Barbosa to Pacers

Gone in a blurr (sorry, lame I know…)

Think of this move one part Colangelo taking care of a veteran friend on an expiring, and one part getting something for the guy before he signs with another team in the off-season. We can argue all we want about his value, but a 2nd round pick sounds about right; would have been nice to get a pick in the low-to-mid 30s, but I can live with this.

Just to recap for the tankcity theorists:

  • Calderon is day-to-day, and with the Balyesstricity rhetoric in high gear, sounds like he wont be rushed back. This weakens the 2nd unit significantly since Forbes gets thrust into a larger role
  • Barbosa gets traded to the Pacers for a 2nd rounder, also diluting the talent on the bench; could see a larger role for Butler (kill us all) for the remainder of the season
  • Bargnani’s being eased back into the rotation, but isn’t back to his early season form; could have his minutes slashed or shelved in an effort to keep him healthy for next season and maintain a maximum lottery balls

As 2damkule pointed out in the comments, the Raptors will be getting back a $7.9million trade exception since the Pacers were already under the cap. Historically, these TPE’s have never been used and just expired, so don’t hold out hope they might be used to bring someone else back; however, it is possible.

Update 2
Anthony Carter was apparently part of the deal, so the Raptors are sans 2 players in the rotation, and minus some salar; they will need to remedy this before the end of the season.

Update 3
Hollinger has given the Raptors a ‘B’ on the trade (need Insider); can’t say I disagree.

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