The “yeah, a 24-0 run will probably kill you every time” edition:

Anderson: that breeze you feel is from the wand of the wicked witch of the north beckoning Alan back, telling him his time is up. Seems to have lost the faith of Casey and is, frankly, running out of control around the court. May work at a pick up game at the CityPlace court, but not in OKC.

Bargnani: not like he was playing like Wilt anyway, but when he pulled up lame just before the half, it was all she wrote for our boys. Sure, they brought it close in the third, but even I could make it look like I was a stud for the first few minutes in bed with Ivanka Trump, but soon after that I would lose all control. No word on the severity of the calf tightness, but never good when a guy looks like he’s been bitten by a pitbull.

Calderon: Sonny Liston decided to come out for the 12th round tonight. It was mentioned on the broadcast, but it’s true: the game off actually helped him and you could see it in his shot and his confidence in said shot. He went 8 for 12 and kept OKC honest as they played him hard to start then backed off him, giving Jose the opportunity to chip away.

Davis: nothing shows how tough you are more than standing up and mouthing off to a ref when you are down big with less than a minute left in the game. You’re a tough guy, Edward. He donned his green headband tonight because, you know, it matches the uniform so well, and it brought him next to nothing for luck.

DeRozan: it’s like DeMar went to Costco for his shots tonight as he heaved 22 of them, making a whopping 6.  Talk about deep discounting. Not sure how much he let the refs into his head since he was on the short end of a couple of no-calls early. He’s been told to attack and get to the line and you have to imagine he’s frustrated when he does the first part with wild abandon only to wind up on his butt and watching the play go the other way.

Forbes: I was surprised to see him pulling off his warmups, but he did well. This was a perfect example of what his role is (much like Magloire tonight) and how he could help any team. He took advantage of open shots, defended well, and absolutely showed no fear. Very much a positive game in a dark night.

Gray: impressive line with 10 boards and what is not a typical sub 5-shot night for him. Not like his game changed at all, just fortunate to have balls land in his hand.  Kind of like Ryan Seacrest.

A. Johnson: honestly, I want to start calling this guy AR as in Animal Rescue. His game is quickly resembling the looks of the faces of dogs and cats at your local rescue shelter. Whatever is going on, the guy needs a personal intervention that involves at least 5 group hugs and a butt squeeze.

J. Johnson: and speaking of dogs, look who got released from his house. Before you get excited: 2 of 11 and the personality makeup of an orphan at Christmas. Not hard to see why Casey would sit this troll down.

Kleiza: ugh. How to describe his game tonight. Hmm. Imagine you had fallen on hard times and needed some clothing so you went to the Salvation Army. You picked up some cool clothes, felt good about them, went home and the next day you decided to wear them out. You run into that prick you hated in high school and he loudly points out that you are wearing his cast offs.  That is Linas’ game in Loud City.

Magloire: good appearance by Jamaal tonight. He was a physical presence on the floor and made the OKC front line take notice. This, along with his direction from the bench, is his strength and needs to be tapped into more often.

Uzoh: tough match up for a D-Leaguer tonight, but Ben has some skills that has him on the cusp of making the big show. Tonight did him no favours though as he regressed and regressed hard.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Linas Kleiza

Theme of the Game:

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  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    The CLOWN is back on the Roll Call.

    The ‘Double Double Machine’ came short tonight. 4 reb 3 TO -23 in 19 min. No bad for the ‘Future PF of the RaptorsRepublic Team’.

    Let’s not forget, The ‘Whatcoulditbe if Raptorsrepublic was in charge…….(as BC)……..

    PG Brandon Roy  (instead of lasagna)

    PF Ed ‘double double machine’ Davis (lasagna good for a 2nd round pick)

    C Greg Oden (swap with lasagna)

    C Thabeet (swap with lasagna)

    All the above mentioned by our Great bloggers AltRap ‘The Clown’ & Co.

    See you soon

    • Truthkiller

      I really don’t get it, if you don’t like reading the blog then don’t fucking click on it it’s really really simple. 

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      AB sucks………….Pasta sticks!!

      • Gramps

        BC is gonna bleach the Raps next season when Val comes in.  BC is gonna bring in a lot of Europlayers and make the Raps look Canadian.  Jes’ watch.

        • Tesla

           Nah, too much work.

      • CJT

        You are the genital herpes on the balls of useless comments.  

        • Tesla


        • Destro

          This guy either makes STD comments or gay sex comments,care to put your real name to these confessions lil dude….Smh @ RR being your lipstick alley…. 

          • CJT

            You may have noticed that I reserve these for you and your other personality disorder gotstogo. 

            • Destro

              Dog i pay no mind to WHO the SN is that doesnt matter nor do i care,only thing that does matter is ur recessive genes keep allowing you on this message board to reveal your homosexuality tendencies and assorted confessionals to take center stage like the lil debbie snack cake eating strumpet that we all know you are offline……

              • CJT

                Does the shit you say even make sense to you? 

                • Destro

                  You may have noticed i reserve it for you and other fuckn idiots like you with no personality on RR….

    • gooniesNEVERdie

      people such as you make it hard to cheer for Andrea.. you guys are partly the reason I want him traded smh.  You put him above the entire team…. make a “I’d eat Bargnani’s pasta” blog or something b/c its clear you aren’t a Raptors fan.

      • pran

        he’s entitled to his opinion, but for fuck’s sake stop trashing the rest of the team for no fucking reason, it’s really offensive to RAPTOR fans. Either add something constructive, perhaps an argument defending why you want bargnani to stay or gtfo! and that goes for the others on the opposite side of the issue. How does calling bargs lazy mof’er aka pasta! add to the conversation? cmon everyone, grow the fuck up.

        • pran

          p.s. most of that post was not directed at you, but you knew that right?

  • Tesla

     9 games left, 6 of those 9 are against playoff teams, lookin’ good.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      When has it ever really looked good this season?

      • Tesla

        When we lost, but kept it close.

        Was that not the primary goal this season? To tank and get a high draft pick in this meaningless shortened season? When I say Anthony Davis; you say Superstar! Anth-

        • Lorenzo

           I see what you did there…

  • ShermanTank

    The Nets lose and the Raps move into 6th place in the current tank standings….. Cleveland and Sacramento, we are hot on your tail. #TankNation.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      #StankNation wash your ass….

      • ShermanTank

        Wash your face! 

      • Rob

        You win the “I am stuck on stupid” lifetime achievement award. Congratulations.

        • Destro

          You win the i’ve posted irrelevant trash while sharkin someones idea award….i believe your 2nd in as many days man congrats !

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            These sucka side bustas can’t come up with their own ideas so they copy mine…yet imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….lol

          • Rob

            You win the alter-ego award for posting under two aliases—destro and Gots2Go. It’s no wonder you defend him so vehemently and both share the same idiotic ideas. Dumbass.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              And you need to go outside and get some fresh air & talk to some real people…lmfao

              I don’t post under any other alias, buddy, try again.

              • Rob

                Of course you do, it’s Destro. If not, then he must be of some relation to you….boyfriend perhaps?

                For no other reason would he vehemently defend you, and you both share the same wack-ass comments and rhetoric. Destro is the definition of a male bitch Ice-T style.

                • Destro

                  Classic case of a basketball imbecile doing everything he can do deflect the topic of convo away from his boring and shitty opinions NOOOOOOOPE

                  We see it Robert !

                • Rob

                  Stay stuck on stupid and keep telling yourself that, because if anything, you’re the one that turns these forums into a bitch-fest about the team. 

                  Haters gonna hate and they ain’t gonna quit, well I say fuck em with a sandpaper diiiiiiiiick.

                • Destro

                  I think you did enough attention whoring for the day,you nekkid windsurfing faccot…..shows over bish.

                • Rob

                  Weak ass hoe, keep crying and FOH with your lame ass bs.

              • pran

                c’mon man it’s quite obvious that you and destro are one and the same. How likely is it that a guy named destro and you have the exact same  mannerisms and point of view.  

                I doesn’t bother me at all, I just think you’re lying when you say it isn’t you.

                • Destro

                  So there cant be more than 1 poster who dislikes Calderon,Barn yawny and point collar ?

                  Logic 0
                  Pran 1

                • Rob

                  No, there can’t be more than 1 poster that sound alike, mimic each other word for word, same ideas, same train of thought, and are both utter dumb shits.

            • Destro

              Run an IP check you faggot muthafucker…Until you do and post the results,i suggest you keep it basketball…

              • Rob

                I just ran an IP check, it traced Destro and Gots2Go back to the same computer, the one in the middle of an alleyway being run by some lunatic homeless guy that steals power from the backdoor of a nearby restaurant. Caught ya moron!

                • Lorenzo

                   Oh man you’re killing my insides

                • Lorenzo

                   NO HOMO

                • Destro

                  Zactly muthafucka your a bum poster and your posts and aura is dripping in absolute bumjuice…

                • Destro

                  and pls stop tryna be funny,the shit is beyond corny…..leave it to dudes who at least have a sense of humor….

                • Rob

                  Ain’t trying to be funny, you just hate hearing the truth moron.

  • Shew

    Do you guys really get off by typing some ‘scary’ insult on your keyboard? Do you get up and walk away feeling like the champ? Just wondering. Maybe its a good anger venting therapy..hope so cause you sound like 13 year olds.

    • Wendel

      Thanks for that Blog Sheriff.

    • Destro

      Yea i do it while making the belt gesture rocking my Bargnani Tee shirt with his face X’d out NWO style….makes my teeth whiter !

  • pran

    most of those no-calls against derozan were the right call, but he
    seems to be trying to change speeds and take it to the rack explosively, the
    handles just aren’t there I can live with that, right now he’s a bench player
    that’s only starting b/c we have 0 talent.


    I think we have to question the fitness of our boy bargs
    though……….he seems to have lost the ability to get passed his man (refer
    to first 13 games, and the first few when he came back from injury), without
    his speed he’s the same player he was last year and a jump-shooting bargnani
    does not have the same efficiency as one that is able to get around


    speaking of defense, that has also regressed, and while I think he
    was capable of playing adequate defense, we have rarely seen the bargnani who
    defended the pick and roll so well at the start of the season.

    • sangaman

      Its obvious he hasnt been 100%..since the initial injury and if its the legs it affects all aspects of his game. Need to sit the rest of the season. Bulk up wth weights an protein…

  • NyAlesund

    Fake injury. I don’t know. I was disappointed. He was playing well, especially in the second quarter. The only thing I do not really understand is why I have to read posts and posts about AB even today. It seems everything is connected to him, in good and in bad case. C’mon. I understand that someone don’t like him, I understand that someone likes him but he is the best player of this damm team and until he will be part of this organization we have to cheer and support him.

    I don’t know if it a really good idea to trade him, but if will happen I hope for a good piece because if you like it or not he is really excellent player.

  • ppellico

    although NOT a fav of the negative writing here…
    I am a fan of the cleverness. In fact, next to The Truth About Cars’s Jack Baruth and all, this is some of the best I have read.

    Just need a tich more love than hate to be really, really good.

    My 2 points about last night are Maglorie..who IMO must be a nice fella. I see him supporting this team from the bench like very few pros do. In fact…every time I see him he has an arm around Gray as if Gray is HIS project in the NBA,

    Next…we must have done something well last night as their 2 overly stupid high paid bigs,
    Perkins and Ibaka, were both held to minuses on the stat board. I thought I heard Perkins gets OVER 7 million per year!!!

    OH what a wonderful world this NBA is. Millions for garbage play.
    Only in America!

  • Nilanka15

    Have to be concerned over Bargnani’s calf injury.  It’s looking like a chronic problem, as this is now the 4th injury on the same calf.  Hey Alex McKechnie, do something.

    • NyAlesund

       He has to rest and see him the next season.

      • ppellico

        is there not a worry about his trainer’s job here?
        I have a big worry here…
        I suffered from this in tennis, yet was finally given very good advise on the specific work needed to not only recover…but to prevent this from coming back.

        IF NOT done properly…this injury comes back and with a vengeance. And every time it does come back, it can get worse up until it ends a career.
        It MUST be treated the correct way in recovery and you must do very specific pre/post-game work on it to make sure it doesn’t come back.

        Playing tennis every day means I am very much in this danger area. However…following the specific leg work before each match I have so far never seen it happen after the second, and last, time. The last time ( over a year ago) forced me to seek out the best medial/trainer and I learned the hard way about the dangers of this calf thing.

        PLEASE, Raps…make sure this guy is getting the best attention and direction for this.

        • NyAlesund

           You’re right.

  • ppellico

    specifically…the injury
    itself creates a hard, damaged scar area. This must be broken up while the
    healing takes place. It is extremely painful to have this knot of damaged
    tissue worked out throughout the process.

    You are NOT healed until
    it is gone. And it must be gone. If not, any left over damaged tissue becomes a
    focus for the next strain.

    The stretch for this is
    also painful…unless you get off on this.

    But it must be done after
    all the healing is over. Doing so before is just causing a longer recovery
    period…perhaps even hurting/weakening the area.

    I do know this now and go
    through the stretches before and after each match…I never want the pain of that
    therapist digging into and breaking up the knotted and damaged muscle ever

    Very painful

  • CantDL

    Haters gonna hate. keep the roll call’s coming. raptors republic is still the best raps blog!

  • in any case not a problem just fine