This is Chad Ford.

Key additions: Kyle Lowry (trade), Jonas Valanciunas (draft), Terrence Ross (draft), Landry Fields (FA), Aaron Gray (re-sign), Quincy Acy (draft), John Lucas III (FA), Alan Anderson (FA)

Key subtractions: Jerryd Bayless, James Johnson, Gary Forbes

GM Bryan Colangelo went all-in on Steve Nash this summer. He had the hometown hero angle working for him. He offered Nash the biggest contract. He gave Fields a ridiculous contract to cut the Knicks’ sign-and-trade offer for Nash off at the knees. He even had Wayne Gretzky in his corner.

The one thing Colangelo didn’t have? A team that was close to Nash’s kids. In the end, Nash chose family over money or fame and, in doing so, inadvertently stuck another dagger into the hearts of Raptors fans everywhere.

While losing Nash was a blow, Raptors fans have things to look forward to this season. Getting Lowry for a future draft pick was a steal. He is a big upgrade at the point and gives them some toughness they desperately lacked.

Adding Valanciunas is also a pretty big deal. He may not be an impact player right out of the gate, but most general managers agree that he would have been the No. 2 pick in the draft behind Anthony Davis. Ross gives them a great shooter and athlete on the wing, and Acy is the type of player who will do all of the dirty work in the paint.

Pair those three with Andrea Bargnani, DeMar DeRozan and friends and the Raptors have a team that should be much more competitive this season.

The only thing keeping the Raptors from getting an A is the fact that Fields’ offer sheet was not matched by the Knicks. I don’t care what the Raptors are saying, they would have never paid him that much money had they known Nash was heading to L.A. Now they’re stuck with him. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a pretty big blemish on what has otherwise been a pretty positive summer.


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  • Nilanka15

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting tired of hearing the Nash sweepstakes rehashed over and over again.

    • Red and White

      Yeah, I am getting tired of that too.  

      I also do not understand the whole “Raptors would never have offered Fields that contract if they knew Nash was going to LA”thing a .  The Raptors took away from the Knicks the ability to use Fields in a trade for Nash the second they made Fields the offer, the size of the offer did not matter in that aspect.  Colangelo gave Fields that offer because he wanted Fields on the team.  

      Maybe I am missing something, but it just does not make sense to me.  

      • Brian B

         yes you are missing something – if the Fields deal was not back end loaded, tying up cap room  in year three, the Knicks could have committed to Nash  AND resigned Fields. Now it is Toronto that potential will have cap issues just when they might finally get good (and I can’t believe I even typed that last part).

        • Matt52

          You are also missing something.  The poison pill contract hits the offering and matching team different.  Toronto has a cap hit of $6.25M per season for 3 years despite paying him $5M, $5M, and $8.7M over the next 3 years.  New York would have had the same cap hit and payout.  His signing is not going to have any more of an impact on the 2014-15 season as it will on the 2012-13 season.  

          What is often overlooked is even with Fields, the Raptors still have the ability to offer a max contract next summer.

          • Jamshid

            “What is often overlooked is even with Fields, the Raptors still have the ability to offer a max contract next summer.”

            Who really cares ?? With the way this team is which player,worth of MAX Money is willing to come to Toronto ?

            Please DO NAME and let us know why the ability to offer that max contract next summer matters as you are putting it !!!

            • Thetruth

              You don’t need to lose your temper and yell Jamshid. What do you mean who really cares? The point is we have the ability to offer a max contract to a player next summer and you find something critical to say about that?

              There is a new CBA that will be fully implemented next summer and it will even the playing field between small market and big market teams. Having max contract space to sign a player to join a core of Valanciunas, Bargnani, Ross, DeRozan, Lowry, and yes Fields is actually impressive.

              • Jamshid

                I did not lose my cool or yell. I ask a simple question. Yes, we do have the ability to sign a Max player next year but WHAT DOES that really mean ??

                This is the IMPORTANT question here. Which one of the top free agents who are worth the Max money are willing to come to Toronto with the team that we have ??

                My answer is NONE. Our team has such a bad reputation now and is in such a disarray that is years away from competing for the top 3 spot in the east.

                None of the top guys in their prime are willing to come here and hence, having the “ability” to sign a max player is irrelevant.

                This is just the new thing that Matt52 is throwing around as a mouth pice for BC.

                • Matt52

                  “Our team has such a bad reputation now and is in such a disarray that is
                  years away from competing for the top 3 spot in the east.”

                  That attitude does not put the Raptors years away for competing.  That type of attitude ensures the Raptors never competes.

                • Theswirsky

                  sure because last I heard potential NBA free agents were big on bloggers attitudes.

                  Would love to see Jamshid’s question addressed though.  “Which one of the top free agents who are worth the Max money are willing to come to Toronto “?

                  If the answer is none (which has historically been the case) I fail to understand your point.

                • Nilanka15

                  Unless a player has publicly stated, “I want to play in Toronto”, I don’t think it’s possible to answer that question.  It’s all guess work.

                • Theswirsky

                  We’ve seen the highlights in the NBA time and time again.  Max money players choose their destination and its a handful of teams time and time again. 

                  In Toronto we’ve seen every single max money player want out.

                  There is a significant difference between a random guess and an educated one.  I think its fair to run with the philosophy that the Raptors aren’t attracting max deal players. 

                  Arguing that having that capacity is somehow a benifit to the team is very disengenuous.

                  Plus if Matt52 is going to argue the team should “focus on what you can control” the team crossing its fingers in hopes that something will happen that never has before seem extremely counterintuitve

                • Matt52

                   Luckily it is not just ‘Matt52’ arguing to focus on what you can control. 


                  The game has changed my friend.  You just happen to be one of many fans unaware.  You are sitting around waiting for uncontrollable events to occur to positively impact the fortunes of the franchise.  If you want good things to happen, you have to create an environment to make it happen. 

                • Nilanka15

                  You’re painting a no-win situation.  We can’t attract top free agents, and we can’t retain home-grown talents.

                  The choices are to stop trying, or hope that a player (or two) reverse the trend.

                  I vote for the latter.

                • Theswirsky

                  I didn’t paint anything.  This has nothing to do with long term team building(which I think the Raps can achieve through the draft), rather Matt52’s statement of signing a max contract.

                • Matt52

                  Please don’t put words in my mouth.  I said the ability to sign or trade for a max talent existed.

                • CDHALL

                  the large market teams will not have the money to throw at FA’s, therefore small market teams and TO will become the only place to receive MAX contracts. Not every year but some years when the large teams are saddled with cap issues.

                • Matt52

                   I’m sorry but no forward thinking is permitted here. 😀

                • Matt52

                  I’m sorry I did not spell out the type of attitude I was speaking of was one that would be presumably shared with a Raptor decision maker. 

                  How am I suppose to know what players are willing to go anywhere, let alone Toronto?

                  The ability to sign or trade for a max player is there.  That is the point.  That is certainly better than not having the ability especially with a young roster.

                • Jamshid

                  “The ability to sign or trade for a max player is there.”
                  The point is irrelevant when you can not sign a player. In today’s NBA, it takes more than financial flexibility to sign an impact, SUPER Star , Max type player.

                • Matt52

                   Today’s NBA is not tomorrow’s NBA.  There are significant rule changes coming for next summer with regards to the CBA and luxury tax.  Combine that with a vastly improved Raptors team and who knows what tomorrow will look like.  But planning for tomorrow based on today is, for lack of a better word, stupid.

                • Thetruth

                  Jamshid and swirsky are idiots. Go read the new CBA you fools. Enough said.

                • Thetruth

                  You and Jamshid are idiots. Let me ask you theswirksy, how many free agents in any given summer are worth MAX DOLLARS? Huh? 

                  James Harden is a free agent next year, do you consider him worthy of a max contract? The question of “who are top free agents worth Max money and are willing to come to Toronto?” is loaded and extremely stupid. Who is worth max dollars as a player? Very very few in my opinion but the point of our argument was that in the new cba: free agents don’t have any more avenues to force themselves to big market teams because they are all over the luxury tax. That removes all the glamour teams off the market (no sign and trade possibilities) thus evening the playing field a little more for smaller markets such as Toronto.

                  One last point..if the clippers could build a contender…the Raptors can….never say never.

                • Jamshid

                  Instead of worrying about the attitude of the bloggers , worry about BC and his plans that has gotten our team stuck in the lottery …

                  Now, back to my Question … Who is the MAX free agent that with the financial flexibility you think Raptors planing to sign next summer ?

                • Nilanka15

                  Cap space is valuable in trades, not just free agency.

                • Matt52

                   tsk, tsk, tsk.

                  I’ve already said I don’t know.  Your guess is as good as mine.  Lets throw out James Harden for a start?  Trade for Gay?  Are they likely or possible?  I don’t know.  I might be a mouth piece for BC but I don’t have access to his calls, messages, or texts.

                  The game has changed my friend.  Get better from the inside out and put yourself in position to take advantage of opportunities.  Looks like what the Raptors are doing.  Sorry it is not what you want. 

                • CJT

                  With $ being a premium as of next year, you may find that the typical money hungry NBA superstar will consider a team that has the money to spend on them above ones that can’t offer as much. 

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


            • Matt52

               What a sad existence you must lead (or are heading for) with that mentality.  I guess that is the difference between you and me.  As a person, I focus on what I can control.  I set goals and work towards them.  Often times people ridicule my goals but that is fine I keep plugging away.  For example, when I said I would pay off my mortgage in 10 years but did it in 3.5.  My latest goal is to amass $10M in the next 6-8 years – you should see my wife roll her eyes at that one.  Challenge yourself or what is the use in trying?  Living without fear of failure is how I live my life.  What is the worst case scenario if you fail?  You start again?  Yeah, that is rough.

              The Raptors appear to be similar in my opinion.  They have set goals of late and have either achieved them or are still working towards them while certain fans ridicule.  They wanted to improve as a defensive team and went from worst to average in one year while being a top 10 team in oppFG% (every other team in that top 10 is a playoff team).  They wanted to add shooters and more athleticism while continuing to improve the defense – check, check, check.  They continue to make moves to improve while allowing themselves the opportunity to really improve if an opportunity presents itself.

              You focus on what you can control.  The Raptors are doing that.  “Boo-hoo, no top talent will ever want to come to Toronto so why even make such a thing a possibility, boo-hoo.”  That is the attitude of the guy at the bar who talks shit to his buddies about picking up a hot chick but then never makes the attempt to land one because he is chicken shit so he goes outside and gets in a fight…. WINNER!

              I know what Raptor fans like you want.  Trade everyone away.  Be the worst team in the league.  Draft all young players.  Hope and pray with some sort of luck the lottery balls don’t screw them over.  Then hope and pray some more with some sort of luck they land a few top talents.  Then hope a winning team can be assembled before the rookie contracts run out.  Then whine and complain when the flexibility is not there to add solid, veteran role players around the young talent.  Then get bitter because the top talents left to join a winner becoming another of the long tradition of Raptor exports.  And start the cycle fresh again.  The problem in the above is the Raptors do not have any control: they are hoping the lottery balls bounce their way, they are hoping a top draft talent is available, they are hoping that draft talent becomes something.  And what happens if those hopes are not answered?  They remain stuck in the mud.  The Raptors aren’t contenders but at least they are improving with a young roster and that magical flexibility.

              Go ahead, ridicule the Raptors for positioning themselves to acquire a top talent via trade or free agency.  Laugh at the notion of a top, young talent wanting to come to Toronto with a young team and phenomenal coach.  Ignore the new CBA and luxury tax changes on the horizon.  Continue to complain that the Raptors suck because they don’t go from cellar dweller to championship contender in a fortnight while advocating tank and draft.  This isn’t fantasy league basketball and it isn’t playing GM on your XBox.  The Raptors appear to be focusing on what they can control versus what they cannot. 

              It wasn’t too long ago when the number one crying complaint around here was the shitty defense and how it would never change…… hmmmmm….. where are those  complaints now?  Ahhh, they’ve been replaced with, “Why bother to improve at all?!?!?!”

              As for who the Raps might target?  Go look up a list of 2013 free agents and ask yourself.  Read some rumours of who might be available via trade.  Your guess will be as good as mine. 

              Regardless of who might be out there I’d much rather be in a position for an opportunity at them than not.  Like the guy in the bar, just imagine he says, “Fuck it.  I’ll go talk to the woman.”  But unfortunately, he doesn’t bother to wash himself up, put on clean clothes, and starts the conversation with, “Yo bitch.  You wanna suck my d!ck?” 

              Well, that is the approach the Raptors would be taking if they never put a promising young roster out on the court that has shown signs of success on its own.  The Raptors made great strides last season and this upcoming season they will be younger, deeper, and better.  If they can challenge for or even better make the playoffs, all the more of an attractive situation to pursue said free agent or trade target.

              It is all about focusing on what you can control and making your own destiny.  But that probably sounds stupid to you, though.

              • ZZ

                Holy crap Matt…

                This is like one of those epic movie style speeches…
                At least I’m inspired :’)

                • CJT

                  It deserves one of those slow group claps that speed up.

              • Jamshid

                LOL, you spent 10 minutes writing, insulting me, making it personal and … but was not able to answer a simple question !!! 🙂 🙂 Keep these rhetoric speeches for the herd. They sound like BC’s speeches about rebuild, retool, accelerated rebuild and … all TALK but miles away from reality.

                As it was evidence by last summer and this summer, to have get a super star you need money and wining attitude and plan and track records.

                Under BC, we only have the first one and after 7 years, still no plan on how to win which is evident by him changing direction and half of the team every off season. 

                Now , I ask you again, don’t hide behind your rhetoric speech and answer a simple question:

                Who do you think Raptors can sign to MAX contract next summer ??

                Also, lets remind the reader what you were preaching all winter for the herd:

                Financial flexibility and assets that BC gathered over the years which will allow us to get a  STAR SF like Gay !!! Yes, Rudy GAY !!!

                Above is what you were preaching for the herd and wrote pages and pages about how it is possible and makes sense and …

                But again, summer came and you were proved wrong and how far you are from reality. Who did we sign ??
                Anderson 🙂 🙂

                Now, stop hiding and answer the question 🙂

                • Nilanka15

                  What “winning attitude and track record” did the Nets have when they acquired Deron Williams (please don’t reference Dr. J)?

                • Matt52

                  You must have missed this part:

                  “As for who the Raps might target?  Go look up a list of 2013 free agents
                  and ask yourself.  Read some rumours of who might be available via
                  trade.  Your guess will be as good as mine.”

                  The rules of the game have changed.  Improve from the inside out (yup, Raps did that) and allow yourself to be in a position to take advantage of an opportunity (yup, that is done too). 

                  You might not agree but it appears some of the best basketball minds in the NBA have taken this approach.  I feel confident riding with them on this matter. 

                • Jamshid

                  rules changes next summer ??!! Ok, so now you are referring us to next summer just how you did that last winter for this summer and promises of Gay and …

                  Fine, this is quite in line with what BC has ben doing as well. Making promises for future and the next summer and TPEs and expiring contracts and … We all saw what happened to expiring contract of Barbosa and TPE of Bosh.

                  At the end, it is quite clear you don’t  think we can sign a SUPER STAR worth of Max money next summer but choose to word it like : ” I don’t know ..”

                  It is OK, Lets wait till next summer and here , I promise you and everyone else that we will NOT SIGN anyone worth of MAX money and no super star will come to this TEAM under BC’s management.

                • Matt52

                  You must put a lot of faith in my typed words.  I’m sorry if you didn’t get the memo where I am a silly fan who is not currently employed by any NBA franchise nor am I consulted on NBA roster transactions and my views on the Raptors have zilch-zero-nada influence on what happens. 

                  Was cap space used to sign a max player?  No.  Was a TPE used?  No, again.  Was a big trade made to acquire a top talent?  Maybe – depends on what you think of Lowry.  Do the Raptors currently have the consensus #2 pick in the 2012 draft had JV been in it?  Yes.

                  More importantly though, have the Raptors improved?  Ab-so-f’in-lutely!!  Do the Raptors continue to have flexibility to get better?  You know it!!  Might internal growth explode in the near future with Ross or JV?  I sure hope so!!  If it doesn’t are the Raps screwed to have to start over again?  Not bloody likely!!

                • Jamshid

                  “More importantly though, have the Raptors improved?  Ab-so-f’in-lutely!!  Do the Raptors continue to have flexibility to get better?  You know it!!  Might internal growth explode in the near future with Ross or JV?  I sure hope so!!  If it doesn’t are the Raps screwed to have to start over again?  Not bloody likely!!”

                  Improve is a funny word because without considering the rate of improve compare to your competitors , you are basically no better off !!! What is the rate of improvement ? How many games will this team win ? With this rate, when will we compete for top 3 spot in east ? These are questions that needs to be answered and not just, well, we improved and we might explode and we might this and we might that.

                • Matt52

                   Ask me again in 8 months.  The games have to be played.  The only improvement any team can do at this point is on paper. 

                  Put half as much energy in to looking at the positives as you do the negatives and a world of opportunity is likely to open up.

                  The opposite could be said of me, that is true, but at least I have the improving state of the franchise at the core of my conviction.

                • Theswirsky

                  Id be more curious to know how he knows the Raps have improved as the future is not based on past events.

                  or does that argument only apply to certain events…. never mind.  I think I know the answer to that question.

                • Matt52

                   No, like every team this time of year the ‘improvements’ are on paper.  The games still have to be played and injuries,  other transactions, or poor chemistry can still have a direct impact on the outcome.

                  You guys are searching for the golden egg when you are better off starting an egg farm and profiting off what you have versus what you wish you had.

                • Theswirsky

                  but how are they even improvements on paper

                  we would have to assume that previous results would effect that

                • p00ka

                  Geez, you’re one simple-minded jamshit that just refuses to rise above his/her misery. Since you’re stuck on demanding that everyone declare who is willing (cowardly way to try to maintain the “upper hand”), How about you enlighten us with your in-depth knowledge about which 2013 FA’s are not willing to come here.

                  Don’t bother babbling about history, because not only has the CBA changed the playing field, but most, if not all, those FAs have never been involved in any history of opportunity to join the Raptors.

                  So,,,, who can you say, with anything other than your misery laden theory, won’t consider the Raps?

                • Jamshid

                  I feel sorry for you pal. You are happy with being a lottery team, believing the empty promises fed to you by BC and now thinking new CBA will save you … 

                  I can tell you, no top tire free agent that is worth the MAX money will join this team with core players like DD, AB, Lower and Big Val next summer.

                  I am willing to make a bet with anyone who thinks otherwise here.

                • Matt52

                  Luckily with flexibility improvement doesn’t have to come from free agency with a new CBA.  It can also come on the trade front or via draft. 

                  “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”  Amen, sisters.

                • Jamshid

                  Give me an example of good trade under BC  except for Lowery ? Are we hoping to sign another Hedo , JO, Shawn Marion, JJ, … ??

                  Or in terms of Draft, are we hoping for another impact player like DD,AB or Ed  with getting picks from 8-13 in the draft ??

                • Matt52

                   But, but, but past decisions hardly impact future outcomes.

                  The NBA is changing and the Raptors are younger, deeper, and better.

                  Get on board!

                • Jamshid

                  “But, but, but past decisions hardly impact future outcomes.”

                  Maybe in the fantasy land of yours the above statement is true but in real world, experience, past decisions, track records and … all define what future is or what future might look like. 

                • Matt52

                  In that case it is lucky that Colangelo has 2 Executive of the Year Awards to rest his laurels on.

                  What awards do you have?


                • CJT

                  Ever consider that since he is still with Memphis, that perhaps he was not available as was report all last year and this summer?  Sorry didn’t want to make you consider for a moment that you miight be wrong about something.

                • Jamshid

                  Thanks for proving what I am saying  about Gay and other super stars.

                • p00ka

                  Doh,,,,,,,, he was/is not available unless Memphis makes him available. He wasn’t a FA and won’t be until 2016-17

                • CJT

                  Why are you confusing Matt’s wish list for players and spinning it to he promised us Rudy and didn’t deliver so he is a liar?  Did anyone else manage to secure RG from Memphis this summer?  So how does that reflect on the Raps exactly?

              • p00ka

                What a welcome breath of fresh air you are over here. Makes a guy feel warm and fuzzy that Jamshit mouthed off repeatedly about matt52 and “the herd”, as his lame ass puts it. Kudos!!!

              • sleepz

                I don’t think it’s fair to speculate on one end that the financial flexibility to take on a max player next year is a positive option based on controling their own destiny for the Raps moving forward (even though we have never seen this option in practice and it doesn’t account for other more desirable ‘locales’ having this potential option as well) but you can then speculate that if the Raps go the option of rebuilding through the draft, they will be lucky to get talent and that the players they do acquire will inevitably want to leave because they couldn’t build a winning team or put veterans around them in enough time.

                Raps have had greater success thus far in their relatively limited existence (compared to other teams in the L) going the route of the draft and getting top tier talent this way than they have through Free Agency or trades. The new CBA as you’ve pointed out might indeed change that landscape but they will still be competing with other teams on that front as they won’t be the only team with cap space. In addition to that, we haven’t seen how the new CBA changes will affect the fortunes of teams such as the Raps so until it does it is still all hopeful speculation.

                The draft while still requiring luck (building a team via draft, FA, or trades ALL require luck) has shown that a losing team can be turned into a winning team fairly quickly and cost effectively. 

                I’m not saying that the new changes in the CBA won’t make the playing field more level but none of us knows this for sure and to insinuate it’s the better way to go, when we don’t know how much (if any) it will change the playing field at this time is mostly based on pure optimism.

                • Matt52

                   Those are good points but there are some good basketball minds who seem to feel the CBA changes does in fact change things.

                  I also don’t buy the notion that because past free agent signings or trades have failed future ones will as well. 

                • Jamshid

                  “I also don’t buy the notion that because past free agent signings or trades have failed future ones will as well. ”

                  You are right because PAST is no indicator of future and one’s past experiences and dealings does NOT say anything about their future work !!!

                  Only if everyone else thought that way and we could get ride off resume and relevant experiences and … when looking for jobs and promotions 🙂

                • Nilanka15

                  Would you use Jean Chretien’s resume to predict what Stephen Harper would do?

                  Assuming the answer is no, then why would you use Chris Bosh’s resume to predict what any future free agent would do?

                • Theswirsky

                  I would.  After all history has shown that political leaders tend to follow their political ideology.  So when Harper was voted in, I expect him to follow his.

                  Now here’s a question. Would you expect the exact opposite to happen?  Where a PM would likely change their political leaning after being voted in? 

                • p00ka

                  I don’t know where you get the “after being voted in” thing, other than it’s convenient to your point. Sticking with changes in political leaning, it happens all the time, as politicians move across the house.

                  Other than that, my primary retort would be that a PM might drastically change his strategy/leaning when things aren’t going well and he hires a new strategist (Stefanski), hires a new campaign manager (Casey), and gets funding from a new source.

                • Theswirsky

                  please list the last PM that moved across the house.

                • p00ka

                  Please tell me a politician doesn’t change things up when hiring a new startegist and campaign manager.

                • p00ka

                  PS. Note that you ignored that which I said was my primary point. Not surprising, as it’s what you do.

                • Jamshid

                  You are still not getting it. We are talking about BC here and not Bosh. Keep up pal.

                • Nilanka15

                  lol, BC doesn’t control the minds of free agents.

                • Jamshid

                  Don’t worry about it Pal. This discussion is over your head and it will take me hours to make you understand it. For now, try to understand and keep up with this: BC is good … Raptors are champions.

                • Matt52

                   Exactly.  Thank you for making my point.  So because the Raps have thus far not used their flexibility, it doesn’t mean they will not in the future.  Any future move is also not doomed to failure based on the past.  You should be excited as a Raptors fan and drop the bitterness.

                • Theswirsky

                  Pretty sure you missed Jamshid’s point entirely.

                • Jamshid

                  He lacks logic and hence can not make the connection between point A and Point B to get to point C.

                • Matt52

                   But I also have enough humility to admit I might have been wrong.  What were you saying about keeping it clean and not getting personal? lol

                • Matt52

                   I might of but Jamshid’s view is so short-sighted I find it hard to narrow in from the big picture approach. 

                  For example, I don’t get limiting myself to looking for a job or promotion working for someone else when my goal is to become 100% financially independent. 

                  For all these ‘build through the draft’ people talking about competing for  championships, they certainly are short-sighted in their approach to achieving greatness.  I want $10M in 6-8 years.  I could go out buying lottery tickets hoping to land the jackpot and achieving my goals overnight or I could go invest my capital, using modest monthly contributions, and working to achieve a monthly return of 6.5%.  It is going to be hard work and require lots of patience and discipline but I feel confident that if I put the hard work in and maintain the discipline I will reach the goal of financial independence…. just like the Raptors might one day compete for a championship one day if they continue on the path they are (improve from within and be opportunistic). 

                • Theswirsky

                  what is the percentage likely hood of this team winning a championship on heart and optimistic thinking vs building through the draft.

                  Id expect a comparisons before we make assumptions that drafting is any more lucky than signing players.

                  after all you dont just guess at your investing do you. 

                • Matt52

                   I use many different approaches when it comes to trading decisions.
                  I would also expect an NBA GM to use many different approaches to building a winner.

        • HS

          No other GM would ever have offered Fields that contract, (even to have that potential cap) so BC is the stupidest GM . Post Carter and Bosh era, Toronto has no stars but inflated payroll (Calderon, Fields…etc)

    • HS

      And I’m sick and tired of hearing year after year, the Toronto Raptors will be good not this but the next year.

      • Donfiasko

        I wish you were GM.

      • Rman40mu

        you could always become a Knick fan

    • howlonghowlong

      What I don’t get is how everyone pretends losing out on Nash was a bad thing.  I may be the only Canadian and Raptors fan that didn’t want to see Nash on the team and I’m glad we didn’t get him.  As for assigning a Grade … no better than a C.

      1) We shouldn’t have gone after Nash in the first place. He’s turning 39 this season.  Aren’t we supposed to be a “young team” that’s “developing some pieces”.  Like JV, Ross, and ED?  So why would it be a good thing for our long term goals to get one of the best PGs in the NBA now?  Does BC think we’re good enough to win an NBA title this year with Nash?  Is he “the 20-10 PG of the future” that he was eyeing all along.  This was a terrible short sighted move!  I get the financial rewards with signing him and I get the hype and fan base that brings with it but that does NOTHING for the raptors long term goals of a title. (F)

      2)  James Johnson for a second round pick?  Salary dump I get it … couldn’t do better?  Especially after sending Barbosa for the 50-something pick.  BC buys high and sells low. (C)

      3)  Fields … if you followed my first point, this is self explanatory.  Terrible price tag … just terrible! (F)

      4) Ross at no 8?  so he was projected in the late teen by almost every “expert”.  So no one in the 12-16 range wanted to trade with you BC?  Did you try?  Again buying high. (C)

      5) Lowry – well done. (A)

      • Rman40mu

        So if Fields had signed for say 2mil would that have gotten a C or D or is he a terrible player and the raptors should have got someone else. If so who? Toronto doesn’t seem to high on elite free agent’s list

        • howlonghowlong

          3 year 10mil would have been reasonable for a (C) grade. Replacing JJ with a decent wing player for a decent salary. I don’t think fields is bad … He’s better than JJ, but not an extra 4 mil/yr better. Considering Wilson chandler (16-5-2 player) makes under 6 mil this year. I don’t care if fields turns into a 15-6-2 player, it’s still a bad move because you could’ve still got him for cheaper (or not and he stays in NY). As for who that raptors should have got? Not sure, SF is a tough position via FA this year. I would have rathered see BC package Calderos, ED Davis, JJ for a lottery pick or an established SF but that’s harder to pull as teams who have a good SF probably don’t want to part with them.

          • mountio

            exactly. I love how people cant divorce the contract from the player. Yes, Landry is a fine player .. I think he will help the team. I would have really liked the signing at 3 yrs $10 mm. But, we overpaid! Does that “hurt” us now .. maybe not cause there wasnt a better place to put the cash this summer .. but a couple of years down the road we might not have the ability to sign a FA that we want.
            It may not be huge dollars .. but if you overpay everyone on your team by $1-$2 mm / year (LF is $2 mm for sure) – that adds up quick in terms of the ability to sign a max guy later vs. a MLE type guy

            • Rman40mu

              Fields was under paid now he’s over paid it will balance out in the end. If the Knicks had made around a 10-12 mil offer Fields probably would have taken it but they didn’t and set the qualifing offer at 2.6mil. Fields was eligible for 2.5 – 5.0mil under the CBA agreement and starter’s minutes so of course he was going to take the money and I’m sure is glad to get out of New York. Don’t sleep on this player I have seen a lot of Knick games and in a ball movement type of system he fills up the stat sheet. The problem is many elite free agents don’t have Raptors high on their list right now. Team will have to win to make that an eaiser choice.

    • Lambda

      This article was posted like a month ago, when Nash was still fresh and in everyone’s minds.

  • ad

    C+ sounds about right. W/o Lowry the offseason was easily an F. Colangelo still didnt address the most glaring hole which is SF. Medicority like Fields is not the answer who MIGHT be marginally better than James Johnson. I dont know what hes waiting for. Just fuckin make a trade package from the combination of 2-3 of derozan, e. davis, calderon, and a. johnson and get a good sf already. Trade a lottery protected first as well if you have to. Its pretty clear this team is a little improved with the addition of lowry which makes them a 35 win team at most. With an all star or even borderline all star calibre wing this is a 45+ win team and competing for 4th-6th place in the east.

    • ad

       Im not saying its easy to make a trade for an all star sf in the nba but a good gm should find a way. Especially if you are supposed to have assets like BC says he does.

    • Mike B

      I think you might be the stupidest person alive, you think that your “package” will yield us Gay, AI, Deng, or Granger – you are clearly deluded. This year is about seeing how Derozan has grown and how he will react to a player behind him that could take his position. 

      • ad

         I think your the stupid one for relying on derozan to become an all star when its pretty clear through 3 years he doesnt have the talent to be it. Let some other team take on him and his “potential”. Why wouldn’t a rebuilding team or a team looking to shed salary not want a combination of calderon, derozan, and/or davis? Its not a GREAT package but it should be enough. Especially if you look at what denver had to give up for iggy. BTW, the raps have a collection of trade exemptions which that moron BC never even used. Fuck, I cant stand these idiots who drink raptors kool -aid and are satisfied with “figthing for 8th place” only to be smoked by MIA in the 1st round.

        • HS

          I think Mike B might see the stupidest person alive in the mirror.
          Instead of calling names he should give some solution how to bring a real franchise player to Toronto.According to b/r bleacher report: NBA Power Rankings: Post-Olympics EditionToronto was ranked 25 for the coming season . With Bargnani and DeRozan as the Toronto Raptors’ franchise centerpieces, they likely will never make noise in the playoffs (if they even make the playoffs).Toronto was ranked 25 for the coming season . With Bargnani and DeRozan as the Toronto Raptors’ franchise centerpieces, they likely will never make noise in the playoffs (if they even make the playoffs).

          • HS

            Sorry for the unplanned repetition !

          • Nilanka15

            You didn’t just reference Bleacher Report to make a point, did you?

            B/R = National Inquirer of sports journalism.

    • Brian B

       I agreed with you up until you started fantasy league trades. As much as I’d love to see it happen, it would take a miracle – as big as Morey picking McHale over Lowry. But Houston had the last laugh, with Lin.

      • ad

         Its not necessarily fantasy. If you were an opposing team, who from the raptors would you want besides bargnani (BC’s mancrush) and Val (very unlikely they trade him) in a package for your wing? A combination of those 3 + a lottery protected first is the best they could do.

    • Rman40mu

      You sound like no faith fan

      • ad

         This team has given me no faith. I am still a fan but a dissapointed one.

    • Rman40mu

      Fields is better than you realize. Did you watch much of the Knicks the last 2 years?

      • ad

         Yeah, I saw fields. Hes like a young anthony parker. He is nothing special. I mean, hes a good role player when your team has a good core already in place which the raps do not. However, he is by no means the high impact talent the raps need at the wing.

      • Fluffy

        Buddy, Feilds couldnt even guard Demar when he was with Nix, dont listen to spike lee

  • Jamshid

    I am watching Den vs Tor on Raptor TV right now from the first year that BC got his job. 
    Question is will Big Val be as good as Nestrovic ??!!

    That team with Bosh, Ford, Mo Pete, Nestrovic, Garbo, Parker and … could easily beat the team from this year …

    • Nilanka15

      That team won 45 games.  They should beat the current team.

      • Jamshid

        So What went wrong ?? Is the departure of Bosh that devastating that after 7 years, we are just going down and not UP ??

    • Juicy

      Good thing they will not have to play the 2007 Raptors in the regular season.  Plus seeing Jose and AB play their younger selves might break the space time continuum.

      • Nilanka15

        I dunno if I’d wanna see Garbo break his leg again.  That was gross…

    • Luca

      Losing Bosh was beyond huge.

      People like to bag on him, but he was/is a top player in this league.

      While some markets can overcome his loss, Toronto’s can’t in the short-term.

  • Canadian Paul

    Who else thinks that Masai Ujiri is turning out to be a better GM than Colangelo will ever be?

    • Matt52

      As of right now I agree.

      But don’t forget BC started pretty hot in Toronto as well.  What happens if McGee is still a douche bag?  What about if Gallo’s injury history is not a fluke?  What happens if AI’s game drops off like JO’s when he hit 30?  I’m just throwing out a few what ifs.

      Just to reiterate: I do agree that Masai is looking better than Bryan right now.

      • golden

        BC started off with huge expiring contract (AD), Bosh restricted, the no. 1 pick and a shitty Eastern conference.   Yes, he did well in year 1, but he walked into a good situation and we all know what happened after that.

        • Matt52

          Right….. which speaks to my point of Masai starting hot.

          You did read where I agreed TWICE Masai is the better GM right now, right? 

          Don’t forget the #1 was in one of the worst drafts in history with no consensus #1.  More excuses… fuck I can’t help myself.

          Oh yeah, did I mention Masai is better right now?

        • Matt52

          Nope… can’t help myself:

          We do know what happened.  Ford got permanently injured, Bosh left, poor trade made for JO, poor trade made for Marion, poor trade made for Hedon’t, lost coin flip on Barnes…………….

          which further speaks to my original reply of the what ifs.  No doubt Colangelo has made bad moves.  What if Masai does the same?  Will he still be hot with another 2 years of roster tinkering?

          Just saying….

          Oh yeah, and Masai is the better GM right now, hands down, no question, no-doot-a-boot-it, eh?

    • cesco

      Without Anthony letting it known that he will not resign with Denver and requesting a trade , they would not have got Gallo , Chandler , Felton , Mozgov and the 2014 Knicks first round pick . So they have to thanks Melo not pulling a Bosh for their good fortunes not Ujiri ability as a GM .

      • Matt52

         Not only requesting a trade but giving a list of teams willing to be traded to and sign an extension with.  They also lucked in to leveraging the geographical turf war that is/was shaping up between Brooklyn and New York.  Dolan (owner) capitulated and went over the head of Donnie Walsh (GM) making the trade happen against Walsh’s wishes.

        • sleepz

          Lol. ok.

      • sleepz

        Melo gave them an option (the Knicks) and they made a deal with them. This is not heroic in any way shape or form.

        I love how fans sit there and say Bosh decieved them. They offered him a max deal and he turned them down the year before. Maybe that should have set off some alarm bells for the high paid GM employed by this team no? Didn’t BC say no matter what they would get the best deal for him if they had to do a sign and trade? This indicates that BC always knew Bosh leaving was an option.

        This is a business and if the GM of the team doesn’t know how to do his job well enough thats perhaps where you should lay the blame. Your blaming the player for not telling him exactly what he was going to do?lol Poor BC got played by Bosh? Give me a break. How do you know Bosh even knew what all his options were?
        A GM more than anyone should understand how the business works as they trade players all the time without consulting players.

        It wasn’t ‘pulling a Bosh’ buddy, it was ‘pulling a Colangelo’ and we have enough history of his moves to know what that looks like (shafted).

        • Matt52

           No one is saying Bosh deceived.  The discussion is the difference between Bosh and Melo which resulted in the returns for BC and Masai.

          Melo: was on a 5 year contract with a player option for year 5, made it very well known he wanted out in year 4, gave 2 teams (Brooklyn and New York) he would sign an extension with, Denver had 18 months to work with when refused to sign an extension.

          Bosh: was on a 4 year contract with a player option for year 4, in year 3 did not give an indication publicly what his intentions were other than to say he would explore options (meaning I might stay or I might go), would not sign an extension with anybody therefore no teams to trade with to return fair value, Toronto had 6 months to work with when refused an extension.

          Just to be clear: there is no question BC did not get fair value for Bosh and ultimately as the GM that is on him.  But to say circumstances in the situations are equal is ludicrous. 

          • sleepz

            Sorry Matt, many a time cesco has made the insinuation that Bosh lied or deceived BC regarding his Free Agent plans.

            As for Melo, I don’t see him giving his current team he is contracted to play for a list of 2 teams to trade him to (I thought it was just the Knicks?) and that being some kind of honorable gesture. It’s a stiff arm to your employer and limits the options they have to get the best deal possible.

            • Nilanka15

              Very true, but it left Denver with no other choice but to trade him.  In the long run, that helped the franchise rather than gambling that Melo “might” stay.  It made the decision easy for Ujiri.

              Colangelo is 100% to blame for how the Bosh departure was handled.  But had Bosh said, “I’m only playing for Miami”, we might’ve got something concrete in an extend-and-trade scenario prior to free agency.

    • Jamshid

      There is no competition there !! Many people around NBA suggest that BC was guided by his dad and his dad’s people when he was in Phoenix. Lets not forget that BC came to Toronto to prove those people wrong and show he can work away from his Daddy’s shadow. So far, he has shown no vision for our team and has changed direction so many times.

      • p00ka

         “Many people around NB….”

        Who are these many people around the NBA,,,, besides mouthy buggers like you on RR?

        • Jamshid

          Check , and other blogs and … Look back at the time that BC was leaving and all the talk about it. Look around and you will find it.

          • p00ka

            That was expected. The typical “go find it yourself” BS when you have nothing to back up your BS spouting.

    • ad

       So far, Masai has demonstrated he is much more shrewd than BC will ever be. He kind of reminds me of the blue jays gm a little although its a different sport and they’ve disappointed somewhat this season.

  • Brian b

    I don’t see how any team that re-signed Alan Anderson, a D leaguer, can be more than a C-, especially when there are better wing players out there, and a bigger wing who can defend small forward types is the gaping hole in the roster. I cry. I am despondent. By Christmas, the question may be whether to give up and buy League Pass to watch  OKC, or just give up on the NBA in general. 

    • Matt52

      3rd stringers are projects or character guys who will work hard every day in practice to push the others and not complain about his role.  

      AA is not a project and is paid the minimum.  I think League Pass might be the best option of the three you listed.

  • HS

    How many years will Toronto have to play one more year to be a playoff contender?Hope they fire Brian C as GM even before his last year will end.

    • Matt52

      Playoff contender or championship contender?  Play one more year as in 2012-13 or after 2013-14?  There are many analysts who feel Toronto will contend for a playoff spot this coming season.  My crystal ball is foggy on the matter but I say 8th seed with a below .500 record.

    • Jamshid

      If you mean being a top 3-4 teams in the east, then if you keep BC and the direction this team is going, the answer is NEVER !!!

      Look around us and how other teams are improving at much higher rate than us and we are stuck at zero or even going backward. 

      • ZZ

        Oh yes, let’s look at other teams…

        Cleveland? Orlando? Charlotte? I’m not seeing these *vast* improvements you mentioned…

        • Jamshid

          That is OK Pal. We are left with Cleveland and Charlotte now. Orlando went to NBA finals just few years ago and this year is the first year of the rebuild. Don’t worry, 3 more years under BC, Cleveland and Charlotte will be ahead of us too. For now, keep your eye on the other teams ( except those 3) that are well ahead of us.

          • CJT

            like detroit.

  • Raptor Cowboy

    I am probably the only one, but when I looked at the additions/subtractions, I suddenly realized what a HUGE improvement was made this off season. Let’s hope everyone can stay healthy.

    • Raps Loyalist

      No doubt! Reading some of the posts on this board is sad.  We had the second least talented roster in the NBA last season (Bobcats + worst).  Another year of Casey coaching up the defense, are great depth, and luck on the injury front for once will see this team in the East playoffs fo sho.

      BC isn’t a great GM but things played out pretty well and for once we have an actually exciting young team to cheer on and watch grow into something.

      I give the Raps offseason a solid B.  The Feilds contract is only 3 years long and he’s still really young so it’s not something to get too worked up about.

      Moreover, the Raps will have a lot of options at the trade deadline and that is where the best deals can be made because some club(s) might be desperate to dump a good player for Jose’s expiring deal.

      • Jamshid

        “some club(s) might be desperate to dump a good player for Jose’s expiring deal.”
        The same way the dumped a good player for Barbosa’s 7.5 million contract last year !!! Come on, if you want to defend the guy, you must do a better job than ” might dump a  good player for expiring contract”.

        Except for Lowery, this team did not improve at all. We had a SF problem which we still do, we wanted to address Amir/Ed issue which we did not and all our hope at centre position are on a 20 year old rookie.

        • p00ka

           “we wanted to address Amir/Ed issue”

          Again, RR blabber is not what governs what Raps’ management wants to do.

        • Nilanka15

          We improved the starting PG position (Lowry > Calderon)

          We improved the backup PG position (Calderon > Bayless)

          We improved the starting C position (Valanciunas > Gray)

          We improved the starting SF position (Fields > Johnson)

          Kleiza appears to be healthy now (Kleiza 2012-13 > Kleiza 2011-12)

          Even if you look at the end of the bench, Gray, Anderson, Lucas >>> Alabi, Butler, Carter.

          And with such a young team, it’s not far-fetched to assume that young players like DeRozan and Davis have improved their games over the summer.  IMO, there is nothing to argue over….this team has improved period.

          Are we good enough to compete for a title?  Hell no.

          Are we good enough to compete for the 8th spot?  Maybe. 

          • Jamshid

            How many wins will this team get this season ?
            Is this team good enough to compete for a top 3 spot in NBA in 3 years ?
            Is this team good enough to entice a Super Star player to come and play in Toronto ?

            • Nilanka15

              Why would you expect this roster to look the same in 3 years?

              • Jamshid

                LOL ,You are right and knowing BC he will have 6-8 new players next summer !!!

                But in serious note, what changes are you expecting ? What moves he has done that tells you he will significantly change the team and bring super stars ?

                Right now, this is our team and I can see DD, AB, Ross, ED, Big Val, Amir and Lowery being around 3 years from now !!

                That is 7 player and with this group and based on their talents, I can not see any SUPER STAR looking at this team and say, well, with my addition we can compete for a RING or even top 3 spot in East.

              • Jamshid

                Now back to my question:
                With all the improvements that you mentioned above, HOW MANY wins will this team have next year ?? 

                Let me modify the 2nd question:
                Do you think this team is in the right path to compete for the top 3 spot in East within 3 years ( that would make it 10 years that BC is here ) ?

                • Nilanka15

                  Honestly, I’m expecting something around 35-38 wins.  Whether that’s good enough for the 8th seed, we’ll find out in 8 months.

                  To answer your 2nd question, no I don’t think any team with Bargnani as a “leader” is capable of anything significant.  I agree that we don’t have the superstar talent to be a top 3 team in the east.

                • Matt52

                   It is funny…. there is a thread for this in the forums!

                • Nilanka15

                  Very true.  But when one is deathly afraid of the forums….

                • Matt52

                   Why wouldn’t they have the opportunity to compete for top 3 in 3 years? 

                  In my opinion, JV is coming in to the league with more talent and ability than Hibbert as a rookie – and younger too.  Who knows what he will become in 3 years, same with Ross, same with Lowry, same with Bargnani not being asked to be ‘the man’.  What if the surface has just been scratched with DC’s coaching ability. 

                  The sad truth is the Raptors have promising young talent, established veteran role players (some of whom still have upside), and future flexibility to be more than a .500/1st round team. 

                • sleepz

                  Hibbert had a more polished post game coming out of Georgetown than JV, however I still think he can turn out to be a good player, maybe even consistent all-star.

                  As for the other players you’ve mentioned it’s hard for me to envision any of them as the type of allstar-superstar perimeter threat you need to compete for championships in the league in today’s game. 

                  The Raptors do have promising young talent however outside of JV, most of us can reasonably see the ceiling of these players.

            • Matt52

               “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

        • Raps Loyalist

          Jose is a better player than Barbosa and his deal is $3 million more per year so that makes him match up with a different tier of player than Barbosa.  Also, really harsh salary cap penalties start to apply after this upcoming season so over the cap teams will be more desperate than in years past to get under the cap by getting a big expiring contract.

          There are still outstanding issues with the roster (that’s why I gave the offseason a B) but to expect that all the Raptors “roster issues” could be fixed in one offseason is just pure ignorance

    • j bean

      I don’t see how anyone can say there hasn’t been a significant improvement made to the lineup on paper. Maybe Stefanski is a good influence on the decision making. 

      • Eli

        Let’s not forget that colangelo was offered bynum by the lakers before the trade deadline in bosh’s last season. But, unlike in ujir’s situation, where carmelo made his intentions clear and ujiri was able to fetch a nice package for melo, bosh misled the raptors. So I’m sure that had bosh made his intentions clear, bc could have fetched a guy like bynum and the raptors and colangelo would ha ve an entirely different rep… as for the fields contract, don’t complain about it, cuz since its backlaoded, the first two years r no problem and if he doesn’t produce, we have three years to trade him away. I give this season a B.and you can’t grade drafting ross. Drafts r way to unpredictable, and he’s looked nice in summer league. My only problem with the offseason is a small forward, but i still belive in demar.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          CBosh didn’t mislead anyone BC could have traded him anytime he wanted to but CB was the MLSE cash cow (NBA All Star face of franchise) at the time.

          BC knew 2 weeks beforehand that CB was gone and still released a pr spin saying that if the Raptors re-signed CB they would go into the luxury tax to get another star player for CB to play with in order to fool fans into thinking that CB staying in the TDot was still an option at the time even though BC knew that CB was gone to Miami- heck BC even tried to flex on CB in the media and trade him to a team offering the most in return (Chicago?) but CB called BC’s bluff and said that he would sign with Miami outright for less $$.

          CB TPE- do you know me?

          Fields get rewarded after a piss poor season- where do they do that at?, while BC blames Melo for Fields 2nd year statistical drop off to rationalize the signing to the fan base when in actuality BC only offered the deal to block NY from signing Nash via S&T with Phoenix but Nash went to LA instead another BC mis-step like the attempted Barnes signing with an exception that wasn’t there.

          TRoss was a very solid draft pick but to take him over ADrummond was not too smart especially to hear BC justify the pick by saying the Raptors had TRoss rated higher than ADrummond on their big board draft nite- right, drafting need (shooting) over talent.

          • Nilanka15

            Drummond has no talent.  He’ll be lucky to reach Thabeet’s accolades.

          • CJT


  • FAQ

    Any way you cut it, the Raptor’s starting line-up is filled with unproven players to be starters in the NBA.  They are development players  on a developing team with no assurance it will amount to anything significant in 2-3 years and certainly not this season… unless the b’ball gods intervene.

    This newly-minted team may never jell because the players are no great b’ball talents.  It’s only tribal honking fans who hold out hope because the Raptors feed their delusions and addictive search for a hero they can patronize by wearing his uni-number.  I see these clowns everywhere… and many still faithfully wearing #6… talk about pathetic…. only in TO..!!!

    • Jamshid

      Very True. How many new players do we have this year ?? How many times has BC build a team to just break it up the following years ? What happened to the accelerated rebuild and retool and … BC is a man with no real plan, investing on No talent guys and hoping something to pan out. It is really sad to see tribal honking fans as you said, still support this man and guys like Matt52 sell their soul to be the mouth pice for this man. Truly sad to see this team be in lottery again while all other teams around, rebuild and retool at much faster rate.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        BC is just throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks around ABargnani.

        Both BC & Casey said in the season ending presser that the ‘REBUILD/BUILD’ phase was over and next season (2012-13) was all about the playoffs.

        BC has been exposed without his daddy’s guidance as nothing more than a BullChit NBA Pres/GM.

        From Division Champs unto Conference Chumps all under BC’s watch…and now the Atlantic is one of the strongest not weakest conferences in the NBA while the Raptors remain stuck on stupid.

        • CJT

          You remind me of a parrot.

          • Nilanka15

            Or any top-40 radio station.  You hear the same stuff over and over and over again…

            • CJT

              exactly.  Thank christ for ipods.

      • well if he doesn’t do anything, we have somebody like you who bitches about why he didn’t do anything

  • Matt52

    Crazy thought for the kids out there advocating building through the draft (comments are getting too skinny above): 

    What happens if in the new CBA the Raps are able to acquire a high draft pick because of the financial flexibility they have? 

    It has been done in the past (CLE-LAC) and the new rules are likely to make it happen again in the future (speculation on my part). 

    This continues to follow the memo of flexibility and being opportunistic.  The Raptors continue to get better from the inside out, maintain financial flexibility, and take advantage of an opportunity if it arises (max free agent, trade, draft).

    Is it likely to happen?  Who knows but probably not.  But again it is all about having the option available which is better than not having it available when you don’t currently have a LBJ, D12, or KD.

    • Theswirsky

      One minute the draft is a lottery ticket but then using cap space to buy a lottery ticket is a good idea. yet a lottery ticket is short sighted vs using your capital for moderate growth.

      Previous events arent indicative of what the future holds, yet cap space has been used to make trades for picks in the past, so it could happen again in the future.

      and no one really knows whats going to happen, but we should think that the team is better on paper.

      This is all so p00kaish. Arguments fluttering around like a fart in the wind. Whatever happens to fit your opinion at the time will work. 

      • Matt52

         Sorry you feel that way.  You clearly have missed my point so I will spell it out for you: F-L-E-X-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y. 

        I have not advocated going any one way whatsoever with the exception of tanking and hoping lottery luck and draft night luck happen before the front office can have any impact on what actually transpires. 

        The Raptors roster, on paper, is younger, better, and deeper than last season.  This year will likely show more improvement based on the team currently assembled versus the team from last season.  They also have 2 high lottery picks joining the team.

        With a young, improving team, FLEXIBILITY, and new CBA rules kicking in next summer, the Raps have any number of ways to add that elite franchise talent you are going on about.  There is the trade route.  There is the free agency route.  There is the draft route via a trade.  There is sign and trade route own free agent route.

        FLEXIBILITY is definitely an appropriate word and important concept but it has been discussed a lot.  Lets talk about a new concept and the new word of the day:  OPPORTUNISTIC.

        So by maintaining flexibility and improving, the Raptors are being OPPORTUNISTIC for whatever possibilities may arise in the future.

        • p00ka

          He always misses (skips over) the main point when he’s got a word/phrase here and there that he can twist to weasel in his own “argument”.

      • p00ka

        You twisted everything around again (that shit seems to have been successful in the past on here, because others do it too), but thank you for lumping me in with Matt52, who’s been pwning you, and your ilk, over and over.

  • Jamshid

    Building through the draft … Accelerated rebuild … rebuild … retool … We keep on hearing all these terms being thrown around by BC and his team and his propaganda machines for the herd.

    What does building through the draft mean ? Do we want to do what OKC did ? 
    Then Why did we ever say “retool” ?
    Where did the “Accelerated rebuild” came from ?

    Plus, if we do want to “build through the draft” like OKC, can we do it with trading away picks ( Lowery deal, JJ deal) or having picks that are 9-15 in the draft every year ?

    Durant, Westbrook, Harden are all top 5 picks … Will we get 3 top 5 picks within next 5 years ?? Plus, look at how OKC picked Ibaka with late first round and what are we doing with our late first round picks ??

    Lets face it herd, building through the draft sounds great but our management team and BC’s track record in past 7 years in this town and his draft picks, AB, DD, Ed , show and prove that this is a task beyond BC’s capability and skills.

    • Matt52

       You have tunnel vision on one method of building a winning team that requires being terrible while also being extremely lucky before the front office has any impact on the outcome.

      It must be a sign I am getting old.  I am a firm believer you go out, work your ass off, improve from within, and create your own opportunities and capitalize on them.  Clearly you take the approach that success in life is handed to you in a loot bag. 

      There are a lot of bright, professional basketball minds out there who are the opposite of what you advocate:

      “I’m trying to build well from the inside out,” Ferry said. “We need
      to build an organizational pride from within. We are not hinging our
      program on cap space or anything like that. We are hinging it on
      building a good program and having flexibility to make a trade or do
      free agency or do whatever.

      “To get centric on cap space, [focusing on] would a free agent come
      here, that’s not what we are doing right now. That’s not the mode we are
      in right now. We are in a mode of, ‘Let’s build on an organizational
      pride and build an even better run machine as an organization.’

      “From there, pride will grow and I think the opportunities that are out
      there, we are in a good position to be in the game, whether that’s a
      trade or a free agent or whatever that is.”

      • Jamshid

        Not true. 
        I believe in making an organization that has direction and pride. I believe we need to work hard and have capable people with vision in charge. I believe we need to evaluate the people we have and act more wise in each step.
        I think we need to make a best use of our draft picks, expiring contracts, TPE s and ….
        I think we need to be better with our trades, always take step forwards and do not change course every summer.
        I believe we need to better evaluate international talents and role players.

        None of the above is done under BC and his team. His team and his track record in Toronto is miserable at best.

        This is the difference between You and me. I think it is OK to criticize BC and the poor job he has done and you feel obligated to be his mouth pice and give him praises …

        • Matt52

           Those are great ideals.

          So I assume:

          1) you don’t think Casey has direction and vision…. who happens to have been hired by BC therefore BC must have that same direction and vision.  On court production last year states differently to the first part of your mission statement.

          2) you don’t think people have been evaluated? Bayless is gone and the replacement is better.  JJ is gone and the replacement is better.  Alabi is gone and the replacement is better.  Forbes is gone and the replacement certainly has more upside and potential.

          3) you don’t think the Raptors have made good use of their draft picks, expiring contracts, and TPE’s?  Unfortunately you seem to think amazing opportunities exist that BC either a) turned down, or b) failed to look for.  You must think that BC was in the coin flip room and won but said, “Ahhhh shucks.  GS has had a rough go of it.  Lets make it 2 out of 3.”  Yeah, I think those scenarios are all quite likely.  You are also forgetting that sometimes the best move is no move at all – continuing on with the theme of the day: grow from within and be in a position to capitalize on an opportunity.

          4) you want better with our trades and to not change course every summer……  wait, I thought you wanted evaluation?  What happens if the evaluation says it is time to move on?  You are advocating changes (trades, draft picks, use of TPE) but want to remain constant.  Which one is it?

          5) you don’t think the Raptors have good international talent evaluators or good role players yet JV (who is consensus #2 in this year’s draft if he was in it) was drafted #5 last year and is an international player?  You don’t think the Raptors have good role players in people who were starters on playoff teams (Fields), were starters last year but are now likely to be backups (Calderon and Amir)? 

          I’m really confused.

          I think the big difference between us is you are driving the car looking in the rear view mirror while I’m looking at the road ahead.

    • Nilanka15

      “The sky is falling!!!  The Raptors are doooomed forever!!!  My shit stinks!!!”

      Does anyone have any kleenex for Jamshid?  He seems a little upset.

      • Jamshid

        No need to intentionally embarrass yourself. Your usual comments does it automatically …

        • Nilanka15

          That’s funny coming from you.  The only thing you’ve said over the past month is “fire BC”.  You just slightly re-arrange the words with each post.

          “Fire BC!!!  Valanciunas stinks!!!  The Raptors stink!!!  Fire BC again!!!”

          Keep the thought-provoking posts coming.

    • CJT

      Maybe Matt52 is a bit of a team mouthpiece, but I’ll take that over being bcgotstogo’s mouthpiece anyday.  You dudes always seem to resort to your stale tired old arguments once the point you try to make doesn’t hold up.  Kinda sad really.

    • Well you complain about having picks 9-15. If you want to have a top 5 pick, you got to be Bobcats type-bad. And we would again kill BC for putting out a team that shit. So your saying we should just tank for the sake of a better pick each year. Hey, BC make your team crap so you can get a #1 pick. 
      You think OKC model is so good to follow. They only found one guy in the late round in Ibaka. Don’t forget they had another top 5 pick in Jeff Green traded to Boston for Perkins. So that is 4 top 5 picks. It isn’t a model. Its just being lucky. They are going to have to pay these guys and probably Harden or Ibaka are going to be gone because they can’t afford them.

  • Theswirsky


    I never answered your question because it was a straw man.  You completely changed the issue (from PMs to members of parliament). 

    Seriously this is why I try not to bother responding to you.  Completely distract or change the issue, and then accuse others of having done it. 

    Thanks for coming out again.  No I won’t respond to whatever you have to say on this.

    • p00ka

      Awwwww, you won’t respond to what is clearly stated as the primary point because I don’t come out and play by your rules. Awwwww, I’m sorry that not getting twisted around by your jibberish disappoints you.

  • FAQ

    BC will never be able to sign up a proven “max” player because max players want to play on playoff contending teams, and be surrounded by competent veterans…. not “development” players struggling to learn the game.

    Max players will ruin their reputation and record playing on a developing Raptor team continually in a “jell mode” for the first half of the ceiling. 

    All this talk about a max player is only for the t.h. fans desperate need for an “all-star” to complete their daily delusions and chit-chat about the Raptors.

    • Matt52

       So imagine – just imagine – just for one second that the Raptors make themselves in to a playoff contending team (or, golly-gee, even make the bloody thing!) without a “max” player.

      This is also a good argument of why the Raps may actually have a shot at signing a max player in the future.  They have solid veterans, role players and young talent with upside.  What they don’t have is the elite talent.  The situation you described is actually nothing like what the Raptors have to offer and exactly why the team might be able to land that elite talent via free agency – should the opportunity, arise of course.

      What came to my mind immediately reading this post: Often times what holds people back is the lack of conviction and courage to give it their best shot in the first place.

    • CJT

      do some reading and comeback when you understand something.

  • Lorenzo

    So many comments I can’t keep track!!!

  • Trruth

    matt52 I skimmed through the posts and it seems like your argument is that with the new CBA star players will HAVE to come to the raptors b/c big market teams will no longer be able to build super teams and pay multiple players superstar money without being taxed heavily.

    My counter argument is the Raptors will not be the only “small market” team able to take on star player contracts/offer superstar contracts.  Which brings up my other point. The problem is niggers being niggers. The fact is most superstars come from poor african american families w/ very poor cultural values (integrity and loyalty way down on that list). (lebron james (akron), dwayne wade (south side chicago), cb4 just loves cock lol, etc..) of course there are exceptions (kevin durant) but the majority would rather eat chicken wings and stare at big booty bitches than open a fucking book and realize that toronto is a great city to live in.   

    I’m sure if a nigger had the choice to play in fucking alaska or toronto, the bastard would choose alaska b/c herp derp it’s still in the US. NO, the real problem is the superstars are young and uneducated and uncultured. What can you do?

    • Lorenzo

      All ignorance and racial slurs aside, that was fucking hilarious

    • Nilanka15


      Blame society for giving 16 year kids Nike endorsement deals, offering them millions of dollars, and treating them like superstars before they’ve had a chance to attend one college-level class.

    • Mess

      Can we just ban this guy already?

  • DumbNiggers

    the entire NBA system is flawed 
    it should be more like soccer with transfers , no tanking etc.