Jerryd’s closest friends:

His Landlord: Jerryd was one of the good guys. He paid his bills on time and I never even knew when he came and went. He was the perfect tenant, he never littered in the hallway, always smiled in the elevator and one time when an old lady’s grocery bag exploded, Jerryd stuck around to watch her pick them up. He was good, I’ll miss him.

His Dentist: Jerryd always tried to tell me stories about what was happening in the Raptors locker room. Unfortunately, he did that while I was cleaning his teeth. Plus, the TV was always on so I never really had a chance to hear him. He did say something about him wanting a “starting job” one time, I think he was referring to starting a new job in an insurance company.

Anonymous Teammate: This one time I was open in the corner and Jerryd found me for a wide open three with a beautiful pass. I guess it’s my fault that by the time I caught the ball the shot clock had expired.

Raptors Coaching Staff Member: Although I never quite managed to agree with him, Jerryd’s philosophy about how fouling equated to good defense was something unique. He once high-fived me after fouling Luke Ridnour 45 feet from the basket.

Jerryd Bayless’s qualifying offer has been pulled by the Raptors, making him an unrestricted free-agent and ending his short relationship with the club. You can add another line to the list of players that were chalked up to be the core in Toronto, and who ended up disappointing. We all knew what Bayless was when he got here, which was basically a younger Jarrett Jack. The hope (which turned out to be false) was that he’d evolve into a consistent point guard of at least a backup quality, and if things shine, perhaps even take the starting job. Oh, if I had a penny for my hopes.

It turned out that what looks like a duck, walks like a duck…well, you get the picture. As Stein has speculated in the linked article, this means that Jose Calderon is likely to stay with the Raptors, which is no bad thing from both a contractual stand point (expiring!) or, as I mentioned yesterday, from a lockerroom one. Since Lowry just might shoot someone if Casey asks him to come off the bench, we can assume that Calderon will have a reserve role on a full time basis, which coincidentally, is when he had the best playing stretch of his career. I don’t know if he can replicate that given a defined role, but it’s certainly better than yo-yoing him on and off the bench.

Unlike his landlord, dentist, teammates and coaches, I won’t miss Bayless because he gave me very little to remember him by. There were some big games, the comeback in Detroit sticks out the most, but overall, he was somewhere between Roko Ukic and the aforementioned Jarrett Jack. I’ve been guilty of having faith in him as a point guard, but I should know better than to long for a shoot-first point guard with limited range to progress into a starter. Leaving his point guard responsibilities aside, his defense, which was something we were all expecting of him, was subpar, impatient, and just silly. Picking up cheap fouls and turning petulant at the slightest provocation became a norm, which in turn affected his offensive game where he morphed from a shoot-first to a shoot-only point guard. That would be forgivable if the offensive production matched the enthusiasm for shooting, but 42% wasn’t going to cut it.

So, Bayless is out. I’m sure he’ll find a home, and for his sake I hope that he: 1) learns to shoot, 2) learns to pass, 3) learns to play defense, 4) learns to keep a dribble alive. The talent level in the NBA’s pretty diluted, so if he can do two of these four things, he’ll find a home (and hey, is that the Bulls calling? It’ll be like D-Rose and poor man’s D-Rose).

In terms of cap space, once you cut Bayless’ salary, figure in Lowry, and allocate JoVal’s rookie scale wage, the Raptors are at $49.6M without signing Landry Fields. Factor in Fields and the Raptors are at $54.6M. The salary cap is at $58M, meaning we’d have about $3.5M left on free agents (somebody confirm all this). This isn’t enough to sign any major free-agents (like Elyasova if Colangelo opts for that), but does give the Raptors some bodies to fill out roster space. Or, if they amnesty Calderon, they can basically get at anyone remaining.

It’s Saturday which means I’ll sit outside and have a staring contest with the sun. That’s how I roll.

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  • cesco

    “Since Lowry just might shoot someone if Casey asks him to come off the
    bench, we can assume that Calderon will have a reserve role on a full
    time basis ” , I thought BC always asked for character references before hiring someone .

    • Lorenzo

      I’m not so sure about that, Lowry has been a bench PG for like 7/8 of his career. He certainly won’t and shouldn’t be benched behind Calderon but I get the feeling he won’t have too much of a problem with it if he was. He’s been there before.

      • Theswirsky

        high character – assaulting a female with a basketball

        BC’s statements only go so far as it benifits his pocket book

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          BC is a liar haven’t you figured that out yet- who is the father of all lies?

          BC is TDot slang for lie/lying/deceive.

          Man tell me what really happened- don’t BC me buddy…….

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Anyone think that BC actually pissed Nash off with the Fields offer sheet making NY search for another S&T player (IShumpert?) w/ Phoenix?

            I mean it sounds as per various media reports that after the fact Nash wanted to go to NY 1stmost this off season…

            This is the type of dismal team BC has built 6 years into his reign in the TDot one that an aging Canadian National basketball legend won’t even sign onto……even though BC has the next Dirk in AB in town…….smh lol

            • TheTyrant

              You know, I thought this might be the case too. But then I thought … Na. I think that BC knew he’d risk -or even had foresight of a publically spurned offer from Nash. EVERYONE knew this offer was going to happen… Plenty of time Nash to plan what he really wants to do. I cant imagine Nash not being as savvy and prepared as any of the top GMs, with various contingencies and knowledge of all sources of risk.

      • Nilanka15

        I disagree. Lowry would go ape shit if asked to backup Calderon, and it would go down as one of the biggest coaching blunders in team history. We didn’t just trade a lotto pick for a backup point guard.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          IF we have learned anything from the BC era in the TDot it’s that image means everything so KL will start as BC most likely gave up a Lottery pick for him.

          Just like BC’s other GM (teachers) pets he will be given a starting job ala AB, DD…..and Val?

          But at least we currently have a 10 million dollar back up pg while still needing a quality starting SF…

        • Lorenzo

          I disagree with you disagreeing to my opinion.

          • Nilanka15

            Let’s not forget the reason Houston made Lowry available 😉

      • Brian B

         He’s been unhappy when there before.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      He was traded for Jarrett Jack?

      I still don’t know why Jack had to go if it was only to make Jose feel more comfortable as the Rap’s pg- internal competition is good for any team…smh

      I can’t wait for Lowry to look off AB and get in his ass for not rebounding, D’ing up or posting up- Rap’s need a TRUE leader not a toy boy feeder on the court trying to appease King Barg’s….

      Some people claim that alot of players don’t want to play in the TDot but seemingly most of the players who like Canada ie JJack, JBayless- get the boot via trade and the like?

      I’d rather BC amnestied Jose (to free up cap space to sign/trade for a starting SF) if BC can’t find a suitable trade and kept JB as KL’s primary back up.

      To all those who claim Jose never sulks- I suggest that you read the Spanish media papers on line as he never whines to Canadian media outlets (ie image over reality) but speaks from the hear tto his homeland papers/reporters about pg issues of the past- Google is your friend.

      • p00ka

        re Jose sulking: like your bed partner Destro, you’re full of shit. Show us one example, with context clearly presented, or stfu with spreading lies, like you accuse BC of every day.

        • FLUXLAND

          See, this is how we all know you have been following the team since 2010.

          If you actually paid attention before then, you would know Triano did in fact say Jose cries over what is written about him in the media, and you would remember him sulking over getting booed instead of manning up and saying he stunk up the game and fans are entitled to voice their ticket paying opinion. AND you would remember the “I did what’s right for the Raptors, I hope they repay me” garbage in the Spanish media.  

          Now, the problem with proving this to you is a. it was a long time ago and even the net doesn’t archive everything. b. things get deleted – let me give you and example: years from now another pooka will demand proof DD made that straight bullshit tweet ( a direct FU to his coach and teammates) but people won’t be able to provide it for you.  c. the number of blind Jose fans is so large, even if they do remember it, they will not acknowledge it.

          Let me give you another one: Years ago Bosh came back looking like Carrot Top and people where singing praises of him being a hard worker in the off season, etc. Turns out, our boy was on the juice, but that’s a little difficult to find as well and when it was alleged the media kept that on low because it’s not good for the sport that pays them, conveniently ignoring it would have been extremely difficult for someone to gain all that weight in that short of a span without some help (following a picture history).

          But yeah, just because you were still crawling in diapers, it didn’t happen right?   

          • george

            Could you paraphrase the DD thingy, or quote

            • Bill

              He’s not calling the tweet straight bullshit, the tweet was literally “straight bullshit”.  As in that’s what DD tweeted.

              • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                DD was benched in the 4th Q of a game and tweeted that tweet- straight bullshit, allegedly in reference to Casey’s decision to bench him.

                • BC hater

                  thats because raptors are too lazyy to find a decent coach  because they pay scrubs too much money … ie: BC

                  thus making it hard to find decent coach because of the high demanding pay

          • hater

            ok dummy  but u stil havent gave us any links like usual. so foh

            • iliketheraptors

              Why would someone provide you assholes any links look the stuff up yourself

              • hater

                because theyre makin the claims u dumbass fuck so y dont they do it?? stfu

                • FLUXLAND

                  “No investigation, no right to speak.”

                  Let me translate so you can understand: “Do you own research you dumbass fuck, otherwise STFU. lmao this guy”

                  This is not your parents house where you get to say: “I’m hungry” and you get served.

                  No one has to prove anything to you, no one owes you shit, son. Contrary to what you may think.

                • hater

                  this is not ur parents house wher u tell ur daddy u saw santa clause on xmas…o thats great son…

                  u wanna make shit up go head on dummy but u gonna be asked to prove it like any proper debate. so stfu

                • FLUXLAND

                  ROFL! If anything I would have questioned Santa existing to begin with, if you had a clue about how I roll. Unlike you, I don’t buy what BC is selling at face value.

                  You wanna keep thinking I am making it up, go ahead. If you were a fan of team at that time, you would know it happened, hence again, I got nothing to prove to you. I’m not in the business of convincing anyone of anything. Wanna believe it go ahead, don’t want to – suit yourself.

                  In the meantime, do your own research and STFU with the requests already. Dummy.

  • rus

     I thought you exaggerated most of his cons but left out the key one that didn’t need the exaggerating , he couldn’t stay healthy

  • Benmcg

    I think he’ll do alright at another team, in a bench capacity. Of course, that’s presuming he doesn’t break himself.
    Now I’m ready or the Lowry/Calderon double, and if Calderon stays long term (at a reduced salary, no bench player is woth $10mil) we could have some of the best point guard depth in the East.

  • paul

    one of THE most stupid offers this summer is 25 million to Asik.
    So if you are telling me we don’t have 3 to 4 for Gray, a big center in demand by many teams…then we can say goodbye to him as well.

    And don’t tell me he made 2.5 this year so he should stay there. Its not only sefish…it is awfully dumb and ignorant of the NBA this summer.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I see the Rap’s getting rid of any competition for Val’s starting spot- yes Gray is currently better than Val, so he can have easy access to it whether he earns it or not- the BC way……..

      • cesco

         Gray is a back-up center , Jonas is going to be the starter , may be not in the first two months of the season . Casey will decide when Jonas will be ready take over the starting position , not BC .

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Casey is just another post Sam BC puppet coach, a defensive minded one yet still a puppet coach.

          BC is still calling the shots on rotations……..via his BC CONcensus.

          • CJT

            Do you know that consensus means that everyone agrees?  It doesn’t mean that one person’s ideas are forced on to everyone else like that way you seem to be implying with you lame attempt at something.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!
      • Mapko

        What makes you say Gray is better than Val?
        Have you seen Val play an NBA game?

  • 511

    Sometimes, I find myself hoping that you’re working on a novel. 

    This summary of Bayless is a tiny bit harsh, but not false. I too had hoped that even yet, he might evolve into the player I thought I caught glimpses of at times, especially during moments of the latter part of this past season. I think I always understood, however, that this was probably just the Raptor fan in me. So, Bayless gone, processed and accepted. One less misery. 

  • Lorenzo

    Raptors have pulled Jerryd Bayless’ qualifying offer, thus making him a
    UFA. It’s a sad day for both Bayless fans in the world.”

    -RR on Facebook

    I thought that was funny.

    • Truthkiller

      Okay so they pull Bayless’ offer so what are they waiting for like god dammit pull Landry Fields’ offer.

      • BC hater

        honestly nobody likes you in this discussion GTFO you fool 

  • S Brack

    Did you happen to read what you just posted, I mean why hate
    on a young point guard who liked this city and wanted to be part of this team
    but unfortunately have to be let go for basketball or salary cap reasons.   He
    might even turn out to be Chauncey Billups he is only 23 years old and point
    guard is the hardest position to the NBA I might add.  Why trash a guy who tried hard and gave his
    best while learning on the job.  I get it
    you make living off of trashing other people lives,  I feel sorry for your pathetic life.

    • Nilanka15

      I don’t understand why people put any stock into his opinion of the city. Are we that insecure? If a player doesn’t fit what we’re building here, who cares that he likes Dundas Square.

      I also don’t understand why fans take critique of NBA players so personally. “You hate Bayless, Arse? Well I hate you!” Pathetic.

      • p00ka

        The issue isn’t just that he liked the city. The point being made is that he tried, worked hard, never showed any disrespect toward teammates, team, city,,,,,, so why trash him like that on his way out? It’s juvenile.

        • Nilanka15

          We could say the same about Rasual Butler. He tried hard but he still stunk. Now I realize he stunk much worse than Bayless, but still….

          This is professional sports. There are no bonus points awarded for effort. Only a “fanboy” would be offended by this article, which again brings me back to my question: why do folks take critique so personally?

          • Sukhpinder

             trashing someone is taking it personal, no? as is praising someone. It goes both ways. 

            however, I found this article was all in good fun. Nothing insulting about his character, but rather, and fairly, about his skills as an NBA player.

      • guest

        Maybe you should wonder why anyone would put any stock in your opinion?

        • Nilanka15

          lol, still crying about being cut from your pee-wee team?

          • guest

            I have no doubt that you are truly the “pee wee” between the two of us little man!

            • Nilanka15

              Quite possible the lamest comeback I’ve ever read on this site.  Hats off to ya.

              Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll go back to ignoring you, and you can go back to sobbing over Colangelo “keeping” Bayless.

              • guest

                Quit promising to ignore me and just do it asshole.  Oh I forgot, it is hard to ignore me when you are on the board posting 100 times a day.  Get a freakin life, it is obvious you have nothing else going for you.

                • Nilanka15

                  “Get a life”?  That’s funny coming from my online stalker.  I’ll make sure to do that when you stop tracking my each and every move, you fuckin’ psycho.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      It’s seems like the players who embrace the city get the boot- Jack, JB- but those who stay away all off season until homeland unrest makes it difficult to do so gets every pass for his lazy lackadaisical ass……

      JB and CB situations have alot in common to CB’s early career where he bounced around the NBA now JB has to show & prove if he wants to stay in the NBA.

      I can see JB going to Hou or Pho as a back up pg who knows he may even join NJ Nets to back up DWill….

  • Guest

    Doesn’t have range as in shooting .423 from 3-pt land no range? Just checking.

  • playoffs please

    cant we pull back the feilds offer? i mean now that nash is on LA it dont make sense signing him

  • Daniel

    Bayless will have a hard time finding a role in NBA. I remember reading all kinds of people about how Bayless should start in front of Calderon,etc. They never learned from TJ and JJ experience due to their biases. Now it’s the same with Lowry, who’s a worse player than Jose. So far we are worse than last year: Lowry is worse than Jose (albeit younger which I’m not sure why does it matter for a lot of people), Fields is worse than Kleiza. I’m happy that Lowry will start next season and Jose will play for a different team (there is no way he’ll be here at the start of the training camp). Then everything will be clear for anybody to see in teerms of value, roles and attitudes.

    • Realist

      TJ was here for two years and we made the playoffs both. If Lowry is similar in that regard I’m even happier him starting over Jose. Everyone loves to know TJ and shoot first point guards but if your winning who cares isn’t that the point of the game? OKC is doing just fine with a shoot first PG, how about the Bulls? Winning is more important then players who play a traditional roll with less talent. 

      • Daniel

        Jose had a much bigger role in making the play-offs while TJ was here. Teams with shoot first PG’s rarely win championships and when they do they are 2nd or 3rd best player on the team. We can’t compare ourselves with Oklahoma or Bulls in any capacity. Even they can’t win it all with Westbrook or Rose playing the way they are: they need to start managing the game more from the PG position. I don’t believe that a team with the PG having 25-30 FGA’s/game will ever win anything.
        I see Lowry the same as TJ (I can’t erase from my mind the last possession of the Utah’s game). The future will show if Houston was wrong giving him away for nothing or Colangelo was right in making him the PG of the future.

        • Not bad

          As far as I know, Lowry is a team player with leadership.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Jose hasn’t done shit without TJ in relation to the playoffs……………………..lmfao

          Jose couldn’t even deliver a simple touch pass to CB who had a his defender pinned off at the foul line against NJ in the playoffs….

  • ger

    Bayless was not that great of a player. I’m not really much of a stat analyzer, I watched all 66 games this year and al the games last year. Bayless was not that good of a player, sure he occasionally put up decent stats, but that was only on a limited sample size and most of the time the team ended up losing. His play was detrimental to the team, his dribble drive game was like a chicken running around with no plan what to do after running into the help defense and his finishing at the basket was very poor.

    He shot 42% from three, but over course of a bing number of games and a long season, I guarantee you he won’t be shooting near 40%. If I was honest, he resembles a poor version of Mike James in a Raptor uniform. With worse efficiency stats, which I think were masked by his limited sample size.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      That’s the question why didn’t he get a larger sample size the past two years one of which BC called a rebuild year?

      JB never got a fair shot to run the Raptors I can see a CBillups type of career for JB bounce around until he finds a team that’s a good fit for him plus his game/mind are maturing.

      Only reason Calderon continued to start is that he plays better with AB- BC’s Golden Child- point blank!

      This team is built by who plays better with AB.

      • Ihatehaters

        Dude – reading your comments is mentally f**cking draining. You have nothing constructive to add, you’re not funny (intentionally, at least), and you repeat the exact same thing over and over and over.

        RR – can you please ban this guy from posting comments? Or, at least, add a feature that allows the rest of us to hide them so we don’t have to read his asinine ideas?

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    BIG mistake for the Raptors!!  Jerryd Bayless is an All Star talent who in the lobng run will be FAR better that Kyle Lowry will ever be.  Letting him go for nothing will haunt Bryan Colangelo for a very long time.  

    • RaptorFan


    • Hsa

      i seriously doubt that, because BC made alot of decision that screwed up this association. from draft picks to contract signings, colangelo did some stupid shi*.
      But sadly he doesnt learn from them and i for once want him to do something soo stoopid that he would really regret them. do you think that he mad when he picked AB over Rudy gay, nope. how about when he picked bosh over Carmelo noo. and now   he picks a guy that was not projected to be picked in the top 10. man really? thing is i really admire Ross, but we could have had a franchise player in the years to come like rivers or lamb. now people please dont tell me that Bargs is our Franchise player, i mean DD made more progress than AB since his draft. i trust DD more than AB to carry this team. if i was BC (sadly im not) i would trade Bargs while he’s hot and test out Jonas.   

      • Mapko

        BC Drafted Bosh??????????????????

        • Hsa

          this proves that you have no clue of what goes on in this organisation GTFO 

          • hater

            bc didnt draft bosh lmao u gtfo!

    • Copywryter

      You’re kidding, right? He bounced from two teams because he was not an all-star. He’s not a starting point guard in terms of his talent or his maturity on the court. That’s a clown statement, bro. 

  • S Brack

    Weather he is a good player or not is yet to be determined;
    he is still 23 years old and still learning how to be a better point guard.   It’s very lame of an article, just because
    you can post anything in the internet it does not mean you should.  The decent think to do is to say good luck in
    your future endowers instead Arsenalist rips him. What good does this article do,
    what kind of class act of journalism is this? 

    • Copywryter

      Did you actually watch games last season? Bayless would often act like a petulant little child if he didn’t get a call, and scoring on him often generated a wild, out-of-control drive to the hoop that disrupted our offense. 

      Jesus Christ, take a pill and have a sardonic laugh once in a while.

      • WOWZERS

        who are you?? did you watch lowry play when he was 22?? go back under your bridge TROLL….I think BC fucked up on this one….

        1) Lowry also acted like a petulant little child when he lost his starting spot to Dragic 

        2) Lowry was hurt last year, why was Houston so quick to get rid of him?? was it his attitude (comments about wanting out or his coach fired) or due to his injuries??

        In any case i see nothing but red flags

        on top of it all BC STANS (see eminem) expect a maybe top 20 point guard who shoots 40% from the field to come and make us a playoff team…. 6-7 assists per game??? r u kidding me??  Bayless put up those numbers when he started….along with 17-18ppg

        Lateral move by BC….Lowry’s gonna be pissed if he doesnt start… is this any different than Bayless??

  • JB is basically the same as Austin Rivers.  Both are gonna be volume-shooting scrubs.  Book it.

    • Truth Teller

      Your an idiot….Booked

    • Hsa

      i see why you would call JB a scrub. he’s not an allstar caliber player. he’s a role player or maybe a 6th man. but to call Rivers a scrub, your just stupid in many ways. 

  • Not a Smart Decision

    Nash 23-year-old

    min 21.9    FG%  .459  3P% .415   REB 2.1   AST 3.4   PTS 9.1

  • FAQ

    With a few more tweaks, I think BC has assembled another playoff team in the minds of tribal honking fans… and many of the experts posting on this fine forum.  What can I say ……?


      Maybe he’ll come out and call it a 50 win team like a few years ago? *fingers crossed*

    • p00ka

      “What can I say ……?”

      That you’re nothing but a troll using the same old “tribal honking fans” in every other post, in a lame attempt at evoking response to your obnoxious character?

      • FLUXLAND

        It’s so clear you have been following this team since 2010 and been here for a few weeks…he knows more about ball than you could attempt to learn in a lifetime. 

        And calling him a troll is the ultimate irony coming from you. Go inflate your thunder stix, you BC Iago soldier.

        • p00ka

          “It’s so clear you have been following this team since 2010”

          “been here for a few weeks”

          “he knows more about ball than you could attempt to learn in a lifetime.”

          As usual, talking out of your all-knowing ass, on all accounts. I’ll talk bball with any of you any time, but all you’re engaged in is trash talk, followed by beating your chest about your bball “knowledge”. You want to talk bball? Not smack and not your invaluable opinions based on rumours and innuendo? Let’s have at it. I likely taught my daughter (successful high school coach) more about the game than you or him will ever know.

          I haven’t heard you talk bball yet. All I see on here from you is chest pounding, “I know better than y’all”. Hell if you’re to be believed, you know better than even anyone in the NBA. Hard to believe you don’t have a job in the L. Every team needs a towel boy that talks smack.

          • FLUXLAND

            “Not smack and not your invaluable opinions based on rumours and
            innuendo”… share with us what exactly are your opinions based on, what sources do you have to disclaim anything anyone says on here?

            Let’s even start with this:

            “The point being made is that he tried, worked hard, never showed any
            disrespect toward teammates, team, city” 

            Really? You are in the locker room and behind closed doors at the ACC? Please cite sources that are not paid media members or on the Raptors payroll, or are you going by your personal observations made from watching TV half in the bag with your mustard stained wife beater and reading biased media reports?  What makes your opinion any more valid then anyone’s on here? Historical stats, I mean facts, that are of ZERO indication of future performance and fail to account for different teammates and feelings towards those teammates/coaches/roles/systems, etc? How naive are you to think everyone in the NBA gets along and plays like they are trying to win OFSAA?

            Is this all a case of Pook didn’t hear the tree fall in the forest, hence it never happened?

            High school ball? When did HS players start getting paid to play? Way to compare basketballs and planets. (What does your kid have to do with any of this or the business of the NBA or how one formulates their opinion?)  Please, lay it out for us: provide your name, your basketball background and track record. It’s really not hard, if you have nothing to hide and stand behind your proclamation of  knowing “more about the game than you or him will ever know”, which may very well be true, I’m just going to need some convincing. I personally know a few posters on here that are involved with
            basketball on a much higher level than HS, maybe you really as
            unappreciated as you are implying, just provide us with the proof and
            it’s all good.  No big deal, I give credit where credit is due, if this is all about feeding you ego, I just
            need something tangible to go on. Or are you going to hide behind your ALLEGED kid’s job? 

            “Likely” is a nice cop out but we can settle it right quick, that’s all it takes. Put yourself on the line, Tex Winter 2.0.

            Barring that, I haven’t seen you post in the Breaking It Down section of the site, spreading your pearls of wisdom and dazzling the masses with your superior basketball knowledge, did I miss it?  You are implying you have been here a while, but your antagonizing ass has only been littering the comments section recently and they contain ZERO basketball related discussion, what did I miss?   
            I haven’t seen YOU write anything about ball yet, you troll on here questioning everyone (90 percent of your post are questions, you don’t even hold an opinion about anything that anyone could counter, you worm) and demand they provide direct quotes while disparaging their character and making grandiose assumption about their lives, so don’t make yourself out to be any different from the average poster on here..  You are just thumping your fat beer gut talking about your daughter coaching special needs kids.

            Can you quote me on “I know better than y’all”? Thanks.

            Hard do believe BC hasn’t hired you as one of those flag runners. Or did you not qualify for that job as well? 

            Now let’s all wait for the selective reading, question dodging, failed reading comprehension reply.

            • p00ka

              “what exactly are your opinions based on, what sources do you have to disclaim anything anyone says on here?”

              See, here’s the difference (well, one anyway) between you and me. I don’t claim to have sources that don’t exist, nor do I claim to be able to read minds and hearts, like you do. You repeatedly claim to know what some players feel, and judge them based on your imagination of what they feel/think. Anybody questions you and you go into rants about such things as naive kool-aid drinkers buying all the garbage from BC and the media. Dude, your the kind making outlandish statements, not me. It’s on you to provide support for this, but when questioned, you just use the “it’s my opinion” defense. If so, state it like it’s an opinion, not fact and lambast anybody who questions you.

              “Really? You are in the locker room and behind closed doors……….”

              I don’t need to be behind closed doors to know what the poster (S Brack) was saying, which is what I was referring to. If you weren’t so hell bent on what you do, you may have comprehended that S Brack was saying more than Bayless likes the city, and that all combined, he doesn’t deserve to be trashed on his way out. Nilanka jumped on that part only and I was pointing out that the point (of S Brack) was broader than that.

              Beyond this particular issue, that paragraph is quite a cute little rant. Did someone rattle your cage? lmao

              Just like your buddy FAQ, you play the internet tough guy with your insults. He constantly uses the “tribal honking fans” line while you mix it up a little with such things as “watching TV half in the bag with your mustard stained wife beater”. Does that make you feel like a big shot? As your buddy FAQ says to you; “You and me, we are old-timers still trying to pound sense into the situation, but to no avail.”. You two think you own this place? Is that why you get so wound up when I question your BS? Now that I know your mission is to “educate’ the poor dumb masses, I’ll do my best to give you more opportunities to demonstrate your superior bball knowledge. *rattle, rattle*

              ‘How naive are you to think everyone in the NBA gets along”.
              As is often the case, you twist what others say and turn it into some wide sweeping declaration. Show me where I indicate that this is what I feel? Talking out of your wrong hole again.

              “Historical stats,….”

              You should calm down young lad! When you get wound up like this, you confuse ppl, as you do here. I’m not a stat guy. Just more “facts” of yours that are nothing but your imagination.

              “High school ball?……”

              Kid, I’m simply responding to your imagination based declaration that “he knows more about ball than you could attempt to learn in a lifetime”, and am merely pointing out that I know enough about the game to have raised and taught someone who is very capable of teaching others to be successful, whatever the level. Since your asking me for professional credentials, what are yours and FAQ’s? You and FAQ, on the other hand, apparently have a goal of teaching the naive masses on the internet, yet after years, demonstrate failure to do so every day on here. BTW, I’m not the least bit interested in exposing what you might call my credentials, over the internet, to a loud mouth like you. but I’ll talk actual bball anytime you start to. If you want to actually talk bball, you may want to start by dropping the insulting name calling of anyone that disagrees with you. If you know bball as much as you claim, your energies would be better spent elsewhere. After all, according to FAQ, you two have been at trying to educate the naive kool-aid drinking, tribal honking fans for how long now? Where’s that getting you? Still doing the same things, with same results, for how many years now? Get out and teach some kids the game if your both so knowledgeable and bent on educating. What your doing here doesn’t work.

              “”Likely” is a nice cop out”

              Coming from someone with such arrogance about their knowledge, I can see how you would view “likely” as such. In my case, rather than assume it’s a given I know more ( such as you state about FAQ), I use the word “likely” to leave room for being wrong. I know that’s a foreign thought to you, but I learned the faults of your kind of arrogance a long time ago.

              • FLUXLAND

                “That don’t exist”? How do you know this, please do share.  Bro, you know f all about me or who I know or where I get my information from. Why is it so hard for you to accept you are getting a very small percentage of who someone may be on line?

                Let me ask you this, do you honestly believe that someone/anyone that has credible sources would name them in a public forum and burn their bridge?  Even the media clowns do not do that. And even if they did, how long do you think they would keep their source? Of course, this would never cross your mind, because you clearly don’t have anyone, otherwise this wouldn’t even be a point of discussion.  I may very well have sources closer that you could imagine, and if you actually knew what’s been going on in that locker room over the years, you would be stunned and a little less naive about how it all translates onto the floor. I’m sorry you don’t, and I’m sorry that sources will not be revealed to you, you are just going to have to deal with it or move on. In the meantime I will continue to draw my conclusions based on them and state my opinon as I see fit or feel, because a large percentage of the time it gets confirmed by watching what actually happens on the floor, you can choose to agree or disagree with me. I really don’t lose any sleep over it, at all.  I am also not here to present my opinion in a manner that pleases you or anyone else for that matter.  As you said, I don’t own the place and neither do you, so keep the requests to yourself or start you own site where you can approve of who comments and how.

                Historical stats.. it was a question, child. Thanks for answering.

                The other poster excluded, you supported his argument by making claims that may or may not be true, I am asking for sources or at least a claim on your part that you have enough time with the player to make them. Otherwise, you are talking out of your ass and stating opinion like everyone else, in large supported by paid media members, who never write a negative word about someone until they are playing on another team.

                What a player deserves or not or what someone thinks of said player is not for you to judge. Keep you opinion as it is, disagree with it if you want and move on. Simple concept.  Questioning someone is not conducive to anything, it only makes you look like an instigator and shit disturber, when it is clear where most poster get their information from and base their opinion base on that. It doesn’t make you look like you know anything at all or hold any credibility of any kind. At the very least, I engage in a discussion to see how someone arrives at their conclusion. You leave questions and run away, making it seem like you know something everyone else doesn’t, while attempting to discredit their opinion.   Let me see you get into a back and forth with someone that doesn’t end in one post from you because no one here has ever seen it, besides attempting to “rattle my cage”; again, good luck with that, a motive that escapes me, but hey it’s a free world, carry on. 

                How do you know what I do or whether I teach anyone anything?  And “Whatever the level”? Son,  sorry, that’s not gonna work. There is a reason Triano failed epically in the NBA, yet one could label him successful in his other basketball undertakings.  And whether what I do here (just posting as far as i see it) works or not, is inconsequential to me, I’m not getting paid, I have no agenda, just sharing opinion like everyone else. But you have already decided it is been a failure, how you know this and how you know what people take out of what anyone posts on here is beyond me. I at the very least offer a different point of view, as incomprehensible as it may seem to you. The fact what someone on here says happens to not be your cup of tea is not my problem, I am not forcing you to come here, I am not forcing you to engage me, I am not forcing you to read what I write. The little image next to my handle is pretty clear, you are welcome to skip it over and continue to enjoy life as you fit while basking in your wisdom and laughing at my perceived ignorance. Again I ask you, what is your agenda with engaging me when it seems to bring your such agony? 

                Your claims of my arrogance ignored (again, what anyone’s form on here may be is not a concern of yours, you really need to give that up..), I said you may very well be the superior basketball mind, I’m just going to need some convincing. Yet basketball knowledge has nothing to do with the business side  of the NBA and how it operates, believe it or not, it’s a lot more than x’s and o’s. They only actually apply once players buy into a program/system and feel their needs are taken care of (see KL and coach McH as an example), until them everyone one of those players is showcasing and free styling to earn a paycheck. 

                Based on your conduct on here, it doesn’t seem you have learned anything at all. A man of your wisdom, as you claim and who is convinced he’s dealing with someone ignorant, wouldn’t waste his time engaging them would they? Or am I again missing something? YOU have so much to offer it seems, what are YOU doing on here wasting your time with me?

                • p00ka

                  LOL, you’re precious. You spew more baffle-gab than I’ve heard in a long time. It’s impressive, but would be put to better use in the political arena.

                  So now you imply that your bluster includes inside the locker room info that you’re privy to and that nobody else reports but you. Wow, we are blessed to have you in our presence, (*tongue firmly in cheek*).

                  I’m going to leave all the rest of the baffle-gab and bullshit alone, as it becomes an endless loop with you. The stuff you pull out of thin air about me, and state as fact, is mind-boggling. Whether it’s stuff about me here, or how I conduct myself at home, I don’t know if you’re delusional or it’s just part of your baffle-gab style. In either case, I’ll not engage you in responding to your creative story telling this time. It’s fucking endless.

                  I will, however, point out a couple of key statements you’ve made, which are key to moving forward.

                  “I am also not here to present my opinion in a manner that pleases you or anyone else for that matter.  As you said, I don’t own the place and neither do you, so keep the requests to yourself or start you own site where you can approve of who comments and how.”
                  “The fact what someone on here says happens to not be your cup of tea is not my problem, I am not forcing you to come here, I am not forcing you to engage me, I am not forcing you to read what I write. The little image next to my handle is pretty clear, you are welcome to skip it over and continue to enjoy life as you fit while basking in your wisdom and laughing at my perceived ignorance. Again I ask you, what is your agenda with engaging me when it seems to bring your such agony? ”
                  “YOU have so much to offer it seems, what are YOU doing on here wasting your time with me?”

                  With the exception of a word or two, I would pose the same questions to you. Perhaps you should tape those to your mirror, so that you remember them next time you’re tempted to babble about your dislike of what I respond to, and questions I pose. You have a big problem with me asking questions toward what people write here, and that it’s all I do. Why do you care? Am I insulting you, and others, by posing questions, or is it more acceptable to you if I engage in name-calling, such as constantly calling ppl “tribal honking fans”, such as your good buddy FAQ. You and your kind will rant about people having the right to express different opinions, yet get downright insulting when the opinion differs from yours. If you, or anyone else, can’t handle a legit question, you’re free to move on. As you say, neither of us owns this place,

                • FLUXLAND

                  I knew we would find a common ground…

                  “the stuff you pull out of thin air about me, and state as fact, is
                  mind-boggling. Whether it’s stuff about me here, or how I conduct myself
                  at home, I don’t know if you’re delusional or it’s just part of your
                  baffle-gab style.”

                  Right back at you, Champ.

                  The difference is that you don’t state your opinion about anything, you question everyone else like a troll and then run away. And the other one being you get sensitive like a girl scout because you can’t get over/handle jabs.*rattle, rattle* lmfao. I on the other hand could care less… sticks and stones, Pookster.

                  Those questions do not apply to me, you are the one that’s always engaged me first, prior to then I was ignoring you and your trolling style.

                  I will skip by your handles, let’s just hope you don’t change it again like you did from CaseyDaMan; what are you trying to hide anyway?  Although your style is pretty obvious, I’m sure I’ll be able to identify you.

                  Now, let’s wait for your reply, or not. Just like you ran away when it was pointed out to you ONLY and 1st and foremost are not the same thing and ‘not anything else’ was in reference to 1st and foremost. Where da f did you go to school anyway, to not comprehend the difference. (don’t answer that, it’s clear Hooked On Phonics is something else you failed)

                  *honk honk*

                • p00ka

                  “you are the one that’s always engaged me first”

                  That’s precious in a thread that I engaged FAQ, to which you came at me. lol

                  “I’m sure I’ll be able to identify you.”

                  LOL, another choice piece of egotistical bluster. Yes I’ve also been on here as CaseyDaMan (if you know that, then you know I’ve been on here longer than a few weeks, as you also claimed to know), and Raps4Ever, and have identified that for all to see. On the other hand, like someone else on here (multiple times), you’re so non-rattled that you see my ghost in another totally unrelated user (Rob), who you expressed that you positively knew it was me. Yup, you’ll identify me alright, LMAO.

                  In the meantime, I’ll carry on asking questions to expose bullshit, as is my right, and you carry on with your baffle-gab and blustery name calling. It’s how you roll.

                • FLUXLAND

                  The only thing you have exposed and just did is that you are a pathetic troll. Most people on here ignore you already and label you a troll, the proof is everywhere.

                • p00ka

                  Oh? Where’s the poll indicating what “most people” think? Or is that just talking out of your brown hole again?

                • FLUXLAND

                  Bro, no one replies to you and others have labeled you a troll..have a look around. 

                • Rob

                  Lol sorry, I just felt I had to involve myself in a conversation concentrated with so much hypocrisy and idiocy, on your side of the rebuttal, that it befuddles the mind. So where to start?

                  “I may very well have sources closer that you could imagine, and if you actually knew what’s been going on in that locker room over the years”

                  Ooo, Flux has sources, we have an insider here folks, ooo. I could imagine she peeps through a tiny crack in the door, quite possibly a hole in the wall at the Raptors locker-room. Maybe a BIC pen and a notepad, jot down some notes, ladies and gents, our Raptors insider. Well done lol, W.W, well done, all that kool-aid you’ve been peddling must’ve gotten to your head. But that’s how you roll.

                  Fluxland: The world is going to end tomorrow.

                  Me: Well, you have the right to say that, and please don’t take offence because it’s only fair for me to ask you this, but do you have any facts or evidence to support such a bold notion?

                  Fluxland: STFU you eternal optimist, keep drinking that kool-aid and go fn prove it yourself fn idiot. BWAHAHAA!Do you realize how utterly stupid that sounds? When you beckon on someone else to prove something YOU said? The reasoning for burden of proof takes place everywhere, all the way to the supreme court and back again. So where did you get this retarded backward logic from? Is your stupidly intentional, or is it your way of getting off? Both? You have no sense of logic, or sense of anything. Probably why you ran away with your tail between your legs mad as hell during that last debate we had where you were put in your place lol, remember that? When you “trolled and ran away.” Hey, I’d like to see things from your POV, but I honestly can’t get my head that far up my ass, you have a special talent for ignoring facts. But that’s how you roll.And don’t flatter yourself, this has nothing to do with being out to get you, having a personal problem with you, or investing time in you, an anonymous online internet troll hiding under the cloak of anonymity is the least bit of my concerns, to be quite honest, any of my replies take a whole minute-and-a-half out of my day, tops. If anything, YOU have a problem with how others post, you said you don’t read the forums because you have a problem with how they post, and you also said, in your own words, you you’re “irked” by fans that believe in such-and-such, telling everyone how to believe, calling them kool-aid drinkers, if anything, it’s you that is the one so concerned with how others think. Take that sense of thinking and self-entitlement to the outside world pal, outside of the comfort of your parents basement, and see what happens.And continually, your posts are filled with the same old caustic guised rhetoric that is both convoluted and verbose. Since when did asking a question become synonymous with trolling? I don’t get why people that get questioned on their stance take it so personally, at least admit it and say you don’t know instead of going on an angry tirade. Or just ignore the question, hit the collapse button if you really don’t want to get involved and don’t think you can keep it civilized. I could care less, the question isn’t meant to demean anyone’s character so stop being overly-sensitive like a bitchy housewife who hasn’t had her daily bottle of wine. But that’s how you roll.”I’m sorry that my sources will not be revealed to you”You’re sorry alright….

                • FLUXLAND

                  If you are going to pretend you are not Pooka , I suggest you work a little harder on the words, lines and tone you use, it’s becoming rather obvious.  As is your obsession with me.

                  The rest of your post, garbage as usual… keep questioning people’s opinions and asking for sources while you contribute nothing. By now it has become expected and the norm.

                  “Probably why you ran away with your tail between your legs mad as hell
                  during that last debate we had where you were put in your place lol,
                  remember that? When you “trolled and ran away.”

                  Show me, link it here..

                • p00ka

                  LMFAO,,,, that you’re spooked enough to continue be so damn sure that Rob is me. Like the p00ka_is_a_fish clown, who sees my ghost around every other corner, you’re dead wrong, but carry on believing in your vivid imagination., lmfao. I guess your psyche finds that a better alternative to the truth about yourself. As offensive as you are, I’m beginning to understand, and actually beginning to feel sorry for you.

                • Rob

                  Keep playing make-believe on who I am, seems to have gotten to your head, soon enough you’ll see me everywhere, looks like I can’t get out of your head.

                  I guess you just can’t come to grips that there is more than one person on these forums that think you’re a douchebag troll, so you resort to thinking, through a figment of your imagination, that it’s all the same person in the end. Ha, ya right, keep telling yourself that.

                  Ya, sure, I’ll back up my claim, or should I run away and change the subject your style? Nah, that’d be the bitch way of doing things…. check out the July 4th, morning coffee forum.

                • Dan

                  Thought it was necessary to add that I also think Flux and FAQ are douchebag trolls, it’s just not normally worth my time to say it. But seriously flux, you add nothing of value to RR other than your circle jerks with FAQ that are entertaining once in a while (more as a circus freak act than anything else). That’s all, now I can go back to skipping over all of your posts

                • Mapko

                  Anybody wanna talk about Raps?

        • cesco

           He may have a good knowledge of b-ball but I wish he could enlighten us with his knowledge , make RR more informative instead of acting so stupid here .

          • FLUXLAND

            I assume by he you mean FAQ.  If you’ve been here long enough you’d know a) he’s the site’s resident comic, the man has a gift when he lights it up, and b) when it comes to ball he can joust with the best of them, the problem is the level of basketball related comments on here is so out of depth, it’s a pointless activity.

            Not to mention, it’s not an x’s and o’s place, and far more importantly this organization hasn’t assembled a team who’s players warrant any in depth discussion in that regard. The time is largely spent on figuring out if these players belong in the NBA to being with, but such is the life of a farm team fan.  If we are lucky we get a few close games a year where we can discuss some last minute play calling but it usually fails because player x failed to execute something fundamental, going back to development talk and fundamental skills analysis.  

            • FAQ

              FLUX… you do me proud, and thank you for your kudos…. however, don’t you get that “deja vu all over again” feeling for the fifth time… and listening to all these faithful Raptor-lovers saying the same thing about their beloved team?!

              You can put a bunch of Afghans into Ratpor uniforms and these forum fans will project playoffs.

              You and me, we are old-timers still trying to pound sense into the situation, but to no avail.  All those who started  out with us are long gone, dead, rotting, like their hopes for the Ratpors.

              Soon I will join them because age is wracking my body and my mind is starting to slip too.  I blame it on the MLSE Ratpors… who will most likely never see a playoff birth in the near or distant future.

              Carry on FLUX… carry on……

              • cesco

                 That is your big problem FAQ . you have become a cynical , dour old man because you cannot enjoy
                watching your NBA team . If you think that they are that bad , there is nothing to prevent you from becoming the fan of a winning NBA team and join one of their blogging sites and participate in intelligent conversations there . May be you will add a few years to your life and recover your health , honestly you are making our life miserable here with your negativity .

                • Copywryter

                  Flux and FAQ are right, this blog has become the domain of a bunch of rabid, hyper-optimistic, tribal honking fans who cheer every half-assed move and think making the playoffs is the promised land. As soon as someone points out the grim situation this franchise is in (and has been in for some time) they grab their happy pitchforks and lynch the realist.  

                • p00ka


                  A pessimist in denial. Someone with an
                  overwhelmingly negative view of the world and the future, but does not
                  want the stigma associated with being called a pessimist, so they claim
                  to view the world as it “really” is. Of course, in the eyes of the
                  realist, it’s never “really” good, it always “really” sucks.
                  Person A: You know, I hate people, the future sucks, life sucks and then you die. Might as well off myself right now.
                  Person B: Wow, you’re a real pessimist!
                  Person A: I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist.

                • Rob

                  You may have a lot more in common with the so-called tribal honkers that you like to place yourself above than you think. And I’m not taking any sides here.

                  You, just like them, like to hear what you want to hear. Also, just like them, you overly-concern yourself with opposing views, dismissing them as worthless, unavailing. 

                  If one of them point out, by their views at least, the great situation the franchise is in, you knock over the water-tower and flood the town, apparently leaving only one voice to speak; yours.

                  Why not just hold hands, cynic, realist, pollyanna, idealist, pessimist, whatever pseudonym you choose to label yourself by. Your similarities are more glaring than your differences, and it all stems back to one thing: dissenting opinion is dangerous.

              • FLUXLAND


                Deja Vu would at least make wonder if I really did experience this before; I could try and lie to myself.

                This shit show is like Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day on loop for over five years, except I am not laughing, in any way shape or form.


                • p00ka

                  So for over 5 years you’ve been contributing the same thing over and over, yet experiencing the same results, or lack thereof, over and over. At what point will you realize how insane that is?

                • FLUXLAND

                  “yet experiencing the same results, or lack thereof, over and over.”

                  Do you have proof of that or, that is another of your assumptions? I have seen plenty of posters on here (that unlike you don’t change handles every 5 minutes.. and I am the insane one..identity issues, bud? Multiple personalities? Which is it?) go from BC supporters, to doubters, to dislikers. Not my fault you haven’t been here long enough. 

                  You continued assumptions really are pathetic. Sad really.

            • cesco

               If as you said , the team is so bad and the comments here are so superficial ( no depth ) then why keep posting here . I am sure there must be sites with far more intelligent posters . You could also join the forum here or have you and FAQ been banned from there ? .

              • FLUXLAND

                Oh my dear little Francesco,

                Just because the assembled teams of this regime are garbage and warrant “superficial” discussion as you say, it doesn’t mean anyone is giving up on the concept of a NBA team in Toronto and wanting a regime/team that is worthy of actual praise.

                That also doesn’t mean one will blindly support the crap put on the floor and cheer it on as if has some shot at anything. That’s for tribal honkers (TM FAQ). Some of us do not subscribe to the “well, that’s what we have been given and if we are real fans we will support it regardless of how crap it is”  That’s the life gives me shitty lemons, so I will make shitty lemonade mentality. Some of us get lemons, and we throw those MFs right back. 

                How do you know where I post? And I am not allowed to post anywhere but one place at a time?

                I don’t like the forums, I read the comments in there and it’s clear they are frequented by mostly eleventeen year olds or people who started following basketball yesterday, read some Doug Smith articles and basically arm themselves with enough info to spit around the water cooler at work so they can fit in. Engaging someone in a conversation that will end with “well yeah, you are just a hater and not a real fan” is not my idea of productivity, I leave it to the kids.


                • p00ka

                  Like your baffle-gab, your ego has no bounds.

                • FLUXLAND

                  Nothing to counter with ha? You are sad, sad little man. I am doubting you even have a daughter, there is no ones dumb enough to have kids with you. 

                  Congrats, you have officially taken on the role of #1 troll; I guess we all have goals.. congrats again, really.

                • Copywryter

                  Amen to that. Amen.

            • hater

              are u faq’s wife?

            • Nilanka15

              Man, I miss those days when we could actually discuss x’s and o’s on this site. It’s been far too long since individual possessions actually mattered with this team. Sigh…

              • CJT

                I think once the season starts we should get back to that type of discussion.  It is infinitely more interesting regardless of the caliber of team we put on the floor.  It would be a refreshing change from all the crap that we post.  Didn’t we all start coming here because we love the game?  The Raps have been bad, it has been gloomy, but I still love the game and want them to be better.  Who knows.

              • hater

                well why dont u take the lead and show us wut a real discussion is like u claim…smh

      • Truth Teller

        p00ka = Bryan Collengelo 

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Some are even starting to rationlize the SG Fields deal as a genius BC move because he can be traded in his 3rd year when he owed 9 million as an expiring…

    • FAQ STFU

      in 06s draft he picked AB over RONDO,ROY,ALDRIDGE,GAY,LOWRY AND MILSAP
      08S DRAFT:we picked HIBBERT then traded him wtf
      11S DRAFT:just a dum pick too many good young stars we did not need another center
      12S DRAFT: Terrence frickin ross wtf we could of had lamb or rivers. ross was supposed to go 26th are u blind or just illiterate BC

  • RaptorFan

    I agree 100% …it almost makes me laugh when i read stupid articles such as this one…..bayless is almost 3 years younger than Lowry….shoots better than Lowry (42 percent compared to Lowry’s 37 from 3’s)….did you even notice that lowry shot 40 percent from the field last year?????? WOW….bayless put up better numbers than lowry when he started and we’re just going to give Lowry the starting role just like that?? check out his stats when Lowry was a backup for 6 years…..he even lost the starting role to Dragic last year….lol…..Lowry is not better than bayless….Bayless didnt request a trade (he said he loved the city and didnt mind backing up Jose)…..I always loved arsenalist’s articles….except this one….shame on you!…get your facts straight!

    • RaptorFan

      i disagree 100%***  Arsenalist sounds like a BC fan boy to me right now….(This is exactly how BC wants us to view bayless)…..i think this will haunt BC….he never gave bayless a fair shot…..good luck Bayless!!  There are sooo many fans that believed in you and your abilities…..more important you showed us your willingness to play the point and your willingness to play HARD when so many others on your team seemed okay with being a bunch of losers on a d-league team……too bad injuries had to limit your time on the floor…….Andrea`s injured for almost the whole year and he gets a free pass….WTF!!! 

    • p00ka

      And stats are always a true and complete indication of a player’s skills and value, right?

      • Guest

        You may be the biggest Fanboy on this site!  Do you do anything else other than ask questions to individuals who share their opinions and thoughts??  Ask Tom Liston if stats matter …

        p00ka is a RR Troll and a BC used condom

        • p00ka

          Awwww, another little boy that thinks asking questions is a crime on here. I know having to back up bullshit is tough, but big boys have to learn to if they want to deal with life outside mommy’s basement. Would it be better if I spewed mouthy little insults and be an internet tough guy, like your bros.?

    • Nilanka15

      I don’t think you’ve watched Lowry play over the past 2 years….

      • RaptorFan

        Actually i have…..he’s okay….i’m impressed with his rebounding and toughness….i’m a bit more realistic about his shooting tho

        DC asked for more shooters and we may’ve given up on one of our better shooters from deep (JB – 42 percent) at age 23

        • Nilanka15

          Casey also wants defense, and went balls out after Nash, lol. It feels like they’re making it up as they go….

          • RaptorFan

            i agree lol

          • guest

             BC went balls in on Nash. Not Casey …

    • CJT

      You’re right, that is a great plan.  Thanks for suggesting it.

    • CJT

      I;m pretty sure that at the end of last season, Bayless said in his exit interview that he would do whatever he need to for the team, but he thinks he should start.  He is clearly not prepared to come off the bench and his numbers prove that.  I like him and an not anti bayless or pro lowry, but I don’t believe that he was prepared to be that 6th man type of player.

      • RaptorFan

        Is Lowry prepared to be a 6th man or a backup point guard???  He didnt seem so happy when he lost his starting spot to Dragic…..

  • Truth Teller

    Check the stats before you write dumb articles!  Lowry is a PR media spin.  How does BC go out and get a worst player shooting wise and then pretend that our team is now better   hahahaha Gotta love gullible raptor fans!  Goodbye collangelo.. better luck on your next job  Fucking Loser!  You gave us one winning season in 6 years  GTFOH

    • RaptorFan

      Didnt dwayne casey ask for shooters???  so we get Lowry and Fields….lol….WOW

    • p00ka

      And stats are always a true and complete indication of a player’s skills and value, right?

      • Truth Teller

        You may be the biggest Fanboy on this site! Do you do anything else other than ask questions to individuals who share their opinions and thoughts?? Ask Tom Liston if stats matter …p00ka is a RR Troll and a BC used condom

  • Dc

    Bayless really never got a fair shot at the pg job despite Calderon just being a fringe starter bayless numbers show that he was a way better starter then backup. It really wouldnt surprise me if this move bites bc in his ass (hopefully he gets fired after this year) *fingers crossed* bayless is only 23 years old it takes a while to become a good pg for most players. Hell the pg we just traded for was a scrub until he turned 27 and u know actually got consistent playing time. O well I guess all players don’t get their starting spots handed to them and minutes witthout competition.*cough Andrea bargina cough* future franchise player aka dirk jr aka bc s love child aka I’m a pf not a c aka bc can’t trade me cuz he’s a pussy aka pasta is the shit aka 5 boards a game for a pf not center aka 13 game hall of famer aka ab38onbosh is my shining moment aka fanboys love me aka no d aka enigma of enigmas

  • Buschfire

    Just because we pulled the QO doesn’t mean the team can’t resign him… A lot of people have been saying this could also potentially lead to a S & T, somthing big BC is working on…. everyone here over analyzes every single move BC does.. the picture will be clearer later on. Somthing that looks stupid now may make more sense after BC finishes whatever agenda he has.

    On another note the Landry Fields offer sheet in my opinion is really smart. I love him as a player, blue collar hard working high bbball IQ  glue guy type player who is only getting better. His stats were so low last year was because melo joined the team. I’ll say it here first every one of you are going to really Like Landry Fields by the end of this season if he ends up on the Raptors.

    • Nilanka15

      I like Fields as a player. But I think we can all agree that he’s not worth $20 million over 3 years, and that he isn’t a clear upgrade over either Kleiza or Johnson. His acquisition cost us a lot of cap space, yet still doesn’t address the roster’s biggest hole going into this off season (i.e. small forward).

      • CJT

        That is the problem in a league where Jeremy Lin is going to get a max deal, players are tremendously over paid and there is always someone willing to pay them.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        3 years 6 million seems like a cognitive Fields f/a type of deal….plus he’s more of a SG than a SF.

        What was the NBA lockout about again- stupid GMs like BC overpaying talent?

        • CJT

          What about the GM’s give Asik and Lin Max money.  Do you really think this is a Raptors only issue?  If your not the Heat, the Celtics, Sa etc. you have to pay more to try and lure Fa’s away from going to those destinations.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            GMs- plural….get a freakin’ clue Sherlock…smdh

            Don’t try and school me on the NBA- class is in session….Daniel Son. lol

            • CJT

              My point wasn’t that you were wrong, but more that there are about 25 other GM’s that have to do the same thing.  It is not a Raptors only issue. 

          • Truthkiller

            But still he’s not even a skilled big man he only avgs 3pts and 3 reb.

      • Buschfire

        Maybe not right now but isn’t it only his 2nd year in the league? He still has so much room to grow and I think he’s a great addition… ok maybe not 20 mil. but I think it will pay off in the long run…just a hunch.

  • Malin

    Raps can still resign him if they want. and in terms of cap room, there is technically only 3-4 million but Raps could amnesty amir and still be in play for remaining big free agents.

  • canuck_eh

    The hate-on that some people have for Jose is quite perplexing. His stat line, though not at superstar level (and he’s not paid as such), is more than respectable: 10 ppg, 9 apg, 48 fg%, 88 ft% and one of the best assist/turnover ratios of all time…of allllll time. Sure, he’s a porous defender, but so’s Nash and he was considered the NBA’s best player for two seasons. Aside from Bosh, who’s since been undoubtedly proven to not be a franchise player, look at the flotsam JC has been distributing the ball to for seven seasons. But every year, he’s towed the company line – whether he’s starting or relegated to the bench behind someone with more ego and less talent.

    And as for not taking the Raptors to the playoffs, what PG in NBA history has accomplished such a feat on his own… Magic? Stockton? Kidd? Westbrook? Nyet.

    I’m quite happy to have Lowry starting, with Jose backing him up and teaching him a thing or two about protecting the ball in ’12-13. And at the end of the year, Jose’s $10M comes off the books and we re-sign him for less or he goes elsewhere. Seems like a pretty good scenario to me…

    • Adriiian

      Yeah, I agree. Jose is good, people should not hate.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Meanwhile we are paying a back up pg 10 million and still need a starting SF?

  • FAQ

    Bayless doesn’t have any more of that marketing “je ne sais quoi” appeal factor to put bums into the seats at the ACC.  Bringing in Lowry is just BC’s devious and cynical plan to bamboozle the tribal honking fans and keep them begging for more.  Why do you think they call it “Moronto”..??!!!

    • cesco

       I think Bayless will join his fourth team in 5 years or so . If Jose stays then it is good for him to go elsewhere and try to keep improving there ( he may be able to or maybe not ) .

  • Checkines

    Come on, it’s okay to be critical on the Raptors decisions, but it’s also okayy to be a fan of their moves, that doesn’t instantly make you a fanboy. Personally, I’m glad that we probably won’t have Bayless back, I didn’t like his style of play, his defence was lacking, and he was goaded into playing 1 on 1 too often. I much prefer Lowry, and that does not make me a fan boy, that makes me someone with an opinion, on a forum sites for fans.

    • Statement


    • Nilanka15

      You only become a fanboy when/if someone critiques Lowry (whether it’s warranted or not), and you resort to personal insults.

  • cesco

    It looks like Jonas and Linas will be joining Jose at the Olympics . 52-36 at half time in favor of Lithuania against Dominican Republic .

    • cesco

       6 points , 1 reb , 1 steal , 1 foul for Jonas so far .

      • mountio

        17 and 7 for JV  on 6 of 9 shooting … thats more like it. Still 5 fouls ..

      • cesco

        Lithuania win 109-83 . Very impressive stats , I think , from JV . 17 pts , 7rebs , 5 fouls but played the most minutes on his team .

  • Basketball Punjab

    Just stupid even on his worst day Bayless is better than Calderon, who plays far worse defense.  Calderon needs to go as his style of play is not Raptors anymore.  Bayless is a star and whether or not you have no idea.  Evlen KiDDAA Magazine recently wrote getting rid of Bayless would be a mistake.  Colangelo has no loyalty to paraphrase.  You cant teach heart and Bayless has that.  I wont be reading this blog again.

  • Checbenj

    FLUXLAND and Pooka sure spend a lot of time( dis)coursing with each other … maybe they should break up their marriage!