The Raptors Republic Reader Draft Rankings

Check out the details inside – we’re creating an RR Draft Board using all of your own personal draft rankings!

Just two short months away!

Hey there, RR faithful!

Guess what? It’s time for you to be heard! Not individually, of course…that would be silly. But you can have a face-less voice in a chorus of the collective readership!

What the hell am I talking about?

Well, you may have noticed that the Raptors’ season is over and, as such, there isn’t a whole lot for us to talk about here while the “good” teams keep playing games in something called “the playoffs.” Rather than let the site die down or have Arse blow his brains out trying to formulate daily content right now, I hatched an idea to at least keep us all somewhat interested in the Raptors while we stew menacingly with plots of tearing EVERYONE’s ACL outside of Toronto so that WE could have a playoff game or four.

Again, what the hell am I talking about?

Here’s what you and I, all of us together, are going to do:

The Raptors Republic Reader Rankings / Mock Draft (aka R^4 Draft)
We are going to create a collective rankings for draft prospects from the Toronto Raptors perspective. Basically, we want to create a draft board in the event that we win the lottery and pick 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, stay in our current #8 spot, or move down as far as #11. So we’ll need to rank the top-11 players, but to make it tidy we’ll do the entire “lottery” of 14 players.

What you need to do – Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “R4 Draft”
What to include – A numbered list from 1-14 of who you would like the Raptors to draft.
How to choose – However you want, really. Don’t worry about who may/may not be available when we pick, because we don’t know when we’ll pick yet. Rank the top-14 guys you’d like to see the Raptors take, in a perfect world.
Submissions are due – I’ll start to compile the results on Monday, so please submit no later than Sunday May 6.

At the beginning of next week, I will take all of the lists and merge them into one master list, giving 14 points for a #1 pick, 13 for a #2, etc, down to 1 point for the #14 on a list. A player’s total points will be summed up, and the rankings will be determined, giving us the Raptors Republic’ collective rankings for the draft. From here, we can discuss, explain, and berate each other, since we’ll know that we’re either a) not alone in our opinions or b) the only intelligent person to use this site.

In the meantime, feel free to respond to this thread with your initial thoughts and comments, and post your own list for all to see if you want (because again, the lists will be amalgamated, not posted individually). But please email them as well, because I won’t be pulling them from the comments for tabulation.

And hey…I happen to have it on good authority that Bryan Colangelo frequents this site (he likes Arse’s photoshops), so this list will probably end up being the actual board the team uses in June. Let’s draft!

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