Jeremy Lin must be stopped, and since NBA defenses aren’t doing the job, it’s time for ex-boxers to step in. Entering the ring is Floyd Mayweather:

“Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise. Its OK for ESPN to give their opinion but I say something and everyone questions Floyd Mayweather. I’m speaking my mind on behalf of other NBA players. They are programmed to be politically correct and will be penalized if they speak up. Other countries get to support/cheer their athletes and everything is fine. As soon as I support Black American athletes, I get criticized.”

I don’t know what the f**k he’s talking about. Does him being Asian help with the hype? Probably, but only because it adds to the underdog story where you don’t expect little Asian guys (or Indian, hispanic, etc) guys to make it in the league. It’s been a league of predominantly black and white players, so when a little sprout of rice is making a name for himself, it adds to the story. So Mayweather can suck it.

How do you stop Lin? You have to be creative.

Jerryd Bayless’ inner Jeremy Lin

Bayless carries a Jeremy Lin deep inside him, it’s there in his heart, it just happens to be a little impatient, inefficient, and lacking court-vision. For this game though, Bayless needs to channel that recklessness and take it to Jeremy Lin. They say that the best defense is a great offense, and in Bayless’ case, it’s all about cranking to Chuck Mode Level 99 and tiring Lin out on defense, even though the offense is likely to be bastardly inefficient. If all goes well, Bayless steals the show, if he fails, then at least we’ll have someone to blame.

Motivating Rasual Butler

How do you test someone’s resolve and mental strength? Put him at centerstage with all the weight on the world on him. After blowing the game with the 5-second violation, Butler is down and out, and all that can bring him back in the good graces of his coach is a complete destruction of Lin. It’s time for the old SF-on-PG matchup, with shades of Scottie Pippen on John Stockton ringing true. Put Butler on Lin – single-coverage, no help, and watch Butler rises like a phoenix out of the ashes. I can already imagine ESPN’s headline on Sportscenter – Lin Served By the Butler!

Relax yo, it’s Casey

The Raptors now “boast” the league’s 18th ranked defense, and the ACC is about as close to a fortress as it’s been since Oakley left town. Casey will no doubt devise a plan that will take into account New York’s 25th ranked 3-point field goal percentage, and a ridiculously paced offense which somehow manages to be 23rd in the league. Casey’s plan could be to “make Lin beat you” by leaving mediocre role players like Stoudemire and Anthony to chuck away into the cool Toronto night from the perimeter. All kidding aside, we can’t be getting killed on the pick ‘n roll because quick PG/great PnR PF has been the Raptors’ death sentence over the last decade. Best thing would be to hedge every time with a combo of James Johnson/Ed Davis (assuming Johnson checks him), this means two athletic players with good reach trying disrupting his passes. The flip side is matching him for quickness with Bayless on defense, I don’t think that’s going to fly.

Solomon Alabi is our Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin two weeks ago was a nobody. Solomon Alabi today is a nobody. Transformation time indeed. Solomon “Steal The Show” Alabi is the perfect distraction for the ACC tonight. Everybody is looking forward to Jeremy Lin tonight, but if Alabi’s name is announced in the starting lineup, the focus will shift from the anticipation of seeing Lin in action, to wondering just what the hell Alabi is doing on the floor. An early touch and a score against Tyson Chandler and this Lin talk is put to bed. I heard the little bugger thrives on attention, best to deflect it to the Nigerian giant.

Losing isn’t a problem

While Lin is providing a boost to the low Knick ratings by winning games for them, the Raptors have no such issues themselves. It’s clear that basketball fans are so starved in this city that they’ll come out and watch anything (at least those who can’t come to terms with the NCAA), and a Jeremy Lin explosion resulting in a Raptors loss wouldn’t exactly turn the average fan off, and if anything, might make them curious enough to buy a ticket in wonderment of who else might be coming to town to lay the smack down.

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  • Nilanka15

    I haven’t even read the article yet, but I can’t stop laughing at the animation!

    • FAQ


      … where oriental brains beats black bullsh¬°t …!!!!!

      • Lorenzo


  • Barbour_jon

    Funny animation. ūüôā

    If the real man behind the Lin smiley face knew how to read a damn scoreboard the Raptors might have had a little more playoff glory under their belt right now.

    • jeremy

      That was Chris Child back then, he gave Kobe a surprised punch.


      I don’t know what is sadder.¬† The fact only two people liked your
      comment, or the fact the guy replying (and many others) have no idea what you just

      I was @ that game…I don’t know what was worse, when he stepped out of bounds (because you could just see all the Raps just dying on the bench, except Davis who looked like he was going to kill someone) or after Dell saved his ass and then…. I can’t even type it.

      • Nilanka15

        I watched that possession at an airport lobby bar in San Diego.  One of the saddest memories in Raptors history.

      • Lorenzo

        Can someone explain…? I haven’t been watching the Raps that long…

        • Nilanka15

          2002 first round playoffs, Raptors down by 3 with under 10 seconds to go, in the 5th (and deciding) game vs. the Pistons.

          Instead of realizing how much time was on the clock, Chris Childs gets the inbounds pass, and immediately shoots from halfcourt with a wide open Dell Curry standing on the 3 point line (and with 8 seconds left in the game).  The shot misses badly, Detroit grabs the rebound, and time expires.  Raptors lose.

          During post-game interviews, Childs claimed he thought the Raptors were down by 4 (instead of 3), but that does nothing to explain why he chucked a halfcourt shot with 8 seconds left on the clock.

  • Akash_singh

    people with west african ancestry have more fast twitch muscle fibers than other ethnic groups, giving them an advantadge in sports requiring explosive movement (basketball,track and field, running back, etc.)    

    Not to mention slave owners in america forced the strongest and best working slaves to marry and have strong children, a form of selective breeding.   

    but what the hell is floyd mayweather talking about? if some random player regardless of race was putting up his numbers Im sure we would still be discussing it. Does he get more coverage b/c he’s asian, so what?grow up you man child.¬†

    • Nilanka15

      This is theory at best.  Hockey, tennis and volleyball rely on fast twitch, explosive movements as well, but are dominated by Caucasians.  It speaks more about the cultural draw to the sport in question, than any perceived racially-genetic superiority.

      • In Olympic games, world games… we don’t see more caucasian athletes competing in the 100 meters finals. Genetically the black people have a clear advantage. Nowadays the only white athlete that can compete at the high level is Lemaitre (from France) but unfortunately for him is slower than the best sprinters at least by 15 undredth. He can work hard and better than the others without reach Bolt or the other black sprinters. The difference is visible in the average sprinter in which many black people have better performance than the other breeds.

        Tennis, volleyball are sports in which the power, the velocity are not really relevant because is used in a small space and the difference are very very tiny. In swimming, for example, having a muscle mass so impressive is a disavantage because weight a lot and is not really good for having a huge performance.

        • Nilanka15

          Yes, I see the almost all the best sprinters in the world are black, but that doesn’t necessarily prove there’s a genetic component involved.

          The idea that blacks are better athletes is an urban legend that’s never been proven in a scientific/physiological setting.

          • mountio

            Why does everything need to have an advanced stat for you in order to be true? To make the generic statement that blacks are, generally speaking, more athletic – especially when it comes to fast twitch type sports is totally fair.
            Not to say there arent some crazy athletic white guys (or asians or any other race) .. but he is speaking to the majority, which is true. Sprinters are an excellent example. Look around the league in the NBA and skill positions (WR, RB) in football. Can you not use your judgement and trust what you see without seeing a scientific / physiological study? 

            • Nilanka15

              Because racial stereotyping, whether it’s praising, or criticizing, isn’t a good thing.¬† It’s always perpetuated by myth.¬†

              Regardless, I’m less concerned about political correctness, and more concerned about scientific integrity.¬† Saying that blacks have more fast twitch muscle fibres than any other ethnic group is factually wrong.¬†

              Believe it or not, the “eye test” is very often unreliable.

              • WHAT THE

                this girl did an eye test on my ____ one day and she said wow it’s true what they say about ____ guys and thats a scientific fact and no urban legend and while she was looking at¬†it, it¬†twitch

              • Bendit

                The following link is a bit dated but speaks to the discussion. I as well am very wary about stereotyping but when certain facts/research based in science are presented we have no choice…


          • Lance

            Well, if you look solely at the US, for example, 13% of the population there is African American, and around 70% of the population is classified as White/European decent. 

            Considering they are outnumbered 5-1 or so, I’d say their success in sports such as basketball, American football, boxing and sprinting, have more to do with genetics than just cultural draw. All of those sports in their early days were white-dominated, due to racial barriers, proving the interest was always there.

    • cb

      people have been removed from academic institutions for suggesting what you’ve written.¬†

      • Nilanka15

        Bingo.  mountio, take note.

        It’s like saying, “the majority of CEOs in the world are male, so we must conclude that males are smarter than females”.

        Ummmm, no.¬† There are plenty of cultural/societal variables, spanning over decades, to help explain these phenomenons.¬† The North American athlete isn’t any different.

        • voy

          what are some of those “cultural/societal variables…”?

          • Nilanka15

            РSocioeconomic status.  Perhaps athletes from poorer backgrounds saw sport as their only realistic shot at improving their lives, and thus, spent more time training, than reading. 

            – Perpetuation of stereotypes. If a pee-wee football coach has a star black player on his hands, is he more likely to play him at WR instead of QB (even though he’s likely to succeed at both positions)?¬† It’s not unheard of to assume such narrow thinking still exists.

            – National sports values.¬† In America, the black-dominated sports are Football, Basketball and Boxing.¬† But as I mentioned earlier, there are other “explosive” sports that don’t show the same black athlete dominance.¬† It’s fair to say that African-Americans would gravitate towards dunking a basketball, rather than stopping a puck while growing up in the States.¬† That’s a cultural issue, not a genetic one.

            РSports science.  Sticking with America, the black population in the States has access to far superior training facilities/techniques than say the black population in Slovakia.  This would skew the athletic results in favour of Americans.

            – etc., etc.

            I’m not saying these are the answers.¬† I’m just saying there are lots of variables to consider, but the only one we’re capable of dissecting under a microscope (figuratively and literally) is muscle composition…which hasn’t shown any significant differences between blacks and other ethnic groups.

            • voy

              valid remarks.¬† but¬†even if each of your points contributes significantly in the % of black and white athletes in certain sports, I still dont think that takes into account the fact that there are so many more white people than black people in the states.¬† Even keeping socio-economic factors in mind, you’d figure with apprx 70% of the population in the States, white dudes would make up more of the skilled positions in football or there would be more white guys in the nba if all things were equal genetic wise.¬† I’m not saying there will always be such a vast difference in the numbers between white guys and black guys in sports but right now the numbers are the numbers.¬†And just to make clear, I am not placing any moral or character judgement on the ability to run fast, jump high, shoot a puck accurately, throw a ball hard etc etc.

              Anyway, I’m afraid I haven’t made my case as clear as I would have liked but my kids are using my back as a trampoline and its useless trying to put together¬†a coherent thought.

              • Nilanka15

                I think if there was a physiological truth to black athletic dominance, we would see the same dominance in baseball (power-hitting and pitching), soccer, hockey, volleyball, tennis, MMA, gymnastics, etc.

                The fact that we don’t tells me there is something else at play.

                • mountio

                  There are no question that cultural / regional effects are in play (ie hockey a cold weather game where larger % of the population in cold weather is white). Other things about populatiry of games in other regions (ie best cricket players are different races than best baseball players desspite similar physiological skills as the games are popular in different regions) 
                  But, too watch NBA ball day in and day out and suggest no physiological difference between races seems blind (very PC, dont get me wrong), but blind none the less.

                • voy

                  that would be true if one suggested black people are superior athletically in every department.  However, at this point in time, maybe genetics predisposes one group of people from being more successful than another group of people in particular sports.  

                  if everyone was the¬†same physiologically, wouldn’t that suggest that Asians and Indians should be more dominant in the sports they participate in seeing as how they are the two most populous group of people in the world?¬†

                  if we took the socio-economic and cultural make up of the States and superimposed in on China, would China produce just as many world class football or basketball players as America has?

                  I’m not exaclty sure what my final position is going to be on this overall subject.¬† I’m just throwing ideas out there.

            • 511

              Good stuff, Nilanka. Enjoying your input on things here today. Seriously. 

            • Alamo

              Soceioeconomic status? You need some kind of money to enrol in sports programs, you don’t just play basketball in the cage in the slums and suddenly get discovered.¬†

              • Nilanka15

                SES doesn’t equate to homeless people.

                Nevertheless, there is less money involved to enroll a kid into basketball, than hockey.

        • mountio

          “smarter” would presume that becoming a CEO has 100% (or even primarily) to do with being smart. Not the case (in fact very far from the case). Being devoted to your job (often at the expense of family life) would be a much more important success factor to becoming a CEO that being male. It just so happens that more males are willing to put their families behind success at work .. a completely logical and factual explanation as to why more CEOs are male (in addition to some of the other factors like “the old boys club” , etc.
          Difference here, is that we arent making a comment on the success of athletes as a whole (many of all races are successful obviously), simply that there are certain sports (or positions in sports) where being explosive and athletic make you more successful and black athletes are generally better that at these sports / positions ..  

          • jimmie

            [quote]being explosive and athletic make you more successful[/quote]


            [quote]and black athletes
            are generally better that at these sports / positions.[/quote]

            Not true. Or at least, not scientifically provable.

            It’s called “stereotyping” for a reason.

  • Sam Holako

    LMFAO @ “solomon alabi is our jeremy lin”

  • DC


  • Nate

    That animation made my morning

  • Valit

    ¬†I’m going to the game tonight; I dont care to see Lin, Amare or even Spike. All I care is to cheers for raps. I hope the crowd will be as loud as it can get. One of my wishful thinking is to have 1-2 Raps games with an atmosphere that you can find so often in Greece when the rivals are playing.¬† no music, no gimmick only so much intimidation from the crowds that you will pee in your shorts. I can bet you the refs will let them count until 20 and if nothing happens call the timeout. Otherwise, they might not have all the ears intact…

    • Nilanka15

      I have a feeling the Asian community will be cheering loudly for Lin tonight.

      I’m all for national pride, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when fans treat professional sports as a national situation.¬† Lin doesn’t represent China/Taiwan…he represents the New York Knicks.

      • Valit

        ¬†I totally agree…it’s club versus club.

  • Ppellico


    I will try to be nice because maybe I misunderstood what you tried to say…

    ¬†But….this is sounded stupid

    Um…maybe even nonsense. You should
    never be allowed to talk about selective breeding unless you are allowed to say
    everything and be truthful.

    Otherwise its all PC

    Selective breeding has
    some qualities planned for and others not. It is a VERY narrow plan. You breed
    for strength…but maybe not smarts. So do we then start saying they are strong
    …but dumb!?

    Stupid discussion.

    Life has to many
    variables in it in short term history to make judgments like this. And
    selective breeding is and always has been done. That is why we have Italians
    and Germans and other ethnic peoples! They gathered and bred amongst themselves
    and NOT with others.


    • Bill

      By breeding for strength but not selecting for low intelligence, you would expect the IQ to display a normal distribution.¬† So no, they would be strong, but IQ would not be affected… not unless there is a negative correlation between being strong and intelligent.

    • cesco

      ¬†Glad you mentioned Germans and Italians because Harmin Harry (German) won the 100 meters in 1960 in Rome and two Italians won the 200 meters¬† ( Livio Berruti -1960 and Pietro Mennea – 1980 ) which indicates to me that if track and field was heavily practiced in Italy ( it definitely isn’t ) , they might challenge Usain Bolt for the gold medal .

      • voy

        come on, man.¬† if there was a guy playing another sport, in Italy, with world class 100 meter speed, I’m sure they’d get him on the track field right quick.

        its not like there is a italian soccer player who can run a sub 10, 100 meters but he doesn’t participate in the sprints because he only has time for soccer.

        • cesco

          If you have a VERY fast kid who plays hockey here in Canada or soccer in Italy and they are good at it , no way they will also be interested in track and field . The same goes for all other countries where track and field is a minor sport . In Jamaica  and the US a large number of kids participate in track and field events in high school and they have the system to train the best ones to become the best in the world . You may also have a very fast kid who is not interested in joining the mickey mouse little track and field club in his hometown where he does not know anybody and where the coaches are not that good to begin with (no athlete  has ever achieved prominence from that club) .

  • Akash_singh

    lol at everyone misunderstanding my post 

    @6ecf580f202254857b9ba16cde511dc4:disqus , of course putting in several hours a day to develop a skill outweighs raw athleticism but that was not my point. And I did not say caucasians have no fast twitch muscle fibers, they just have less than the afformentioned ethinc group. jeeez. 

    ppellico, your english isn’t that great, but I am certain you misunderstood me. Im just stating the fact that slave owners ensured the strongest offspring by getting their best workers to have kids. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

    It’s okay if you all think Im hitler for bringing up race, I couldn’t care less, feel free to further debate the issue, I probably won’t respond/read though.

    • Nilanka15

      I understood your point, which was that African descendants are genetically better suited for explosive athletic activities.¬† I’m saying that this is just a theory that isn’t based on factual evidence.

      • Akash_singh

        i based it on the 100 m sprint. lol.

        • Nilanka15

          I say we base it on the animation above ūüėõ

          • JohnnyBravo


            • Nilanka15


  • IROR

    Unreal discussion bros, making me so siked to see this game tonight!!!

  • Kevin Oppella

    He thrives on attention???

    He went to Harvard, where he was a stand-out and played in a league that has a tough time pumping out the NBA caliber player year after year.

    I bet there will be a lot of Harvard Alums at this game. Will the stands be painted in Crimson?? lol

  • voy

    the fact that Lin is Asian is a huge part of the story.  If he was a white or black guy out of Harvard there is no way the story would have the legs it has now. 

    This being said, Mayweather is an idiot.¬†¬†Dude makes it sound like the Rasual Butlers’ of the word can just as easily put up the numbers Lin has so far.¬† And as far as other countries supporting their athletes, Mayweather does realize that there are also white Americans too, right (besides, as far as I know Lin is American)?¬† Or maybe¬†FM is¬†just interested in supporting players like Lebron, and Kobe.¬† Way to cheer for the underdog.¬† To me, Floyd just sounds like a frontrunner.

    • Bendit

      FM fails to account for the fact that NO player ever in the NBA has the stats Lin has in his first 4 starts….no one.

  • Darien

    After Solomon’s 5 breakout games of 40/20/5 blocks we can trade him for Jeremy Lin. Salaries match!

  • Ppellico



    First, my english has nothing to do with what is being said. mentioning the english is a way of diverting from the facts and watering up/distorting/diverting the fact.

    I was just surprised anybody can begin to discuss select breeding and mentioning the benefits without the losses.
    Yes, there is a relationship between breeding for strength and smarts. Slave owners were not looking for smart and avoided it at all cost.  Smart never makes for good slaves.

    I was, however, trying to point out the idiocy of¬†selective breeding altogether. Selective breeding is done regardless of how a single group of simple minded human tries to control it.¬†¬†¬†It is done over long periods of time and by large groups..if to¬†be done successfully…otherwise those trying it are in reality faced with a¬† result or creation nothing close to what was desired.¬†
    It is altogether to complicated to be attempted and then successful.

    But to casually mention it here on a sports blog is sort of unfair since real science would never be tolerated.  Sometimes the truth is ugly and painful.

    I know…I see the result of my own family’s history as an ugly result of breeding!!!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

  • Akash_singh

    hahaha im 100% comfortable with my body and skin color to talk openly about race, if you take offense, I seriously suggest you see a therapist to work out your inferiority issues.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I think that you should remember that as you got all offended when I said some player’s game was ‘lacking like Asian men packing’ and you got all upset leaving your panties all wet trying to insinuate that I was being racist when it’s a scientific fact that on average¬†Asian men’s private parts are shorter¬†than most other creeds of males private parts.¬†

      • Akash_singh

        Seeing as I don’t love cock as much as you apparently do, I don’ really care how big anyones penis is, are you sure it was me?

      • cesco

        ¬†It may well be a scientific fact about the size but what about the quality ? , is there a scientific finding about who are the best lovers among different ethnic groups , I don’t think so .

        • RIP-Whitney

          You win the Lin-Sanity Day¬†‘I am stuck on stupid’ badge- enjoy & congrats.¬†

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            I forgot to change over my forum call name from the other forum…brain freeze….lol

            • Mark

              Then the “I am stuck on stupid” badge goes right back to you.

  • Ppellico

    it isn’t YOU that upsets me…
    it is the fact that such talk even comes into these sports blogs.
    You nationality, skin color or whatever else has nothing to do with it.
    These topics are meaningless and irrelevent.
    Non scientific and strictly argumentative for that sake only.
    I am glad you are comfortable with your skin.
    I myself am depressed every day when I think about my monkey genes and all the genetic horrors I am shackled with.
    But then again, that’s why we have Zoloft.

  • sleepz

    Think Raps have a chance of getting a win tonight.

    A lot of Lin talk and its a good opportunity for a Knick loss.

    Could be wrong but just have a feeling.


      Odds are the NBA wants a loose entertaining game, Lin will probably hit a trip-doub or drop 60. 

    • Bendit

      Here here…after reading some of the off topic above…I want the Raps to end this manic obsession.¬†

  • felix
    Look, the subject is certainly taboo, but that doesn’t mean we have to write any hypothesis off as unscientific because it makes us uncomfortable.

    Nilanka, it would be false to say there is NO factual evidence. There have been all sorts of studies done on the type-II muscle fiber of west-african’s vs. caucasians/east-african’s/everyone else. There may not be CONCLUSIVE evidence, but there is definitely evidence. My understanding is that most studies have shown about a 5 to 10 percent higher ratio of type-II to type-I muscle fiber in West African’s than in other races.

    For the most part, these studies don’t actually say much about how that translates into particular sport domination (with the possible exception of sprinting, where fast-twitch muscle fiber seems to be more directly critical to success than in any other sport) because there are way to many other factors at play for a 5-10% difference in fast-twitch muscle fiber to be considered a key causal factor for success. This is most likely why sports like hockey and tennis, which, as you mentioned, clearly demand explosive movements, are not dominated by African-Americans: sociological, cultural and economic factors drown out any other potential causally significant difference makers.

    Anyways, this is all just a long-winded way of saying: your right, genetic predisposition probably isn’t a good or even satisfactory explanation for the prominence of African-Americans in basketball, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a scientifically interesting domain of study, or that it is devoid of evidence.

    • voy

      yeah, I find this stuff super interesting.¬† and just because one may argue its short-sighted to think that genes only determine cosmetic differences, like hair shape or skin colour, that doesn’t mean they are linking any intelectual benefit or moral superiority to the¬†potential predisposition to run fast or whatever.¬†

      regardless¬†if we are built a little different, I’m pretty sure the things that bond us as humans beings are¬†the emotions we feel.

  • 511

    Man. Hard not to be a believer after that. I mean, that calm-as-can-be dribble-the-clock-away, not even bothering to get inside or even closer to the 3 pt line and then the quick release … and it‚Äôs over. Man.¬†


    I have been coming on RR for three yrs now, and although i have always enjoyed reading the commentary. i have never felt compelled to register, let alone comment until now! How in the world does a comment from a bum, and loudmouth coward like Floyd Mayweather turn into a pseudo-scientific convo about selective breeding(my question mark key isnt working) THIS IS BASKETBALL!¬† Simple fact of the matter is, he went to Harvard. He is Asian American. Please tell me¬†the last time that happened…….oh yeah thats right, NEVER! so of course its a big deal. The NBA needed this story, cuz lord knows i personally could not keep hearing about injuries all year. Please Arse…. never ever, ever ever quote print anything from that chump Mayfeather again. Thank you.

  • FAQ

    YES …. Jeremy Lin must be stopped … particularly in the last 10 seconds of the game …!!!