what I think other than one coment below because you could have done the same if you followed Euro ball and really thought that BC and Triano were not lying when they said the Raptors need to get a big man in the paint who can defend the basket and score down low.

    I will however give you a couple of hints.

    A bunch of people compare him to Big Z when Big Z was Valanciunas’ current age.  I never saw Big Z play when he was young so I can not comment on that.

    What I can say is from the games that I saw Valanciunas play in 2011 his game is very similar to Noah’s game though of course not as developed as Noah’s game at this time with in my opinion the tools to become as good if not better than Noah if Valanciunas puts in the effort and gets the right coaching.


    • JW

      Kid has a huge motor.  He is much more mobile than Big Z and get up and down the floor in a much greater capacity.

  • Vandel

    Biyombo, Vesely and Leonard all seem worse, they seem like high risk overhyped players.

    Calderon has a very low turnover rate, and with a chandler type presence his defense would not appear as bad. Low turnover rate is good offense.

    • Vandel

      *good defense

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Fuck Calderon aka PG Controversy!!

  • Durantula

    if Ed Davis is traded to accommodate Bargs, I just wish Ed Davis turns into an All-star PF and destroy bargnani everytime they meet on the court.I also hope that derozan will not resign here after his rookie season to fuck up BC more. I mean even ESPN mocks bargnani as one of the worst number 1 picks in the NBA.  

    • Forever Rise

      No wonder… it’s ESPN! 

      • Ihatehaters

        But, also because he has turned out to be a really bad #1 too.

  • Tinman

    You greatly overestimate Knight and Walkers potential. After Irving  there were no other star PG’s. Do not either as much of an upgrade over Bayless and well, I’d miss Jose.
    The more I read about this pick, the more I like it.  19 years old, 6’11”  235 pounds, led league in blocks, dominates the boards, shoots 91% from the stripe, between 60% and 70% from the floor.
    Here’s hoping he stays oversea’s another year, it is in our best interest. Develope his game, get even bigger.
    Might sound defeatist calling this late June but Raptors still need another lottery pick to compete and we will get that next year in whats expected to be an extremely deep draft. Thats where our star PG will come from. The TWOlves and Cavs have gotten better. Bottom 3 is attainable

    Thats why talk of trades or making offers to the likes of Barbosa will turn out to be time wasted.
    Casey will get his chance to wake up the big Italion, Jose will be a servicable PG, perhaps permanently playing backup to Bayless.
    Next season is chaptor 2 in the rebuild and that is the continuation of developement of your Amir, Demar, Davis now adding in Bayless and shit, yeah Bargnani. Let’s see what Casey get’s out of them. After his first season of evaluating, with Valanciunas and another lottery pick coming in, then tinker around.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Kemba Walker is better than both Irving & Knight- point blank!

      • Milesboyer

        Absolutely no one had Kemba Walker going before Irving.  We sit back trying to pretend we know what we’re talking about and criticize picks as if management were a bunch of fools – it’s a joke.  Let’s at least admit that the people picking have way more info than we do and that it’s possible that they might know something we don’t.  Valanciunas could be a star or a bust, but he seemed to be very highly rated across the board and if he stays overseas another year, it won’t matter that much in the big picture.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          I did.

          When Kemba blows up in the NBA we will all see that BC fucked up big time!!

          Time is the truth maker!

          • POINTS

            i can just hear LEO

      • JW

        I like Kembas intangebiles, but you are pulling this right out of your rear and sticking your neck out.  If he was better than Irving, than he would of been snagged much sooner. 

        I think he is going to be good, but IMO he does not have the skillset to OUTSHINE the established guards in this league, that were rated much much higher and in better draft classes.

        If he pulls this feat off, than it would be a story in itself. Therefore, your opinion involves a lot of gambling and speculation.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Kemba is better than Irving & Knight that you will see that once the games start up.

          • POINTS

            and i think this kid will go up against any point guard in the nba no fear and i also think he’s playing for the right guy MJ

        • POINTS

          SIZE MY MAN SIZE

      • Statement

        But not better than Jonas.

        • Statement

          Jonas = projected top 4,

          Walker = not projected top 4.

          • Statement

            Walker = taken after Tristan Thompson and Vesely

            Jonas = coveted by San Antonio,

            Centre = more spare supply than PG.

            Arse, I believe you are wrong on this one.

            • Statement

              As an aside,

              Denver made out well by grabbing Kenneth Faried.

              • Statement

                Faried = steal of the draft.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Right now, currently, KWalker is by far the more superior player as he’s ready to contribute from day 1 in the NBA not Jonas as he is a project.

          Waht the future holds in realtion- time will tell.

          Btw-  I’d take Kemba over Jonas 10 times out of 10 given the same draft night particualrs BC had to deal with.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Right now, currently, KWalker is by far the more superior player as he’s ready to contribute from day 1 in the NBA not Jonas as he is a project. What the future holds in relation to- time will tell.Btw-  I’d take Kemba over Jonas 10 times out of 10 given the same draft night particulars BC had to deal with.

            Edited. I need to slow down when typing.lol

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Btw- PG Norris Cole was selected at #28 by the Heat who traded for the pick w/ Chicago.lmfao

    BC got played like a freakin piano!!

    • arsenalist

      Could’ve had a Canadian point by the name of Cory Joseph if BC hadn’t fallen for James Johnson.  Never understood people who undervalue first round picks.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Cory Joseph would look very nice in a Raptors uniform as the 3rd roster pg learning as he grows into a mature NBA player- would have been a GTA community relations coup for BC.

      • Bendit

        C’mon now…you dont really know how Joseph will pan out as others in the last 4-5 of the draft. His name could have been XYZ and I suspect some would say he would have been better than JJ. I will only concede that since the Spurs picked him (and I thought last night they were doing so to package for a trade with the Raps) I am of course mindful. 

    • JW

      I wish we had that pick too, but I am not so certain yet that anyone in those positions will be better than JJ (for us).

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Time will tell.

        But maybe BC could have used that #28 pick to move up in the Draft and KLeonard at #15 or something similar?

        I just hope JJ comes in shape ready to play next season- whenever that may be.

    • Forever Rise

      To think about it, JJ really helped us last season and showed hope for this franchise. 

      • Mike

        Helped us get the 5th pick in this years draft…

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        He looked out of shape and played undisciplined to me.

        He has real talent, true enough, I just hope he can put it all together next season.

  • Rpsfan95

    tough night, just want to give a shout out to Overeem and all of Kembas babies, we did our best

    Subzero in 2012

    • Rpsfan95

      also shout out to phdsteve for being the first to come up with the “spurs 2 pick theory” that I know will haunt us for years to come

  • Bat97e

    If Val is a risk…how is Biyombo not?

  • Sek99

    The only thing positive is that at least it wasn’t Jan Vesely. Other than that, I’m just upset we didn’t trade for Donatas Montiejuras. That would have been 21-feet worth of skilled European Big’s on the floor. Who needs rebounds when all 5 starters can shoot the three like it’s the WNBA? Can anyone really fathom the dynamic starting line of Jose Calderon, DD, Kleiza, Bargs and Val? As a side note, I’d like to know the last time when a team had 4 white guys on the starting lineup since the the 60’s, ‘casue we’re bringing it back baby! Sad we didn’t get Walker, sad we didn’t trade for Leonard at 15h (steal) and sad that even in the best case scenario, this guy is gonna take at least three years to develop and the parade about patience is about to start. Colangelo does have balls with this pick though, gotta give him that. He still manages to give it to us even when he’s put on a ‘shorter leash’. I don’t know if this guy will be good or not in the future, but Colangelo emotionally raped me tonight with this pick. Yay Raptors! Hope this guy has half the talent of other international ahtletic bigs such as Kosta Koufous, Hadeem Haddidi, and of course, the world Champ Dark Milic (best big man passer since C Webb!) because then, hands down, it would be worth it and we’re on our way to the ‘ship boys and girls!

    • Sek99

      *Darko Milicic

    • Sek99

       Oh man, almost forgot another jewel form tonight’s press conference: Colangelo has his phone and the phones of his assistants “blowing up” with texts and calls from people saying “best pick in draft” and “excellent pick”. Someone should tell BC that his dad was just trying to be nice, and ‘good job’ texts doesn’t necessarily resonate as a home run for fans. Besides that, it’s frustrating to read stuff from Jack Armstrong on his posts where he can be honest and I agree totally with what he says, then see him basically praise everything BC does. They could have drafted a relatively large paper bag and Sherm, Jack, Devlin etc would have complimented it’s ability to hold on to the ball over that fact that it’s a F@#$ING PAPER BAG! Hold on a second. . . just got a text from my mom saying “excellent post” so you can’t really complain about my posts being angry toward BC using his logic.

      • PMama

        LOOOLL, BC just picked Daro Millic of 2011 draft with one big difference, Darko could come to league while Val can not for a year. Look at the thread on the discussion board and you can see this site is full of fans who are still NOT realizing that this PICK does not answer any of our needs that were discussed during the past year: Leadership, Team Chemistry, Identity and …

        • Sek99

          Yep, but we have to remember,  Darko does have more rings than LBJ. So did Cleveland really make the right pick? Colangelo must know something about seemingly bust worthy bigs we don’t. Hmm. . . I wonder.

          Just listened to the podcast. Great work RR and Arse. Agree with most of what you guys said, the written part of the post is exactly what I’m thinking right now, and even agreed with Phd Steve for once. Go figure. Tonight’s been crazy.

        • JW

          Are you kidding me?  Darko was no where near the player that JV is and he played in a much much worse league.  Darko was a serious stretch in a GOOD Draft!   This draft does not even compare to Darko’s draft.   

          Darko never showed this kind of skill and efficency at this high a level (he played in the serb league – a big step below euro).   Not to mention that Darko’s brain is filled with scrambled eggs.  Half this game is your mindset.  JV passess the sniff test when it comes to his composure.

          There is so many things wrong with your post…   complain about strength and age, but don’t compare him to a guy that wants to “rape your sister and ethnically clense your family” after a basketball loss.

          • Bendit

            Yikes….what was that last part all about? Did DM actually say those things (I assume about Bosnia/Croats)?

          • Points

            “Are you kidding me?  Darko was no where near the player that JV is and he played in a much much worse league.  Darko was a serious stretch in a GOOD Draft!   This draft does not even compare to Darko’s draft.    ”

            You are clearly too young to remember that Draft. Even Chad Ford in one if his pod cast recently was making this comparison. As a matter of Fact, Darko was much bigger and much more offensively polished than Val at age of 18. Just check and you will find out.

            • mountio

              Exactly. Darko was “not only tall, but strong and filled out with a man’s boday. Hed been playing against men, battling in the trenches for years.” He was thought to be a little raw, but very talented with lots of upside. All turned out to be wrong, because the talent he was playing against was so weak.

              • Nilanka15

                For all we know, Darko could’ve lived up to the hype if he was drafted by any team other than Detroit (coached by rookie killer, Larry Brown).

        • Statement

          Come on dude,

          What are you basing this on? 

          Show me the comparison between the two that says that they are similiar and maybe I will think that you are doing something more than talking out of your ass.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        BC is most likely lying as usual- I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

        Jack Armstrong is a str8 up BC tool- his media ho.lol

        As well, Sherm, Jack, Jonesy, the black kid from RapsTV, Leo, Matt & David are empty suit just regugitating whatever BC memo’d them to say about said Raptors situation.

        In closing- fuck BC!!

      • sleepz

        I found the whole “the league loves the pick” commentary to be annoying. Thats no validatator imo. I actually have no issue with the pick. My issue is solely with the GM and his lies.

        When you look the fanes and media in the face and now tell me how “Bargnani is a 4″…..like you told me this from day 1 I have to laugh! BC needs to be held accountable and called out for the lies.

        If Bargnani is played at the 4 this year instead of being traded before training camp, Raps will regret ever giving their GM an extension. BC has been selling Andrea as a 5 since he came into the league, but now he’s jumped on the whole “i’m a 4” nonsense and is running with it like it’s fact!

         In this press conference he’s trumpeting ‘flexibility’ and how there are options and 10 minutes later saying how they might not find solutions thru free agency!lol

        I wonder how many of the BC supporters are as confident in that stance today, and i’m not even talking about the selection JV. I’m just referring to the GM with no plan.

  • Yeayea

    fucking bargnani

  • 511

    PhdSteve said something tonight (at the party) that I’ve been mulling over. He said, “young point guards never win” … or something much like that. And you know what? He’s right. Up to now, it ALWAYS takes point guards a certain number of years to get good enough – and/or to get with a team that’s good enough – to win. (Jason Kidd anyone? Ok, too obvious an example maybe, but still, not a bad example.) And point guards on their own or without a solid complement of teammates on the floor won’t ever win anything. (Hope I’m not stealing future thunder here, Stv.) 

    Looking at NBA.com’s 2011 prospects page on Jonas Valanciunas ( http://www.nba.com/draft/2011/prospects/jonas-valanciunas/ ) there’s a lot to get excited about with this player … for what’s to come. 

    In a few years (or less?), when JVal has (touch wood) matured to the level that right now looks very likely (fingers crossed), if we haven’t already been also growing a good young point guard of our own by that time … that might be when we can lure one who’s coming into his own prime … or otherwise, maybe we can just go get him in a trade. 

    I’m still digesting all this, but I think I’m understanding (first:) why many are as high on Jonas Valanciunas in general, as they are … and (second:) why some are feeling as good as they do about getting him into the Raptors organization for the long-term plans of this team. 

    And it may’ve been said somewhere here, but it was also said (party) that San Antonio was near out-of-their-minds to get him (sort of paraphrasing). And they’re usually very good at that stuff. 

    Great party, btw. 

    • 511

      Also … does it seem like there’s been a LOT of point guards that are coming through the system these days? I’m not sure, but I may’ve (also) heard that sometime earlier this evening … and now my brain is throwing it out to me like it’s my own thought … and I just don’t know if it is or isn’t. Doesn’t matter (I hope). But, it’s true, isn’t it? Don’t know how good they’ll all be but, a lot of point guards. Point of this being, if it keeps up this way (I’d say likely), good point guards will probably be easier to draft – and/or trade for – than other positions … and certainly a whole lot easier than 6’11” centers with good hands, hustle and instinct. Like it’s often been said, you can’t teach height or wing-span. 

    • Sek99

      Tony Parker won relatively early, while Barkley never did. Neither did Malone or Stockton, or a million other bigs and PG’s. Young pg’s win when they have the right team around them, same thing with every position in the NBA. Rondo was a third year man or something when he won a ring, no? Conversely, I’d say guards have an easier time transitioning from college/euro pro to NBA level (Curry, Lawson, Rose, Wall, Parker, Rondo, Westbrook, Jennings, Evans etc) while most bigs take several years to develop their games (Bogut, M. Gasol etc) until they begin to scratch the surface of their potential.  

      • JW

        Some guards do, some don’t.   Also, this was not the best draft for guards.

        So I don’t know why people have such huge expectations of Knight and Kemba out of the gate. Knight who had more potential, could not even go left.

        • cloako

          I agree that young points take a while. I would be surprised if Knight or Kemba were any better, or more productive than Bayless next year. Infact, rookies don’t make a huge impact in general. Look at Ed Davis or Landry Fields last year. Good rookies, but no better than an average vet
          Two things:
          -It’s a good sign that the Spurs were so high on this guy
          -I like that he was never mentioned by the staff or media as a option for Toronto, yet apparently he was the top of the raps draft board.
          I can wait a year or two for real results from a genuine 5

  • PMama

    This was a great pick for our Team Chemistry , Team Leadership and Team Character and Identity that was ONE of the Major focuses for this draft. 

    A 7 footer Lithuania who barely speaks the language, is 18 years of age and never played in North America will really look good along out YOUNGONEZ ( Amir, Ed, DD).

    Got to love the identity crises of this team 🙂 especially when they were perfect fits like Knight and Walker still on the board.

    • Shan1180

      here are his stats in the euro leagues

      Euroleague – 7.7 ppg and 5.8 rebounds

      VTB United League – 7.3 ppg and 5.1 rebounds

      Baltic League – 12 ppg and 5.3 rebounds

      Lithuania – 11.5 ppg and 7.3 rebounds

      HOWEVER these stats were accumulated in

      Euroleague – 14.9 mpg

      VTB United League – 17.3 mpg

      Baltic League – 20.8 mpg

      Lithuania – 20.6 mpg

      If you were to put these stats in 35 minutes per game, they would be

      Euroleague – 18.1 ppg and 13.6 rebounds

      VTB United League – 14.8 ppg and 10.3 rebounds

      Baltic League – 20.2 ppg and 8.9 rebounds

      Lithuania – 19.5 ppg and 12.4 rebounds

      by the way he is just 19 as well

      These stats are impressive
      Right before the draft I was a huge fan of Brandon Knight and to me
      it was him or bust. After we drafted Jonas I was pissed off and checked
      what other people from different organizations were saying. They said
      this is an excellent pick for us and then I checked his stats which were
      impressive. He could easily become a top 3 center in the NBA if he
      added muscle to his frame. Hopefully that is what he does this year
      since it is a lockout

      • PMama

        What was AB’s Stat when he was Playing in Europe ?
        What was Darko’s stat when he played in Europe ?
        What is Biyombo’s stat when he played in Europe?
        Or …. Look at those and you will see a pattern. Belive me. Val is  Darko 2,0 but skinnier and lets offensively talented.

        • What was Adam Morrison’s stat when he played in the NCAA?  
          What was Ed O’Bannon’s?  What was Kwame Brown’s at an American High School?
          Stromile Swift at LSU?
          Luke Jackson at Oregon?
          Robert Traylor at Michigan?

          Look at those and you’ll see a pattern.

      • Mike

        Impressive yes, but he fouls alot thus not allowing him to play a full 35 mins a game. Looking at his profile on draft express he average14.9 mins, but a whopping 3.1 fouls.

        • Statement

          That’s the one concern, Mike,

          He fouls too much.  In some vein, he is like Amir in that he fouls a lot and is an excellent pick-and-roll player, like Amir is.

    • SteveB

      Ed? Wasn’t that Sonny!?

    • POINTS

      the three niggas you mension two will be bouncing soon 

          master p get ya boy outta here

    • 511

      You may want to listen to him speak before you comment on his English. He’s close to as fluent as Bargnani (say) is now … and about a thousand times more so than Bargs was when he was first drafted. 

  • Raptor Jesus

    This idea that we need to just grin and bear it until the next draft when we haven’t given away all our picks, and the consensus of greater talent predisposes this never ending lists of tomorrows to get it right.

    If we don’t start enacting change to get it right TODAY we’ve already lost.

  • WhatWhat

    It’s depressing to see how shocked the fanbase is that we picked someone in our range, and FELL (slightly) to us.


    • PMama

      Yes, it is really depressing to see how shocked the fanbase is that we passed on some real talent on this draft. Guys who have heart, IQ and personalities that team really lack and also play in a very critical position ( Knight and Walker).  
      It is really depressing to see how close we got to finally define an identity for this team, get players who complement each other both on the floor and outside as well.

      • WhatWhat

        Knight put up incredibly similar (and a notch worse) numbers to Bayless in their freshmen year. Go on Draft Express, look at their stats and compare the two, I dare you. And what makes Knight so special? That he works hard and has a 4.0 GPA in something that has nothing to do with basketball? Knight also looks as quiet as DeRozan is. He’s a lot longer than Bayless and a bit faster, but that’s negated by his weak handle-which will never be as good as Bayless’. Bayless showed better PG skills while playing the 2 in college then Knight did playing at the one.

        But back to the fits:

        Neither Knight or DeRozan are: Good…even decent playmakers, have the ability to go left, good ball handlers.  We’ll lead the league in turnovers, and be bottom 5 in ASTs.

        Neither Kemba or DeRozan are: Decent 3-point shooters. Need I say more here?

        • POINTS

          you big dummy

        • Statement

          I just hope that Bargs is still on the block.

          That is all.

          • POINTS

            how you want to trade your star playa when you just pickup a championship coach give it a least 3 to 4 more years then if it doesn’t work out you get rid of everybody

          • Nilanka15

            Based on the comments coming out of Colangelo/Casey’s mouths, it doesn’t look good.  Then again, what reason do we have to believe anything Colangelo says?

  • Smiley


    • RapFanOrNot

      Sorry, you don’t have any idea about bb.

      • Ihatehaters

        Neither do you.

  • Mark my words, Valanciunas will be Tyson Chandler with a better offensive game. Also, trade Bargs. A Val/Davis front court would be freaking amazing.

    • POINTS

      no we are tradind davis we don’t need him to out shine our star

    • POINTS

      bargs is going nowhere can you dig it

  • Smiley


  • EuroPussy

    LOOOOL you are so funny!! You all blame Bargs and make him responsable for the wrong decisions of BC and bad coaches like Triano.
    Bargs is your best player and you prefer DD??? wow
    This pick is another bad bad decision.

    • Smiley


      • EuroPussy

        rofl – can’t stop laughing.

        • Smiley



          • Smiley

            it was Chris Broussard of ESPN that said bargnani is one of the worst 1st overall picks in nba with darko. He put him on his SG position too because the guy is worthless in PF SF AND C. LMAOO cant stop laughing watching that video AHAHAHA

            • EuroPussy

              think you and crhis broussard have a very high bb-iq. no doubt.

              • Dagger

                I’m not sure it’s worth responding to someone whose ability to debate extends as far as calling someone stupid, but I’m just amazed that some people still consider Bargnani a good player. He’s an inconsistent big man who doesn’t score efficiently, doesn’t bother to box out and therefore can’t rebound, can’t pass, and doesn’t play acceptable individual or help defence. He’s a mediocre shot blocker – at best – and he’s a streaky three-point shooter, but those are the best aspects of his game. He’s definitely got some moves and he can handle the ball for a big man, but that doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t translate into efficient results. Is all this just subjective? No: Bargnani as franchise player almost certainly cost his terrible team more wins than he gave them (http://www.wagesofwins.com/AllPlayersRank2010-11.html). 

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              Chris Palmer an ESPN NBA Insider called the 2006 NBA Draft the worst in the past 25 years.

              In part because of a #1 overall draft pick- Bargnani, who has yet to be named an All Star after 5 years in the NBA.

          • Fuckeuros

            dumb people have an inability to think for themselves and see whats real. another problem with low iq morons is they think they arent dumb. lots of stupid people making stupid comments thinking they are smarter then colangelo and the staff and scouts around the world….dumb fucks. its hilarious . i thank god  most people and colangelo laugh at you pathetic nitwits and that he  continues to do whats best for this franchise.

            • POINTS

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    • POINTS

      no it not now the the pic of the starting 5 is complete

          see ESPN MARVEL COVERS  

  • RapsFanOrNot

    The best pick was Knight and the Raps get Valanciunas? But not immediately (of course) but next year?
    Muhahahahahaha this is so ridicolous. Muhahahahahahaha

  • Qa009-09

    David Locke breaks down Jonas Valanciunas and his game


    • Kujo

      Yikes.  I know it’s only a 4 min clip of selected highlights from one game, but I saw Val not being able to finish near the rim, and getting man handled in the post by stronger guys.  David doesn’t even consider him a true center. 🙁

      Who knows how this pick will turn it, but I as of now, I don’t like it.  BC should have drafted Knight, or Kemba.  Hell, I’m thinking Biyombo would have been better.

      • JW

        Dude, his touch around the basket is exceptional.  Honestly, judging him by not making this ONE basket is silly.  He is money down low.   The data set is just too huge for you to take one instance over ALL the others.

        Also word is that he has not stopped growing and if he puts on the size he eventually should, there will be no question as to his ability to play centre. He is 18!

    • Toshmon

      Wow he’s worst than I thought.
      That is a bad video btw other vids show more of his skills.

      He doesn’t seem interested in rebounding.

      This guy is a project. Period.

      We are so screwed man. Noah would eat this guys food.

      Oh I wish I was dreaming. This guy is gunna get dunked on.

      I wanted to keep an open mind and say yeah he’ll be Tyson Chandler/Noah. There is no way man. I think he has a 5 inch vertical leap. Haha

      I’ll take on all criticism because I hope I’m wrong.

      Like a bosh.

      • Mike

        Totally agree…the comparisons to Tyson Chandler are far fetched..wasn’t Chandler a beast in high school at the same age, plus he is atheltically superior than Jonas..best case scenario for JVal would be Big Z without the jumper.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Val is another Spencer Hawes type (w/o the jumper) for better or worse- just wait and see.

  • peanutplaza

    FU#K this pick! I swear BC gets a hard on for Euro 7 footers.  Why take a gamble when we need a real core of talent?

    • Fuckeuros

      this was my joy. draftin a euro and watching the xenophobes heads pop off…..hahahahahahahaahah….I LOVE IT.

      • Ihatehaters

        You know your screen name is “Fuckeuros”, right?

  • Toshmon

    Someone please answer my uneducated questions:

    How are the raps gunna sell tickets? 
    Jonas Jerseys?

    Ha, we are so f*ct.

    How are we going to get derozan to stay long term with a 15 win season?

    Who is our leader again?

    When was the last time the raps drafted a PG?

    Do we have injury insurance on this guy? what if he breaks a leg in Europe?

    oh sweet Jesus we are so screwed.

    • POINTS

      I think you should be able to get seats at the ACC for around $5 bucks

    • James

      Don’t worry about Ticket Sales. Toronto is a city that embraces Losers and this is Why BC has support in this town and this is why BC is still loved after 22 win season and ONE of the worst draft picks in years.

  • Balls of Steel

    If Kanter fell to us, I wonder if all this racist shit would come out? My hate for Andrea Bargnani is well documented (not because his Euro, but lazy). I do however, wholeheartedly feel that Jonas is as good a pick as Ed and Demar. He is a legit 7-footer with tremendous defensive and rebounding abilities (with mobility). It’s funny how if the Spurs were after this player, his stock rises but when the Raps pick him, the fans are up in arms. 

    I do feel that the drafting of JV is predicated by the fact the someone in the front court will go once he enters the league. This is not wishful thinking (as the team has Ed, Amir and Andrea). Someone will go to make room for Jonas (and I believe it won’t be Ed).

    I love this pick and if the Noah / Chandler comparisons are true, Jonas is going to be amazing. I just wish that all this unfortunate comments about this man’s background should stop. It’s not appropriate in any argument.

    • Balls of Steel

      I think people are also forgetting that Utah (a proud franchise) now has Kanter, Okur, Favors, Millsap and Al Jefferson. What we have is not a problem.

    • moisosorry

      For what it’s worth, I am wary of picking young European guys. Not because I think they’re all lazy or weak or unathletic – that would be stupid – but because of the language and culture challenges they face. Communication is key to defense, chemistry, socialization and general swag. So, all else being basically equal, I’ll absolutely take an English-speaking guy who’s immersed in African-American culture. Of course, Valanciunas sounds like a beast; it appears all else is probably *not* equal here. If Valanciunas really is the physical specimen Dwane Casey’s touting, that’s plenty to sell me on the pick, much as I was hoping for Knight. That said, if Jonas spends the next year in Europe, I really really hope the Raps go well out of their way to prepare him for the adjustment to North America.

  • 2gunz

    BC makes a push for people who he thinks wants to stay in Toronto long term.  Knight just wanted to be drafted as early as possible.  5 years from now he’d be gone for sure.  This guy could fill a giant hole at 5 and makes the roster deeper.  Now Andrea can finally move to the 4 where his defensive liabilities will not be so apparent.  Going after a true 5 is long overdue, but quality bigs are the premium right now.  I trust BC’s track record with point guards,  and when he finds the right one, he will add him. 

    • Ihatehaters

      Andrea’s defensive liabilities will be more apparent at the 4, against faster, more mobile opponents. He really needs to be trade now.

      • POINTS

        We haven’t tried him at pg yet

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Or SG.lol

    • POINTS

      You also get a free raptors starting 5 t-shirt pickup at ESPN MARVEL COVERS

  • Pizzaman1

    All you idiots thought Colangelo would be fired and he’s still here ( thank God) running this team and making sound decisions instead of handing the reigns to an idiot like one of you.
    Also you all have no idea and supposedly know more than all the basketball experts because you spend time swearing on this site about what you saw on You Tube.
    Jonas was by far the best talent available at the 5 pick, and 7 footers like him are rare. Walker and Knight are no better than Jose and Bayless.
    And read between the lines…they will be shopping Amir!
    Have fun because I’m loving it!!!!!

  • O D

    Just to recap: my big board had
    Kanter, Valan, Knight. As a fan I was choosing Knight, but for potential and need BC has it right. Waking up this morning I’m feeling better about this move. I realize though that next year will be hard to watch, but the highest payoff is a high lottery next year for the last time and then we have one of the best one year turn arounds ala Boston Celtics 2008. Biggups to all the boys at St Louis last night.

  • Daniel

    The reaction to the pick proved to me what I’ve always thought: a small albeit very vocal minority of the fanbase is racist and xenophobic. The blogosphere as a medium encourages this attitude due to its anonimity and lack of filters. Jose is a very good PG in the NBA whereas Andrea has been miscast for his tenure here. Last time I checked the NBA champs are a bunch of old outcasts lead by a big European.
    I’m intrigued by the pick and I trust BC with the drafting. I’m sure more moves are coming because we want to win rather sooner than later. Personally I’m sick of losing and this city deserves better. Unfortunately there is a minority of fans who don’t deserve to have a b-ball franchise in Toronto. They should cheer for an American team. They probably are already and they just want to made their opinions known to boost thier ego. My advice for them is to get out of the basement, get a sniff of the real world and stop comparing the street ball with organized b-ball.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

       Calling, labeling folks as being racist and/or xenophobic is laughable defense of/for the backlash BC has received from many disappointed fans for the drafting Val and a sign of desperation in order to rationalize this untenable selection.

      It comes right out of the Anti Semite propaganda handbook- all those who disagree w/ Israel’s policies are labeled as anti semitic in some form or fashion- get real as critical thinking is a must if in BC you trust!

      Well BC isn’t Israel but some fools still try to apply the same logic to basketball.lmfao

  • mountio

    Im a fan of the concept. Take the best player available with the most upside (even he has to play a year elsewhere), because thats the best thing for the team long term. You have to suck (for a couple of years at least) to get good in this league. I buy all that.
    What I dont buy is that this guy has as much upside as people think. I watch the highlights, and this guy has nothing but ho-hum put backs and layups against guys who are like 6’7″. Same with defense .. seems somewhat mobile and blocks the odd shot, but doesnt seem crazy athletic (anything like Noah as Ive heard above). I hope Im wrong here, and I know a bunch of experts think hes got the best upside in the draft .. I just have a hard time seeing it.

    • JW

      Those comparing him to Noah are only doing so due to his hustle and motor and willingness to do what is best for his team.

      Noah was a solid defender coming into this league.  JV’s offence and efficency around the basket is much better with stronger competition, so he does have a few bright spots.

      There is only ONE Noah, and many bigs wish they could be a Noah.   That said, if JV can be 80% of what Noah is, than his selection is more than deserved.   I certainly think JV can surpass Noah even in his first few seasons on the offensive side of the ball.  He has more of a nose for the game that way and is money on the FT line.

      However on defense, Noah is in a league of his own, few NBA players are as good.  So I don’t think its fair to use the comparison to say what he is and what is not, because even established NBA C’s will struggle when placed on the scale next to Noah.

    • Statement

      Fair enough,

      Just out of curiousity, who would you have drafted otherwise?

      I like the Jonas pick, cause at 5, you weren’t getting anything better IMHO (food for thought….Knight and Walker slipped further than was initially though)

  • 511

    From what Jonas Valanciunas said last night in an interview after being selected, Colangelo was already developing a relationship with JVal, talking via Skype about Toronto and whatnot. I even wonder if Bryan had’ve had the number one overall pick … would he have made this choice? (I’d like to see that question asked.) I’m thinking … yes, he very well might’ve. Imagine how hilarious THAT would’ve been! (Haha.)

    • Bendit

      Imo, if Kanter were available BC would have picked him.

      • 511

        Ya, probably. But I laugh at imagining the shit-storm that would’ve been around Raptors blog-sites had he ‘done it again’. 

  • Please stop trying to make a bad thing (the buyout and 2 year delay) sound like a good thing.  It’s not good.  Period. 

    Regardless of talent and age, you will never find a GM who says: “Gee, I sure wish that the top 5 player I just
    drafted could stay away from our team for the next 2 years and get
    developed by someone else.”

    • Bendit

      The buyout process has not been finalized. It does not make too much sense financially for JV to not payout the buyout amount (2 mill.) over say 4 yrs. while making the 3 mill. plus per yr he will be earning on his rookie deal. If there is no lockout look for something done. 

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        The buyout process with the Raptors hasn’t even been started ie there are no current buyout particulars related to Val until BC flies over to Europe to negotiate them- recognize.

        As well, buyouts are paid in full upon negotiated demand this isn’t any type of law-a-way credit type of plan.

        Val’s Euro team has no incentive to help out BC & the Rap’s and they hold all the cards in this upcoming negotiations that may take anywhere’s from 1-3 years to complete.

        Val will not be in the TDot for next season even if there is no lockout.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!


      It’s not a good thing- BC is lying!!

  • Jackreacher

    This is a GOOD pick, don’t ignorance and bias against Euro players cloud anything. Either a guy can play or not, and obviously BC sees a lot if he passed over Brandon Knight. Bottom line is that 7-foot guys that have game are rarer than 6-foot ones. Like coach Casey said there aren’t too many guys like Valanciunas available on the planet.

    • JW

      I really hated the Andrea pick.  I wanted Gay all the way, I wish I could say Roy, but Gay was my choice (that sounds funny, LOL).

      This pick, I am very pleased with.  In this draft, to get a player of this calibre at #5 is just fantastic.

      Maybe Knight/Walker will turn out, maybe they won’t.  That said, this 7 footer already has more skill than half the players in the NBA.  Strength is an issue, but the kid is young (bigger and younger than Bosh coming into the league), but guys with half his skills/efficency have made 10 year careers in this league just simply becasue they were tall and the could recieve a pass.   This pick has SERIOUS UPSIDE!

      Not to mention value. A guard that does not pan out, gets waived, a BIG that does not pan out gets traded for Gasol. Everyone is willing to try and try again for players with this size. This is a GREAT ASSET! Size baby – its money in the bank! (Guards are good only if you pick the right one, otherwise this league is awash with them.)

      • Bendit

        Preface…my “big” choice was Kanter. That said I agree with your pov. There is also no “big” of consequence from what I hear in next year’s draft either…but a few SFs and PGs of better quality than this year. Also, as an admirer of how the Spurs go about their business, the fact they were pushing to get high in the lottery for JV must say something. They must think he is a better option than Splitter long term.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      And Jonas won’t be available for Casey to coach until 1-3 years from now- if Casey and/or BC are still here in Toronto.

      It’s has nothing to do with drafting a Euro but drafting a player that won’t even be here next season after putting the fans through the Bullchit of last season.

      At least give the fans some hope for the future which the trio of- SG DeMar, PF Ed & PG Kemba would have done instead of selling us some 7 foot Euro fantasy as such.

      As well,  Kemba & DeMar would have been one of the most exciting plus up & coming young backcourts in the NBA.

      BC keeps pissing on us fans and calling it Holy Water, Sh*tting on us fans and calling it Kobe Steak via PR spins in the wind- wake up.

      BC PR Media Spins =’s hypnotizing Raptors fans minds!!

  • Rob Levine Theatre Company

    As good as Jonas will be, does anybody else think that Adam T from the netflix commercial is going to takedown the blonde from the Harvey’s commercial tonight at the joker…..It’s just so Canadian!

  • Beaverboi

    Wait…Which Jonas brother did we just draft?? Does this mean the fan base will now be mostly 13 year old girls??

  • East Coast

    I like the pick, I think it will be a good selection.

    • East Coast

      For me to poop on!

      just kidding, solid pick, gutsy and commendable.

  • I think it would be best if Jonas didn’t come over next season.  We can wait one more year to figure out which of Bargnani, Davis, or Amir should be traded to make room for the big Lithuanian, and there’s no reason to bring him over if we’re only going to play a half-season anyways.

    I think the best case scenario for Jonas is a young Reggie Evans, which I’m perfectly okay with considering the quality of this year’s draft class.

    I’m also okay with the draft strat of sitting back piling up assets until the year we strike it big with a Rose/Wade type, when we can then use our depth to trade for quality pieces.  But that year we strike it rich had better be next year.

    • POINTS

      davis and  amir should be traded so our big stud and the lithuanian can team up then you add ak47 and bring back HEDONT and the watch this team blassom 4 to 5 years from now.

       Pickup your raptors starting 5 t-shirt at: ESPN MARVEL COVERS

  • Kevin

    So what you are trying to say is this is NOT a joke?  I can’t wait to see Knight and Walker become great point guards and watch BC get booed out of Toronto.

  • 4pt_play

    People who think Bryan Colangelo had a brain fart picking Jonas are idiots.  Are we expecting BC to base his pick on the web-sites and mock drafts that we all read?  Teams and Executives have much more information, access and resources than mock draft sites.
    Some Rap fans are so against picking internationals.  If BC picked Thompson, it would have been really ironic to see all the Rap fans bash that pick.  Other teams draft euros and canadians and it is okay.  If Raps thought he was the best player available, then then did their job right.  It is obvious that if they thought that Knight/Walker was better, it would have been easy for them to take that route, but they didn’t.  Other teams passing Knight confirms that.

    • POINTS

      PISTONS pass on melo



  • D32858

    What happened was confirmation that very little that is said here is accurate!

  • DonCarlos2.0

    I looked at a JV highlight package. Hard to say what he can really do because it didn’t look like the competition level was that high, but he had a couple of impressive blocks where he tracked the ball and showed good instincts. Given his body type, I don’t believe he’ll have any trouble filling out. High, square, wide shoulders indicate that he should be able to pack pounds on his upper body and his legs aren’t skinny. He’s got a bigger build than Ed Davis, and much bigger than Bosh when he was drafted. I wouldn’t say Dwight Howard, but Tyson Chandler or slightly smaller might be a good comparison.

  • Pessimistic Raps Fan

    Its not about who we got, but who we could have got.

  • Gradgrind101

    I don’t get this board…I don’t hear anything intelligent coming from a majority of the posts just bitterness. Everyone rags on Bargnani and they complain about drafting Valanciunas. Ok fine. Get rid of Bargnani..But what is the plan going forward? Who is going to average 20+ points per game? Kleiza? Davis? Calderone? Maaaaayyyybbbbeeee Derozan. 

    Finally we drafted a player who could be a solid center for us. Walker and Knight will not lead any team to the NBA finals. Winning the championship is hard…Ask LeBron…So what does Kemba have that LeBron lacks? I’ll tell you one thing LeBron doesn’t overcomes lack of vision with over-dribbling.

    The arrival of Valanciunas means more play options…Do you not think Calderone will have a field day running pick and rolls with JV if defensive coverage comes up high? That’s what JV loves to do. And if the defense drops back do you not think Calderone will start nailing open shots? Yeah I know Jose is a problem defensively…But Casey had strategic success with the 1-3-1 in Dallas and by the way that is the main benefit of a 1-3-1 as I’m sure most of you know…

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Bargnani is irreplaceable?

      His 21 ppg on 17.8 shot per game can’t be replaced- wake the fuck up!smdh

      The arrival of Val means more play options? I bet Casey is drawing up P’R plays for him as well post.lmfao

      When is he coming over- 1,2,3 years from now?lmfao

      Jose will nail open shots- like the past 2 years of brick house music from his jumper?lmfao

      • Gradgrind101

        See my reply below…

  • Gradgrind101

    Loved your reply…It made me laugh…Ease up on the bitterness though…But show me the facts…That’s all that matters to me…

    First of all…Did I say Bargnani is irreplaceable? I don’t think so. In fact everyone is replaceable including DeMar DeRozan. Here’s a fact for you: In the NBA a shooting guard with a career 13.2% 3pt average (18.4% in college) is a role player…Not a starter. Let’s put AB aside for now…I maintain that the Raptors do not have a legitimate starter for a contending playoff team.

    Let’s take a look at Bargnani. His career game averages breaks down like this:
    5.3 – 10.9   48.6% 2pts1.4 –  3.7    37.8% 3pts
    6.7 – 14.6   45.6% total

    Now let’s look at our up and coming core player DeMar DeRozan
    4.9-10.1   48.5% 2pts0.1- 0.4    13.2% 3pts
    5.0-10.5   47.7% total

    I guess by your standards we should get rid of DD as well. He’s easily replaceable. I can’t be bothered to do the math (I don’t think you will be enlightened anyways)…But I’ll guarantee you that as far as centers go Barg’s points per shot is among the best in the NBA. OK Maybe you don’t like those stats but they are facts and any amount of diarrhea doesn’t change that. And as far as 2 pointers go…Of the players who average 10 shots per game or more there are only 2 players with significantly better numbers than Bargnani (Howard 59.3% and Horford 55.7%). There are 3 centers with marginally better stats (Jefferson 49.6% Bogut 49.5% and Lopez 49.2%). These are the facts…You and I can’t argue them…Stop being bitter and look at the facts…

    I don’t want to rag on DD…He’s probably the first player I’d keep but I just wanted to illustrate a point. 

    Anyhow, “Val” looks like he is going to be a decent stay at home center. But until the facts are in we won’t know for sure. By the way why should he come to the NBA this year? Let Bargnani play another year at center and let’s find out where the ceiling is for Davis. Maybe in the meantime the Raptors can figure out what to do with Bargnani and Calderone. 

    Speaking of Calderone he was 39.8 % 3 pont shooting for 2009-10 and 36.5% for 2010-11. Not that good last year but without perimeter options that’s what it will be for him. I’m surprised you mentioned his shooting though…Really the biggest problem for the Raptors is ball defense and perimeter containment. The raps were third worst in defending the three pointer at 37.6% and the worst shooting them at 31.6%

    Those are the facts. Try to put your bitterness aside and use facts to change my mind. If you can I will be the first to thank you.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      You didn’t illustrate anything, nice try though.

      Also, Bargnani is now strictly a 7 foot 250 pound PF so stop comparing him to centers- get up on the latest BC pr spin game!lol

      As well, AB is self confessed lazy. DD hustle hard plus is a certified gym rat- do that math. 

      Jose and his Clap aka Gonorrhea defense is a given fact whenever you mention his name or speak on his game and brick house shooting.

      I don’t need stats as I have watched every Rap’s game since BC came to town- stats are another way to manipulate the truth Poli Sci 101.

      Val should come to the NBA this year because that what’s expected when a team drafts a player that highly its fan base as well so he can start working out ASAP with the Rap’s and their coaches experiencing the NBA grind sooner rather than later.

      • Gradgrind101

        Hey you got me all wrong…I think Jose is among the worst pg in the nba. Good defense starts with ball defense (how you defend the other point guard or ball handler). Calderon can’t defend the ball. He sags when he should be ready to take away his man’s shot. When Calderon goes out to cover his man the other wings or guard have to sag a little to be ready to help when Calderon blows his coverage. That’s why the raps are 3rd worst at covering the 3. In my opinion (for a lot of reasons) the best guard is Rajon Rondo and that is saying something because I have hated Boston for years. Having said that even Rajon has weaknesses but he is the one to whom I compare all point guards.

        I could go on and on…As for Bargnani…That topic has been talked to death. He has undeniable strengths and weaknesses. But as of today he is not a championship caliber center. And yes he is still a center until Casey moves him to 4…Besides the majority of his stats are as a center not a 4. 

        Let’s just say you and I look at the game differently. I’m not a stat geek that doesn’t get the game beyond the numbers. I consider myself a student of the game that loves a challenge. If you prove me wrong you have my respect. Oh and by the way I love basketball and I am involved in the game. I do know one thing…Stats can be misinterpreted or misleading but they can also expose good and bad. For that reason I try not to spin the facts.

        I think at the end of the day you and I agree on the same things…I just get there differently…

        • Skip

          at the end of the day.. BARGNANI SHOULD BE FUCKING TRADED. 20 points on 17 shots? where do we get 20 points if he leaves? distribute those 17 ugly shots to the players. Let Davis take 10 of it and let demar, JB and JJ share the other 7. Say we covered 15 points from bargnani’s 20 point, thats good enough if we are going to be a defensive team plus it will also benefit our players offensive game. As if bargnani is efficient offensively. I remember the guy having 8/23 fg for like a month or something. And bargnani is fucking allergic to clutch. He makes most of his TOs during the 4th quarter. smdh

          • Gradgrind101

            CLUTCH? There is no such thing as clutch when you lose 60 games…And according to you why would anyone take AB’s contract? Aren’t the GM’s around the league at least as bright as you and avoid his 4 year jail sentence? But you’re missing the point…The bigger problem is Calderon’s defense. He gives us the worst ball defense in the NBA. Any big doesn’t want speedy guards like Rose, Rondo or Jennings driving to the basket auditioning for the ESPN POD on a nightly basis. I feel sorry for Casey because unless he’s a magician JC will get him fired

  • rapsfan

    The level of ignorance and stupidity displayed by some of these posters is amazing.  Somebody needs to archive this so when the Raptors are contenders in 5-7 years from now with the Big V leading the way we can all look back and laugh ourselves silly.  I’ve been laughing all day…