Raptors 96, Magic 102 – Box

It’s hard to look past the pain that accompanies this loss and see the great overall effort put in by the Raptors. Blowing fourth quarter leads hasn’t been a problem for this team, mostly because they’ve rarely had them, and it’s clear that they’re still learning to protect them. In other words, they’re figuring out how to win. The calamity in Dallas started in the third, last night it all happened in the fourth where the Raptors scored only 15 points, and allowed 32.

Instead of painting a carefully crafted portrait of this game, let’s just talk about Andrea Bargnani. He is playing like a man, and he is getting that look for him teammates for the first time in a long time which says, ‘respect, bro’. His decision-making on drives has been near perfect, he kicks out at the right time (after actually driving deep enough for it to mean something), he extends for scores as needed, and he dunks it when required. With DeMar DeRozan’s offense completely invisible, Andrea Bargnani has taken charge on offense, while escalating his defensive game. It’s impressive – 28pts, 7reb, 10-21FG, in 41 minutes. Right now he’s in the type of form that he usually only shows three weeks a year, and knock on wood that this carries through.

I don’t know what Jose Calderon’s trade value was at the start of the season, but the shifts he’s putting in lately has raised it by at least 75%. His jumper’s on, his play on pick ‘n rolls is a joy to watch (no, seriously, it’s actually a joy to watch him pick out players). And surprisingly, maybe not to some, his defense has been more or less outstanding. Last night it included an awesome block on the rat-faced Jameer Nelson.

Calderon and Bargnani were the consistent performers on the night, with James Johnson putting in a decent shift early by playing in control, and passing when it made sense to pass, leading to assists. Funny how that works. His first half performance only set our expectations too high for the second, in which his jumper looked obscene. With Bayless out, Anthony Carter got in the game in the first quarter and had a positive bearing getting a steal and scoring twice. Similar to James Johnson, he was a one-shift pony as well.

The Raptors offense was shining in the first quarter, while Orlando’s appeared surprised at the Raptors’ defensive fortitude. They weren’t getting clean looks at threes because the Raptors were rotating 1-5, taking out Nelson’s options by forcing him too far on the high screens, and closing in tight on Turkoglu and Ryan Andersen, the latter being a mismatch threat all night.

The second quarter saw the manifestation of the Andersen-Bargnani mismatch. Andersen is a 6’10” power forward who is very mobile, and by mobile I mean he can dribble with the ball very well, especially on his drives and first steps. His exploitation of Bargnani was in parts to the latter being a little too fatigued after his offensive display, and second to the need for Raptor bigs to pay attention underneath to address the weight mismatch that could potentially turn into a rebounding mismatch (even on the night). The Raptors were up double digits before Andersen and the Magic bench brought them back in the game. Dwight Howard served to supply the punches on the rope once he returned from the bench.

The Raptors, thanks to Calderon’s measured play, ended the half on a bit of a run and went into the lockerroom up 52-47. The good news was that Orlando’s offensive rebounds were in complete check, despite the Raptors bigs giving up a lot of strength underneath to Baby Davis and Dwight Howard. The other positive was that the Magic were only 4-12 from three. Check and check.

If you’ve been watching the Raptors over the last few years, the act of the first half might lead you on to believe that the third is where we’d completely fall apart. I suppose that’s the difference this season, that the Raptors are approaching the game the right way. The third was all about FTs, the Raptors went 16-16 from the line, and the majority of the action came off of Calderon’s brilliant quarterbacking. I won’t lie, we got bailed out a couple times too, but still, you got to make your own luck.

The Magic were having a lot of trouble dealing with simple pick ‘n rolls, and Dwight Howard’s weakness in dealing with high screen ‘n rolls was evident. Jack Armstrong felt he had “checked out”, and it was hard to argue at that point. The role of aggressor carried the Raptors to an 11-point lead into the fourth quarter, and the only warning signs were a couple magic clean looks from threes, and Howard exerting an increasing influence on the offensive glass.

In the fourth, all went to shit. Andersen exploded against Bargnani, and Casey failed to counter in any way. At this juncture, I was wondering why he’s not putting a mobile three on Andersen who was running around the court at will. The Raptors defense was stretched and unable to keep up with Andersen, Redick, and the tumultuous feelings in their stomachs that said, “oh no, not again”.

The Raptors offense up until this point had been fairly reliable, either via the stripe or just plain solid ball movement leading to clean looks that were stuck. At this critical time, though, it let them down. Specifically, DeRozan and Barbosa. Two guys who weren’t having great games to begin with tried to do too much offensively, and it hurt the team. Some of DeRozan’s attempts at making plays are visibly forced, and this game hammered home the theory that he’s not finding Casey’s equitable offense that easy to adjust to. DeRozan in his rookie year was the fifth man on the floor, who got his offense quietly in the background. In his second year, he was the guy you consistently look for in the offense, hoping he can carry the scoring load. This year, he’s got to function in a team framework, while carrying an offensive load and it hasn’t been easy for him. He’s got to figure it out, and not helping right now is his jumer which seems to have regressed. Drew League to blame? Perhaps that time would’ve been spent better in a gym with a shooting coach. Just sayin’.

Barbosa, well, he was a little too fast for his own good in the fourth quarter, committing three turnovers all by himself and taking shots that leave the viewer with a grimace regardless of if they go in or not. It’s the usual Barbosa stuff, you don’t need me to repeat it. The WTF moment of the fourth had to be Anthony Carter launching a three with plenty of time on the clock with the game at 91-89 and 3:12 left! This after a Turkoglu three that had given the Magic their first lead since the second quarter and caused the building to explode. Picture this for me, the crowd is going nuts after the Magic go ahead and the Raptors need to respond. Their “veteran leader” pukes out the most ill-advised shot of the season so far. It’s followed up by an Andersen three, the fifth for the Magic in the quarter, to kill the game.

So there you have it, a quality effort gone to waste because the offense sputtered in the fourth, the defense got overstretched, and missing leadership down the stretch. You might say there were some questionable calls. In my opinion, Amir Johnson was correctly called for a three-second violation, and Barbosa’s offensive foul wasn’t one, but has been given consistently enough in the league. The officials might have gotten calls wrong, but enough either way for it not to affect the outcome.

Credit to the Raptors for keeping the Magic contained for large portions of this game, and compensating for their lack of strength underneath. Ed Davis was a little disappointing against Baby Davis, and only had one rebound in 12 minutes. They said he added 15lbs over the summer (who doesn’t?), so far it hasn’t quite shown. At the same time, the Raptors don’t look for him enough in the post in 1v1 situations. I think he has more to offer there than what’s currently mined.

Reality check! The Raptors are short on talent and it’s bound to show, which it did in the fourth quarter. The positive flow of the season continues despite the losses. It’s what we all expected, I’d say it’s even been a bit better than that.

Jose Calderon summed it up:

“I don’t really have an explanation as to why this game got away. It’s tough. It’s kind of like the same thing that happened with Dallas. They’re two veteran teams. They know how to play in those moments. We’ve got to learn from that.”

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  • Bigbalboski79

    if there is one thing that will annoy the hell out of me, and we are sure to see all season long, is hand wringing and analysis about blown fourth quarter leads by the Raps…  and the reason for it is simple:  we are talent thin.  and when games go into crunch time, oppenents with a couple stars, or say, three scoring options, will always beat us.  we can expect to see big third quarter leads disappear all season long.  and it will have nothing to do with “intensity” or “effort.” 

    the most disappointing thing thus far, has been ed davis.  where has he gone???

    • Stikz

      I agree, i think because of the compressed schedule, the raps will be in a lot of games they might not ordinarily be in. But it is hard to overcome the talent gap. Howard “checked out” for a long stretch of the game, but in the end the better team won. I’m happy for the effort put forth, i just wish the decision making at the end of the game would improve. Then maybe, some of these close games can turn into wins. Another good game by Andrea.

      As for Ed Davis, i don’t understand what the fuss is about? He’s another guy who does not possess an NBA body for the position of power forward. And he doesn`t possess the talent, mobility or agility to play as a sf. I don`t know if he`ll ever be more than a rotation guy. He doesn`t even look like he has the motor to consistently put in a good effort. He looks like a player destined to disappoint. That being said, someone had to be drafted at the 13th spot and that draft was poo-poo anyways.

    • brother

      Bingo. Bango. Bongo. Agreed – when you’ve got Calderon and Bargs out there late in the fourth and they’ve both played 40+ minutes already and you’re augmenting that duo with the likes of Davis, Butler, Anthony Carter, and an off-night version of Barbosa, you can’t win. Nobody’s fault but circumstance. I watched that game and the Dallas game knowing they’d lose it late but respecting those first three quarters where raw effort kept them in it.

      Hey replace two of those donkeys with JV and a top 3 pick and maybe pepper in a nice free agent or two and things start to look a lot brighter. Fellas this is optimal:
      – entertainingly close games where defensive effort is king
      – a renewed and beautiful Bargnani
      – a renewed and beautiful Calderon
      – a big fat Loss to get us more lottery balls

      The only thing we’re missing is quality input from Davis and Derozan. Meh. Four out of six ain’t bad. Plus we’re saving on broken clipboards this year.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Why are we talent thin? BC’s transactions perhaps? CB TPE do you know me?

      The better question is where have Ed’s minutes gone?

      Answer: The ‘Enigma of Enigmas” Andrea Bargnani stole the PF position in the off season as he ran from his center duties with BC’s guidence.

      As well, Casey needs to keep a big paired on the court with PF AB so Ed- who Casey said will strickly play PF this season, gets the shaft in favor of Magloire (& Gray when healthy) in the rotation.

      • p00ka

        It’s unbelievable that you keep eating your own diarrhea and spitting back out like you think it’s going to get better, every fn day! You can’t be for real and still be free from a padded cell.

      • Marlon

        Lmao… “Bargnani stole the PF position…”

        Read a book, maybe it will raise your IQ.

      • Andy

        Lol admit it, if Ed had more minutes than Bargnani in this game, or any game, we would lose by 20+ points. Ed is not a scorer.

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    “….In the fourth, all went to shit. Andersen exploded against Bargnani, and Casey failed to counter in any way…….” by Arsenalist.
    4th quarter
     6:26       89-83         Ryan Anderson makes 25-foot three point jumper
     3:12       89-94         Ryan Anderson makes 26-foot three point jumper
     2:47       92-94         Andrea Bargnani makes 28-foot three point jumper

    1)You  watch the match
    2)You read stats
    3)You check play by play
    4)You write bullshit

    Well done

    • cesco

      At the end of the game he is watching , Arse mind is in a fog due to too much beer imbibed . In the second quarter both players scored 13 points . At the end of the first half , Andrea had 19 points to Ryan 15 . At the end of three quarters the score was  25/18 in favor of Andrea . In the fourth quarter , with Andrea visibly tired Anderson was able to muster 3 more points than Andrea with final score of 28/24 in favor of Andrea .
      To summarize , for 3 quarters the mismatch was in favor of Andrea . My question is : does Arse like Andrea at all ? I don’t think so .

      • hotfuzz

        why does have to “like” him? It should never be about “liking” a player. The player should make you want to like him with his play, not the other way around. Bargnani has had a solid start, i’ll give you that, but not enough games to “like” him.

        • cesco

          Andrea never asked to be picked # 1 , nor was he picked in a loaded draft , nor did he had the characteristics to play center . Now he is playing like a #1 pick and worthy of all-star considerations as a PF . The growth was there but slowed down by circumstances like having Bosh at PF and Smitch as a pseudo head coach . In fact , if like many other gifted players he had asked to be traded to another team that made better use of his talent , the Raps and their fans would be the worse off now . Jose and  Andrea love TO and playing for the Raps , contrary to Mr MVP/prima donna who wanted glory and money elsewhere and was worshiped by Arse until he became a turncoat .

      • DaneLaw

        don’t be such a little bitch.

        ” …let’s just talk about Andrea Bargnani. He is playing like a man, and he is getting that look for him teammates for the first time in a long time which says, ‘respect, bro’. His decision-making on drives has been near perfect…”

        • cesco

          The point being argued was if Anderson represented a mismatch which is not true if you watched the entire game . Anderson could score more from the 3 points line and Andrea could score more from inside ( making Anderson his bitch ) .

          • pran

            anderson his bitch? how many points did andrea score in the 4th quarter again? anderson completely shut him down in the end, which you conveniently forgot to mention.

            • p00ka

              lol, Anderson shut him down? That’s the story? Please learn a bit more of the game before making such foolish statements.

              • pran

                shut him down, IN THE END, SPECIFICALLY THE FOURTH QUARTER 

                see I made that last part bigger in case you missed it.

                • p00ka

                  I understood 4th quarter quite well. You need to understand the game better if you think Anderson was what shut him down in that quarter.

                • Marlon

                  You say “shut him down” very loosely, i find it hard to believe you even know what it means.

            • Erin

              andersen didnt completely shut down andrea
              1. Andrea was tired
              2. if you are not recieving the ball how are you suppose to score..he only shot the ball what 4 times in the 4th qtr

              • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                Andrea got the ball in the fourth Q but he usually tried his fake, fake, fake, fake, fake move then passed the ball to a teammate.

                I recall 2 instances late in the game that AB received the ball at the ft line right elbow and passed the ball away after unsuccessfully trying to fake out RAnderson.

            • Pakpakpakpakpaaaaaaaki

              dumb paki

          • DaneLaw

            Lets just be happy the guy is playing like an absolute BOSS.

    • Brain Colangelo

      Anderson hit some big shots. Some were aided by late close outs by Bargs.

      I think James Johnson should have been on the floor to counter hedo’s height advantage on derozan but Casey was punishing jj for bad decisions.

      Also, I’ve noticed that derozan is much more assertive on offense when guarded by smaller guys, ESP going to the basket. Effectively this means that when you play barbosa at the 2 and derozan at the 3, barbosa needs to be on the attack and hitting his shots at a high clip because derozan will be limited when he’s matched against 3s or long 2s (see DD vs Paul George in the 1st half of th Indiana game).

      • KJ-B

        No one can do everything perfect but you can do everything consistent…

        I think that’s where my struggle has been with #7, consistency + poor habits because of low accountability with coaching… When Sam was here, he rebounded more and played more consistently also.

        • p00ka

          You and that BC….Gots2 Go!!! clown are pathetic, or maybe you’re the same guy. Anybody who has watched these games and bitches about AB is either baiting or a total loser. There’s so much to criticize on this team before getting near either Andrea or Jose, but you’re hear like a whining little biatch about AB’s consistency and the Sam era. It would be funny if you weren’t so consistently dumb.

    • P00ka_is_a_fish

      WTF I really don’t get why maggots like you read and post comments on the forum on a daily basis if your gonna be such bitch-ass. 

    • Nilanka15

      The Raptors don’t plat “matches” (this isn’t soccer), they play games.

      • rapsallsay

        In soccer they don’t “plat” matches either……lol…. just playin around!!

    • arsenalist

      Um, it sounds like your judgement of a player is based on a play-by-play, not mine.  Bargnani was the best Raptor on the night, maybe second behind Calderon, but he did struggle to cover Anderson in stretches.  Nobody is blaming Bargnani, so you should stop being a sensitive little bitch.

      • DaneLaw


  • Brian B

    They ran out of gas. Bargnani & Jose forced to play way too many minutes. And in the fourth, again, perimeter defenders not closing out, switches not made on screens. How many times were Redick, Hedo & Anderson open? They missed a few, or it would have been worse.

    Butler looks lost out there & DD looks lost on defence.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      Hedo Turk scored 10 points – 2 assist in the 4th and you get blame on Bargnani….

      • Brian B

        I’m not blaming Bargani- he played heroically. 40 productive minutes was just too much to expect. In part caused by health of Gray & AJ’s foul trouble, but if ED & Alabi can’t play 5 minutes (or 5 minutes more, for ED), we clearly lack the depth necessary to win.

    • cesco

      To say that they missed a few or it could have been worse is to forget the bone plays by Leandro in the fourth which may have cost us at least 4 points and the game may have come down to the last shot . Andrea also missed a 3 points shot (rushed) near the end of the game .

      • Brian B

        Not forgetting – Barboso was one of the perimeter defenders to whom I was referring – he especially seemed to get rubbed off on a lot of screens – maybe he too ran out of gas?

        • Matt52

          Good point.  Barbosa did nothing to fight over the top of the screen in the space that the hedging creates.  He either needs to get his arms up or give a shit on defense.  I hope the problem is the former, not the latter.

    • Ardefen

      One thing I notice about AB. he never seems to be ill, injured or whining. Compared to some high profile players he just gets on with his job.

      • cesco

        He plays when injured . Last year , BC decided it was not worth-while to play him toward the end of the season with a variety of ankle/calf/knee problems that started when he scored 41 points in NY. I would be happy if he gets 20 points to-night .

      • Jap_jesus

        its okay, you dick riding faggots compensate on the discussion boards

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Andrea Bargnani outright quit on the Raptors post London last season or have you conveniently forgotten that particular- flu shots anyone?smdh lol

        How many times has AB played 82 games in a season?? Never (65, 78, 78, 80, 66).

        AB has been coddled by BC, Gheradini since his arrival in the TDot.

        • Friedfishandcocobutter

          dumb nigger

          • knucknbuc

            Why you gotta say all that you piece of shit? How do you even know hes black you racist clown. Raptorsrepublic why do you not delete these racist assholes on here when they say stuff like this??

            • Nilanka15

              It’s the same guy every time under different screen names. His real name is Joshua Reynolds, and he’s in love with Bargnani.

  • hotfuzz

    Last night it included an awesome block on the rat-faced Jameer Nelson.”
    I nearly died laughing at this

    • rapsallsay

      omg… me too… he actually does look like a rat!…lol… but a rat with millions!

  • Milesboyer

    It’s all going according to plan – competitive play, much improved defense and a loss at the end of the day.  The only problem I see, is that right now the keepers for next year aren’t exactly standing out as one would hope, other than Bargnani.  It’s far too early to make sweeping judgements but it almost seems, so far anyway, that the success they’ve had has been due to Casey (and of course Bargs and to a lesser extent Calderon).  If his coaching has that much of an impact, then it obviously bodes well for the future, where next year will see at least three new key pieces joining the fray (Val, 1st rnd. pick and a decent free agent).  Would like to see Ed and Demar excel a little more but there are 62 games left for that.

    • rapsallsay

      Point well made… Point well taken….

  • Aaron

    The mistake in the 4th quarter was bad ball rotation on our pick and rolls.  The guard was holding on to the ball way to long and Andrea was open half dozen times if the ball was passed quickly on the pick and roll.  Some of the problems is the guards are dribble happy and quite often dribble instead of making the easy pass to Andrea early.  They stopped using Andrea as the offensive facilitator and instead took alot of contested outisde jumpers in the 4th quarter. 

    • chhhhristiann

      Bargs was tired man, he couldn’t drive at this point very well, and Andersen would’ve caused him to just pass the ball along anyways, I’m thinking, the only way Bargs would’ve been effective now is if he caused two on one situations and passed the ball to an open player

  • Valit

    I think Jose is closing on 30 years old. If he stays healthy, he can sure play for another 3-4 years in this league. Please, until we find a proven PG with a full good season in him, dont ship out Jose…We need a 3 and a development of a 5 first..not to mention some true bench players who can play consistently well. Dont forget that if DD is not going to play better, we might find a problem at the 2 in the future.

  • sangaman

    Im going to continue to flog my not so dead horse I counted 7 baskets a direct result of Andrea leaving his man on the perimeter to trap ..As the prime go-to guy and a 7 footer ANDREA SHOULD NOT BE playing the outside on defense .
    1. Not quick enough
    2. This extra work load shows up with diminished returns in the second half.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      AB should take his 7’1 250 pound self into the post where he has the advantage against NBA centers on offense as we all saw even a less talented RAnderson type who plays similar to AB on offense (spread the floor) will get off against AB at PF.

      Transition defense will continue hurt the Raptors- especially late in games, as long as AB is the starting PF & Big Cat or Gray (when healthy) is the 5 man as that’s alot of slowness on the court.

      Also, AB has always faded in the 2nd half of games throughout his career even when in game shape- he has never made a game winning shot.

      • Ralphstea

        how can bargs make a game winning shot when leandro or worse (carter) throw up bricks with time left on the clock…and if im not mistaken bargs has made game winning shots..??

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


          In London he had 2 tries at it and brick city…

  • Cloudy with a chance of Bargs

    Ed Davis is wandering around like he’s in a trance and DeMar looks inexplicably lost for surprisingly long stretches … and yet we’re still coming close to beating teams that are, on paper, WAY better than we are. Coach Dwane Casey has already become my all-time favorite Raptors coach, by a country mile. Or maybe a thousand. 

    How long is it gonna take again, for JV to get here and get up to NBA speed? 

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Ed >>>> JV

      What has Casey done to merit that from you?

      You do realize that most NBA teams- especially older teams like Dallas, are not in game shape due to training camp being shortened & Orlando is currently in the middle of the DH Soap Opera.

      It will take  probally all of January before players get their game legs then we see some real competitive NBA basketball being played by in shape players and will be better to judge Casey’s impact thus in the meantime if the Rap’s can steal some early season games all the better.

      • Cloudy with a chance of Bargs

        What has Casey done? He’s gotten the team that was near-last in defensive play last year to play defense in an organized and determined fashion. Including — and especially maybe — you-know-who. 

        And speaking of … if you give other teams a break on the early-season conditioning, it’s probably only fair that you give the same break to our guys, including AB. And – let’s be honest for a moment if you care to be – AB has been carrying most of the rest of the team around on his shoulders for bigger portions of each game lately than what most other team-stars have had to do up to now … and mostly because those other team-stars have likely had a lot more help than what our guy has had. 

        If Ed Davis (for instance) would do a little more of what I (for one) figured he’d be doing plenty of during these early games, that would definitely have lifted some of the load. But so far, Ed’s either not yet ready for the speed of play or he’s not as good as what I thought he was. I’m counting on the first one there, so there’s at least some hope that he’ll start to carry his own weight, because, up to now during this season, he hasn’t shown us much of anything. Which is probably why he hasn’t seen the floor as much as we all might’ve figured he would … as opposed to, you know, somebody else ‘stealing’ his minutes. 

        And oh yeah … we probably won’t know for an absolute certainty that JV is or will be better than Ed, but going on what I’ve seen of JV’s play and what the scouts across the board feel about how good he’s going to be, I’d say that the chances of him being better than Ed are about a hundred times better than him not being better than Ed. (And I really like Ed.) But on that, we’ll have to wait to see. 

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          AB has to play well early on in order to justify his move to PF just like he played hard for 2 weeks after Sam got fired- recognize game.

          All NBA players don’t have their game legs- feel better.

          Ed plays PF where AB is taking up all the PF minutes…..Casey stated that he won’t play him anywhere but at PF.

          Ed >>> JV all day every day.

          • Cloudy with a chance of Bargs

            You are wrong yet again. Which means, you-gots-to-go!!! See ya! 

          • rapsallsay

            Why do you have Ed over JV?

  • Nilanka15

    Tonight’s game has potential to be very ugly from a Raptor perspective. Wonder how much gas we have left in the tank after heavy minutes last night.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      NYK’s may be without PF Amare as well their pg play sucks (Toney, Bibby) the Raptors could steal this game or they could get blown out on a back 2 back- their 1st of the season.

  • Rpsfan95

    contract wise this is a great position for the Raps, Bargs and Amir are locked in and are playing great, the rest of the team is playing for their next contract, and all look like crap

  • Aaron

    I think JV makes an instant contribution.  JV game is simple big, long and aggressive.  He’s developed a nice hook shot to his right side which will be effective in the NBA and his length and activity are NBA ready.  First year i could see 10point, 7 boards and a block JV is NBA player active, long  and likes contact.  Barnes or kid gilcrhrist would give Raptors a real legit team for present and future.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I don’t think so- you believe that Val is better than Ed or Amir?

      Val will take time to develop inot a legit NBA big think 3-5 years and as Casey has previously stated Val is currently a PF that they hope in the future can play the 5 spot in the NBA- sound familiar?

      • Buschfire

        He has the body of a 5 though. He is still young enough to learn the position, and he’s only 19, he’s still growing!

  • Mediumcore

    Barbosa needs to get reigned in when he’s playing out of control like that. I realize he’s out there to provide scoring but a pass once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      You must not have watched Bosa play in Phoenix- that is his game ie Allen Iverson Light.

  • Buschfire

    Casey was playing a tight rotation last night because of the back to back. I’m sure Ed Davis, JJ, Gary Forbes will get more playing time tonight. The team played well and are doing a much better job on defense thanks to Casey. Now that they are working on D they are so tired late in games because now all the players are working twice as hard (a la bargs) and aren’t just used to it yet. They need to work on their stamina. & yeah need more depth. But this is all part of the plan, towards a  good draft pick and developing our younger players. I’d like too see better play out of DeMar I’m disappointed in his overall play this season. Ed had a good start but the last 2 games sort of disappeared. I wonder how tired the team will look tonight against NYC.