Hard to draw too many parallels between the two since Hakeem was courted to be a championship partner with Carter, whereas Nash is being sought to fill empty seats. As countless reports have suggested, Colangelo’s going to be in New York trying to get Nash to sign a deal, and I have no doubt that he’ll throw him all the money available to him (after all, he gets it back in jersey sales). What would surprise me if this signing does happen is the lack of ambition that would have been shown by Steve Nash. Miami, LA and Dallas are probably others are better fits, and more in line with a championship that I would think he’s seeking, so the only reason he would sign with the Raptors is money, no matter how much it’s covered under the garb of a pseudo-homecoming (he’s from BC, not Toronto). At least he’s being honest about it:

The Raptors would be one of those teams where you’re probably not going there to win a championship in the next three years. For me it’d be going home to Canada, to a great city, and trying to help an organization move forward.

Then again, here’s another, more realistic perspective from the National Post:

So now the team is ramping up to bid for Steve Nash when he becomes a free agent this weekend. There is a lot to like about the idea of Nash in a Raptors jersey, obviously, because he’s still a fantastic player and would instantly make the team relevant again. But is it at all realistic? The case for Nash-to-Toronto boils down to the fact that he is Canadian. And also that he is Canadian. Put it this way: he has shown extraordinary loyalty to the Phoenix Suns franchise, playing and not complaining even as its owner strip-mined the team to save money. Even if he is suddenly going to walk away from the Suns, has a player ever used the sunset years of his career to join a team that finished 12 wins shy of the playoffs? Yes, Nash might place considerable value on living in Toronto and being better able to carry out his new duties with Basketball Canada. I hope he does. But I doubt it. The late-career retirement laps are supposed to take place as the final piece of a championship contender, not as the on-court instructor to a roster full of kids.

Get him. It makes no matter to me, it’s not like we have a point guard on the roster whose development he could halter by “stealing” minutes. We have Calderon (been there, done that), Bayless (just missed a guy who was open in the corner), and…um…Ben Uzoh? Sign me up for Nash, at least it’ll add another twist to a season that won’t have playoffs at the end of it. It’s a circus, the crazier the circus, the better. Let’s see the variables that already make next season interesting:

  1. JoVal: Let’s check whether the product matches the hype, all this talk of “he would’ve gone #2 this year” is making me thirsty.
  2. Terrence Ross: Massive reach or great scouting.
  3. DeMar DeRozan: Let’s see how he reacts to some competition form a younger, talented, gun (as I said yesterday, if Alan Anderson can shake him, we’re in trouble).
  4. Andy Bargnani: He’s always interesting! His reputation right now is based on a spectacular 13-game start to the season, so it’s always fun to track his season as he alternates between the franchise’s savior and its bane.
  5. Dwane Caseys’ stickage: Fine, you got them to play hard for one year, but will he wear off like he did in Minny or is he for real.

Five reason to look forward to next season, granted it’s not much, but considering the drought around these parts, this is like a harvest. Add Nash to the mix here and you got yourself a 41-night circus in town. I might even pay for a ticket.

From a basketball POV, what would a 38-year old Steve Nash bring? Let’s see, we know he’s not the defender that Dwane Casey would ideally want, so his value obviously lies on the offensive end, specifically how he interacts with Jonas Valanciunas, Andrea Bargnani, and say someone like, Terrence Ross. The pick ‘n roll game, which he’s awesome at, is likely the biggest basketball reason to sign him, especially considering that that’s JoVal’s specialty. Not that Jose Calderon’s bad at it, but having someone of Nash’s caliber and quality can only accelerate a big man’s introduction to the NBA. Notice I didn’t say DeMar DeRozan’s mix with Nash, because since DeRozan can’t shoot, I see it hard for any offensive synergy between them. Terrence Ross though, well, see Jason Richardson.

Here’s the video where Nash says he’s considering leaving Phoenix.

So where am I going with this? Sign him, when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. Just make sure the deal isn’t going to cripple us for years to come. Would a two-year front-loaded deal work? I think so.

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  • WhiteVegas

    Gonna be a 3 year, $30 Million deal at $10 per year. Maybe front load the deal with $12 in year 1, $10 in year 2, and $8 in year 3. He has repeatedly said he wants to play 3 more years. I love the signing. Raps would be getting arguably the second best FA on the market (Dwill is the best). He’s going to make Bargs look like the second coming of Dirk. Just watch and see. Canada will finally have a relevant basketball team.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      3 YEARS 36 MILLION for a 38 year old pg with back issues?

      Guess Casey’s DEFENSE first culture was bullchit as in BC because a potential starting line up with both Nash & Bargnani in it is not thinking defense 1st.

      BC is going to blow all the cap space that he has preached to the fan base as his saving grace post CB- the potential Nash signing is a pr spin just like hiring Jay as the 1st NBA head coach was- to pacify the fan base with slight of hand moves.

      What happened to the REBUILD/BUILD?lmfao

      • Randy

         Your life must be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame

      • gordo

        so what back issues are you talking about? are you a doctor? this guy is in superb shape, better shape than you’ll ever dream of being and they had a great medical staff in phoenix and he takes great care of his body, he only missed 4 games last season, 7 the year before,1 before that, 8 before that, and 1 before that….. so basically he hasnt missed more than 8 games for the past 10 years! get it right man ffs…his game is so cerebral that his age doesnt matter, doesnt rely on elite athletic ability like rose, westbrook etc. who will probably both be retired by nash’s age…..I also know that you were always complaining about the raps rebuilding and missing the playoffs, now you’re complaining about them most likely making it? a taste of the playoffs will be good for terrence ross, JV and our young guys, and our fans, the acc goes off when the playoffs come around.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          There’s a reason why Nash lies down on the floor when not in the game and cold TDot winters won’t help his ailing back….

          Signing Nash won’t mean playoffs get a clue Sherlock…smdh

          That being said go STFU……

          • gordo

            he hasnt missed more than 8 games in a season over the past 10 years, won 2 MVPs, led the suns to the conference finals a few times, and he did this all on a bad back right lmao? go sit down sherlock

            • FLUXLAND

              “Nash has a medical condition called spondylolisthesis, which causes muscle
              tightness and back pain. Due to the condition, when he is not in
              the game he lies on his back rather than sitting on the
              bench to keep his muscles from stiffening.”
              Have a seat, Watson.

              • p00ka

                And he’s been dealing with, and doing that for how many seasons, including 2 MVP seasons, and last year’s All-Star season (garnered while playing with a bunch of scrubs), but it doesn’t matter what he does on the court, because what he does on the bench to take care of his back is what’s important, right?

                • FLUXLAND

                  I don’t know why people keep bringing up the MVPs. Who cares? He stole
                  them, they were handed to him, guy.  The only player in history to play
                  one side of the court and win it, the only player in history to never
                  win a ring and have, not one but two MVPs.

                  Really, stop it with the MVP talk – it’s meaningless unless you are
                  working for the Raps marketing team.

                  How many Finals has he been in? How many times has he been past the 2nd

                  And over the last 3 years total games played 81, 75 , 62.. and this in a
                  climate favourable to his back. Now he’s coming up here and his
                  production is going to increase? Based on what? The amazing medical
                  staff that’s managed to clear players with heart issues? Please, spare
                  me. If anything there should be a prop somewhere on how fast he goes

                • gordo

                  climate favorable to his back? lmao now you’re reaching buddy, he plays half of his games in phoenix during the season. I didnt realize that playing inside the ACC is -15 degrees, compared to playing inside us airways center where its always 40 degrees, didnt know indoor arenas had different temperatures throughout the league. real piece of work you are fluxyboy.

              • gordo

                what seat moron? a problem isnt a problem until it prevents him from playing, and I have 10 years of proof that it hasnt. stfu

                • FLUXLAND

                  Yes, and we all know how back problems disappear with old age, not to mention how past performance is a concrete indication of future ones.  

        • FLUXLAND

          What back issues?  Bro, do you read anything besides RR? 

          • Nash has back problems and doesn’t sit on the bench during games. 

            • FLUXLAND

              Yes, I know.  I see him wrapped like the Michelin man on an autopsy table at the end of the bench.

              I was asking Cptn Gordo up there if he reads anything besides RR, because if he did maybe he’d have a clue. 

              • p00ka

                He was doing the same thing while garnering 2 MVPs, and has missed only a handful of games for past 10 years, and played at all-star level last year, with more scrubs than the Raps had, again while doing his Michelin man thing while on the bench, but that’s what really matters, eh.

                • p00ka_is_a_fish

                  Stop with this 2 MVP garbage, he robbed 1 of them and they were almost 8 years ago. 

                • p00ka

                  Simple minds can’t keep track of conversations, eh. The point raised on the whine vine was that he has back issues and wraps himself up on the floor when on “the bench”. My point was to illustrate the fact that he has had this “issue” for the past 10 years of playing at a “one of the best all time PGs” level. Point being, it’s shear stupidity to point out what he does on the bench as some indication of what he does on the court.

                  Sorry, but I can’t explain it any simpler to deal with your simple mind, but maybe it will become clearer when you become a big boy..

              • sleepz

                ‘wrapped like the Michelin man’ LOL, vivid imagery.

          • gordo

            do you read anything besides sunshine books? fucking clown.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Going into his 7th season AB isn’t Dirk like at all- 2 rebs per quarter anyone?, stop sucking on a pr spin like it’s bond..

      • Dc

        Thank you these clowns still think that ab is gonna become dirk at the ripe age at 27 going on 28. With full time stater mins for tHe last six years and no competition to harden his bitch ass up. Bargs will never be dirk. He’s always gonna give up whatever he bring to the game offensively hell give right back defensively. And signing 38 year old Steve Nash? Ook and in what if any sport is signing a 38 year old a good idea? Exactly. This team needs to keep this rebuild going not fuck it all up. No where close are they to winning anything with or without Nash this team is still tops 3rd in the division best case scenario.

    • Well I thought we were rebuilding for the future with “young” talent. There are plenty of young PGs out there instead of Nash that I would rather invest in to grow with this young nucleus. Sure, Nash put up great numbers last year. But you have to put it in perspective and realize he is fucking 38 years old and your dropping 12 mil on him. He already has a history of back problems. Look at KG and the great season he had. He is younger than Nash but even he was at the point of retiring. 

      • p00ka

        Please enlighten us with some of the “plenty of young PGs” that are available, at what price, that you think they should be going with.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I agree, FAs like Goran Dragic, Raymond Felton, Aaron Brooks, Jameer Nelson or try and trade for a pg as going after Nash is a reality TV pr spin from BC designed to fool the fan base with Kid Canada pacification- if he signs with the Raptors.

        • rus

           Raymond Felton, Jameer Nelson,…..(fighting back vomit…..)

        • wesmantooth

          calderon is better than all of the above!! nash almost led the worst roster in the western conference to the playoffs last year! in the WEST!! the raps are in the EAST!! he’ll take the raps to the playoffs, get them international coverage and potentially attract some other players to want to come play here. raps will be relevant again! not to mention he makes every player he plays with seem like theyre twice as good as they are(marion, staudemire)both of these are half the player without him.. its a great move!

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Raptors will look at this from several fronts:

        1) A $12 million a year cost, is the price of doing business. Especially with this individual, where Toronto’s bottom line stands to benefit. As they say …. you have to invest a little, to make a lot. And Toronto will make a lot off Steve.

        2) Cap Flexibility? This ties in with becoming a Contender a few years down the road. That point in time when the newly available cap flexibility will be important.

        3) With Steve, this “Build” brings us to another phase – the play-offs. By the time Raptors have the Gang to make it to the Finals, Steve will be the Assistant Coach. Or posssibly – back-up Point Guard. Hopefully on a team led by a dynamic young PG who’s been tutored by a great player.

        4) Play-offs will mean a return to respectability – albeit, not in the way that means Contender status. But, with greater respectability comes better Free Agents – not so afraid to take it to the next level. Or – as Egos do go – be the reason why Toronto will.

        5) Getting to that next level – of more playoff games – will hopefully be a product of greater experience, and talent. JV (rated #2 had he been in this draft) will – if the stars align – be a potential Star and dynamic Centre. Ross – with a little more bulk, and experience – could be a decent player. Add a mature and more veteran-like AB (at 29), along with a bulkier DD (~ 25), along with Mr. Casey at the helm, and things could bode well for Toronto Raptors.

        I wouldn’t have imagine things being different this year, had it not been for DC. This year though …. with Casey on the whip …. I’m more optimistic that we can put the word Tank behind us. For a good number of years.


        • ghost

          As much as I like Nash, why not go after Dragic as our PG of the future. 

          • DoNDaDDa

            because Dragic thinks hes worth 10mill  season thts why..id prefer nash thank you..

          • Bendit

            Cause Dragic is as good as signing with Houston.

            • Balls of Steel

              Umm, they signed Omer Asik to a 3 year 25.1 mil offer sheet. Yet here we are bitching about Nash’s proposed deal? Omer Asik!!!

        • Truthkiller

          Nash to the Raptors em tank nation will be back in 2 years.

          • rus

             in  two years, JV is seasoned, Ross is coming into his own while other pieces are fitting into the team picture (AB ED and DD if their around or their replacements )
            Why is that team tanking? have a little faith man…..

        • JohnG

          Tell me where the fuck are you going to get this so called dynamic point guard in a few years. Steve Nash is going to be an assistant coach or back up? So we payed 12 mill a year for a starter for 1 or 2 year and then expect him to mentor. And how do you know Captain Canada can keep this production up and lead this shitbox team to the playoffs and bring free agents to Canada. Your imagining things son. Stop daydreaming.

          • CJT

            How do you know he won’t do those things?  Everything is speculation, but I would rather take my chances with one of the best PG’s to have played the game, who has not shown any signs of slowing down yet.

            • See thats the key. You would take your “chances” on 38 yr old actually producing the same numbers. Not a chance. We would not have the money to get another dynamic player or even attract a player to Toronto. Even though he put up great numbers last year, are you risking your house he puts the same numbers next year here. Me, not a chance.

          • Bendit

            Do you know the good PGs becoming FAs or being traded or available in the draft in the next 2-3 yrs? And who would you rather get instead of Nash today who is available. DWill?

            • I would rather invest in Goran Dragic, George Hill (who is gone now), Sessions, Lou Williams, even Jeremy Lin. Or even just wait till next year. Let’s face reality. I’m not that optimistic that with Nash that he can carry this team to the playoffs. Everyone thinks JV is going to come in and pick the game easy. And Bargs won’t have his usual struggles. This team still stinks. I just don’t think its a great idea to throw all your chips into a guy who is 38. Yet we were are all debating one time about how expensive it would be to bring in a defensive small forward like an Iguodala even though that was Casey’s defensive “philosophy”. Nash will get destroyed on defense. 

          • wesmantooth

            so they the raps should just stay in this limbo rebuild mode??? this is BC’s legacy. its not spin, its all on this. nash is the missing piece to whatever hes been trying to do here. he’s going for broke with this. hes putting the team in the best position to win..
            you cant fold your hand every year! hes goin “all in” with a low full house and theres nothing negative about this!!
            i love it

            • Limbo rebuild? WTF are you talking about. So now you expect a 38 year old saviour from Canada to take us to the playoffs. Thats BCs whole “young” rebuilding plan to get this team into respectability. 

              Lets use an OKC model and compare how retarded we are.How would you do with an young, up and coming team. What would you surround them with? Other young players to develop (Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka, Perkins, Thabo) with veterans at a low cost (Fisher, Collison)Now to the damn Raptors, We drafted all these young guys (Derozen, Davis, Ross, JV) paired with other young ones (Johnson, Bargs), you’d think another young player would be perfect for this nucleus and a few veterans at a low cost.BUT NNNOOOO!!!BC has to do it his unconventional way.Goes to what got him his little GM of the year award and gives a 3yr/36 million fucking contract to a 38yr old.I don’t give a fuck what production he put up last season or how many missed games. You got to be honestly fucked in the head to think 12 million is reasonable for Nash at his age. This just disgusts me. 

              • wesmantooth

                wtf are you talking about?? are you honestly comparing our talent to the thunder??WHAAAAA? its not the same situation! the theory doesnt apply just because theyre young you moron. there drafts have worked perfectly and ours havent! there players are waaaay better! and yes “limbo rebuild’!! we’ve been in limbo rebuilding forever!! and unless you know something that i dont about jv, tross and quincy fuckin acey being the saviors we will remain in limbo. nash is the perfect mentor. how could you not care about his numbers?? they say that hes still great! and will make our players relevant and great! 
                we’re not the thunder bro!!
                if 38 is your trump card on this deal than you’re a seriously narrow minded idiot

                • john g

                  Im comparing to how you should build a team. I’m not comparing our talent. Every team should learn to build from the draft and invest in players that will make an impact while still in their prime. The raptors are just blowing their money on Nash who is just a gimmick for the fans and for MLSE to make some money. Haven’t we learned already by signing Turk to a bad contract already.

                • wesmantooth

                  so what do we do in the meantime??
                  we have who we have and are playing with our less talented drafted players
                  bring in someone thats gonna help them excel?
                  or tank and draft?? and hope we turn into the thunder?
                  turk and nash are 2 very different animals and thats completely reaching!

  • enlightenment

    Is it smart to load so much money into Nash though? I do not know how long he can go for. I am so scared for another Hakeem. What if he sucks this year? we have now spent so much money and tied our selves to him for the next 3 years.

    • CJT

      Hakeen was crippled when long before he got here.  Nash has never missed more than 8 games in a season.  If they can keep Jose as his back up, he will be able to control his minutes.

      • Theswirsky

        There is a reason Nash lies on the floor when he is taken off.  He doesn’t do that because its comfortable.  He has back problems.

        • gordo

          he’s been doing that since he won those back-to-back MVP awards, did he win those on a bad back? he lies down to avoid stiffness in his back, which he gets from sitting. even larry bird did it. get real man.

          • p00ka

            Forgive these clowns. Whine making makes people stupid.

            • gordo

              you said it man.

        • CJT

          Didn’t say he didn’t.  My point was Hakeem could barely walk when he came here, let alone play.  Nash has back issues that have never kept him out of more than 10 games per season.  Didn’t say I want him as the PG, just stating facts.

          • Bendit

            One of the major reasons Hakeem was signed was because Wince wanted it.

            • CJT

              I recommend we never hire Vince as the GM

        • Bendit

          He also plays soccer in the off season.

  • Brain Colangelo

    This would be so good.

  • cdub

    Hakeem was already done when he got to TO.  Nash is still playing at a high level.  It’s a gamble in the 3yr/34m range that Garnett is getting, imo.  I think that is what they have to offfer if they want a shot.  His age is a big concern though. 

  • j bean

    The equation of Nash and Hakeem in the title doesn’t work as Nash is coming off another excellent season where Hakeem was only a shell of himself when he signed here. 
    Nash may eventually lose a step physically but that won’t effect his game as much as it  does most vets. Blazing speed isn’t the reason for his two MVP’s not that long ago.

  • Drfunk

     Yeah the Hakeem comparison isn’t really valid. We’ve yet to see Nash miss half a year through injuries like the Dream did. By the time he came here, he was a shell of his former self and really just came to get paid. Nash arguably is still a top 5PG and puts up great numbers, not like he’d get a free ride here. I think if DD worked on being a spot up shooter, he might actually be decent with Nash.

    The basketball side of things would be insane. We finally have someone who commands a legit double team that frees up Barg/JV/any number of slashers. Lob city to any of our young athletic freaks on the break. Someone who can ice the game through crunch time through clutch shots and free throws. Maybe, just maybe instill a strong work ethic to our youth and build a strong chemistry with each other. Part of the success the Suns had is their bonds towards each other. Those guys hung out as a group and were a big family when not in game. If the rest of the Raps could be inspired to do the same, we might witness something great next year. Chemistry is the X factor of any sports team, if you have it, it can beat talent at any given time.

  • Employee

    apples and oranges.  Do any of you remember a stat last year that had Nash helping his team on D? I think it was Hollinger or something basically summarizing that he may not have the speed but he’s not a stupid defender.  He knows where to be etc.  

    Anyway. I want Nash. 

    • Hollinger stats are the worst stats to follow

  • mo

    Let’s be honest, we aren’t a better team than Philly (8th seed) even with Nash

    • jrap

       let’s be more honest.. we haven’t even seen the new raptor team w/ the possibility of nash plus, jval & ross & acy & hopefully another quality FA.. so let’s not quick to jump that philly is better than us.. they may even lose iguodala to us LOL

  • Schristie

    Like it has been said Hakeem comparison is weak as Nash was an allstar…3 years at 12 mil a year is what I am guessing….There is no risk here….this team is a joke withour Nash….He will make everyone better on the offencive side of the ball…He will fill the building….He will atract a side kick if Jose is amnestied….He will make this team a playoff team….I am going to say this team could finish as hig as 2nd in the East if he comes here….Long shot maybe….But the East has a lot of questions after Miami….See Indiana this year as an example…A ring is longshot….but what if Andrea becomes great with Nash, what if Jo Val is great, what if DD becomes a great 4th wheel what if Ross is a good fit, what if we get another good player to come here…Nash is a two time MVP who is still an allstar….This could save the Raps from 3 more losing seasons in a row which what will happen if we dont get him…Come on BC/Steve

    • mountio

      sign him, yes .. 2nd? shiiiiiiit please. sneak into playoffs without any other moves if we are lucky. But .. still do it .. first of a couple moves hopefully

    • Nathan Schaeff

      Nash bayless ugoh
      Demar ross
      ???? Kleiza acy
      Bargs amir
      Jv gray magloire

      It seems that is basic plan. Really not to bad. Def entertaining.

  • gordo

    fuck it, get nash. this team needs a story line, needs to be relevant again, tired of bullshit tanking, waiting a whole season for what MIGHT (very small chance) turn out to be the 1st overall pick and that never goes our way. get nash, this team and this city needs playoffs again, not snobby armchair internet experts on here thinking they know whats good for the team. nash is a consumate professional that knows how to win, couldve complained like all these other young punks out there and asked to get traded in search of a ring but he didnt. he’ll help put that winning culture back in TO. sign nash.

  • Daniel

    Signing Nash and amnestying Calderon is extremely bad karma. It will follow us for years to come.

    • Arsenalist

      Am I the only one who thinks that Calderon’s contract at this point becomes an asset and not a liability, hence amnestying it is a complete waste?

      • Daniel

        Arse, how much is worth the 5th player in Assists per game and 1st in TO/Asst not on a rookie contract? I think his contract is par for the value even not including the fact that it is an expiring. I have no doubts that at least 10 teams are salivating at the idea of Jose being amnestied. 

        • CJT

          In fact, you are dead on.  Read some Lakers sites yesterday who are begging for Jose to end up with the LAL.  It is so strange to think that he is so polarizing here, but a team like the Lakers would welcome him as their starting PG in a second.  

          • rus

            Whoa, just because a forum says Jose will start, doesn’t mean the Lakers brass will ….
            Plus, Jose will never clear waivers, which LA needs him to do in order to get him

          • mountio

            hold on there. If they wanted him so bad, how come they didnt trade for him at the deadline last year and instead traded a first rounder (plus the right to swap another first rounder) for Ramon Sessions! We surely would have taken less for Jose. Lets be clear .. Jose has no trade value, because if he did, he wouldnt be a raptor right now.
            Ya, would they take him of the scrap heap after we amnesty him? Hell ya .. Id love to have him for 2-3 mm also… but thats a lot different than actually trading away value for him.  

            • CJT

              exactly.  I didn’t say anything about a trade.  My point was that there are lots of teams out there that would welcome his services.  It was a blog to be clear.  But if you read any of Toronto’s blogs they have been trashing him for years.  I just find it funny that others view him as a valuable addition.

              • mountio

                I dont know anyone on this blog or any other that wouldnt love to have Jose at $2-$3 mm / year. Hes a steal at that value. At $10.5 mm .. thats a different story.

                • CJT

                  To be honest, I don’t really remember many of the posts talking about his value.  Most focussed on his sub par skills, injury prone, etc. etc. etc.  I believe that he is a valuable player at 10M but that is only my opinion. 

            • p00ka

              The CBA and Lakers payroll made it impossible to get  Jose, short of the Raps gift wrapping him and taking back end of the bench scrubs to match. Funny how history gets twisted on here, even after only a few months.

              • mountio

                Cavs took Walton and Kapono .. we could have done something similar .. a Calderon deal was very doable .. dont know what you are talking about ..

                • p00ka

                  I don’t know what you’re talking about either. What deal do you know they could have had, but turned it down?

      • golden

        I am completely baffled by the Calderon amnesty chatter.  It has got to be a smokescreen aimed at sniffing out potential deals and seeing what the market is.  BC just loves smokescreening, to the point where I think every GM sees it as crying wolf.  But even that doesn’t make sense.  When you’re trying to create a market, usually you

        Many teams could use a pass-first, low-turnover, high efficiency, great shooter, team-oriented PG with an expiring contract.  Lakers, Magic, Heat, Knicks come to mind, and that’s just off the top of my head.  You think Bosh and Pau Gasol would be lobbying their GMs immediately, if Jose is available for pennies on the dollar.  I can see easily see him in Miami… once again BC helps Riley build on his legacy.

        • mountio

          sure .. they could use him. but are they willing to trade for him? they werent last year .. otherwise he would be gone .. cause he was shopped heavily

          • p00ka

            See above. It wasn’t a case of “wouldn’t” but “couldn’t”. News flash: there are CBA rules, regarding salaries, that prevent big spenders from doing whatever they want.

          • golden

            You mean Hedo Turkoglu and Jermaine O’Neal are tradeable, but Jose isn’t? 

      • mountio

        Doesnt it really depend on what else we do? I agree completely that anmestying him for the fun of it makes no sense at all. Ideally someone sees value in him / his expiring contract (ala the AB/JC for PG/MWP trade that has been discussed).
        BUT – if instead, we made a big signing (ie Nash + someone else (mayo, batum, j green, r allen? .. I realize the list isnt that impressive) .. then you would amensty jc to make the room. Outside of this, the move makes zero sense to me….  

    • Daniel

      I’d like to add that in any case any loyalty connection between the Raptors and Jose has been severed. We treated Jose like garbage the last 2 years. He will not sign another contract with us next year anyway (if Nash signs somewhere else). We would have to trade him. No matter the money, when you are treated like Arena and Davis when you worked your butt for the team and never said anything negative about the city or the organization in 7 years, anyone would be mad.

      • FLUXLAND

        Treated him like garbage? The f are you talking about?  You realize these guys get paid gazillions to pay a kids game? They aren’t owed shit. He’s been overpaid by a country mile, in fact even stealing money from the Raps. What has he done for the Raps? Nothing.

        It’s no ones problem he’s a sensitive lil cry baby that cannot deal with criticism and has to cry to his coach that he doesn’t like what is written about him in the media. Grown ass man acting like a 5 year old.

        You make it sound like he’s been in a concentration camp.  Jose won’t sign with us? Jose is mad? Good f riddance, back to the pig farm where you belong. 

        • p00ka

          “It’s no ones problem he’s a sensitive lil cry baby that cannot deal with
          criticism and has to cry to his coach that he doesn’t like what is
          written about him in the media. Grown ass man acting like a 5 year old”

          When did this happen? Any links?

          • FLUXLAND

            During Triano’s era.  Jay said it during an interview, saying Jose is really affected by what is written by him. I looked for the link (and I had provided it to someone else on RR here back in the day when they asked for the same thing, but I cannot find it) I don’t make things up, Pooka, trust me.  I’ll keeping looking, but I am sure I am not the only one that remembers.

            He also cried about being booed during BooGate in TO, you know  –  when RR and the local media were attempting to tell the masses when it’s OK and not OK to boo.

            • gordo

              to make such a dumb claim you should be able to stand by your post and provide a link, you never have, and never will.

            • Nilanka15

              For what it’s worth, I remember these incidents. Calderon was air balling shots left and right, and the boo birds came out with a vengence.

        • Daniel

          Racist much? Internet warrior much? You freaking idiot.
          Nobody except Carter did anything for the Raptors, not GM`s, coaches or players. We plain sucked throughout our short history.
          Relatively speaking though Calderon has been doing his best as a player and acted as a solid citizen during his tenure in Toronto. It doesn`t mean much in the big scheme of things however any organization needs some reference points. An employee can be treated like garbage regardless of the salary, which in his case is the going market rate for his production. Concentration camps? He belongs to the pig farms a la Pickton? Are you a Neanderthalian who uses horrible historical things for basketball purposes? Bombastic grade 6 literary flourishes denotes a lack of self-confidence.  Or you are a a drunken with no internal censure. Internet is a great thing untill idiots start polluting it.

          • FLUXLAND

            Pretty sure the only racist around here is your boy Jose with his Olympic pictures incident.

            And, in case you didn’t know Jose is a pig farmer, you cretinous imbecile. 

            • Daniel

              The same Jose who’s one of a few promoting Li Ning shoes, you know, a Chinese company?
              He’s not a pig farmer, he owns a pig farm among other business and sport interests in Spain. In any case, that’s not what you implied.
              Go back to your cave or find help for your anger management problems. You have polluted this site for years with your semi-intelligent declarations and “I’m the smartest of you all and I can say whatever the fuck I want to show how much I despise everyone because I’m the smartest of all” attitude.  

              • FLUXLAND

                He took money to promote shoes? That makes him less racist?
                Excellent argument, really. The World Universities Debating Championship will be calling soon, no doubt.

                I only implied what you saw fit, Danno.

                Pretty sure the only one polluting the site is you  with your PER talk
                and your cries of the grave injustices committed against Jose, how sorry everyone will
                be once he is gone and how only you truly understand his value while
                the rest of us are “freaking idiots” for even suggesting anything

                I am Danno, hear me roar (about Jose’s A/TO ratio, the holy grail of winning championships)

  • weedman

    Nice to read “Get him.” halfway through this piece. Even if it was half-hearted. (Which I don’t really buy.) Was also glad to hear the conversation that Bill Simmons and his pals had on the podcast that someone here mentioned. Sounded like they were all over the idea, in a good way. Which is a nice change from other American commentators — like Wilbon and the guy who filled in for Kornheiser on PTI yesterday — who openly disparage the notion of ‘Nash going to ToronToe’ … not to mention the usual one or two angry RR funsters who, predictably enough, see nothing but bad things ahead if the Raptors pulled off signing one of the greatest, most dazzling point guards in the history of the fucking game. Like it’d be such a horrible goddam thing to have a team that’d be extra fun to watch for a couple of years. (For FUCK sake, what are ya thinking about, ya silly fucks? God forbid the team have one of the all-time best NBA players to QUARTERBACK the whole shebang for a while. Nooooooo. More fun to just put the boots to Bargnani every fucking day.) 

    Anyway … someone load up the bong. I’m getting cranky. 

    • p00ka

      Yu done know. Fn sad bunch of whine masters need a walk about, back of the barn, but alas, internet bravery, eh

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Terrence Ross was not a massive reach- do you know anything about basketball other than what talking media heads say?lmfao

    TRoss was projected to go as high as 7th to GS…..

  • golden

    “So where am I going with this? Sign him, when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. Just make sure the deal isn’t going to cripple us for years to come. Would a two-year front-loaded deal work? I think so.”

    Nothing to lose?  C’mon Arse.  Aren’t you solidly in the Tanknation camp?  Nash will play his heart out, which is just enough to keep us out of the playoffs and drafting 8-14th for the next 3 years.  We all know where this short-term treadmill goes.  For all those who say ‘see… tanking doesn’t work… look at the Clippers & the Wizards’.  Yeah, look at them.  Even crap drafting allowed them to parlay so-called useless assets into good players.

    Plus, Nash eats up cap flexibility which of course means that BC will max out the MLE on another B-level free agent to satisfy Nash (and fans) who think ‘just making the playoffs’ is an accomplishment. 

    Welcome to the the world of Division II English football, folks.   At least we can’t get relegated.

    • p00ka

      LOL, two examples of fine organizations that do it the right way, eh.

  • Nilanka15

    If Nash is signed, and we manage to swindle Memphis for Gay (for example), this team will be battling for home court advantage.

    Yes, Nash is old, but he’s far from washed up. He instantly becomes our best player, and his ability to make everyone around him better, will pay HUGE dividends in the short term (in terms of wins), and the long term (in terms of maturity/professionalism).

    The biggest key with this strategy, will be to find Nash’s understudy at some point in the next 12 months.

    • mountio

      this is the key. By itself .. it doesnt do much (as a season ticket holder .. id probably be happy as the games will be more entertaining .. but as a fan .. its probably 50/50). BUT – if you can make something work with Gay or Pau in addition (who would both be MUCH more willing to come if hes here) .. now youre talking …

  • Statement

    I’m kinda numb to the whole thing, but if I had my druthers I would keep Calderon and use the money to get a SF (Gerald Wallace).  If we had to amnesity anybody, Bargs would be it.  Then you shift amir into starting PF and use the amnesty money to upgrade SG (Danny Green or Rudy Fernandez).  Then we are talking.


    But alas, that’s not going to happen.

    B.C. is just itching to get rid of Calderon (can’t even pronounce his last name).  I personally think Calderon is VASTLY underrated and can’t see Nash producing that many more wins than Calderon as to ensure even an 8th seed in the playoffs.

    • enlightenment

       What did you do to derozan? He is much better than Green and Rudy… And why Gerald Wallace? Im more comfortable with johnson who is cheaper and can do pretty much similar things as Wallace. In fact if we do amnesty Bargs, I would all over getting an upgrade at the SF position… Our SG is pretty much set with Demar and Ross next year

      • Statement

        I disagree that Derozan is better than Green and Rudy.  Gerald Wallace actually addresses a position of need (if we have to overpay for older players, which Colangelo seems to want to do for leadership etc). 

        I agree that Johnson is a good SF and if he can improve his offensive game (which he was doing during the year, even hitting 3 pointers).  Good point on that.  

        I didn’t put Derozan because I don’t have faith in him and think that Ross is will be a better player as soon as after this year. 

    • Lol

      what an idiot

      • Statement

        Well thought out response!

    • mountio

      That is about the most illogical thing I have heard on this board. While jose might not have much trade value .. AB at least has some. Im ok with trading him, an amesty is flat out retarded.

      • Statement

        Why wouldn’t Jose have trade value?  He is a good player on an expiring contract.  If he gets amnestied, watch MIA pick him up.  Which would be hilarious as Colangelo would have gifted MIA the team’s two best players of the past five years. 

        You are right about AB though, he has trade value, but probably not as much as you think.  I think teams know exactly who Bargs is, an efficient scorer who don’t rebound or play good defense and is overpaid.  Not many winning organizations are gonna trade much for that. 

        • Statement

          efficient = inefficient

        • mountio

          if he had trade value, why hasnt he been traded? We tried everything possible to move him last year and no one bit. Is there a better chance this year because hes expiring .. maybe .. but thats only as part of a salary dump type trade where hed be thrown in to match salaries (ie Rudy gay for DD/TR/JC where they would want DD/TR but would have to take JC to make the salaries work).
          Still .. he might have trade value .. but the amnesty period is coming up and we have to make a call. If, say, nash and batum are both willing to sign .. then JC is gone. If not, i agree .. save him and try to move him at the deadline.
          Either way .. AB is probably the only trade asset we have (JV but we wont move him) and dd maybe has a little value. to amnesty AB makes no sense.

          • Statement

            Good points.

            I enjoy your posts as they don’t devolve into personal attacks.

          • p00ka

            Where does this “we tried everything possible to move him….” come from? U.S. internet rumours or something with substance?

            • mountio

              so .. what response would work for you.. that am part of the raptors staff and have personal knowledge of these trades because Im actually BC?  Of course Im only going on the same thing everyone else if on this board .. what we read and hear .. which was clearly that Jose was being shopped agressively at the deadline last year

              • CJT

                I enjoy your posts.  I like that you are respectful of others and their opinions.  I don’t remember a lot of buzz around Jose trades last deadline.  I remember the beginning of the year though, so it is entirely possible that he was being shopped. 

  • raptorpoo

    So in terms of building a team, what are we trying to accomplish with Nash?

    1. Winning a championship before Nash retires? Nope.
    2. Building our future team? Don’t think so. He’ll give us extra wins to give us a worse draft position and then bail into retirement.
    3. Mentoring an up and comer PG? Nope. Don’t seem to have anyone yet unless he’s mentoring Bayless.
    4. Teach the young ones how to play with a great point guard and then have them realize that they’re poop once he’s retired? Maybe.

    My only hope right now is that the raptors are so terrible next season that we might be able to draft our glimmer of hope in shabaaz.

    • cesco

      They will have a better chance to make the playoffs with him than with Calderon . All the players want to make the playoffs badly , it is their goal and obviously the management/owners also .

      • raptorpoo

        To make the playoffs? Is that the raptors end goal just to make the playoffs?

        Cause I’ll tell you, the way they’re heading that’s probably their ceiling. 1st round and done.

        • Kujo

          Exactly.  This signing would set our franchise back years.  I’m sorry, but I can’t get excited about mediocrity/8th seed, 1st round exits for the next the next 3 years.

          We should chasing a PG of the future ala Dragic.We need to be 100% focused on rebuilding.  OKC should be the blueprint.This is just further proof that BC/MLSE are clueless.

    • CJT

      attract other free agents?  Maybe?

      • raptorpoo

        and which free agents are you going to attract? Grant hill? Marcus Camby? Vince Carter?

        I think you’re missing a big point here that:
        1. Nash would only sign in TO because we’ll offer him stupid money. Not cause he’s loyal to Canada. Sorry to break your heart. Also, he’ll eat up the rest of our cap room just to sign him.
        2. The only free agents that would sign in Toronto cause we signed Nash are other over the hill vets who realize that our management is retarded and they can milk us before call it quits. Do you really think that a young stud free agent will sign with us cause we have Nash who’s about to go off into the sunset?

        • CJT

          Yes.  I do believe that young talented free agent would sign here to play with one of the best PG’s to have played the game.  A guy who has managed to get the best out of his teammates.  The same teammates that haven’t had the same success without him.  I tend to be optimistic though, unlike most of the trolls on here.  And either way I am going to support our players as well.  Weird eh.

        • Statement

          Lol on point number 2.  Funny cause it’s true.

  • Seeten

    The only team that can offer real $$$ is Toronto. I understand wanting a championship, but I wouldnt trade $30 million for the chance.

  • NyAlesund

    What is the right way for an NBA player to consider Toronto as a good choice? Only if the Raptors became a competitive team.
    Nash is one of the key. I am not really interested about his current age, because we can’t do nothing. But if we have a chance to sign him, we have to do it now. Why? Because, he is an All Star caliber player able to improve the value of his teammates.
    In addition, the possibility to add other good players via trade or acquisition allow us to be very competitive for the po. Doesn’t matter if we can lose at the first round, the real goal is to be considered as a valuable team with the bright future.

    To summarize it all, he is the key to attract other valuable players not only this year but for the next 2/3.

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Happy Canada Day to everyone, just watching Suns Raptors, I am All In

  • JHP

    Happy Canada Day !!

    Great debate about Steve and here’s my take

    – know shit about basketball but like to watch
    – like Nash and think he’s a pro and appears to be a proud Canadian
    – every time I watched the Suns play he was in and out of the line up because of assorted health issues.  Yes he played but what will the cold of Canada do to him ?
    – he’s 38 years old, to me very young.  As a professional athlete not so young
    – since BC is on a short lease everything has now become about next year, the rush is for him to get an extension, not to build a team for the long term.
    – not matter whay they say (flexiability, cap space, blah blah blah), the Raptors had one of the lowest payrolls in the NBA last year.  So chasing Nash is just another example of watching the bottom line. If I was Nash I’m not sure if I’d find this a positve point.
    – everyone says there’s no talented PG’s around.  Has the NCAA eliminated the position? Weak this year and stacked the next.  If we’re in a rebuild what’s the rush?  Sucked for the last 3 years , might as well wait a couple more.
    – since Nash is in such high demand what does BC do if Nash goes elsewhere?

    All in all I wish him luck but I vote to take a pass.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I’ll pass on Nash if he were 33 then yes but at 38 no way Jose especially as the Raptors starting pg.

      I agree with this: since BC is on a short lease everything has now become about next year, the rush is for him to get an extension, not to build a team for the long term.

      If BC is still preaching DEFENSE then this potential Nash signing is a slap in the face of that rhetoric- action speaks louder than words, and another check on BC’s lying President & GM Raptors resume…..

      BC has turned the Raptors into NBA fodder….

  • raps fan

    interesting and varying comments so far!
    imho, ‘tanking’ won’t get us very far.  we had a pretty bad team on the court and still only managed an 8 pick.  i don’t know if 8 picks will turn us into a contender, even long term.  with jo-val coming in, i think we’ll be better and our 8 pick will be a 10 pick.

    the franchise and general fanbase needs something to get excited about.  no one else wants to come to toronto.  if steve nash wants to come, and perhaps lure another player with him, then that sounds great to me.  i think we forget that it is so hard to find players who actually WANT to play here.  we will lose every FA battle to american teams, so grab nash, bring fans in, make jo-val, derozan and bargnani scoring averages rise and make the playoffs.

    c’mon, games would be fun to watch this season!!!

    • raptorpoo

      Like I’ve mentioned before. Nash only wants to come here because we’re the only ones that would offer stupid money for him. It’s not out of loyalty to Canada.

      If I were offered 12 mil per season (guaranteed 3 years) as opposed to 3~5 mil in the twilight of my career to work in Siberia for half the year, i’d be off in a heartbeat. Not to mention, he’d probably have a lot more lucrative opportunities open up after retirement if he played in Toronto first cause again, we’ll pay him stupid money for what he represents.

      You got to realize, Nash has been underpaid his whole career and now he’s determined to squeeze every last penny he can before he can’t play anymore.

      • mountio

        There is an element of truth to that .. based on his comments .. I think there is no way he goes to Miami, NYK for the vet minimum. But – that doesnt mean we have to wildy overpay. 3 yrs in the $30 mm zone I would do in a heartbeat. What the hell are we spending our money anyways?
        The flip side is .. we lose out on draft picks. The reality is, this team, without Nash is probably drafting 10-15th (a little better than last year). Do you see any superstars in that zone? A huge difference between the 15-20th we would draft with Nash (or even better with a FA / trade). So, I keep coming back to .. whats the downside?
        If Eric Gordon was ready to sign here and we were turning him away .. or DH12 wanted to get traded here .. Id say absolutely .. save you money. But, those things arent happening .. so I just dont see the downside. What am I missing?

        • raptorpoo

          10~15th? 15~20th? You’re a pretty positive thinker there.

          What you’re missing is that our only additions this year so far are Jonas and Ross (2 rooks). Jonas is most likely not going to make an impact this year cause 1. big men take longer to develop 2. he’s going to get pushed around 3. he’s going to get in a lot of foul trouble as he already does in the Euroleague and I doubt Ross is going to make a significant impact right away. Also, DD is going to be put in a position where he’s learning how to guard bigger SFs.
          Teams with worse records than us got immediate impact players (which in my opinion were picks 1~7) and some of these teams should have had a better record than us in the first place – we also failed at tanking. SO, I think top 3 pick is very conceivable and actually “likely”.

          Funny thing is that BC might accidentally put together a pretty good team by doing a very bad job. He’s got “support players” that are going to develop in Val/Ross and we may get lucky and be able to draft Shabaaz next year – Parker/Randle the year after (after he’s fired).

          • mountio

            hey . if i thought a top 3 pick was possible .. then i might be in your camp. But, if the teams below us got an impact player .. we got one and a half (JV + Ross) .. where JV is regarded as better than everyone except the ‘brow .. so how again do they all leapfrog us?

            • CJT

              Not to mention that JV has been playing professional level ball, granted not in the NBA, but against men not other college students, so while I do not expect him to make a huge impact, I do expect him to be more polished than someone coming out of the NCAA

            • raptorpoo

              Have you seen JV playing against bigger/stronger competition? If not i’ll give you the 411 on what happened: He ended up sitting on the bench in foul trouble. That wasn’t even in the NBA.

              Don’t get me wrong. I’m all excited about JV too but he’s going to take some time to develop – there’s gonna be a lot of growing pains.

              And Ross, you’ve got him at the same position as DD… how’s that going to improve your record? By sliding DD over to SF? cause we all know how defensively proficient DD is.

              Por, NO, Cle, GS all should of had a better record then us last season and will definitely have a better record then us this year. Baring any major changes, we’ll be fighting with Cha, Was, Sac for the basement. Book it.

          • sleepz

            quite possible

  • weedman

    If Nash signs here, I’ll wager that he mentions Coach Casey as being one of the factors that helped him decide. He likes what Casey did here in one extra-short season. 

  • hater

    marc stein tweet: Raps still meeting w/Steve Nash in NYC as we speak. Also: Told Raps already trying to trade Calderon so amnesty not needed on expiring deal

  • nba_socrates

    We dont need nash, give that contract to Bayless

  • Copywryter

    Huge fan of Nash, not a fan of him coming here. He will make us better, not good. A better team means lower draft picks on a team that lacks talent both in terms of depth and elite, nucleus type players. We are then locked into a constant “when do we replace Nash?” guessing game and paying $10/y for our backup point guard.  

    And frankly, Nash makes everybody look good. Even the benchwarmers he plays with see their numbers jump. How does that help us evaluate JV?  

    It’s a fan pleasing, gate turning move, not a basketball play.