The “everybody poops” edition:

Barbosa: dippin’ divin’ using the court like it was a wet banana slide. He was one of the Raptors that was teetering on fouling out at the end, but he played this game head strong and involved.

Bargnani: flashes of his confidence coming back early, even getting some kind rolls, but the second half showed the Raptors moving away from him and settling for DeRozan and Bayless. Not sure that’s the way it was drawn up and some words might be exchanged in the locker room right about…….now.

Bayless: i am beginning to think that if Jerryd ever played volleyball, we’d see him excel by playing on his own.  He’d set his own spike if it was allowed. Maybe he’s colour blind and he just doesn’t want to chance sending a pass to the wrong team, but for the love of Ke$ha, please get your teammates more involved.

Davis: he looked as willing to take shots tonight as a minister who mistakenly entered a gay bar at closing time. He cleaned the glass well, pulling down 10 in 21 minutes, but he certainly was a liability offensively.

DeRozan: he bounced back better than Justin Timberlake going from Scarlett to Jessica. After a brutal night last night, DeMar dropped 21 by mixing up his shots and constantly moving throughout the game. Sure, it took him a lot of shots to get there (22) but he missed some wide open looks.

Forbes: the Panamanian Pill reverted back to his nonchalant ways and proved to be as ineffective as store bought make-up remover on Lady Gaga’s face.

Gray: now that little Billy is back on the bench, he was given some token appearance time tonight. The results were a pretty awe inspiring 1 foul and 1 turnover in 3 minutes.  I was more excited when my grandmother gave me a 9volt battery for Christmas.

A. Johnson: another chapter in my love fest with someone I dislike. I still think he has more mood swings than a New York City taxi cab driver, but when he plays like he played tonight I just want to meet him at his place with a pair of slippers, his housecoat, and a cup of warm tea….tell him I love him….massage his temples….

J. Johnson: can’t really hate on James tonight, either. He was head and shoulders above most on the defensive end of the ball and he busted his ass in the 26 minutes he saw the floor. Again, we gave the game away down the stretch, but this style of play from JJ is splendid.

Kleiza: the silent assassin even seemed to break out of his shell a bit. You would think that Bayless and Linas would feed off each other, but it doesn’t seem to happen. Linas finds himself open and being ignored, which won’t sit well with a guy that looks like he would deck your mother for not chilling his juice.

Driving the bus: Amir Johnson

Under the bus: Gary Forbes

Theme of the Game:

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49 Responses to “Raptors Roll Call March 11 vs Bucks”

  1. TT

    I haven’t pooped since I got pissed at Jack Astor’s pre-game versus Orlando and spent the night riding the paid-off refs. Tim Donaghy’s revenge?

    Can’t wait until the lottery and draft night…… and my next shit.

    Note to Jerry Bayless: Mike James you are not.

    This has been a season of slow-motion losses and yet somehow, I know the Raptors will be awesome next year.

  2. Tinman

    It’s a different offence without Jose and tonight he was missed.
    Bargnani was begging for touches, couple of times it looked like Forbes looked him off.

    We have now the fourth worst record in the league and we are on the road against the Cavs, Nets, Grizzlies, Bobcats and Knicks. Although all but the Grizz are certainly beatable, Jose’s injury came at a really good time for our lottery chances.

    Its odd- the team is losing but I’m not disappointed with the progress I am seeing. Continued progress and a low draft pick were my two goals going into the season.

    • guest

      What is so different?  Same results with the same damn score as the last time they played the Bucks in February. For anyone who thinks it would have been so different if Jose was out there….105bucks 99raptors.  Same thing different day.

      • sleepz

        Thats what makes this year of ‘evaluation’ so interesting to me. With Andrea or without him, the team plays the same. With Jose or without him, the team plays the same. Good game or bad game from Demar, the team plays the same.

        Imo, every player should be on the block in the offseason. If there is a better player to be had (obviously most trades work like that) NO ONE on this roster should be safe, as there are no game changers here. Get the coach some players more conducive to what he wants to do (defensive minded- efficient scoring) and see where it takes you. Outside of JV, who we can’t determine what he brings to the table yet, I would offer up all of these players in the off-season if there is a better talent to acquire. 2 for 1, 3 for 1, it doesn’t matter, as long as I can get something better as there are no ‘core’ pieces on this squad.

        • Theswirsky

          I agree with the above.

          except I’d like to see the players traded for picks (or take on contracts + picks) so we can find a core.

          JV is the only ‘untouchable’

          • sleepz


            Draft picks enable you to find a core group, develop them in your system and is also reducing your risk financially (as oppsoed to taking on bad contracts) and possible greater rewards (ROI) if these players turn out to be good.

            • Nilanka15

              But the question is, does Colangelo have the patience to rely on more younger players, which is essentially prolonging the “rebuild” by another 2-4 years?

              He wants to “hit the ground running” next year, which probably means that other than Jonas and our 2012 pick, there may not be any more rookies added to this team. 

              If more picks are obtained in trades, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Colangelo using them to acquire some experience.

              Whether or not he wants to admit it, Colangelo is fighting for his job next season.

              • Theswirsky

                I don’t think BC has the patience nor ever did.  He called this a ‘rebuild’ as an excuse for his previously failed rebuild and will most likely end up repeating history.

                -Casey said recently that he wants battle hardened veterans and that more rookies aren’t going to fit into the Raps plans.

                – all quiet on the trade front (all though in fairness BC does keep things tight lipped)

                -Casey stated he wants to see which current players fit with Bargnani

                -want to keep cap flexibility even though they have no major players who are coming up for (or deserve for that matter) major contracts (ie. the cap space will be for free agents, and as we all know major free agents aren’t signing in T.O. any time soon… therefore its fair to assume it will be for middling talent free agents)

                All said and done.  Unless Jonas or this current pick ends up bing a superstar. Welcome back mediocrity.

              • sleepz

                You answered the question my friend. BC will want to retain his job and that doesn’t include patience 

        • guest

          Actually I don’t agree with your conclusion. I think there are a lot of inflated stats on this team that don’t result in wins.  I think there are very nice pieces on this team but I think the foundation that they are building around is weak. I feel like I invested with Bernie Madoff, I think I am getting good returns but when I look deeper, things are not what they seem.  Having an unproven player be the only untouchable player is ridiculous.  A good team needs a combination of stars and role players to function well. There are some very nice role players on this team but I don’t see a star.

  3. Vanderkoko

    The raps would have won tonight with a credible backup PG. Forbes is not that. I also didn’t understand defensive assignments that consistently had barbosa on Dunleavy. But maybe I’m wrong because winning is clearly notmthe goal here, at least not yet.

  4. Buschfire

    Happy Calderon is out This is now the final make it or break it for Bayless. I think he’ll flop but the fat lady hasn’t sung quite yet…. better chance of getting a top 5 lottery pick. Progression for most players is good, we have been able to evaluate the players we have so that we know who to keep and who to cut for next year when we get Jonas on board. hopefully MKG or Barnes as well. Would be nice if we could pick up a 2nd draft pick and get kybongo on the team too…

  5. Dclark6114

    ARe you guys serious this team sucks big time. This isn’t even the rebuilding stage yet its the fucking demolition before the rebuilding. This team is so far off its not even funny. If u think were one draft pick or fa away ur sadly mistaken unless if its dwight howard. Not a chance in hell. Were not even gonna compete in our division were leaps and bounds the worse team. Id take the nets roster over ours at this time especially if they keep deron. Id take the pistons roster over ours.hell id might even take the bobcats roster bec the individual players are good its just they suck playing together. This team needs a complete overstock other then JV who isn’t even here. Bargs played good 13 games injury or not how long it take him to do that o only 6 years. Demar is decent he’d be better off the bench tho and jj 2. All in all this is a roster that really only has 1 starting caliber player Calderon who is basically useless bec of his age and lack of talent.

    • Tinman

      Disagree – expect to make the playoffs next year, with two rookies playing roles in our climb.
      How old do you think Jose is? If you question his talent I question your intelligence.
      Bargnani, Calderon, Johnson’n’Johnson and Kleiza are signed next year. Derozan and Davis’s biggest faults is their youth. Both will be late bloomers, not stars but solid rotation players. Add in Jonas V and a top five pick. Think we have an option on Bayless as well – jury is still out on that.
      10 solid players(9 if we dump Bayless) and about 12 million to spend – enough to add two more solid pieces.

      • Fire_Idiot_Colangelo_NOW

         For those who wonder why anyone would drink the koolaid at Jonestown

      • Destro

        That roster plus an unproven euro centre doesnt equal playoffs,im surprised so many ppl think it does…Why cant you question Calderons talent ? As a starting PG his record is terrible,his defensive acumen is putrid and offensively his game is limited,but i cant question it ???

  6. Aaron8007

    Davis looks overwhelmed on defense and offense most nights.  He just looks totally lost and his defense his terrible.  If he didn’t rebound the way he  does I would say cut him.  I have been disappointed all year with his play.  Fix his shot and work on his strength as he seems to be to small to battle strong power forwards and to uncordinated and slow to guard stretch forwards.  Trade him while his value is still high.

    • Tinman

      Davis’s problem is the same as Demar’s- young for his age. Look at his face – he is still a boy playing with men. Demar was the same his first two season’s and is now showing he can belong. Davis has to the end of next season and by then I think he’ll answer his doubters.

  7. Kev

    Amir: 6 points, 6 rebounds, 5 turnovers, -6.

    Bargnani: 11 points, 8 rebounds, 3 turnovers, +5.

    And Amir is driving the bus?? Young Gunz boyyeeeee

  8. Destro

    So much praise for such mediocre underwhelming players (Bargs,Calderon) who’ve never accomplished or won anything in this league…Ppl here actually believe this team is decent or competitive based on these two playing or not playing lolol…

    • Theswirsky

      wins vs .500 teams


      wins vs sub .500 teams


      losses vs .500 teams


      losses vs sub.500 teams


      record vs .500 teams 13%
      record vs sub .500 teams  55%

      combined record 31%

      but ofcourse the argument would be “but Bargnani was injured we would have won more”

      wins vs .500 teams w/Bargs


      wins vs sub .500 teams w/Bargs


      losses vs .500 teams w/Bargs


      losses vs sub. 500 teams w/Bargs


      record vs .500 teams w/Bargs 20%
      record vs  sub .500 teams w/Bargs 44%

      this team is not going anywhere either way

      • Jeb

        And your point? You do realize the lack of talent/garbage players he has to play with. You could replace his name with many very good players and you’d see many of the same numbers. You do realize that right?

          • Jeb

            They suck more without him. An opposing team would rather play a Raptors team without Bargnani than with him. Both teams suck, but one sucks more.

  9. nba_socrates

    Im sick of the hate you guys seem to give to Baylesstricity. He actually had a better game than any raptor out there but he still gets no credit. Jennings was non existant through the game because of Bayless’ play. Jeez the guy had 16/6 and 1 turnover and if the coach gave him the green light at the end of the game instead of deferring to Derozan and Bargs, Raptors would have that W

  10. Antonino Ferraro

    We have lost another game. Without Calderon we saw how Bayless and Forbes aren’t able to delivery the ball to AB in post. Incredible. And is not AB’s question but the incapability to serve a player when he is under pressure. Infact without AB involved, the team has had the difficult to create a good shot. Yesterday was funny to see the AB’s face down the stretch.

  11. JHP

    For various reasons I have not seen a Raptor’s game on TV for some time but found the game on a local channel.  You can list the excuses for why they are not playing well but honestly this is the worse team in the last 5 years.  Granted AB was rusty and Jose was out but if this was better then the Piston’s game then thank god it was a road game.  So I tend to agree that we are still 2/3 years away from any sort of competitive team.  Since they have been going thru coaches at a steady rate, that only leaves the GM.  You know it takes a real skill to lose close to 50 games in a 66 game season and still have fans showing up.

    • Copywryter

      Agreed. I think it’s one of the worst teams we’ve put on the floor in the last decade. 

      • Theswirsky

        This is bad team with a great coach.

        At the end of the day that wins you nothing

      • John

        You are correct. Looking at the past 10 years, this is definitely the worst team we had. AB needs to go and needs to go now.

      • Buschfire

        I think back when we had Ukic on the floor and the team was soft as F#% now that was the worst team in the last decade.

  12. sangaman

    The Bucks have a strong core of euro players and are a beautiful passing team.  Until the raps stop acquiring ball hogs like Bayless  they will be forever relegated to lower tiers.  Basketball is more and more becoming a team game and many American players dont seem to understand that concept.  Bargs makes some nice plays in the first half and doesnt see the ball the rest of the game.

    • Destro

      This post reeks of a basketball beginner….Bucks have 1 euro whos mediocre and 1 who is a bum.
      Basketball has always been a team game compromised of 1 on 1 matchups,nature of the sport…which is why you see individuals able to dominate and win games much more so than other team sports….Im not even gonna bite on that last comment,its evident you dont know what you’re talking about,but if you’d like to learn more about this great game,hit me up and i’ll be glad to give you some direction…   

  13. Ppellico

    So now I see why you are so fucked up with your mean spirited writing.
    You were mistreated as a kid.
    Batteries for Christmas…so you eventually grew up learning to slice and dice with words.
    Reminds me of most pop misic lyrics…pretty but empty and meaningless.


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