Jonas Valanciunas had a monster game at the U19s yesterday against Team USA. His line: 6/11 FG, 11/15 FT, 23 points and 11 rebounds in 25 minutes. He led both teams in points and rebounds as Lithuania crushed USA 108-75. It was a tune-up game before the real tournament begins on the 30th, and right now you must be wondering what kind of an American team would lose by 32 points. Obviously, not a great one but the USA side did have its fair share of potential NBA players.

Florida Freshman, Patric Young, a 6’9″ center who was guarding Valanciunas couldn’t deal with his length or physical style of play as Valanciunas racked up free-throws whenever he pretty much wanted. The other notables included UConn shooting guard, Jeremy Lamb and Michigan guard, Tim Hardaway Jr. (yes, his son). The result wasn’t a terrible surprise because they lost to their U20 side by a big margin a couple days ago as well. Instead of breaking down his performance here, I’ll let someone else do it. Keep in mind, though, it’s one exhibition game.

Now that we have the formalities of a game played by one of our future players taken care of, let’s welcome Rob Mahoney from, the ESPN TrueHoop Dallas Mavericks blog, the New York Times, Hardwood Paroxysm and NBC Sports (this guy makes me look like a slacker for only working at RR). The topics of discussion are:

  1. Casey’s imprints on Dallas’ defense.
  2. Is a defensive big man really necessary in Casey’s system, or can the Raptors make-do without having a great defensive option at center.
  3. Can poor perimeter defenders be hidden?
  4. Has Casey helped Dirk Nowitzki improve his defensive game, and can those lessons be applied to Andrea Bargnani?
  5. Did Casey have a say in Dallas’ offense or was he mostly a defensive coach? How does his offensive philosophy translate to a head coaching role.
  6. Will the Dallas Mavericks let Tyson Chandler leave? What about Jose Barea?
  7. Thoughts on the Rudy Fernandez deal.
  8. How will Dallas replace Casey?

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (13:27, 4.6MB). Or just listen below:

Do check out Casey’s latest interview with Sports Illustrated. Here’s a little quote from it:

We have to have a defensive emphasis. We have to create a defensive identity. Every single day there will be a theme of the day about defense, whether it be working on one thing in regard to the pick-and-roll or man-to-man or whatever. There will be a theme every day until we get an identity we can compete with.

On Bargnani not being a starter center any longer:

Well, he’s not going to be our starting center, really [because he’s more of a power forward]. He’s in a similar situation with Dirk Nowitzki at this point in his career. I’d have to check their numbers, but I’d venture to say at this point in his career, he’s probably somewhere in the same area where Dirk was, where both have had to live down the reputation of being soft. And by the way, Dirk has never been anywhere near soft. Don’t ever use that word with him.

On using advanced stats: You’re an advanced stats guy, right? You look at points per possession, plus/minus and five-man lineups, right?

Casey: Oh, yeah. That started for me in Seattle, where we had Dean Oliver [now ESPN’s director of production analytics]. I didn’t really understand the value of those numbers at that point, even though Wally Walker [a longtime Seattle executive] was really pushing us to embrace it. But being from the old school of coaching, I didn’t really know what to do with all of it.

On the news front, the Raptors might completed their coaching staff: Johnny Davis, Scott Roth, Eric Hughes, and Micah Nori.

There’s also a Sebastian Pruiti’s breakdown of how Valanciunas and Bargnani can survive together. Basically there are two steps to the process: 1) Valanciunas plays great pick ‘n roll defense, 2) Bargnani protects the rim by wearing a t-shirt which says I Got The Ebola – Highly Contagious!.

Hump. Day.

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  • Milesboyer

    Bargnani’s not playing Centre?  So that means either E. Davis or Amir will, or there’s a serious logjam at PF.  I smell a trade involving on of the those three eventually.

    • With some wishful thinking the quote could be interpreted as Bargs will not play STARTING center, ie he’ll come off the bench 🙂
      Bayless Derozan JJ Amir Davis starting lineup is fine by me.
      Bayless Derozan JJ Amir Dalembert even better

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Except Casey has already said that AB is the team’s star player and that will be the team’s PF.

        JJ/?/Kleiza (inj)
        Amir/Ed/Dorsey (please bring Ben Grimm back!)

        I can roll with that as long as Jose & Bargs are both traded away for more roster talent as well.

        • Nilanka15

          Others have suggested this before, but it makes sense.  Let’s say that Colangelo never made the claim that Bargnani was really a power forward before drafting Valanciunas (our centre of the future).  Such a scenario would immediately lower Bargnani’s trade value since opposing GMs will know that Colangelo is desperate to eliminate roster-redundancy.

          Instead, claiming that Bargnani is a natural power forward gives opposing GMs the sense that Colangelo has no reason to trade Bargnani, thus removing the element of desperation, which makes it less likely the Raps will get hosed in a trade.

          This line of thinking makes ever more sense if we can pinpoint the first time Colangelo ever mentioned this “Bargnani is a power forward” idea.  Did he say so back in April during the season ending press conference?  I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Was it just recently within the few days/weeks leading up to the draft (when Colangelo could’ve already made up his mind on a centre in Valanciunas or Biyombo)?  Probably.

          If this is what Colangelo really has planned, you gotta tip your hat to him (assuming it works and Bargnani is traded for decent returns).

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            He said it (Barg’s is a PF not a center) at the season ending presser- that’s when all the shit hit the fan and some fans believed that AB had his final curtain call as a Toronto Raptor and was gonig to be traded ASAP by BC.

            Time will tell if BC was just BullChitting the fans with some prescripted drama or if he was being real with the fans concerning AB at the season ending presser but to hear Casey recently talk about AB’s future as the Raptors starting PF and Team’s star player- I can’t call it until it

            • Nilanka15

              There are a million words that can be used to describe Bryan Colangelo.  But “transparent” is definitely NOT one of them.  All this “Bargnani is a power forward” talk seems conniving.  Perhaps it’s just wishfull thinking on my part…

          • barenakedman

            There really isn’t a desperation to move him. If the team improves and he is part of that improvement it was a good move to stay with him. If he can’t fit in and play the starters role as expected he’ll come off the bench for 15-20 per game. If he excels there at least as the 3rd big he is fulfilling a significant role albeit at a hefty salary.      
            His value is what it is and Colangelo is pretty good at putting together deals where the returning assets are at least as good as what is going out. 
            Everyone has a detailed evaluation of Bargnani based on his play over five years and saying he has been playing out of his natural position won’t change his value or change a potential offer. 

            • Nilanka15

              The desperation comes from having two starting centres in Valanciunas and Bargnani.  Similarly, if the Lakers somehow acquired Dwight Howard while managing to Keep Bynum, wouldn’t you agree that the Lakers would lose all negotiating power when attempting to trade Bynum, thus lowering his value?  The same principles would apply in Toronto if all the “Bargnani is a power forward” talk never happened.

              And even if Bargnani was moved to the bench, Bargnani’s “hefty salary” would significantly reduce his value based on his lowered stats (as a result of reduced minutes).

            • POINTS

              Yes, in a shorten season (41 games) bargs is going to be beast

            • Quirk

              In our hypothetical situation Bynam trade value would be determined by competition among the teams that wanted to acquire him, and have nothing to do with how many starting centers the lakers had.

      • GermanWunderkind


    • KingRaptors

      Listen man if Ed Davis or Amir gets traded, this team is done in my heart… it will cause a ripple effect of hatred in the fanbase and will set this team back for years.  Sports Fact: You accommodate ONLY for a SUPERSTAR… something Bargnani is not and Dirk is

      • cesco

        I think that BC will look at how the team is performing under Casey before looking at trades .

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Saying I’m done with this team may simply be blowing off steam, but the reality is, if a move like this means as much (ending your Raptor association), why haven’t you left a long time ago. Raptors have been making “head shaking” moves since before my favourite (and best) Raptor left – Vinny ………  and no, he’s not my cousin.

    • Balls of Steel

      I hate the fact the AB is reportedly not the starting C. At the cost of Ed’s development? Amir’s? C’mon. I like the Casey signing and the JV draft but Andrea MUST be the starting C for the time being. This is so short-term (like trying to raise the Titanic). Bargs will not make any difference on D. Opposing PF’s will just eat him anyway. Ugh.

      • sleepz

        I’m really beginning to think the “he’s a 4” talk is all a facade. Leon Rose is agent for both Bargnani and JV. I’m certain no agent wants one client getting ripped and trade talk being thrown out just because one of the other clients agents have been drafted. They can’t say anything bad about Andrea because any perceived value of him will drop and BC won’t have as many of the numerous inquiries he receives for Andrea like he’s told us the fans over and over again.

        If Colangelo were to force Bargnani to the 4, ignoring statistical evidence and the eye ball test of how good Andrea is or what type of player he is, it will only further grease the demise of this team and continue losing ways and culture that is embedded in this team currently.

        If he values his job, he will try and find the best trade for Bargnani. If his ego won’t let him and he continues to ride Andrea, he won’t make it to another contract extension with this franchise, believe me! Either way, the dam will give out at some point.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          I hope it all is a media hyped facade in order to get AB traded but I doubt it- time will tell.

      • POINTS

        BC needs to see this and the fans need to see this before anything changes

    • POINTS

      It’s got to ED DAVIS because BC can’t afford to have any pf around that is better than his #1 son who is going to be given half a season to prove to dumb fans that he’s the next dirk, she couldn’t do it in 82 games who want to bet she ends next season with no double doubles, so she wants to be a pf ok can’t wait to see her get crowned nite in nite out.
      ANDREA and ALEXIS get these girls off this team  Joes and the pussy crap(tors) 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      I can see a potential BHaywood for AJohnson type of trade post lockout if BC can’t lure any available free agent big men to man the 5 spot.

      BC has a special way of helping out Dallas (& Miami).lol

  • ABlikeDirksaysCasey

    Jonas, you can’t do it ! You are a euro player. So you must be soft. You can’t bash USA team.

    AB power forward ? OMG . A soft euro, bust, lazy, chucker, bla bla bla.

  • cesco

    Lithuania where basket-ball is the #1 sport has a population  of 3.3 millions and they are humiliating the mighty USA (population 307 millions) . This is not Europe vs USA but simply a poor little country with the population 1/6 of metropolitan NY defeating the USA . It is similar to Lichtenstein defeating the Canadian junior hockey team .

    • The difference is that Americans can’t be bothered.  The U19 is great and all, but look at who’s on the American team.  It goes to show you how much value they put in this tournament.  Look, I’m not taking anything away from Jonas’ performance in this game, but to make this about some tiny country beating up on a massive country is just ridiculous. 

      • cesco

        Even if this was the fifth best U19 the USA could put together , it is still an humiliation comparing the population of the two countries . Like in golf and tennis , where the top male players are Europeans , the USA may SLOWLY be losing their grip on top in b-ball . Imagine if a 30 millions country in Europe or Australia for example  would have basket-ball as their main sport , they could be *1 .

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      That Team USA U19 team had been together less than a week- recognize, plus they didn’t have the top U19 players available ie the one’s that won gold at the U18 championships last year.

      Plus exhibition games are no tall tell sign of anything other than said player is able to run up & down the court.

      Calm down, buddy-

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      None of the Lithuanian players that I recall playing in the NBA were considered to be soft players:

      LKleizaSMarciulionis ASabonisDSongaila

      Which bodes well for Jonas but as is he is currently another skinny kid project center prospect with potential & that is not the way to go with Rap’s basketball as it currently stands- especially since we are apparently targeting a center in free agency according to BC & Casey.

  • Nilanka15

    I realize it’s one game, but I’m impressed with Valaciunas’ ability to get to the line.  He wasn’t hitting at the greatest rate, but still a good sign.

  • RapthoseLeafs
  • Lawrence Moten


  • Mash

    I don’t know if this angle has been mentioned before, but I’ve been thinking…Is Colangelo posturing?

    Bryan Colangelo is a smart, smart man.  Bryan Colangelo is also a man that has had no problem fixing up mistakes he’s made.  All, except for that of Andrea Bargnani, which makes him so hard to read as a man in this situation.  When it comes to enigmatic, BC is becoming just as much of an enigma in his handling of Bargnani as Bargnani’s handling of himself on the basketball court.

    I’m thinking, if he’s serious about advancing the Raptors, and he’s recognized that Andrea has certain deficiencies, he HAS to be entertaining the idea of trading Andrea Bargnani.  With that said, the idea of keeping Bargnani as a core piece of the Raptors organization that’s being driven home by Casey and Colangelo, in my mind, COULD COLANGELO JUST BE POSTURING?  

    What I mean by that is, Bargnani’s trade value is already fairly shot.  To say you’re ready to trade him will only lower his value on the market, and it means that people are going to be throwing peanuts at you.  But, if you enhance the perception that he’s a CORE player, teams that need a scoring big, especially around next year’s trade deadline, will be led to believe that they need to offer you more to get him.

    If it’s posturing, it’s a fairly low-risk, high return opportunity.  If Bargnani sucks at the 4, his value is already fairly shot, so no biggie.  If Bargnani does well at the 4, you increase his trade value and you get good return for him.  If Bargnani does excellent (haha!), you could viably keep him and trade one of the Ed/Amir. 

    I love Ed, and I hope they don’t trade him over Bargs, but if I was to pick one of the two, I would pick Ed, who would net us more on the market, and keep Johnson, who would be okay with being the first big off the bench.  The latter situation in my mind, is less likely if Colangelo is serious about the Toronto Raptors rebuild.  

    But when it comes to Bargnani…who really knows?

    • Mash

      By one of the two, in the last paragraph, I meant between Ed and Amir.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      BC, in the past, has said that he gets offers for AB all of the time from other GMs- well what are/were those offers BC?

      AB is BC’s Golden Child the first #1 overall drafted Euro player in NBA history, BC is just as much an enigma with his ego as he claims that Barg’s is with his on court effort/play.

      Amir & Ed are the Rap’s PFs of the future in my mind- let Bargnani go ahead and cry that he’s a 7’1 250 pound PF!!

      • Mash

        I’m with you man.  I agree that those should be the PFs of the future.  I just hope Colangelo sees the light!

        I would very much like an industrious three-headed big rotation of Amir, Ed, and Jonas.  They all work hard and clean up down low, and they’ve all got relatively decent offensive games.  Ed’s progressing post-work, and Jonas’s potential on the P&R are hopefully going to render Bargnani’s offense surplus to requirements.  In a perfect world…I would hope:

        1.  Bargnani reads these critical posts
        2.  Bargnani is motivated to prove us all wrong.
        3.  Bargnani proves us all wrong, and becomes an All-Star this season.
        4.  Colangelo rests easy, feeling slightly vindicated.
        5.  Colangelo trades Bargnani anyways netting us multiple picks in the upcoming draft.
        6.  The world does not end.
        7.  The Raptors become a dynamo in the 2012-2013 season with a bunch of young superstars.
        8.  Toronto FC and the Leafs hate being in the shadow, and decide to get their acts together too.*

        * As a Cleveland Indians fan, I cannot include the Jays winning in my perfect world. 😀

        • Nilanka15

          Cleveland Indians???  How did that happen?  Albert Belle fan?

  • Blackjitsu

    There’s nothing to gain from this game except Jonas plays “big”.
    That’s a good thing mind you. But the officials were poor,
    dudes were diving like it was soccer and US team has no clue
    what their rotations are and who should be getting the ball.

    The only NBA player on the US was Lamb. They have a potential
    NBA post player in Young but the officials calling him for sneezing
    so you never got a chance to see Jonas handle a physical big
    in the post.

    I liked how he kept the ball high, and played mainly down low,
    but any chance for him to post up against Young, battle for position,
    was none existent. If he can’t beat a PF like Young in the post
    he can’t play in the NBA period. The officials took a chance for us
    to see that away.

    Also I liked his effort on the boards but his rebounding is suspicious.
    I counted three times in the first half he went over the back but the
    call went his way.

    As far as the Lithuania team winning. Big deal. A bunch of young professionals,
    who’ve been playing together since childhood beat a hodgepodge of high school
    and college kids who most likely will never turn pro. Maybe 5 of the US kids will
    play pro? None of them (except MAYBE Lamb) will play for US at the senior level.
    And still, this US team could potentially place top 3 once they get their act

  • RapthoseLeafs

    [” With that said, the idea of keeping Bargnani as a core piece of the
    Raptors organization that’s being driven home by Casey and Colangelo, in

    To suggest this, is to suggest that GM’s out there are idiots, and don’t due some kind of due diligence when “investigating” potential trades. That being said, some are idiots, and do make “confusing” choices. Colangelo’s posturing though, won’t make them any more of an idiot, then they already are.

    As for trading, I’ve come to believe that EVERYBODY on this team is trade-able (including Andrea), if the right offer comes along. IMO, Amir is the most likely candidate, as I believe his value is maxing, or close to it. However, until Jonas makes his entrance, we may find our Bigs as a combination of a transitional Centre (however that develops), Bargs, Amir, Davis and Alabi (who I’m even more curious about, after hearing about his past injury situation).
    I don’t see Davis being traded, as his upside is still unknown, has a good demeanor, he’s a Raptor draft pick, and has the potential to be a combo Centre / PF for this team.

    From my perspective – tainted as it may be – if Andrea shows improvement in areas that have been identified, he will be our starting PF in 2012-13. To go along with a Front Court that features a combination of Ed, Jonas, our acquired Centre, and Alabi.

    • sleepz

      If that truly is the case I anticipate a new GM will be hired for the 2013-2014 season.

      Andrea can score some points (debatable efficiency) but he’s really not that good of a player to continue trying to maneouvre pieces of your team for.

      I don’t think your perspective is tainted as you’re a fan like everyone else on this forum. If Colangelo thinks like this however he won’t be employed in his current position past his next contract imo. At some point wins are going to matter when it comes to determining how good a GM Colangelo really is. It’s hard for me to see right now how Andrea as a key piece on this team is going to help them win.

  • Bigbalboski79

    its really interesting to see how the fact that bargs is staying out (for now), anxiety about ed davis being dealt is starting to creep up… 

    i think amir will be the one dealt.  either that, or bargs plays well, raises his value and is dealt.

    in the short term, a deal with dallas for haywood, or signing dalembert would seem good short term fixes.  we dont have a real nba quality starter at the 3, and we are prett thin at guard.

  • Mediumcore

    Well if the Raptors are looking to trade one of their PF’s I wouldn’t mind the following…Monta Ellis for Amir Johnson and Jose Calderon or Ed Davis and Jose Calderon. I think the salaries would match. A back court of Ellis and Demar is pretty good and they could also move Demar to SF on occasion with Ellis playing the SG.

  • Arsenalist
  • RapthoseLeafs

    What concerns me the most – in all this talk about Jonas, Bargs, Amir, and Davis – is the fact that we have such a young team, and no true Leader.

    If Casey really means it, when he says that Andrea will be moved to the PF position, and we have yet to know if that means as a back-up (doubtful), then would this not mean we’ll have some sort of dissension on the team again. In some respects, I think that missing ingredient may have more value than trying to plug every hole in the line-up.

    • Arsenalist

      Agree mostly.  Leadership has been missing since…Oakley? It really has been a long time since the Raptors had a backbone of a player on the roster.  And the coach should never be the leader of the team, it speaks to a very weak mentality on the roster when the coach has to assume that role.

      You can’t ignore the logjam at PF either.  Either Amir will be asked to move over to backup-center or there will be a move. I can’t imagine Ed and Amir being happy playing 25 minutes a night again….in a rebuilding year.

      Good news: whatever way you slice it, we’ll have a very high pick next year.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        If the Rap’s had a backbone player like Oakley he would rip into AB’s ass (and make him cry) and BC can’t have that so he keeps his roster full of nice guys and gets rid of those who question what’s going on behind the scenes in relation thereof (JJack, AWright, Turk, Rasho).

        I can see Amir or a bulked up Ed potentially moving over to center (all cosmetic changes in my mnid) if BC can’t acquire a vet via free agency or trade and not complaining one word as long as their teammates battle with them and don’t float leaving them to battle 2-3 players for rebounds/loose balls by theirselves in the paint.

        PG Kemba Walker could have potentially been that young leadership voice to lead but we bypassed him in the draft.

        The 2 longest tenured Raptors under BC aren’t leaders as Jose a & Andrea isn’t a leader. In reality Jose & AB should be leading this team but Jose stays hurt & AB is just too lazy to lead- ‘leading is for peasants let them eat cake’ (Bargnani voice).

        I can see Amir emerging as a team leader- if he’s not traded away. Hopefully the Rap’s can acquire some quality vets this off season.

        Hopefully BC’s bad karma doesn’t make that pick drop in the Lottery draw relation to our overall team record as happened this season- ‘losing with a purpose’, thus we missed out on ready to play from day 1 big man in Kanter and drafted a project with potential in Val.

      • Sek99

        I agree. If were going to play Bargs at ‘PF’ (even though we already did this last year with Amir and Evans constantly guarding the bigger front court player more often then not) then Davis or Amir eventually have to go. Especially considering Jonas coming eventually. There just aren’t enough minutes for everyone. Speaking of Jonas, I’ve gotten over the shock and now am better with the pick. Still would have preferred a leader in Kemba or possibly explosive PG in Knight, but this guy could work out if he gets a lot stronger. I just hope this isn’t another BC attempt at trying to make the Bargs experiment work by tailoring our team/picks around him versus drafting the best players available. Time will tell I guess.

        We have to stop the AB and Dirk comparisons. Enough. Dirk has two things that AB will NEVER have: heart and the killer instinct that great players have. AB is pretty lazy (he admitted himself) and doesn’t give it his all every game. Dirk does. Dirk want’s to win and is willing to put everything on the line. Bargnani doesn’t. It’s a very simple difference but it’s what separates a guy like Kobe from Carter. Not saying he’s a bad player or good one, that’s been discussed a million times. But what he isn’t is a franchise player, or really a first option on a good team. His role is a scorer, not a leader or Dirk type finisher. I don’t care if you bring in Phil Jackson with Jerry Sloan as assistant and Greg Popovich as special consultant, then get Tyson Chandler. You can’t teach heart, you have to be born with it. Bargnani just doesn’t have that heart.   

      • cesco

        What hold back Amir from playing more minutes is his foul rate . If he want to be a starter , on this team or elsewhere , he has to learn how to block without getting those fouls , something he hasn’t learned in six years in the NBA . Can he improve on his foul rate ? that is the question .

        • Nilanka15

          Regarding his propensity to foul, Amir made noticable improvements last year compared to the previous year.  Yes, there were still a few games where he got into foul trouble, but that’s a side-effect of being an aggressive defender, and something most coaches would live with. 

          Amir will never be a starting PF on this team, especially with Davis around.  But Amir playing 25mpg seems just about right for a backup big.  His foul rate isn’t really a concern.

  • Gradgrind101

    We can’t have knee jerk reactions every time something drifts our way from the raptors brain trust. A lot has to happen before we can make any judgement for or against Casey. Branding him as BC’s “Yes man” or having “the grit of SMitch” is way too premature. Let’s not try to read too much into what Casey’s plans are with Andrea Bargnani. We all know what he says to the media and what his actual plans are going forward are 2 completely separate things. He has been around some and he knows the media game. 

    So what do we have so far…Casey has said that Bargnani is more of a 4 and not the starting center for the raps. Prior to Casey being hired as the Raptors new head coach Bargnani had said he wants out of T.O. Also, we can be sure some sort of dialogue has taken place between Casey, Colangelo and Bargnani regarding his status with the raptors. We don’t even know if we are going to have a next season. On the surface I really don’t think there is any major plan in place at all. Truly I think that Colangelo and Casey are in a wait and see mode. We shouldn’t get all bent out of shape with scenarios that calls for Ed Davis or Amir Johnsoon being traded as the odd man out to accommodate Andrea at the 4 spot…Or, whether Andrea’s defense is suited to the power forward position…Or whether Andrea is being babied or coddled. I think if we forced Colangelo to drink a truth serum and asked everything we could think of we would still be unsure of his plans for Bargnani and the Raptors.

    Oh…One more thing…What a mild embarrassment for the U.S. U19 team. Granted Lithuanian/European teenagers are better groomed for international basketball and their opponents were an unprepared U.S. squad it is still indicative of how far the Europeans have come and may be a sign that the gap between talented Euro and American prospects is narrowing (as opposed to widening). Which brings us to Valanciunas…His performance was a nice sign but beating an unprepared U.S. team doesn’t prove anything. Nevertheless beating the U.S. by 33 points makes me a little more confident that he may continue to develop in Europe while we wait for his arrival here in T.O.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    The recent media onslaught: TDot sports reporters-Doug Smith/Chisholm, RaptorsTV (Matt, Jack, Leo, David Amber, Sherm, Jonesy, Akil, Eric Smith), Blogosphere- (RR, RealGM, RaptorSpace, RaptorsForum, Hoopshype, TSN, TheScore, SportsNet, etc)- organized by BC to defend his drafting of Val is pure Political Campaigning 101- pr spins in the wind image over reality where the truth is the only casualty while you accuse those who disagree with you as being immoral (racist, prejudice, xenophobic).

    BC stays pissing on cash paying Rap’s fans and calling it rainwater and sh*tting on Rap’s fans and calling it Kobe Steak- add sugar, water and stir…

    The BC ‘CON’sensus is a cult just listen to Casey regurgitate all of BC’s holy Bargnani talking points in any interview- has Casey has brainwashed- time will tell!lol

    • jimmie

      Dude, what IS your story? At first, you were mildly entertaining, then a bit annoying, then finally you just became empty rhetoric. I feel some of your pain, but man, if this isn’t some well-choreographed online persona you’ve developed, then you’re super-close to the edge of sanity in terms of how seriously you seem to take the fortunes of this basketball team.

      So, what IS your story? Why have you made it your life’s mission to oust the Raptors front office by winning the hearts and minds of blog readers? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Worry about yourself and your health, buddy, I don’t give interviews.

        • Nilanka15

          lol, I don’t agree with your original post at all, but I do find this response funny 😉

        • jimmie

          You should. As I said, you can be ‘mildly’ entertaining when you’re not spouting inane conspiracy theories. I really am starting to come around to the idea that you’re a management plant meant to polarize fans into backing Colangelo, even if it’s only to spite you.

    • Nilanka15

      Here’s the thing BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!, there never seems to be any middle ground with you.  Everything is either black or white, right or wrong, night or day.  The real world doesn’t parallel such polarizing dichotomies.  There is always a happy median which you repeatedly ignore.

      But seriously, even someone as neurotic as you must realize that it’s faaaaaaaaar too early to dismiss the Valaciunas pick as a waste, while concluding that Kemba Walker is an all-star in the making.  The truth is, we really have no idea.  The sooner you come to terms with this reality (i.e. that the odds of you being right are just as likely as you being wrong), the less painful Colangelo will be for you.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Kemba Walker- ready to go NBA player from day 1- my ROY favorite (if there is a season lol).

        Jonas is a project with potential- potential gets people fired.

        Trying to psychoanalyze someone over the internet based on a few forum posts makes you come off as extra anal, buddy.

        My opinion is my opinion nothing more, nothing less- point blank.

        If you don’t agree with what I post then post something to the contrary supporting your viewpoint- easy now, just seckel.

  • Bigbalboski79

    message to BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!: you have lost yer mind.  BC could not “organize a media onslaught” of the above named Tdot media to defend his drafting of Val even if he wanted to.

    Most Toronto sportwriters, incl Chisolm and Michael Grange (of the globe/sportsnet) have noted the downside to having to wait for Big V to develope.  ALL Raptor fans want a quick fix, as we are all tired of the losing.  But, seeing as the quick fix moves, J O’Neil, Turks, Marion, etc have resulted in steps back rather than foward, i think the oklahoma city model is the way to go.

    and btw, I hated this pic on draft day.  But, given time to think about it, the pick makes more sense when you see how this guy has played vs USA yesterday, and how many teams projected him as a top 3 pick (with his overseas contract making some teams scared).  Given time, we wil come to love this pick.  this guy is in the tyson chandler mold. a true shotblocker rebounder. 

    as for casey’s comment RE bargs?  of course he has to say all the right things?  could you imagine being slagged and insulted before you even met yer coach??? and strickly from the value of the asset?  seeing as bargs has been ripped by both colangelo and gherardini, somebody has to play the “good cop.”  make no mistake, there is still a good chance bargs gets traded, once he plays better, raises his value.  ed davis’s game is far better suited to casey’s system, and he seems the better long term fit. 

    but, for now, lets just see how bargs does with a coach who will make him accountable, sit him if necessary.  if bargs wants to sit and pout?  fine here.  davis and amir will eat those mins up.  if bargs wants out? he has to play well enough to attract suitors (which is what the raps seem to be aiming at)… i would not try to move bargs now, because at 25 yrs old, and with still a high ceiling, we could give him away for nothing and really regret it. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      OKC model is the way to go- do you see any KD’s or Westbrooks or Ibakas or Perkins on the Rap’s roster? Wha tis this- follow the leader- I thought that BC had a new ‘winning plan’?

      That Team USA squad had practiced together less than a week and didn’t have all the top players for that age group ie the players that won Gold as U18 in 2010.

      To take an exhibition game as a talent data point is facetious let’s see what Val does against NBA players 1st, really

      Val is nothing like Tyson Chandler for 1 Chandler is a far superior athlete- time will tell.

      5 years after being drafted and you’re talking about a high ceiling for AB-gtfoh, AB has peaked out.

      No one said trade AB for nothing, didn’t he average 21 ppg last season? I’m sure he has some real trade value- recognize.

      Let’s wait- not!

  • PMama

    As it stand now, we are the worst team in this league with a Roaster that barely resembles a real NBA team. This is a team that can set all kind of losing records in NBA next season but thank god, it will be a short season, the draft will be strong and we will have a very high pick.

    If Shit start to hit the fan early in the season, BC and Casey should move the pieces that don’t fit or players at log jam positions ( PF) and acquire more and more picks for next year’s draft.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      BC put this entire Raptors roster together thus we have a the lack of quality roster talent due in part because BC & Jim Kelly don’t have good talent evalution skills outside of the expert consensus in my mind.

      I get the feeling that the Rap’s are about to be like the T’Wolves- in the Lottery year after year, as long as BC is in charge as both President & GM of Raptors basketball and driven to build the Rap’s around Bargnani aka Lazy Moo’fer.

  • GuestFromWest

    You’r boring. You can only offend AB and BC (f.e. “AB is a lazy piece of shit!” above).
    So i think some people are with me if i say that YOU are a lazy piece of shit.
    You need a job and a girlfriend.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Wow! lmfao

    • Gradgrind101

      it a rest man. This is a forum for opinions about our team. Not a
      place where we bash the people offering their views. Criticize the
      comments not the person. You don’t know who he is. MAYBE HE IS COLANGELO OR WAYNE EMBRY AND
      WANTS TO MESS WITH US FANS! Anyway are you that threatened by what
      BCGheradininJayGots2Go!!! has to say? I don’t agree on a lot of
      things he says but he makes me think and sometimes he forces me to broaden my perspective.
      If everyone all said the same things and always agreed with each
      other and hit the “Like” button for every comment…I’d
      throw up and never come back to this site.

      Having said that he doesn’t need me or anyone to defend him…Some of his posts are indefensible…Nevertheless…BCGheradiniJayGots2Go…Stay
      sharp but shorten your name….

      • RapthoseLeafs

        [” If everyone all said the same things and always agreed with each
        other ….. ” ]

        Thing is, BCGarbage does repeat the same “perspective” over and over again – ad nauseam . As for the always agreeing, that ain’t ever gonna happen on these sites.

      • GermanWunderkind

        My friend, he wrote above “AB is a lazy piece of shit!”, i didn’t.

        • Gradgrind101

          Actually it was BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!! who took control of my laptop and wrote the comment above. Go get a job and a girlfriend you Chicken Biryani lover…

          • GermanWunderkind

            He also took control of your brain.
            What ist chicken biryani? I prefer german weißbier and italian food, thank you.

            • Gradgrind101

              Not sure what german weißbier is but my german wife hates german food so she won’t make any. BCWhatsHisFace is the Chicken Biryani lover. By the way chicken biryani is a popular indian chicken and rice dish.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!


  • Multifag

     Bargs you garbage get the fuck out of my city.

    • GermanWunderkind

      My goldfish has more brain than you, and for sure better manners.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Let me guess … you’re really …

      Jim Bakker

      Jimmy Swaggart

      Jerry Falwell



  • 4AllTheHaters

    It’s funny to read all the haters… Bargnani is obviously a poor defender but basketball it’s a team game and what about calderon, bayless, derozan defensive (no) skills? And Triano approach?
    And, talking about comparison, what about dirk defensively? In dallas THE SYSTEM covers dirk’s defensive inconsistencies (and he never played consistent minutes at five).

    • GermanWunderkind


    • Nilanka15

      Dirk was never a poor defensive rebounder.  Bargnani has always been a poor defensive rebounder. 

      Both players might’ve been described as “poor defenders” at one point in their careers, but make no mistake about it, Dirk’s defense has always been light years ahead of Bargnani’s.

      A Toyota Prius and a tricyle are both “slow” compared to formula-1 cars, but would that tricycle have any chance versus the Prius in a 1-on-1 comparison?

      Guess which vehicle represents Bargnani’s defense?  😛

      • Giolondon999

        I don’t see Dirk defending on the perimeter the 3 points shot either!

        • Nilanka15

          It’s unrealistic to expect 7 footers to successfully defend the 3pt line.  Dirk and Bargnani are both poor in that regard, as are most big men in the league.  That’s normal.

          • GermanWunderkind

            Nilanka, the problem is Bargnani had to defend the 3pt line!! He was all the time runnig from the line back and try to rebound. This is simply not realistic.

    • AB

      It is getting boring to read the posts from AB bashers under every single article in here. The Usual characters, Nilanka, Swirsky, Tim W and …  On the other hand, it seems like AB is here to stay and seeing these guys stress out everyday about this is kinda entertaining as well.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        It’s only gonna get worse.

      • Nilanka15

        AB, if you spent less time surfing on the net, and more time in the gym working on your game, nobody would have anything to complain about 😛

        PS – you’re not a power forward.

        • GermanWunderkind

          AB is going to play at the italian team this sommer. Think it will be better if DD spend more time working on his 3pt-shot (9% lol)

  • Haaa