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The forum round-up brings up interesting points of discussion.

Things are slow, very slow. So slow that I was actually contemplating putting up a picture of Kelly Brook and calling it a post. I came this close, but I thought better of it and checked the forums to see what’s going on there. Trust those guys to come up with something to talk about, or at least attempt to. Here’s a quick peek.

JV Compared to ….. Bosh?:

Darius Maskoliunas was Jonas Valanciunas’ head coach at Lietuvos Rytas last season and recently shared some of his thoughts on Toronto’s first round pick from the 2011 NBA Draft.

“He works hard in practice and never talks back,” Maskoliunas said. “He’s 100 percent concentrated. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Valanciunas is unlikely to play for the Raptors before the 12-13 NBA season.

“I see him as a Chris Bosh type,” Maskoliunas said. “He can play back to the basket, facing the basket… He has to take that mid-range shot. He can shoot it. But he can run, he can rebound, he even has a three-point shot.”

Truth be told, the only similarity I can see is that they are human. The differences are many, Bosh was a power forward, Jonas is a center, Bosh is a jump-shooter, Jonas likes the post. Also, Bosh has a vagina.

Demar DeRozan Street Balling with Brandon Jennings:

Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozan schooled and get schooled by street ballers. Check out the links for an exciting ballgame. The announcer’s pretty cool too.

I like streetball, I used to play pick-up in Kansas City, MO, and these two 7-foot twins used to come to the playground and I, as a shooter, found it impossible to get a shot off without one of them getting a piece of it. It got so bad that I had to factor in my shot being blocked every time I took a jumper, so I had to put a little extra into it. Not to mention those triple-rims they have at city playgrounds that are so unforgiving that anything other than a perfect swish doesn’t work.

ESPN Rankings:

Not that I read too much into it but ESPN is doing their rankings 500-1. They released 500-400 and Solomon Alibi, Joey Dorsey and Alexas Ajinca made a appearance. Any thoughts?

ESPN’s verdict is that Solomon Alabi is the fourth worst player in the league, only trailed by Vernon Macklin, Robert Vaden and Lavoy Allen. Word has it that Lavoy’s unfortunate name came to be when his mom asked his daddy what they wanted to name the kid. The man happened to be chewing peanuts and yelled Leroy. Damn peanuts. Seriously though, these rankings are total bullshit and here’s why: a guy by the name of Gani Lawal is ranked #445, 52 spots ahead of Alabi who is #497. Lawal has played a total of 2 NBA minutes in 1 game! That’s right, according to these guys, if you’re a scrub, you have a better chance of being ranked high if you don’t play at all, than if you play!

Lockouts Blow Goats:

I officially hate this off-season. Could it be any more boring? And no talk of this lockout being resolved anytime soon. Welcome back 1998.

Someone page me when this BS is resolved. NBA and basketball suck right now.

The worst part about this thread is that it gives goats a bad name. They don’t just blow anybody, believe me, I tried.

I think Bargnani lost weight:

Was just watching some of Bargnani’s highlights from the exibition games of the Eurobasket 2011. One thing that is noticably different about him is his speed, size and lift. He put up 26 pnts and 6 rbs today against poland. Check out the vids and judge for yourself. To me he looks slimmer which is alowing him to be alot smoother and mobile on the court.

I tried watching that video, but there were like 8 Bargnani’s on the floor. Couldn’t keep track.

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