The “calvary is coming” edition:

Alabi: yes, yet again, it was that bad.

Anderson: when I got home last night, I saw a dark van scoping the area around my local 7-11. Whenever anybody 6’ tall would come close to the van, it would slow down.  It hung around for a couple hours then took off. Apparently it crawled down to Harbourfront and picked up Alan Anderson. He is a perfect fit for this team…he looked lost, he couldn’t hit a shot from the field and pulled down an awesome 1 rebound.  Even Solomon hit a shot tonight.

Bargnani: this clown is about as valuable to us right now as a skirt that is sewn shut at the bottom. His time lost to injury has obviously messed with his head because Andrea looks foolish out there.

Bayless: he had 12 minutes under his belt when it looked like Spiderman snagged him with a web and brought him to his knees. If that is what a hip pointer injury looks like, I’ll gladly live my life without that experience.

Calderon: solid game with 9 points, 11 assists and a fantastic job pointing his finger. The team was out of sorts tonight and try as he might, Jose couldn’t get them on the same page. Matter of fact, they were as far apart as a team as the A is the Z in the dictionary.

Davis: with his alma matter out of the tourney, he looked more focused and played hard tonight. Hell, he even gave the fans pizza tonight. Not lost on us that he is playing better without DeRozan.

Forbes: and Gary is the guy who is most enjoying the spotlight as DeMar gets in some extra time padding his lead on Playstation. Forbes launched 7 shots from downtown, hitting 4, leading him to a team high 21 points. No doubt he is doing his postgame wearing a fedora and a trench coat. Swag.

Gray: still no offence and still bringing just barely enough to the floor to matter.

A. Johnson: his shoes forced his game to take a backseat tonight and it showed. He lived up to his potential about as well as a pair of scissors with just one blade.

J. Johnson: word is he was sick pre-game, which is pretty fitting since I’m usually sick in-game when he plays like the arrogant prick he seems to like to portray. Maybe he should puke more often because he actually hit some shots tonight. Pretty low bar to stand out from the Raptor pack tonight, but he did just that.

Kleiza: wow, look who decided to show up. Don’t know if it was the sight of Hedo and his sad sack look that riled Linas up and helped convince him he could actually play the game, but Linas actually went 7 of 10 from the field and had that sarcastic look back on his mug.

Magloire: yes, it really was so bad that he saw 11 minutes. Bowl me over, he actually decided to leave his feet too!!  7 rebounds and no doubt earning the honour of being named the marshal in the Scarborough Santa Claus parade.

Driving the bus: Gary Forbes

Under the bus: Andrea Bargnani

Theme of the Game:

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  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Andrea Bargnani aka The Pope aka King Bargs aka No Star aka Lazy Mofo’er aka Pasta! aka Half Ass aka Small Nuts aka I’m A PF Not A Center aka Rebounding Is For Pussies aka The Italian Cancer aka Golden Child aka Spoiled Brat aka The Enigma Of Enigmas……

    In the pre season Casey said that Bargnani was Dirk like- anything to get the head coaching job- huh, Dwane?lmfao

    Trade this Lazy Mofo’er away 13 games does not a career make especially after 5 season of inconsistent lethargic play!!!!!

    • Lorenzo

      wait… so you DON’T like Bargnani?

    • Clarke

      BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go aka The Moron aka Idiot aka TurdBurglar aka Goof aka Dolt aka AB stole Ed’s PF spot aka BC controls ticket prices aka I post the same things over and over and over again aka Tony Wroten JR is a 1st overall pick aka No nuts aka I’m stuck on stupid aka any other thing associated with the word stupid.

    • NyAlesund

      I love you…man. I love your passion for Bargs…really. I love your way to enjoy his fails. I love your campain to trade him. I love your posts.

      Come on. Bargnani is a scorer and even in the recent years under Triano when his focus was only to score we always saw him score a lot of points. Now he doesn’t play naturally. I don’t know whats going on but there something. I am not excuse him but there something. I am agree with Rico’s post.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    The Raptors make a DLeague signing and it’s not a pg even though JB is hobbled (he needs to shut it down) & Jose is an injury waiting to happen (especially with all the minutes he’s playing)- wtf?

    The Raptors are BullChit- point blank!!

    • DC

      Tellin it like its Gots2go. Just gotta wait for the andrea fanboys to come out. 35 mins 3 rebs. Franchise player. Don’t forget this team is so close to the playoffs next year. GTFO here. 

      • Lorenzo

         The Raptors will make the playoffs next year. Write that down somewhere in your diary.

        • Copywryter

          No they won’t. I’ll write that down write here.

          • Lorenzo

            Oh yes they will.

        • Destro

          hilarious….how do you make the connection THIS team plus a rookie equals playoffs….Oh im writing it down alright sir,that your a fuggin cornball fanboy!!! its filed and understood…

          • Lorenzo

            Two rookies, maybe three or four.

            Plus a free agent acquisition. Maybe more than one. Maybe even a good/great one(s).

            Plus a training camp.

            Plus the shit-level of the Eastern Conference.

            Plus the lowest team payroll in the league.

            Plus some possible trades that might occur between the end of the season and the draft.

            Plus a firing of Matt Devlin and Leo Rautins.

            The future ain’t lookin’ too bad in my opinion.

            • Nilanka15

              Matt and Leo are definitely the x-factors.

              • Lorenzo

                 I was actually thinking about writing a letter of complaint to Rogers regarding the firing of Matt Devlin, Leo Rautins and Herbie Kuhn. Should get to it shortly.

                • Nilanka15

                  I find Herbie more annoying than Matt and Leo combined.

            • Destro

              Youd still have to be a .500 team in the East to get in and this team is far from that….Regardless of what you think of the East,theres still 9-10 teams better than us….

              • Lorenzo

                 Based on what do you say this?

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        AB is now fourth on the Raptors in rpg:

        Amir 6.5

        Ed 6.2

        AGray 5.8

        AB 5.7

        The fastest way to turn this franchise around is to trade both Jose & AB away- the 2 longest tenured Raptors under BC in the TDot. 

        • NyAlesund

          After AB’s trade who will be the next victim? Valanciunas, DeRozan, ED?

      • RaptorFan

        sooooo truuue…..we’ll lose as long as Andrea is our PF or C….he cant grab rebounds to save his life….its embarrasing….its even worse when he scores 8 points in 35 mins!!

    • CJT

      insightful as usual. 

    • Brian B

       The Raptors make a D league signing and it’s not a prospect, but yet another washed up never was.

      Soooo glad BC has a “plan”.

    • Raps4Life

      I don’t understand, why do you even follow the team if you hate the Raps and most of their players so much??

      • Destro

        because were under the assumption one day we’ll have a competent GM running a winning basketball team…We dont hate the team,we just hate the mgmt and personnel on the “team”

        One day we’ll get our team back…and it will be good…One day ! One day !

        • Raps4Ever

          Hey, we all have a right to express criticism where it’s due, but the question asked was why bother following a team when you hate everybody. Your answer is that you don’t hate the team, just everybody associated with the team.

          I hate to break this to you (not really, haha), but the management and personnel are the “team”. If not, what else is?

          Or are you one of Pavlov’s Dogs and find yourself conditioned to follow a logo, even though you hate everybody associated with the team?

          • FAQ

            Players, GMs and coaches come and go, but the Rapslogo4Ever 

          • Destro

            Nah you didnt get what i meant…Im a Raptor fan..of the the team the logo,i hate the personnel on MY team…Its what us unbiased fans do…I never understood the notion you should just support the team regardless without criticism…How do you do it ? If the team sucks (which it does) im not gonna pretend its sweet and i sure as hell am gonna TALK ABOUT IT…

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      BC finally signs another pg in Ben Uzoh- another international- wow, I guess San Antonio was thinking of signing him, huh, BC?

      Can’t sign someone who might outshine Jose and show the fan base base that anyone can step into the Raptors pg spot and get close to Jose numbers if not better.

      And Ben is another defensive stud pg built in the Jose mold of blow bys…smdh

      Raptors now have 3 backup pgs on roster even if one is a glorified starter….

      PG Justin Dentmon would have been my guy or PG Will Conroy to sign.

      • Raps4Ever

        I believe you were one of the genius basketball minds that suggested Forbes didn’t even belong in the D League, but perhaps you can enlighten us again with your brilliant analysis of why those two would have been better choices, especially given that it’s very likely none of them will be around the team past the end of the season.

        Since your criticize the move, perhaps you can also inform of us your inside knowledge of those two being as available and for what price, compared to the throwaway BC decided upon.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          No, I never said that- try again, buddy.lmfao

          I liked Forbes at UMass, my friend, but he’s a bench rotation player (8th or 9th man) in the NBA nothing more nothing less.

          DLeague call ups on ten days-recognize game.

          Justin Dentmon as University of Washington players are tough, smart & have heart.

  • Lorenzo

    Did anyone else see Jamaal just rip a board out of Ed’s hands? What was that about? He looked pretty mad too

    • Nilanka15

      I saw that and laughed out loud.  Magloire had that look on his face, “It’s me vs. 9 other players”.  Hilarious!

    • FAQ

      Thank goodness he didn’t rip it from Andrea or you would never hear the end of it.

  • Doublesman

    Nice disappearing act il mago

    • Destro

      Elle mago

  • ad

    If Bargnani finishes the season playing like this BC has to be one confused motherfucker. Id lean towards making him available in trade though because his career minus 13 games has been like this. Hes very mercurial and I dont think you can rely on him to be a core piece. Hope he proves me wrong.

    • Nilanka15

      This is exactly why you trade when one’s value is high. 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Except when he’s playing good alot of folks seemingly become blind to the truth despite 5 years of half ass play from AB they take 13 games 6 years into his career as a true measuring point. lol smh

        Trade both AB & Jose high!!!

  • Rico

    It’s obvious Bargnani is out of rhythm, maybe some lingering calf injuries? Maybe being extra-cautious, limited mobility? He’s actually playing worse than last season, so how can that be possible? He may have never been a rebounder, but the one thing he always did consistently was score, and when he’s not scoring, you know something’s up, just seems so un-Bargs like, the jumpshots, the drives, everything seems so unnatural from what we saw earlier this season, and last season for that matter. Not making excuses, but we all know he’s AT LEAST better than what he’s showing, no one shows this much regression so quickly without a reason..

    • C.d.G.

      That’s so obvious, Rico, it’s not even worth mentioning.
      What I like to point to, instead, is the use of the word “clown” by the funny writer on Bargs. How can a blogger use epithets like these on players? Would you, Altraps, dare to use the same for, say, Derozan or Davis? No. You cannot, and do not dare. Why, my dear h.s.hole???

      • 2damkule

        i KNOW!!!  so RAYCESS!!

        er, wait…

      • Nilanka15

        I can’t think of a better adjective to describe Bargnani’s performance last night.  “Clown” is 100% accurate.

        I’m not denying some lingering affects from his calf injury, but let’s not kid ourselves.  He wasn’t in a cryogenic freeze (a la Demolition Man), where he needs to learn how to live and breathe all over again.  It’s now been 11 games since his return from injury, with ZERO signs of improvement.

    • j bean

      You’re not making excuses? Out of rhythm, lingering injury, extra cautious and limited mobility are all excuses. If he has an injury he wouldn’t be playing. To me it just looks like he simply did not mentally prepare himself to return. Put him back in street clothes and let him watch the rest of the season.

  • CantDL

    Magloire is the saddest sack of an NBA player i’ve ever seen on the raptors roster. And we’ve had a lot of impressive bench warmers.

    • Copywryter

      Rasual Butler? Alabi? Maceo Baston? Alexis Ajinca? All worse. The old cat is pretty much toothless now, but he’s still a strong body in the post. Did a nice job on forcing Howard out of his confort zone and can handle slower bigs.  

      • Nilanka15

        I’d add Mengke Bateer, Yogi Stewart, Will Soloman, and Mamadou N’Diaye to the list.

        A 33-year old Magloire is Bill Russell compared to these guys.

        • Copywryter

          Oh God Yogi Stewart! Good one. 6 years 24 million or something? What an albatross. Glad we don’t overpay underachieving players anymore.

          • Destro


    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I actually like Magloire’s addition to the Raptors roster as a 3rd string vet roster center.

      The Big Cat is no pussie on the court.

  • Shaimang

    sissors with one blade… skirt sewn at the bottom.. Damn man where you get these ideas! hilarious…

  • Truthkiller

    Bargnani seems like he’s second guessing himself, I don’t see that fluidity I saw earlier in the season it maybe a case of he’s just not conditioned after a long layoff or that he’s just not ready to play and if he doesn’t feel ready then just leave the team and get ready for the next season. I want to see that top 3 pick.

  • FAQ

    Bargs was told to cruise to the end of the season because BC doesn’t want to win any more games in the race to the bottom.

    Can’t you tribal honkers figure that out yet … sheeeeesh!!!

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Casey is still calling Ed ‘Don’t call me Eddie’ Davis Eddie in his smh

    Casey said that EDavis is not used to playing stretch 4s and going out on them yet EDavis plays against ABargnani in practice all the time- wtf?

    Raptors have bad karma from BC on down….

  • Theswirsky

    Bargnani is out playing like Bargnani

    why is everyone so suprised? 

    • FAQ

      Well, there was this 13 game breakout

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Rebounding & defense is for peasants (King Barg’s voice)

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    AltRaps “themotherfuck@# King of Clowns change your Team. You miserable little boy

    • Nilanka15

      Is there any way to redirect fanboys to Bargnani’s facebook page?

      • Theswirsky

        he friends them all if they change their status to ‘its complicated’

    • AB7.8pt.on3/11

      Lets go BARGS!

  • Destro


  • DC

    What a pathetic excuse for a basketball team. If espn has your only highlight being the fans screaming we want pizza! And if the announcers thinking that is pathetic thats pretty sad.  This team is a fucking joke. How about we want a win?

    • Destro

      I been saying this for years but if this organization has any nuts they’d stop that wack ass pizza thing and stop doing the 3rd qtr t shirt giveaway with that corny fuggin music….

      If you wanna do a food promotion,if the team wins or keeps the opponent under 100….

      • DC

        Exactly your really making this franchise look like a sorry ass excuse for a nba team (which it already needs no help  with) but then you put on espn stupid fans screaming we want pizza! without winning. O yea if I was a fa I would definantly want to come there. Not.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Nothing wrong with the pizza give-a-way as alot of team’s have similar promotions but the fans cheering for it during a blow out game in which the Raptors played shitty- wow…smdh

        • AB7.8pt.on3/11

          The tribal honkers wanted their money back,but were told no no no,so the fans instead settled on pizza.

        • Destro

          Alot wrong with it…makes the fan base look gimmicky….on second thought these same fans think Bargnani is an all star so actually nvmd….

          • Lorenzo

             Oh so then 2/3 of the league is gimmicky, i see. Just knowledge oozing out your brain.

    • Nilanka15

      I didn’t realize that the pizza giveaway still applies in losses 😐

      We deserved to be laughed at by the US media.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Exactly- the TDot fans were the laughing stock of sports tv yesterday as every sports show I watched mocked the Raptors fans for cheering for pizza instead of Ws….

        No wonder BC keeps on getting over on a large segment of the Raptors fan base/supporters because they are stuck on stupid- stupid is as stupid does…

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Raptors basketball is currently a gimmick…..sponsored and put together by BC…

    • FAQ

      It should be if Bargs gets 10 rebonds the tribal honker gets fed free pastaroni pizza. 

      • Nilanka15

        Aw man, then we’ll NEVER eat!

        • FAQ

          then you could blame Bargs

      • Destro

        lol i love that idea….

  • Wake Up

    Write ups are usually funny and take the actual basketball side of things with a grain of salt. But seriously Jose’s write up is positive? Nelson stole beat him up and stole his lunch money. He pounded the basketball into the hardwood possession after possession handcuffing guys with limited time on the shot clock. He was god awful in every regard tonight. The statitions even felt bad for him giving him free assists like the one to James Johnson’s baseline layup.  

  • FAQ

    Why is Bargs not getting 10 of Emar Eerosen shots ?

  • Raps4Ever

    The team plays a stinking game, and some silly ass fans cheer for a slice of pizza. Others get excited and come out in droves to bash AB and thump their chests in glory. Ain’t life grand in Raptorland.

    • Bendit

      Reflects badly on the city imv…and basketball fans here in general. The tv audience is not limited particularly to this market and must say something to opposing players/coaches about the prevalent hick mentality of many.   

  • Destro

    Actually Raps should have provisions into his next contract regarding rebounding….mid level but near max per year contract if he reaches rebounding goals…10 per game…

    DO IT ED !!