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Raptors Roll Call March 26 vs Magic

117-101, the Magic hammered the Raptors most of the night. We are now 16-34.

The “calvary is coming” edition:

Alabi: yes, yet again, it was that bad.

Anderson: when I got home last night, I saw a dark van scoping the area around my local 7-11. Whenever anybody 6’ tall would come close to the van, it would slow down.  It hung around for a couple hours then took off. Apparently it crawled down to Harbourfront and picked up Alan Anderson. He is a perfect fit for this team…he looked lost, he couldn’t hit a shot from the field and pulled down an awesome 1 rebound.  Even Solomon hit a shot tonight.

Bargnani: this clown is about as valuable to us right now as a skirt that is sewn shut at the bottom. His time lost to injury has obviously messed with his head because Andrea looks foolish out there.

Bayless: he had 12 minutes under his belt when it looked like Spiderman snagged him with a web and brought him to his knees. If that is what a hip pointer injury looks like, I’ll gladly live my life without that experience.

Calderon: solid game with 9 points, 11 assists and a fantastic job pointing his finger. The team was out of sorts tonight and try as he might, Jose couldn’t get them on the same page. Matter of fact, they were as far apart as a team as the A is the Z in the dictionary.

Davis: with his alma matter out of the tourney, he looked more focused and played hard tonight. Hell, he even gave the fans pizza tonight. Not lost on us that he is playing better without DeRozan.

Forbes: and Gary is the guy who is most enjoying the spotlight as DeMar gets in some extra time padding his lead on Playstation. Forbes launched 7 shots from downtown, hitting 4, leading him to a team high 21 points. No doubt he is doing his postgame wearing a fedora and a trench coat. Swag.

Gray: still no offence and still bringing just barely enough to the floor to matter.

A. Johnson: his shoes forced his game to take a backseat tonight and it showed. He lived up to his potential about as well as a pair of scissors with just one blade.

J. Johnson: word is he was sick pre-game, which is pretty fitting since I’m usually sick in-game when he plays like the arrogant prick he seems to like to portray. Maybe he should puke more often because he actually hit some shots tonight. Pretty low bar to stand out from the Raptor pack tonight, but he did just that.

Kleiza: wow, look who decided to show up. Don’t know if it was the sight of Hedo and his sad sack look that riled Linas up and helped convince him he could actually play the game, but Linas actually went 7 of 10 from the field and had that sarcastic look back on his mug.

Magloire: yes, it really was so bad that he saw 11 minutes. Bowl me over, he actually decided to leave his feet too!!  7 rebounds and no doubt earning the honour of being named the marshal in the Scarborough Santa Claus parade.

Driving the bus: Gary Forbes

Under the bus: Andrea Bargnani

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