Leandro Barbosa picked up his $7.6M option yesterday. Somewhat expected because you wouldn’t think he’d make that kind of money in Brazil, but you could be wrong. If Tiago Splitter can make $6.3 million in a European league and turn down a chance to play in the NBA, a player of Barbosa’s caliber who is a legend in his native land, could conceivably make more. The risk for him is that if there isn’t a season next year he’d be making zilch.

I got no problems with Barbosa other than the occasional chucking, and that is to be expected in the course of an 82-game season with the team going nowhere in particular. He’s not going to steal minutes from anyone the Raptors are developing and is known to be a good presence in the locker-room. He is the kind of veteran presence we often speak of when wishing upon the Raptors.

The Raptors picked up options on Ed Davis, DeMar DeRozan and James Johnson, all no-brainers and the only one which is debatable is James Johnson, but not really since, as I already said, we’re not going anywhere in particular. I’m not sold on Johnson offensively and I’m definitely not buying that he’s a good defender, he’s right now a body that will platoon at the three spot along with Linas Kleiza. Whether he starts or not doesn’t quite matter because – you guessed it – we’re not going anywhere in particular. He was unexpectedly productive last season but just like my RIM stocks, past performance is not an indication of future growth. He could turn out to be the next Sonny Weems or the next…um…hmm…let’s see…J.R Smith?

Moving along, it appears that Dwane Casey is seeing Jonas Valanciunas as playing the Tyson Chandler role in Toronto:

“He is 6′ 11.75″ tall with no shoes, you could almost list him as 7′ 1″ (in shoes), so he has Tyson Chandler size. He has a good body that he is filling in. His feet are good feet. He can jump, he can run well, he is an athlete. He turned 19 on May 6 and he is a guy who has been playing a couple of years in the Euroleague. The decision was made according to our roster, we have umpteen million guards and we were looking at the young men Walker, Knight, and Leonard, but we had a lot of players at their position. What we don’t have is rim protection, length, and athleticism in the middle. Amir is a good player but he doesn’t have the length of this player.

I watched a lot of tape and gave my opinion. I like the young man. He blocks shots, rolls the lane, can catch the ball. I just came from Tyson Chandler and Tyson Chandler at the same age was not as good as this young man.”

Over the last couple days I’ve had a chance to watch some Valanciunas tape and his main function has been the roller on pick ‘n rolls. I wouldn’t say he’s a great finisher or even a “physical finisher”, he is very good at presenting himself to his guards in pick ‘n rolls and is defensively aware. He’s quite frequently late in his help reactions but does always make an effort to help teammates. Guards can get the shot over him and even finish at the rim against him without too much trouble, but at least he’s there to contest the shot. The timing in his defense is lacking and that usually comes with age, as long as he’s making the proper effort – which he is – he could conceivably become a good defensive player.

Other than layup field-goal attempts he’s working on a short jump/hook shot which he shoots after receiving a pass in the lane

The competition he’s facing in Euro league isn’t as bad as people make it sound, it’s not even close to the NBA-level but that’s not the barometer to be used. The level is comparable to the NCAA as the European ranks are filled with players that will take you back down memory lane. The point is that his skill is being tested and no-one should assume that he’s dominating midgets and elves in Europe. He would have definitely encountered more physical centers in the NCAA, ones that would be able to counter his length with their strength. Of course, that is heavily dependent on which division of either league you play in. I haven’t watched enough Euroleague to comment on the overall intensity of play compared to NCAA, or whether the pressure to win is similar, so take what I say with a grain of salt. We’ll discuss those aspects in a Rapcast with somebody knowledgable very soon.

As to whether he can be a Tyson Chandler type player, the one thing that is quite glaringly missing from his game is the ability to come out and defend guards in pick ‘n roll and trap situations, maybe it’s not a popular strategy in Europe or maybe they just don’t ask it of him. That’s what makes Tyson Chandler so special, he is able to disrupt not just drives to the rims, but can pressurize point guards by making passes out of traps extremely difficult, and to top off, can recover quickly. On the flip side, Valanciunas will easily become the better finisher over time, if he isn’t already.

Video-wise, there’s David Locke breaking one of his games down and there are many plain old highlight compilations which only focus on the positives on YouTube. Have at it.

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  • Maurice “Mo” Shats

    I think your whole “we aren’t going anywhere” is a bit redundant in a post about the GM picking up the options of our young, core players. Also, drafting the best center prospect in the draft (many scouts/gm’s opinion apparently) shows we ARE going somewhere, and to me, we have a stud 2-guard in DeRozan, a decent 3 in JJ, a potential defensive force in Ed Davis and now a very good center with a bright future, I’d say the “somewhere” we are going is the right direction (finally). I’m not saying we’ll be competing for a championship in two years, but I do think the team is finally going in the winning direction, as opposed to the stuck in mediocrity direction. I don’t get all the negativity – I’m not even being optimistic, just realistic.

    • Balls of Steel

      Indiana, Charlotte, Detroit are teams that are in limbo, 35 – 40 wins. It seems they’re the one spinning their wheels and “going nowhere”. Their recent picks are an indication that they will continue to go “nowhere”. I like our direction and it’s a direction with purpose.I hope to god that BC learns his lessons and tries not to swing for the fences. There’s little to no ego in this team where someone needs to be appeased. The Raps can follow the OKC model. Just add a little patience. Perhaps next year, we will get our “game-changer”.

      • Theswirsky

        Indiana – yes probably

        Detroit – they are going to be bad this year.  Real bad.  Worse than Raptors bad? Probably

        Charlotte – worst team in the league this year 

        • Balls of Steel

          Oops, I forgot to mention Milwaukee as well. They now have Cap’n Jack and with Jennings, it will be an interesting back-court. Two stubborn players with a stubborn coach. Lot’s of fireworks in Brew-Town this year. You know what, if the CBA is resolved halfway through, we’re going to see some serious tanking this coming season (to get to the 2012 crop of players). Makes sense for JV not to come in at all.

          • yertu damkule

            i like what the bucks did for the simple reason they jettisoned maggette & salmons.

          • Bendit

            I understand the Bucks borrowed 55 mill. from the league last year…so money troubles are going to retard their acquisitions too. 

        • Boomer

          I dunno about Indiana being that stagnant, they’ve got a real good young core with more pieces than the Raps that you would want to keep around long-term.

          A starting lineup of Darren Collison, Dahntay Jones, Danny Granger, Hansborough, and Hibbert, with guys like George Hill, Paul George, Jeff Foster, and maybe Brandon Rush? 

          Thats a solid two way team, with lots of movable pieces, vets who can be dealt like Posey, Foster, TJ Ford, McRoberts, and Dunleavy even, whatever their various contract situations are, depending on the lockout of course. 

          Compared to the Raps, we have fewer movable assets, I’d think. Ed, Amir, DD aren’t going anywhere, but our point guard no one is decided on in Jose isn’t getting any younger or more athletic as his salary goes up, making him much harder to move. We have three average at best SF, Bargs who is the most widely debated basketball player ever, and Barbosa’s contract, I guess.

          • yertu damkule

            problem with indy is that they’ve got a lot of ‘nice’ complementary players.  i think at one time it was assumed that granger would be an ‘it’ guy, but it hasn’t panned out as such.  they’ve got a lot of assets that a number of teams would find very enticing, but none are stand-out players…a dangerous situation if you want to avoid the mediocrity cycle.

            • Boomer

              I agree with that..  I was thinking as I was typing that, that Granger has stagnated to the point where I can see that team trying to deal him to full-on rebuild. They already almost got Mayo for significantly less at the trade deadline, but this league is chock-full of GM’s who would take okay players like Rush and Jeff Foster for young guys or picks halfway through the season, so they can take a shot at “reclamation projects” or what ever they’re going to call them.

      • Toshmon

        How do you know this exactly?

        The clippers didn’t improve that much with Griffin does that mean they shouldn’t have taken him?  Actually the clippers won the first pick in the draft this year with a better record than the raps!

        Winning games is a good thing.  Getting players that can improve your team is a good thing.

        This whole, lets be shit philosophy breeds a culture of losing.

        • Balls of Steel

          The Clippers organization has been mismanaged starting from the top with the owner Donald Sterling. He tends to hire dysfunctional front office people and coaches. The Raps is at least moving away from that. Switch the owner and watch what happens to the Clips. Sterling and Cuban reflects their respective teams. The Mavs were terrible at one point as well. Let’s be shit is a part of a proper rebuild. Did you watch the championship? Are the Raps even 10% of what the Mavs are? How about OKC? I know that the franchise is 15 years old but it’ll never get the foundation set right with knee-jerk, short-term picks the likes of Biyombo, Walker and Knight.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            Let’s be shit is part of a proper rebuild- forreal?lmfao

            A proper rebuild in the TDot begins with trading away both Bargnani & Jose who play like shit!!

            Anything else is just more BullChit pr media spins.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2GoIsAnIdiot

              Cool story, bro.

              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                Looks like I have started a movement- I got fans & haters and I don’t even play for the Rap’s!!!lmfao

                Critical thinking fans >> Dumb downed fans

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2GoIsAnIdiot

                  Gotta stoke the fire, right? It’ll be a long offseason anyways, might as well have some fun with it.

                  Admittedly I’m almost through with BC, but I do agree with the general consensus that Kemba/Bismack/Brandon Knight would’ve just kept the Raptors’ wheels spinning in the mediocrity lane.

                  Also, are you going to change your name when Jay’s out of the organization? I figured his move to the front office would push you in that direction…

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                  You sound like an insecure wanker- point blank!

                  And Val is going to lead us to the promise land in what 5 or 6 years?lol

                  Why so fascinated with me and mine? Get a life, kiddo.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          Tanking is for suckas!!

          Compete or go home- how can BC in good conscious ask fans to support with their hard earned money a team built to lose in the NBA with half hearted promises of future success??

          People who support tanking watch how fast both DD & Ed book it out of Town as soon as their rookie deals expire.

          Btw- the Clip’s own Minny’s 1st round pick next season unprotected- if they pull a Cleveland and get 2 top 4 picks in the 2012 draft- wow!

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        It’s easier to go from 35-40 wins in a season to 45-55 wins a season than it is to go from 22 wins to 50 wins in a season.

        Chicago won 41 games in 2009-10 then won 60 in 2010-11 it’s easier to bounce up from the middle as it is to fall back but it beats being stuck in a Lottery quagmire as the the Rap’s future basketball paradigm.

        Our current & most likely future direction is straight to the Lottery ala The TW’olves- recognize.


        Take that to the cash paying Rap’s fans and ask them to open up their wallets to support this current Raptors BullChit!!

        So the OKC model is the current flavor of the month Kool Aid?

        Patience is for waiting rooms!!!!

        Was BC patient with Sam?

        Fans can take their Raptors ticket money and go a vacation, invest it or support small businesses in the greater GTA area until BC puts a winner on the ACC floor.

        • Balls of Steel

          Dude, you need to simmer down. I was like you months ago, wanting to change just for the sake of it. This isn’t going to happen overnight. 

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            You do you and I’ll do me- recognize.

            I don’t tell you what, how to post- respect it or get check by it!

            It could happen sooner than later if Bargnani & Calderon are traded away- now that’s a rebuild!lol

    • POINTS

      don’t forget the ALPH-CAT 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Once Bargnani & Jose are traded away we can get on with the ‘real rebuild’!!

      PG: JBayless
      SG: DDeRozan
      SF: JJohnson
      PF: EDavis
      PC: TBA 

      • FAQ

        I bet Bargnani and Jose would love to leave frigid Toronto and the Raptor quagmire … and play for a warm climate team in the USofA.

         Maybe the Heat will be open to trade Bosh for Bargs and Jose for Arroyo … ya think ??!!!!

        Rebuilding around proven scrubs and castoffs is the way to go … according to you … and hope that those scarecrows will blossom into real men.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Arroyo palys for the Celtics now as he was let go by the Heat and picked up by Boston after the Heat acquired MBibby- nice try though.

          I can see clearly how BC keeps getting over on alot of fans:

          Media =’s Meduim =’s Hypnotizing minds………

          • Ihatehaters

            I hope you remembered to wear your tinfoil hat, while typing your comments…

        • Skip

          lmaooo ahah bosh trade for bargnani? seriously? shking my head

  • Milesboyer

    I’m glad Barbosa picked up the option for next year even though we don’t know what the season’s going to look like.  Hopefully, once the new CBA is figured out, Colangelo can sign him to a reasonable 3yr. extension. In a perfect world, the Raptors play hard next (shortened) season but finish with a poor record, get a top pick that will have an immediate impact, bring over Valanciunas and start ascending in 2012-13. That should be the plan.

    • Nilanka15

      I’d rather see Barbosa’s expiring contract used as trade bait.

      • Bendit

        For draft pick/s next year. 

        • yertu damkule

          considering next year’s draft, i’m not sure a guy like barbosa is going to have much appeal.  i can see teams really hanging on to their picks, unless it’s a team who doesn’t *need* more young players & is in ‘win now’ mode…of course, such a team is likely a title contender anyway, and is more likely to be interested in barbosa (vet scorer off the bench, good locker room/chemistry guy, can play multiple positions & brings a lot of speed)…and would also have less enticing pieces to give back in trade.  but i guess getting anything is better than nothing…acquiring a late first rounder (or a late first & a 2nd) can be useful in moving up.  let’s say the raps end up with the 5th pick in ’12, and manage – thru a variety of wheeling/dealing – to pick up, say, pick 17 & 32….combine those picks, and moving into, say, the 11th-ish spot is feasible.  in what’s projected to be a loaded draft, picks 5 & 11 are pretty awesome.  

          barbosa’s biggest asset is likely as an expiring contract for a financially-strapped team which is being crushed by the new CBA.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Packaging both Bargnani & Barbosa in a trade package is the way to go!

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2GoIsAnIdiot

          I want to package you for a poster that isn’t so annoying, or a wooden leg. Both would be considerable upgrades over you.

  • JHP

    Ladies and gentlemen (that leaves out Raptors fans 🙂 ) I see a new phrase for the franchise.  Not going anywhere in particular!

    I think that sums up the next 12 months.  It’s sort of like tubing down a lazy river. 

    Now some people may think stashing picks in Europe is going to acomplish things and maybe they are right and time will tell. 

  • Buschfire

    I really don’t agree with the knockin’ of JJ, I think he was pretty good for what he is, and is still a young player, and part of a young core. I’m obviously realyl happy that we were able to pick up all these players especially Leandro who is a good spirit in the locker room, and can teach the kids a few tricks….we are moving in the right direction, but i don’t see it till about 3 years down the road… I guess we’ll see when the time comes…

    • Nilanka15

      Apparently Johnson’s already cut 15 lbs.  At the very least, it shows he’s motivated to improve.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        I’d like to see waht an in shape JJ can do on a consistent basis because last season he had alot of baby fat on his body & his conditioning was less than.

  • Triano?

    **** Barbosa.

  • JustAFan

    Glad Barbosa signed up…I totally agree with the “spirit” comment…great presence.

    This year, (if there is one), is once again about developing the talent that we have.  We will win some games and we will be terrible in others.  No one is going to intentionally throw games, but they are young and learning.

    A quick question…shouldn’t BC be trying to stock pile draft picks for 2012? He should trade for/grab a bunch of picks (to go along with our own), since even a 10th to 15th pick will yield a very good player, given the depth of the draft. It sucked only having one draft pick this year, since it is completely hit or miss on one guy. I would think that we could atleast get some picks and a serviceable guard for Calderone.

    • Theswirsky

      would love to see BC add some additional picks this year.  Would rather see it with Andrea than Calderon though (will be expiring next season).  Andrea for any lottery pick in 2012 would be a positive.

    • Bo4

      and/or Bargnani and/or Barbosa!! Our rotation up front in three years will be Amir, Ed & Jonas! At swing it’ll be James, DeMar & the 2012 SF we draft first! And in the backcourt will be Jerryd & the 2013 PG we draft first!

  • onemanweave

    Amazing. Barbosa picked up his seven-mill option rather than going to Pango Pango to play.
       He will help next year. Energetic chuckers do some times.  Very glad to see BC didn’t try to lock him up for something ridiculous.  The man continues to impress me with the fact that he is trying hard to build something of value and eschewing the quick fix.
       Next year may be as bad as this one, but it may not. The young guns should fire on a more regular basis.  The new coach has promised defence and accountability and signs point that it may even extend to AB.   This team could turn out to be much better without mortgaging the future.
       Haven’t been a fan of Colangelo’s since the glow wore off of the first season, but I like what he’s doing this off-season.

  • KingRaptors

    James Johnson, Linas Kleiza, Sonny Weems are you kidding me… that’s the Raptors line-up at the 3 position. One can’t play any offense, the other can’t play any defense while the last one is known as THE “Chuck” Sonny Weems —- I can’t think of a team that has even more shittier players that play the 3 spot. 

    These guys are not the core so stop overvaluing them.

    • JustAFan

      James Johnson is going to pleasantly surprise this year….already lost 15 pounds….he is putting in the effort..

      I agree on the other 2….Kleiza won’t be back until atleast January, though, so don’t need to worry about dumping him until then…

      • Theswirsky

        James Johnson may turn out to be a perfectly adequate SF.  He’ll never be a shooter, but he can handle the ball decently and pass very well.  As long as he can keep his head straight he’ll be a solid defender aswell.

        Kleiza could be ok if the Raps don’t stick him in a lineup with 3 other bad defenders.  Also need to limit his touches on offense.

        Sonny shouldn’t be a SF period… just ridiculous to have him play there last year.

    • Balls of Steel

      Of the three, Sonny needs to go away badly. Casey will not have time for his defensive lapses. I still like Linas coming off the bench (his injury took away his explosiveness – but I love his signing). As for JJ, Casey and him are a match made in heaven. JJ will thrive and will be the fan favourite. He does everything well and is the one player I’m looking forward to really watching in the coming years. I’ll confess, I hated JJ as well but have grown to love his hustle.

      • POINTS

        I’m looking forward to his tripple doubles

    • Balls of Steel

      As for the future 3-spot, insert Harrison Barnes here.

      • Bo4

        No, James McAdoo will be a better NBA player, in my opinion …

    • Tinman

      Don’t knock Kleiza yet.
      Last year he played hurt prior to shutting it down.
      Never really had a chance to get going.

      • Bo4

        Actually, I consider Kleiza one of our Clydesdales. The sooner they`re gone, the better … Reggie & Bargnani, included … sorry …

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Klieza is a rotation bench player as a combo forward at best.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      JJ & Kleiza at the SF is a sign of the Rap’s lack of talent evaluating particulars in this current athletic NBA era.

      Sonny should be used as strickly a SG behind DD.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2GoIsAnIdiot


        Your spelling is “BullChit.”

        Also, what’s up with that?

  • Buschfire

    we need a point guard too…somone to develop, i like the idea of picking up an extra draft pick for next year.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Isn’t the D League for development?

      • Ihatehaters

        What does that even mean?

  • LeeZ

    Did anyone check out some of the uniforms in the highlight compilations? Rubio’s team, for one, was wearing some hideous salmon/bubble gum pink coloured thing (maybe that’s why he rips it to shreds after the game), and at the 1.30 minute mark in the second clip…well, you just have to see it to believe it. As for JV, if he bulks up (which I think he can and will), I think he’ll become another Rasho. To me, that’s his ceiling. And that ain’t too shabby. Not too “sexy”, but not too damn shabby.

  • Mediumcore

    It’s been a few days now since the draft and fans have settled down about the JV pick. You either like it or you don’t and time will tell if it was a solid pick or not. Though I personally think it was a good move I’m starting to wonder what our players thought of this move. I’m not sure when Demar’s contract is up but does this move encourage him to stay a Raptor or is he ready to bolt once his contract is up? Will the next few moves the Raptors make be influenced by the need to keep him happy? If this pick doesn’t translate to more wins by the time his contract is up will it be viewed as a bad pick? Apparently both pimpin’ as well as GM-ing ain’t easy.

    • barenakedman

      Can’t see BC making roster changes based on making DeMar or any other one player happy. The Raps got burned too badly in the past by stroking the egos of their franchise players.
      Being an impact player on a team you believe in is the way to keep rising stars invested in the Raps.

      • Bendit

        Very very few players should be accorded the status of being consulted on matters of team building. Case in point (and I happen to agree with the player here) I was astounded that given the circumstances, the Lakers did not have a word with Kobe prior to the coach hiring there. But then again Buss & co. may have known about his strong preference for someone else.

        • barenakedman

          The problem with accepting input from a star player on roster or coaching changes comes when the players point of view [which probably caters to his strengths] isn’t the direction management believes is best for the team.
          Rather than having your all-star walking around pissed off that his opinion wasn’t buckled down to I would let the player know before making it public that a decision has been made and then try and get him on board with the reasoning behind the move. 
          If there are good channels of communication throughout the organization he should be willing to get on board with the direction things are going.

  • EarthJuice

    “Barbosa’s caliber who is a legend in his native land, could conceivably make more.”

    Actually, no he couldn’t. No one in the Brazil league makes even $1M. So how much could LB expect to make? $2M? $3M? $4M, maybe? That’s probably equal to the amount of entire rosters. And don’t tell me he can make up the diff in endorsements. He can make endorsement money in Brazil playing in the best league in the world (NBA) too.

    I like LB, but I like that he is a very effective offensive player with 1 yr left on his contract, and is therefore a very tradeable commodity. I hope BC doesn’t extend him this year. He could net us something well worth our while from a team looking for offensive boost without the concern of a cumbersome longterm contract.

    • Arsenalist

      Do you have a link to Brazilian salary pages? I tried looking for them but couldn’t find any, and since it was 1:30am I lost patience.  I think you’re discounting what an attraction Barbosa might be.  This comparison isn’t to scale, but Henry and Beckham make way more in MLS than than any other player, I think similar applies to Barbosa.  

      • Jacmazza

        just to give an idea, Ronaldinho at Flamengo makes around 6 milions a year. I guess you can easily assume that Barbosa would have been lucky signinig a contract for half of that

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      2 words- NBA Lifestyle!!

      • Beaverboi

        3 Words – Brazilian Bikini Bums!!!!!

  • Nilanka15

    David Locke’s breakdown of Valanciunas isn’t very flattering at all. 

    • JW

      It’s based on one game.  I wouldn’t worry about it.   I have no idea why Arsenalist posted it.    Maybe to stem the lovefest, but considering the fans initial reaction, I don’t think there is anything wrong with people being happy about the pick. 

      This one game breakdown is really dumb.   It would be like analyzing Ed Davis on how he played against CLE on April 6th, and concluding that he is not a lottery pick because he could not get up against the worst team in the league in 31 minutes of play.

      Here is the young man, playing against a much more veteran team and fitting right in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCEK9ekchcM (I like the fact that he is where he should be and that he is constantly trying to affect the action)

    • JW

      [deleted by user]

  • Toshmon

    Tyson Chandler is good because of his intensity mixed with his athleticism.

    Oh boy this is gunna be a long 12 months.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      BC has got his BC ‘CON’sensus crew out in force making facetious statements in order to rationalize to the fans base the Val selection.

      All Casey has seen on Val is video tape how can one make a truely educated projection based on video tape?

       I would think one would have top see a player in person a few times to gather a solid foundation in order to make an educated talent assessment.

      Sounds alot like YouTube scouting to me- no wonder AWilliams looked pissed off in the Rap’s Draft Room.

      Mr. Casey- this isn’t Dallas it’s Toronto and Barg’s isn’t Dirk like- he’ll see that for himself soon enough.lol

      • Ihatehaters

        “All Casey has seen on Val is video tape how can one make a truely educated projection based on video tape?

         I would think one would have top see a player in person a few times to gather a solid foundation in order to make an educated talent assessment.”
        And please tell us what you are making your evaluation based on? Your frequent visits to Lithuania?

  • Johnn19

    When comparing Jonas to Chander, lets remember he is a month into 19yrs and Chandler is 28 and 10 years into his NBA career at an avg of only 8.8rbs and 8.3ppg for his career. Tyson started his first year at 20min, 4.8rbs, 6.1ppg, after being picked 2nd overall in 2001, and rated as 7’1 and 235lbs. He is getting a lot of love for his game with Dallas, a veteran team with an excellent coaching staff, even as he was a big part of the D. Also the videos you see of Jonas at Rytas, he was 18yo, playing with and against men, mostly 15/20 mins as a sub off the bench.

  • Rpsfan95

    he looks amazing in the second video but I saw something really scary at the 9:17 mark, check it out

    • Rpsfan95

      guess no one looked but it was Maurizio watching one of JoVa’s games, kind of funny

  • JW

    Fans should also  keep in mind, that when put into his age group, he dominates and is head and shoulders above all his peers.   That is what drafting is about.

    The kid is still learning the game and asking him to Griffin it up against Rubio/Vasquez at this age is asking too much.  I am very happy to see him, not making errors and staying on the floor against a very solid club like FCB, he also is where he needs to be.   

    Once he fills out, he will be more than special.  AT his age level, he destroys his peers.  Even Casey said that he feels JV has more talent than Chandler had at this stage of his career.  I would not take David’s breakdown all that seriously, the data set is way too small.   No scout would be caught dead making an opinion off one game.   This in my books is all about agenda.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      The NBA is a man’s League though, just saying.

      If he’s not ready to play right away maybe he shouldn’t have entered the draft?

      Wait 2-3 years then enter the draft so a team’s fans don’t get sold BullChit by its GM on potential as potential usually gets folks fired in the NBA.

      He may become special ‘IF’ he ever fills out or he might just end up being a skinny kid or he could injure himself- time will tell, but most likely it will be 5 years from the 2012-13 season in 2017-18 ala Barg’s 5 year grace period implemented under BC’s directive on draft day 2006.

      As well, all Casey has seen of Val is video- he has not seen him play in person as he said himself before they drafted Val- that he watched alot of video on him- most likely YT clips.lol

      If BC drafted Val in the 2014 draft then we might have received him differently on draft night and there after but now he becomes another one of BC promises at no fault of his own accord as he seems like a good kid from interviews (a potential anti Barg’s type of player).

      • mountio

        I do get a kick out of you .. but going to the Bargs five year grace period is not a good argument – you are mixin apples and oranges with your Val comparison.
        AB was second in ROY voting his first year in the league .. so you cant point to him as an example of a guy who took time to develop. He was ahead of all the college guys his first year (except B Roy). Hes arguably still ahead of the vast majority of them (except LA, RR, maybe one or two others).
        As to his development since then .. thats maybe a different story .. but thats a story about whether a decent player turns into a great player .. not whether a Euro is ready for the NBA in his first year and whether he can contribute soon after being drafted…

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          So says you.lmfao

          Both BC & Casey are already telling us it will take time to develop Val to be patient and they have thrown around the idea that it may take 5 or 6 years- upon his arrival in Toronto as he’s already behind year 1 lockout or no lockout- for Val to reach his full ‘potential’ as have many NBA experts. Jonas is a project with potential.
          I suggest that you step up your Raptors related particulars, kiddo.

          AB has yet to be named an all star after 5 seasons in the NBA while others drafted below him in his class have been- point blank!

          He’s not even top 5 of his draft class 5 years after the fact:

          BRoy (even after all the injuries Roy is a better player)

          The 2006 draft has been called the worst draft in the past 25 years by ESPN Insder Chris Palmer- partly based on that above-mentioned particular.

          Here’s what CNNSI’s Marty Burns said about Bargs:
          An international prospect for the NBA’s international city. The big Italian’s shooting touch should make him a good fit alongside Chris Bosh in a new wide-open Raptors attack. But new GM Bryan Colangelo can only hope Bargnani will someday be famous for more than just being the first European to go No. 1 overall.

          • mountio

            Are you reading my posts? My first claim was that AB was 2nd in ROY voting, so no issue with his time to develop out of the gate. Fact – not opinion. I think we’d all be pretty happy if JV is 2nd in ROY votes the first year he plays.
            I also said hes ahead of most of his draft class except for LA, RR and maybe one or two others. You refute that by naming “one or two others” in BR and PM. (and you are wrong with Roy .. his knees are so shot hes done (notwithstanding an out of body experience game against Dallas in the playoffs this year). Even if I grant you Roy, thats “one or two others”, like I said.

            The point of my post, which you obviously missed, is there is a difference between BC’s perceived giving AB too much leeway without his improving his defense and become an all star (which is the 5-6 year plan regarding AB) and the connection you make that JV will not be a good player for 5 years. Both MIGHT be true (by total co-incidence) – but are not the same thing.

            • Nilanka15

              I don’t think it’s wise to reference Bargnani’s 2nd place finish in ROY voting.  If you recall, Brandon Roy received something like 127 out of a possible 128 first place votes.  Bargnani’s lone first place vote was casted by, none other than, Chuck Swirsky.  Technically speaking, Bargnani shouldn’t have received any first place votes, and thus, wouldn’t have finished 2nd in ROY if a supreme homer wasn’t allowed to vote.

              • mountio

                A completely and utterly false statement. You guys kill me with your totally jaded view of AB (even on things is the past that are factual and undeniable!) Your revisionist history puts into context your current views on AB as well.

                Just so you know, ROY voting is 5 pts for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd. Voted by a bunch of guys across the league – even distribution of all NBA team’s broacasters, writers, etc. I posted the link before, but Ill paste below the top 3 to make it more clear. Yes, Chuck voted for AB first. BUT, lets say he didnt vote for AB at all AND voted for R Gay first instead. That would mean AB’s second place total would go down by 5 from 264 to 259 and R Gay’s would go up from 93 to 98 (assuming Chuck didnt vote for Gay at all). STILL – not even close in terms of a 2nd place finish, AB would have duted R Gay.  

                Lets try to at least be a little bit a) accurate and b) balanced before throwing out statements like your’s above. I know thats hard given your frustrations with AB .. but everything you say loses credibility when you make statements like this.

                Brandon RoyPortland Trail Blazers12710638Andrea BargnaniToronto Raptors17728264Rudy GayMemphis Grizzlies0213093

                • mountio

                  Have to type this stuff out to make it more clear – sorry on the pasting job

                  Roy 127 (1st), 1 (2nd), 0(3rd) 638 total
                  Bargs 1 (1st), 77 (2nd), 28 (3rd) 264 total
                  Gay 0 (1st), 21 (2nd) 30 (3rd) 93 total

                  Interested to hear your response.

                • mountio

                  Dead air .. ?? Thats what I thought ..

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    “The decision was made according to our roster, we have umpteen million guards and we were looking at the young men Walker, Knight, and Leonard, but we had a lot of players at their position. What we don’t have is rim protection, length, and athleticism in the middle. Amir is a good player but he doesn’t have the length of this player.” – Dwane Casey

    All I can say is wow?!?!?!

    BC is still pissing on us fans and calling it Holy water- shitting on us fans and calling it TBone Steak.

    Image over reality.

    Drafting for a need over immediate talent then trying to justify it to cash paying fans who are supporting this BullChit called Raptors basketball under BC via a PR media campaign that calls fans who oppose the pick racist, prejudice and/or xenophobic!!

    Old divide and conquer tactics that BC is knowingly using on the fan base via his many media minions in the TDot media, RaptorsTV & in the blogosphere.

    BC is the Raptors dictator not President nor GM- recognize, fans it’s time for us to revolt and take back our Raptors from this mad man and his Euro vision for the Rap’s ASAP- don’t spend your money to support an educated Ivy League dummy!

    • The Best and Brightest

      it’s okay.  just hide under the covers with the lights off.  that’s what i do when i’m scared and the bad men are lying to us.  and don’t open the door!!  there’s bad things behind it!!

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        You win the ‘I’m stuck on stupid” badge for today- enjoy it & congrats!!

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    BC stays helping out other teams outside of the Rap’s:

    @LarryCoon They have trade exceptions, eg for Ajinca to Tor. RT @YakkerDave: how did mavs trade for rudy w/o sending players out when over the cap? 1 day ago

    • Bendit

      Rudy F. makes a ridiculously low salary of about 1.2 mill. I am sure there was a match with the salary of the first round pick which was traded for him.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!


        Dallas used their TPE acquired in the Ajinca trade with the Rap’s- Larry Coon is a certified NBA Salary Cap specialist.

        • Bendit

          Well then it looks like this is a quid pro quo thing between BC & Cuban. He arranges for Peja’s buyout/signing w/Mavs, does the Ajinca/TPE thing…there has to be payback…or you must really believe BC is a chump in the business.   

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            That’s why the NBA investigated the Peja buyout in relation to the Raptors-Mavericks Ajinca transaction- duh?

             The NBA held it up until it cleared it’s sniff test: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=aw-mavsraptorstrade012111

            You claim to be a Raptors fans but know very little of the particulars related to thereof you speak. 

            As well, ask Pat Riley if BC is a chump in this business as he just used the very same draft pick that he initially traded to the Rap’s in the CB S&T deal & that the Rap’s subsequently traded to Chicago to acquire JJ to draft PG Norris Cole (Cleveland St.) in a trade with Minnesota via Chicago- do that Math then add the JO deal into the mix and divide by last seasons 22 wins for the BullChit sum.

            • Bendit

              Well, was there a pass on those transactions? Yes. So who is arguing. The NBA should also have checked into Riley’s tampering with free agents before they were f/as. Hint…having Wade be his horse on the big plan. He got a pass as well. Thats the NBA.

              Yes I am a fan but I certainly cannot surpass your obsession about BC and other minutiae. He is by no means without fault but like I said…this is the NBA.

              As far as Riley gaming BC on the draft choice BC traded to Chicago. All I can say is I am good with theories/conspiracies/motives generally but that one must require me to believe that Riley appeared to BC in a dream sequence to command him to trade the pick so he could then arrange to draft Norris Cole. I think Riley is much too busy figuring out how to improve his team than to specifically track his draft pick and make BC look like a chump. You also presume that Cole shall be better than JJ.  

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    An early look at the top potential 1 and done NCAA players in the 2012 NBA Draft:


  • Theswirsky

    Ok I just don’t get the Tyson Chandler comparison (youtube highlight clips I know so take it for what its worth)

    Does this:


    and this:


    really look that similar?

    I know there is an age difference there to, but I really don’t see it.

    I see alot more of this:


    just shorter, lighter and without the shooting touch

  • Buschfire
  • Rpsfan95

    JoVa takes on Croatia at the FIBA U19 thursday, will check it out for sure

    • Rpsfan95

      sounds like tuesday vs USA he will be in the lineup also

  • OneLuv

    Arse how about posting a breakdown of JV’s game by Matt Devlin just for balance here?  How the f**ck is David Locke? David Locke??? Come on now.

    • mountio

      Im no BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!, but Id hardly call Matt Devlin balanced. The Locke video was done for Utah (3rd pick) before the draft, trying to evaluate all the players. You might not like what hes saying (and its only one man’s opinion), but he has no reason to baised.

      • OneLuv

        Was being sarcastic. Just as Raps fans would hardly take a breakdown by Devlin of one AB game as proof that AB is worth a $15m, then why should we put any credence to a breakdown video by some guy called Locke? BTW, what were JV’s numbers at the end of that game? 8 for 12 with 6 rebounds and we saw the 4 misses? Just saying.

    • Bendit

      Good one…2 sportscasters doing a battle of the brown nosers for their orgs. Devlin with Bargs in his corner and Locke making sure that Kanter was the better big pick over JV.

      • mountio

        See above. Commentary from Locke was done pre draft. No bone to pick in particular at that point.

        • Bendit

          Thks. I was feeling conspiratorial…might he have known who their pick was? (unless of course the video was done a month ago). 

    • Arsenalist

      I posted one positive and one negative video.  How’s that for balance?

  • PMama

    roll to the basket !! It sounds like he is Poor man Amir Johnson !!! I know Amir is Shorter but he probably has a higher vertical jump. So what is going on here. Why are we developing another Amir Johnson.

  • hateslosing

    I really don’t get the negativity I sense in a lot of the posts. We’re rebuilding right now and that means you have a string of bad seasons. This is what a lot of us, myself included, wanted two seasons ago and I’d say everything is going according to plan. We know where we are going: another season where our young guys get better and lose about 50-60 games. Then we get another good pick and maybe the year after we only lose 40 game. Then maybe we have our break out season and win 55 games. This is a process and I for one am happy with where we are. Val is going to be a great part of this franchises future, and while I disagree with the Chandler comparison right now, I think he could become a Mark Gasol type of player (not Pau).

  • kaine

    “or whether the pressure to win is similar”
    I’m surprised that you don’t know how sport fan are passional in europe.
    sport fandom in europe is often matter of fist, violence, breaking longtime friendship and severing family ties. and it’s not restricted to soccer. it’s deep within our story. we just hate the village over the hill.
    we can wonder about Valanciunas ‘s skills and ceiling. but don’t be worried about his mindset