Also Thursday, the hall announced that Wayne Embry will receive the Chairman’s Cup. Embry had an 11-year career in the NBA before becoming the league’s first black general manager.

The honors were announced Thursday, a day before the annual induction ceremony. This year’s inductees include Reggie Miller, Don Nelson, Ralph Sampson and Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

The party starts…now!

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5 Responses to “Congrats Wayne Embry!”

  1. Bp

    Thing is, this whole shebang will get going again in a couple or so weeks and aside from the usual din of name-calling and finger-pointing between Raps-fans – always a hoot around here – that will recommence … I doubt anyone will bother to kid themselves about it. We all know it’s more than likely that at the end, it’ll be the Lakers and the Heat and it won’t matter who calls out whom for the reasons as to why the Raps aren’t closer to the top. It’ll be whatever it is. 

    What I’m hoping to see this year is Casey-and-company’s coaching expertise to filter through enough to make this team better than what first glance suggests (to non-Raptors fans and – some – Raptors fans, alike) it will be, enough so that we make the playoffs and our first round is against someone we have a good shot at surprising. I wasn’t going to bother with specifics of my own – what I hope to see – because I don’t really have too many as yet. But … the easy ones are, I hope that Bargs comes out of the gate showing that he really does have the goods and can then bring it more nights than not … and I hope to see that Terrence Ross looks like he’ll be as good one day as I like to think he might be … and I hope that Lowry IS that point guard that we’ve been wishing for (for so long it seems) … and that he and Jose are as good a one-two punch as I imagine (in my happy dreams) they could be … and a few other vague Raps-wishes along those lines. 

    If and when it comes down to the Lakers and the Heat, well … I’ve gotta go with the Lakers. At this point, anyway. I mean, if I’m gonna pull for a super-team at all, it might as well be the one that has Steve Nash on it. And I’ve always liked Kobe, in spite of all the reasons that some dislike him. Also, not-liking the Heat has become a bit too ingrained for me to expect that to change. (And btw, this all said, I’ll still be happily-curious but not all that surprised if and when some team comes from out of relatively nowhere to topple one of them or the other. Cuz shit happens, right?) 

    No matter what-all goes on this season, I. Can’t. Wait. Go Raps. 

  2. weedman

    I hope the new supply is as good as the last one. 

    And that Jessica Alba delivers it and wants to hang out for the day. 

    And the Raptors go on an unfathomable run that is talked about for decades to come. 


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