Deep inside Twitter, there is wisdom.

DeMar DeRozan

Great tweet by DeRozan here. You can see how he drove hard to his left on the keyboard, pulled up at the tab key and unleashed this lethal tweet which would do Confucious proud. The jury’s still out on what this means, but early reports indicate that he’s talking about nailing the same girl (thus indicating loyalty) on different beds, presumably in different cities as there are flights involved. Or it’s a song.

Ed Davis

Never one to waste words, Ed Davis drops what Dostoevsky took 900 pages to write in one word: Juug. That’s it. Point made. You move, Tolstoy.

Amir Johnson

While you cats are on vacation drinking watered down Pina Coladas in some Mexican all-inclusive, Amir Johnson’s hauling ass in the weight room. Replace the #raptornation bullshit with an #rr tag and this might be the greatest tweet ever. But you don’t care about that you fat piece of shit, go wear your Under Armour and pretend chicks give you a second thought. BTW, Amir Johnson just banged your wife.

Andrea Bargnani

He’s got the “mooves”? I don’t know how Sprite feels about having their stuff promoted in Grade 4 English. It don’t matter to Bargnani though, he tweeted this shit while fading on a three and pulling a 2/1 pink/stink.

Landry Fields

Let me translate this tweet for the lay man: I’m getting extremely sea sick right now and will likely throw up in a bit, and possibly spend the night in the hospital, but when I get better, I’ll be doing this while you suckas will be going to work.

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28 Responses to “Raptors Tweet Analysis 1.0”

  1. AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    You should respect Raptors players. Your cheap rant on AB7 shows all your frustations, maybe ‘life frustations’


  2. cesco

    Fields has to be a Republican , he tweet about Jesus and how we should be humble compared to him but he spend his time dining and prancing and … with a hot chick .

      • cesco

         So he should practice what he preach , do charity work ( basketball related) in Africa or something like that rather than spending the summer living the high life  with a hot chick .

        • Gremio53

          Wow, cesco, your response sounds incredibly jealous, ignorant and judgmental. Therefore I will continue with your trend of response and call you a moron. 

          Honestly, how do you know that he DOESN’T do charity work? Why is having a hot girlfriend bad? Why not enjoy life if you have been blessed with talents and abilities to make money and be able to? Why can’t you do all of this and still be humble and love Jesus?Seriously, man, think before you say something so incredibly ignorant and naive.

  3. voy

    “on my last vaca b4 the season”  hilarious. how many vacations does this guy take between june/july and sept/oct??

    “I never stop working”.  another classic.  most of us here, on this site, never stop working.  you play basketball and then take numerous vacations.  there is a difference.  I’m not begrudging amir the lifestyle but recognize.

  4. jazzrandom

    The tweets. Love the
    tweets. Like the tweets. K, read the tweets. Got ‘em bookmarked in my Raps
    folder. Different than ‘following’. I think. But check on ‘em now and then to see how the boys -that tweet- are feeling/hooping/working out/
    … or saying whatever mundane (nature of the beast, yo) shinola that happens
    to spew from respective gray matters. Good fun. Well, curious. Arse nails it in near-poetic, vaguely hilarious way, even
    if missing a few. Like, jose manuel calderon tweeting in English this
    morning that this is the “last month before training camp (what, he’s not here
    yet? W.T.F.?) Let’s get ready to pound that rock” (here comes the rock again. Time to freshen that one up a bit, DC?) … or Quincy Acy quoting some rapper (one supposes) saying “’these females think they fly, I tell em roaches can fly”
    Wayne, lol’ which is too far over my head. Earlier tweets,
    tho, tells of him getting ready for his first house-setting-up right here in
    local raps-land with his pretty (no secrets with Google around) girlfriend (one
    presumes), medlockbabyy.  Or Terrence
    Ross – @T_DotFlight31 dontcha know – talking up his xbox x-pertise and swatting
    down local challengers in 2K12.


    And Bargnani (who isn’t not-mentioned here) …
    well, he should either work it on occasion or forgetaboutit altogether.  Looks like somebody else looks after it (or
    doesn’t) anyway. No excuse tho for such lame-ity on the social network scenes
    as far as this lurking non-social-network-scenes raps-fan sees.


    Kyle Lowry tweets up his workouts. Boring but appropriately focused/serious about what’s upcoming, which fits who most would guess him to be. So all is well, there.


    Too bad Reggie’s no-longer-a-Rap. There’s a guy whose tweets were always worth a click.  

  5. Statement

    Twitter is for instant news around draft/trade deadline time.  Otherwise, it’s for dickheads to sprout out meaningless crap that nobody cares about and for celebrities to get in trouble.

  6. p00ka

    As pathetic as the twitter world can be to begin with, a new low is reached when you try and discredit someone over a typo/spelling mistake in a tweet from a guy using his second language. Un fn real.

  7. Jeffrey Thompson

    Is that really Amir?  Damn!! He got freakishly ripped.  The Photo does look altered, however so I will reserve judgment until I see him this upcoming season

  8. Thatguy

    Demar can try to spit some Rap all he wants (I like it), but come Oct-Nov… it better be 20-4-4 (with 5 trips to the line) every night. This is THE year.

    AB?… I hope this cat was working this summer (?). 

    Amir – I never have to question this guy’s work ethic… no picture needed!!!

    Landry – Who cares if he’s sick??… more pictures of the hottie please!!!

    • NyAlesund

      You do not bother about AB. The cat is working hard.

      He declined to play with the Italian Team (european qualifications) to be ready and in shape for the training camp.

        • p00ka

          Whose was it then bright guy?

          “Bargnani stated that he and the Raptors have discussed things and that
          the best thing for him is to take the summer off from the National Team
          so that he can focus on, and work towards being fully healthy and
          prepared for next season in Toronto.”

          He consulted with the Raptors, and no doubt with the medical staff to get the “best” case scenario for his summer, but the Raps have zero control over what he decides regarding his national team involvement. It was his sole decision to make.

          • cesco

             Italy finished first in their group , undefeated with one game still to play , ( to-day they beat Turkey in their turf . It look good for the Italian team next year at the Euros , adding Andrea , Marco Belinelli and their two best youngsters who were injured and did not play either .


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