Things are slow, very slow. So slow that I was actually contemplating putting up a picture of Kelly Brook and calling it a post. I came this close, but I thought better of it and checked the forums to see what’s going on there. Trust those guys to come up with something to talk about, or at least attempt to. Here’s a quick peek.

JV Compared to ….. Bosh?:

Darius Maskoliunas was Jonas Valanciunas’ head coach at Lietuvos Rytas last season and recently shared some of his thoughts on Toronto’s first round pick from the 2011 NBA Draft.

“He works hard in practice and never talks back,” Maskoliunas said. “He’s 100 percent concentrated. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Valanciunas is unlikely to play for the Raptors before the 12-13 NBA season.

“I see him as a Chris Bosh type,” Maskoliunas said. “He can play back to the basket, facing the basket… He has to take that mid-range shot. He can shoot it. But he can run, he can rebound, he even has a three-point shot.”

Truth be told, the only similarity I can see is that they are human. The differences are many, Bosh was a power forward, Jonas is a center, Bosh is a jump-shooter, Jonas likes the post. Also, Bosh has a vagina.

Demar DeRozan Street Balling with Brandon Jennings:

Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozan schooled and get schooled by street ballers. Check out the links for an exciting ballgame. The announcer’s pretty cool too.

I like streetball, I used to play pick-up in Kansas City, MO, and these two 7-foot twins used to come to the playground and I, as a shooter, found it impossible to get a shot off without one of them getting a piece of it. It got so bad that I had to factor in my shot being blocked every time I took a jumper, so I had to put a little extra into it. Not to mention those triple-rims they have at city playgrounds that are so unforgiving that anything other than a perfect swish doesn’t work.

ESPN Rankings:

Not that I read too much into it but ESPN is doing their rankings 500-1. They released 500-400 and Solomon Alibi, Joey Dorsey and Alexas Ajinca made a appearance. Any thoughts?

ESPN’s verdict is that Solomon Alabi is the fourth worst player in the league, only trailed by Vernon Macklin, Robert Vaden and Lavoy Allen. Word has it that Lavoy’s unfortunate name came to be when his mom asked his daddy what they wanted to name the kid. The man happened to be chewing peanuts and yelled Leroy. Damn peanuts. Seriously though, these rankings are total bullshit and here’s why: a guy by the name of Gani Lawal is ranked #445, 52 spots ahead of Alabi who is #497. Lawal has played a total of 2 NBA minutes in 1 game! That’s right, according to these guys, if you’re a scrub, you have a better chance of being ranked high if you don’t play at all, than if you play!

Lockouts Blow Goats:

I officially hate this off-season. Could it be any more boring? And no talk of this lockout being resolved anytime soon. Welcome back 1998.

Someone page me when this BS is resolved. NBA and basketball suck right now.

The worst part about this thread is that it gives goats a bad name. They don’t just blow anybody, believe me, I tried.

I think Bargnani lost weight:

Was just watching some of Bargnani’s highlights from the exibition games of the Eurobasket 2011. One thing that is noticably different about him is his speed, size and lift. He put up 26 pnts and 6 rbs today against poland. Check out the vids and judge for yourself. To me he looks slimmer which is alowing him to be alot smoother and mobile on the court.

I tried watching that video, but there were like 8 Bargnani’s on the floor. Couldn’t keep track.

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  • Quirk

    How about some Analysis of JVal’s game against Spain?

    • points

      8 ANDREA on the floor hahahahah chick flick

      • points

        JV has to clean up his three in the key when he comes to the NBA i hope Casey is taking notes

        • Nilanka15

          Good point.  That must be a difficult habit to break for defensive-minded centres.  Having to tip-toe out of the paint, as if dancing the 2-step, would be annoying as hell if you’ve never had to worry about defensive 3-seconds in the past.

  • Real Hoops

    I posted this earlier on a different page, but i’m doing it again in case anyone hasn’t seen it already. A little report on Valanciunas’ potential. Dude tears it up in Euroleague. I lol’d @ bosh has a vagina.

  • KJ-B

    Ur Wiggidy Whack Arse..! Get over Bosh already his 7 years here saved our franchise so you could have somethin’ to complain about in a lockout!!! ((And he’ll be the 1st to have his jersey retired))

    • Nilanka15

      I can all but guarantee Bosh won’t have his jersey retired in Toronto…espcially if he goes on to win championships in Miami.

      • KJ-B

        1st to 10, 000 points–double digit average rebounds… In all honesty, the brass better start think of “honoring” former players here and creating a culture of respect that will keep around the likes of the “Davises”, “DeRozans” and “Valuncunases”… It’s about time that players get respected instead of trashed… Like it or not, he did what he did and he deserves some sort of credit–a championship in MIA or anywhere else on strengthens his credential as a GREAT player who left a major mark on this formative franchise!

        • KJ-B

          It’s not just the Alvin Williamses of the world that deserve dap… It could be argued that Alvin held back the franchise, being in and out of the lineup in his last couple of seasons and forcing the hand of the coaches to let him play hurt. Didn’t he wear a Flyers hat during the playoffs vs the Leafs??? 

          Not sayin’ that makes him a bad guy all of a sudden but it’s funny how the players we HATE the most are the ones who played the BEST! (I understand Vince but CB4 gave his best without anybody else of near equal talent–now CARTER, he had some good squad!)

          • Raps Loyalist

            You retire a player’s jersey because he was either a solid pillar of the franchise for a very long time (not 7 years total service as in CB4’s case) OR because he was a major part of bringing a championship to the city/ or a major part of several deep playoff runs (Bosh never won a playoff round).  You don’t retire a guys jersey because of 5 good regular seasons!!!!!!!! 

            It was not all Bosh’s fault by any means the Raps didn’t advance in the playoffs/only made it once in 7 years and he did put up some great statistical seasons as a Rap.  But 7 years of service and 1 playoff appearance that ended losing to a lower seed in the first-round does not merit a jersey number being retired.

            You can hang your Bosh #4 Raptors jersey in the rafters of your garage KJ-B but it will never and should never hang in the rafters of the ACC. 

            • Nilanka15

              Correction: 2 playoff appearances

              • Raps Loyalist

                My bad! I somehow forgot the time the Raps made the playoffs and Orlando absolutely destroyed us….I wish you hadn’t reminded me!

                That’s ok though the future looks bright. JV will be a nice addition and we should get a really high draft pick in 2012’s loaded draft.  There will be plenty of high impact SFs and PGs to be the center piece of our future team to go a long with a lot of good young players on the roster

        • Raps Loyalist

          All the players that you think deserve to be honored by the Raps are still playing.  This post is illogical.

          • KJ-B

            Goin’ back to my original comment in response to the article–I was bustin’ Arse’s chops about bustin’ CB4 for so long…I think his intentions are pure in regards to expressing frustration from the fan base but he didn’t need to go @ him like that–read in context…c’est tout!

            • KJ-B

              We gotta start somewhere, I mean to create a history with this team–Miami was the perfect storm with Bosh, as he came in the L with James/Wade–who wouldn’t die to play with those 2, goin’ to Conference Finals and Championships… Hate aside, it was always gonna be a difficult decision, and the Raps not making it to the playoffs after looking so good and losing out to Chicago for the 8th seed in ’09-’10 had to be the last straw!

              • Raps Loyalist

                What we don’t need is a “shotgun” retiring of jerseys of players that wanted out of town right after their first big contract secured their future.  I would love nothing more than to see a Raptors jersey in the rafters at the ACC but you “don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk” and you sure as hell don’t retire a player’s jersey whose primary accomplishment for your team was a few all-star appearances and no playoff success whatsoever. 

                If you wanna retire a Raps jersey I would argue that the Sikh dude that is always going nuts at nearly every home game season after season is the place to start. lol!

                • KJ-B

                  The “facts” are that’s our History and unless you’re willing to bet/wait for something better to come along “worthy” of your lofty standards of retirement in another 15 years, I guess having some jerseys go up in the rafters to build a history here might not be such a bad idea…………….

                • Raps Loyalist

                  Better to have no “history” in the form of retired jerseys then to give away such a big honor to players that had some nice regular seasons and virtually no playoff success and wanted out of town after 6 or 7 seasons.  If you retired Carter’s and Bosh’s jersey down the road we would be laughed at by the rest of the league becasue they didn’t even want to play here and cried/structured their contract so they could get out of town soon after their first big contract was signed.  Retiring their jerseys would cheapen the honor when the Raps do have a player that deserves it.

                  Do you celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary with you girlfriend KJ-B cause you want some “history” with her?

      • mountio

        VC will be our first retired jersey. Not even debateable

        • p00ka

          lmfao… A guy who publicly quit on his team get his jersey retired? If you think he deserves it, you must be dunk fan, not a bball fan. If you think it will happen in the next millenium,,,,,,,,, shit I don’t know,,,,,, gets some help? “not even debatable”, that’s funny dude

        • points

          yes JV is a lifer with the raps for sure

        • Juicey

          I’d love to be at that game as they go through the ceremony of celebrating his career, and slowly hang that Jersey.  Then he does his speach and thanks his mom.  But nobody hears any of it between the fans alternating between boos and chants of “VC Sucks!”.

    • Theswirsky

      Saved the franchise?  Fooled fans into thinking they had a superstar is more like it.  Raps would have been much better off had Bosh never been drafted or traded a long time ago. 

      No heart lots of vagina.  Arse had it right.

      • Childs

        Thats managements fault for building around a secondary player, not Bosh’s fault. 

        • Raps Loyalist

          BOSH IS THE SECONDARY PLAYER!!!!!! of course the Raps made some bad moves in the Bosh era but Bosh is by no means a “franchise player” because he is not capable of being the best player on a championship team.  He is good but far from great

          • Childs

            Uhh..yeah. Isn’t that what I kind of said?

            • Raps Loyalist

              sorry dude!! misread your post. My bad

      • KJ-B

        HONESTLY, ask yourself–IF Bosh wasn’t here after Carter quit on the team, would we still have a franchise to laugh/cry over??? I am not so sure, I want to know the answer to that question… Basketball is about stars–just look at North American Sports and global icons outside of Tiger and maybe Jeter in baseball, and at least admit that having a 5 time All Star and an Olympian REALLY mattered with public perception…

        It’s not like the Raptors had the history of the Leafs…Give the dude credit…For whatever y’all might think of him off the floor–he’d played his heart out, whether he was 215 lbs or 245…

        • Nilanka15

          If we want to think in such abstract hypothetical scenarios, one could argue that if Bosh wasn’t around when Carter was traded, we might’ve been left with Wade (by drafting him with the 4th pick in 2003, instead of Bosh), and be in a better position today than we currently are.

        • Juicey

          HONESTLY, “what if” questions like that are stupid and useless.  If for example, Bosh wasn’t drafted, then who did the Raptors draft?  Wade was drafted next, so he might be the obvious conclusion.  Does that sound like a bad outcome of not having Bosh? 

          Or maybe you suppose we trade Bosh early in his career.  Fine.  But it still means we got something back.  Maybe that return was solid and the team wins games and the fanbase is strong, maybe not, we are both just guessing at an impossible question.

          But let’s just assume that you can magically remove Bosh from the team with no return or useful draft pick (you know, like if Babcock was in charge).  Then what do you have?  An awful team, which hit’s rock bottom and gets a good draft pick in another season or two.  Maybe that pick was Dwight Howard, or Chirs Paul.  I really don’t know, and neither do you.  But to assume the Raptors could not eventually find another player who is capable of being a fringe all-star, and never making an All-NBA team is silly.  To think the team would have simply had to close up shop after a couple of years before some moderate talent was discovered is foolish as well.

          • KJ-B

            Just because DWade was the bomb in MIA doesn’t mean that he was gonna succeed in Toronto… In the Fantasy basketball world of this discussion it’s important to note that #15 Vince Carter was the starting shooting guard while DWade was the uncelebrated member of that rookie class–in many ways, even less than Bosh (@ the time)… Kirk Hinrich at PG or Chris Kaman at C…Miami actually was upset when they didn’t get Bosh but Wade… That being said hindsight is 20/20.

            • Nilanka15

              This kind of thinking didn’t prevent us from drafting Villenueva (when we already had Bosh), or Valanciunas (when we already have Bargnani).

              • tonious35

                Well the GM who did that had probable traces of Downs-Syndrome…so you should put an asterisk on that draft move

              • KJ-B

                Depending on what kind of thinking U referring to it definitely prevented us from drafting Iguodala or Danny Granger or Rudy Gay! 

    • O D


  • Paradigm Shift

    Sir, if Bargnani exercised a fraction of the effort you have exhibited posting to this site during this ridiculously quiet off season, he would easily produce a double digit average in rebounding.

    Forget about Oakley, the Raptors should higher you!

  • 26 and 6…

    The only question is:

    What was his shooting %? 

    Allen Iverson popped 31 PPG but shot 39% one season. 

    Bargnani needs to be aggressive and go to the line. If he does so he has a chance at redeeming.

    Going to the line is shooting 80%, best way to score.

    • Just watched the video.
      Great work.He was aggressive, attacked the basket, and shot at a high percentage while getting fouled.

      • Bo4

        OK. So, did anyone notice whether his D was any better? How many points did his assignment make? What was the net diff? Just asking …

        • The video doesn’t show the D.

          But SH% against is more valuable than PTS against.

      • Quirk

        Thanks! Please RR more FIBA coverage, less juvenile nonsense.

      • Thecaptain2000

        image quality was not very good, but doesn’t he come across as way slimmed down and reactive?

  • Thank you for this post. Just what I needed to get updated with the happenings around. 🙂