Starting at 7:30pm, our beloved Raps will show these Motown bitches their place.

Here’s THE stream:

7:34 PM – Fields, Bargnani, Gray, DeRozan and Calderon are the starters. We have the Pistons feed for this game, so we’re spared Devlin. For now. Charles Barkley is shown in some sort of commercial for some program. Barkley is no longer funny, he’s bordering on dementia and I’d have that shit checked out. Hey, Steve Kerr’s on this show “Open Court” too. Kerr isn’t too far off from looking like the guy from History of Violence.

7:35 PM – Note to all Raptors fans – the Pistons believe Brandon Knight and Greg Munroe are “the future”. You might recall Brandon Knight as the guy you all wanted to draft.

Random Note: Lowry’s injury is definitely more than what it was originally though to be and he’s receiving some special treatment. You all better hope Calderon is riding the pine come opening day. Still time, though. No worries. Jonas remains out of the starting lineup with his injury, Casey’s not going to rush him back which sucks because I would’ve loved to see Munroe v Jonas.  We’ll see him later.

11:31 1Q 2-2: Opening sequence is the Raptors defense being cut open as Bargnani/Gray watch. On the other end, DeRozan gets to the line for two. Looking for the foul all the way. Good move to start.

10:23 1Q 6-4 DET: Brandon Knight killing us off the dribble and in transition, Jose’s got to tighten it up and the Raptors got to get back faster. Bargnani misses long two, not a great shot. DeRozan drives to the rim hard in semi-transition, blows the dunk but is fouled by Munroe. This would’ve been nice. DD now has 4/4 on FTs.

9:35 1Q 8-6 DET” Ooh..nice tight handle by DD, backs Stuckey in and shoots a fade, rims out but gets fouled. Two more FTs for him.

7:44 1Q 16-6 DET: Wheels coming off, poor transition defense, missed jumpers from the outside. Basically, Raps staying on the outside, Pistons running in transition. Casey can’t be happy with anyone’s D.

18-12 1Q 18-12 DET: Bargnani gets fouled on the made jumper after good ball movement by JLIII, misses FT.  Raps defense a little better coming out of this TO, even DeRozan pressing hard.  Next possession as Bargnani scoring on a post-up.  On the other end, Munroe scores against Jonas on a face-up. Shakedown.  And just when I’m praising Bargnani, he takes a fadeaway long two – air.

4:00 1Q 24-17 DET: Jonas blocks Munroe on a hook shot.  Didn’t see that one coming, did ya!  Pistons really pushing the pace here, and the Raptors aren’t keeping up.  DeRozan scored against Stuckey in the post again, but overall, the Pistons are just beating us down the court.  Jerebko’s got a couple hoops on our bigs just by running down the floor.

2:50 1Q 29-20 DET: Terrence Ross comes in and lights it up from downtown.  Smooth release.  BTW, I don’t know how good Brandon Knight is, but we’re making him look really good.  His off-the-ball movement is great and the no-looks and fake passes he’s showing are working on the Raps who are biting at everything. and not rotating – bigs, especially  To make things worse, the Raps cough it in the backcourt after Jonas is left stranded with the ball.

00:18 35-26 DET: Charlie V goes against Ed Davis, who defends well but can’t get the rebound. Kleiza comes in and hits a three after Fields, Calderon and missed a few.  Nice setup by Ross on that, great cross-court pass by Ross who is one damn skinny dude.  ROss misses a three, a bit of a bad shot but he was open.  Raps offense a bit dysfunctional here, Ed Davis ended up with the ball in the elbow with nobody moving, so he took it to the rim and got fouled.  Davis, physically, looks the same as last year.  He’s guarding Charlie V, who wants to go at him, which he does and gets two on a short step-back in the paint.

END 1st 37-26 DET: Brandon Knight with a gorgeous drive against JLIII, drops it off for Charlie V who lays it in.  Raps give up 37 points in the first quarter! Poor rotations, poor in transition, and other than the first couple minutes out of that early timeout, very lethargic.

9:45 2Q 40-28 DET: Allan Andersen has checked in, so the lineup reads JLIII, Johnson, Davis, Kleiza, and Andersen.  Kleiza gets rejected on the hook shot by Drummond.  JLIII takes a looooong two and nails it, I’m thinking he likes that shot and defenses are apt to give it to him.  As long as he makes it.  Corey Maggette scoring on a face-up, very easy for Detroit right now.  On the bright side, JLIII showing a nice floater to get fouled – missed both FTs, though.  Have to say, Detroit have this rebuilding thing going right with Munroe, Knight and now maybe even Drummond.   Amir Johnson right now looking very lost on both ends, gets call for literally roaming around the lane without guarding anyone.  Charlie V converts the tech.

8:00 2Q 42-36 DET: Andersen with back-to-back threes, created by JLIII, who drives it up and gives it to Kleiza in transition for the layup.  Raps are back! 8-2 run.  BTW, Amir Johnson is basically a scarecrow in this game.

6:38 2Q 48-36 DET: I hate to rip on Amir Johnson, but how he got caught flat-footed to let Drummond pull a massive alley-oop.  McGuire is in the game and he turns it over, Pistons take it in transition and Maggette jams it home.  Raps with another   turnover as not even Jose can calm things down.  Will Bynum with another floater and the Raptors momentum is gone.

4:50 2Q 50-42 DET: Lineup check: Calderon, DeRozan, Bargnani, Johnson, and McGuire.  Nice, crisp ball movement  by the Raptors to get Calderon a three.  On the other end, Brandon Knight’s penetration killing us.  His penetration is throwing off the defensive rebounding position of our bigs.  Raptors go back to DD in the post against Stuckey, and he gets fouled.  This needs to happen much more frequently.  Good news alert: Jonas and Calderon execute and pick ‘n roll and Jonas finishes with a soft jumper in the paint.

3:00 2Q 50-45 DET: 5-0 run for the Raptors punctuated by a DeRozan dunk in transition.  Defense not getting back for the Pistons and we have a game.  Big credit to JLIII, DeRozan, Calderon for keeping us in it.

1:38 2Q 52-50 DET: More great perimeter ball-movement by the Raps leading to a Bargnani three, which cut it to two.  No answer for Knight, though, Calderon helpless on penetration, but he fights back with a step-back jumper on Knight.  Jose deserves better than this team.  Defense picking up too as McGuire intercepts a pass to give the Raptors a chance to extend their 10-2 run but Bargnani misses a three after good ball movement.  Calderon and DeRozan playing well here.  Valanciunas not doing much offensively, but rolls to the rim consistently which creates space for shooters.

END 2Q 56-53 DET: 13-4 Raps run capped off by another Calderon three who is now looking for his shot.  Raps down by a single point.  DeRozan goaltended Munroe on purpose just to send a message.  I like it, however silly it might sound.  The half ends on missed Bargnani and Prince jumpers, but great second quarter by the Raptors who were down by 12 at one point are now down by three.  Nice recovery.  They gave up 37 in the first quarter, but only 19 in the second.  DD leads all scorers with 11, 7-8 FTs.

Box Score

Second Half Starting Lineup: Valanciunas, Calderon, Bargnani, DeRozan, and Fields

8:16 3Q 62-62: We pick where we left off with Calderon again nailing a three after looking for his shot.  Knight explodes to the paint and dumps it off to Munroe who gets a couple tries at it before putting it in.  Jonas misses over Munroe.  The Pistons bigs are causing us issues on both ends, formidable size and they know how to use it.  8-3 offensive rebounds in favor of the Pistons.  DeRozan nails a jumper and a careless pistons turnover followed by a DD layup in transition sees this tied up – 6-0 run.

Valanciunas Update: He comes off, but he’s working his ass off on D against Munroe.  This has been a good initiation for him.  Good movement overall, obviously the offense isn’t there yet and won’t be this season, but he still manages to create space for others by rolling/popping etc.  The principles of sound defense do exist, just not sure how much we can expect from him this year.  Probably not much.

5:09 3Q 70-70: Field sets a bone-crushing screen to get Bargnani open for the baseline jumper and Calderon continues to hit  from the perimeter.  Every Raptor touching the ball whereas Detroit relying on Knight heavily for scoring opportunities, he’s delivering so far but how long can it continue?  Detroit bigs combined with Knight’s penetration are the biggest threat.  Raptors definitely more the team right now and they just go to keep this going when the second unit comes in.

4:00 73-70 DET: Lineup is Bargnani, Andersen, JLIII, Gray, and DeRozan.  Brandon Knight is getting calls against JLIII. Not sure if that was a foul, JLIII just held his arms up.  Bargnani misses on a long-two instead of driving, bad decision.  JLIII is very good at looking up, finding people who are in a position to do something.  Aaron Gray fouls Maxiell intentionally after the defense broke down. Quincy Acy checks into the game for Bargnani.

2:00 2Q 78-77 TOR: JLIII confidently steps up in transition after a pass from Ross and knocks the three down.  Not enough, JLIII steps up from behind the screen to nail another.  Raptors lead.

End 3Q 86-84 DET:  If they’re not getting straight into the paint, Stuckey and Knight are using a couple screens to get there.  Raps hanging tough though, even Acy throwing his weight around.  Clearly the message from Casey is that if you weight more than 220, make it count.  The second unit, lead by JLIII (vs Bynum), has done an excellent job of keeping it going.  The quarter almost ended on a JLIII four-point play, but Bynum hit a three at the buzzer which kind of killed it.  Instead of Raps up 1, its’ Pistons up 2.  Game is up for grabs.  JLIII is the hero with 12 points in the quarter.

Correction: After review, they disallowed the three.  Raps up by 1!

9:42 4Q 86-86 DET: Raps help D picking up, twice denied interior scoring opportunities by rotating, and Gray ended a possession by blocking Maggette at the rim.  Lucas continues to hit, he has 18 in the game.  Not sure what Ed Davis is doing trying to post-up and getting a three-second violation.  Another turnover as Gray traveled.  Lineup is Davis, Gray, Lucas, Andersen, and Ross.  Casey giving the starters a breather.

8:10 4Q 90-90: Should expect the starters to come in for both teams very soon.   Pistons just scored on another alley-oop in the paint – PG to big.  We need Valanciunas in there to hold down the paint a little more just so plays like those don’t happen.  Gray looked a bit tired here, but this game is nicely prepped for Bargnani and DeRozan to pull it through.  Let’s see how it goes.

4:06 4Q 96-96: Gray with back-to-back jumpers in the fourth as both teams sticking with the bench.  The game is taking on a much more defensive tone, both teams really want this game and are playing hard! Nice game to watch.  Ooooh, Lucas missed a layup in transition with the Raps up 2, would’ve been big but he was being challenged.  Ross fires up an ill-advised three which came from no ball movement.  He makes up for it by another jumper, but man, if the Raptors were a little more disciplined on offense here, they might have had a 4-6 point lead.  Detroit is there to be had, and Knight is nowhere to be found.

1:09 4Q 98-98: Raptors lineup: Calderon, Johnson, Davis, Kleiza, and DeRozan.  Andre Drummond making an impact on D, size alone makes the difference there and he knows how to use it.  Raps move the ball, all on the perimeter, and Kleiza knocks it down.  No Bargnani who is 4-11.  With Knight not playing, Bynum pulling a JLIII move to get the layup against three defenders.  Bad pass from Amir Johnson on an alley-oop to Kleiza is followed by a DET turnover as DeRozan steals.  Raps could’ve gone ahead by three  with 1:40 left by Kleiza missed the trey!  Another chance to take the lead comes as Johnson is fouled after being found by Jose.  FTs coming up.  Timeout!

Entry passes have been a problem, says Tim C.  I say it’s as much the bigs’ fault for not taking a better position.

00:58 4Q 99-98 TOR: Johnson makes 1 for two, Raps get the offensive rebound by Amir Johnson commits an offensive foul – illegal screen.  Correct call.

00:35 4Q 100-99 DET: Same old.  Penetration by Bynum.  Help comes, but DD’s rotation is late and Drummond gets the offensive rebound and the lay-in.

00:09 4Q 101-99 DET: Lineup: Calderon, Johnson, DeRozan, Davis, Kleiza.  DeRozan ends up taking a fadeaway from almost behind the backboard on what was a broken possession right from the start.  Raps have to foul and concede FTs.  Charlie V gets 1-2 FT. Raptors ball.

End of Game 101-99 DET: Calderon, Bargnani, DeRozan, Lucas, and Fields: Raps go for the three, deep one by Calderon which hits front rim and bounces out.  Too far out.  Surprised Bargnani got pulled back in, why not sooner, or even the last possession?  Rebound from the miss bounces to Charlie V who gets fouled, misses both FTs but time runs out.

Overall, good game by Jonas, moved well, didn’t do much offensively but played hard.  JLIII had a great run in that third quarter and so did DeRozan in the 2nd/3rd quarters.  Jose looked sharp as well and so did Gray on defense.  On the negative side, Johnson and Davis were invisible, and Bargnani had 1 rebound in 22 minutes while going 4-11.  For Detroit, Drummond was awesome with his size and rebounding and so was Brandon Knight whose penetration hurt us all night. DD let Raps with 17, Lucas had 16.  For Detroit, Munroe had 17, Drummond had 12.  Box.

Thanks for swinging by!

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  • K.J.P

    Anyone have any update on JV’s injury? I’m wondering if he will be able to play in any pre-season games. 

    • habsfan

      hes playing tonight

  • habsfan

    just saw on the ticker on nbatv that the injury that lowry got during training camp is getting special treatment. im praying this aint gonna be a bothersome injury during the season….

  • Dan.R


  • Lino Dinardo

    Nothing but optimism and excitement for this season, I’m so jacked even for pre-season games!  

  • mobchester

    Watching the game on nbatv , but its detriot commentary and they didn’t even metion one single raptor 🙁

    • habsfan

      these guys are horrible, i dunno if its just me but most of these other announcers just put me to sleep. guys like devlin and (as much as i hate to say this) leo actually make quite a bit of positive comments on the opposing teams players and they do their research. this guys been talking about jonas as if he was a d-league player.

      • Lorenzo

        I feel the exact opposite. These Pistons commentators sound like they actually know what they’re talking about (unlike Matt and Leo), and are sincere about it. They also aren’t HUGE homers a la Leo Rautins/Matt Devlin.

        Please if someone from the Raptors is reading this do the majority of the fans a favor and send Matt packing back to Charlotte and put Leo in a home. Jack can stay, he’s cool.

        • Nilanka15

          Agreed.  I actually found the Pistons feed to be somewhat refreshing.  Although, it did take them until the 4th quarter to mention that we’re missing Lowry 😐

    • Ardefen

      not great but better than nothing

  • Mack North

    I can’t believe we’re getting the fucking Detroit feed. I was never looking so forward to hearing Matt Devlin’s voice in my life!

  • mobchester

    Wtf why didn’t bargani rotate , Derozan puts Monroe in foul trouble Demar its looking really really good

  • mobchester

    So far piston driible penetration is killing us we really really need kyle lowry and banana is playing like he got something stuck up in his ass

  • IROR

    The Raps are making Andre Drummond look like Dwight Howard…rough.   

  • Lakeshow

    Biggest mistake of the draft was passing up on Drummond

    • Lorenzo


    • Tinman

      wondered how long it would take for some moron….

      • Theswirsky

        wondered how long it would take until a  fanboy turned it personal……

    • Destro

      Dogg 2 yrs from now hes going to be a legit 20/10 player and T Ross is still gonna be coming off the that !

  • Deeznuts

    I KNOW this is the 2nd preseason game, but I really think BC totally F’D up with our draft picks. Last year Brandon Knight was solid and now hes looking even better. Why do I have the feeling that Jonas is going to be a flop and that we should have for sure picked up Drummond. PLEASE TELL ME IM WRONG! I have been painfully watching this accumulation of crap for I don’t know how long, and I all I want is something to actually be excited about. I am sick of the propaganda that the raptors media put out there for us to desperately soak up because we really have no other choice.

    • Lino Dinardo

      your wrong, its pre season game two. chill dude.

    • Lakeshow

      BC went all in to save his job and Nash was the savior. BC made moves in preparing for Nash. Reached on Ross and passed on Drummond will be what passing on Iguodala for Rafael for BC. What’s even worse is he compounded on that error by giving up a top 10 pick next season. I don’t see how we are any better than the 4 other teams in our DIVISION letalone the CONFERENCE

      • Lino Dinardo

        and how are we worse?.. remember there are only 1 and a half pre- season games to back your logic. 

        at least raptors fans have passion

        • Lakeshow

          We really should be building a solid core through the draft instead of going for an 8 seed and eliminated by Miami in 4. We’re better than the Pistons but who will have a better chance at contending in 3 years (Knight-Monroe-Drummond +extra top 10 picks) or (Bargs-JV-Derozan)?

          • Lino Dinardo

            a solid core through the draft like WE DID!

            bargs, tross, ed davis, DD, and JV all first round drafts, 

            Now all under a good defensive coach, together for the first time..

            A draft isn’t a fantasy draft where you pick whatever you want, you draft at your position the best player available, now you can argue with the picks but that’s exactly what we did was build through the draft

            now we develop

            • Deeznuts

              And if we did take the best player available we would’ve taken Drummond this year. Also I know Ed has said he will use this year to show he can go to the next level – it is exactly that, TALK. The raptors media hangs onto every word and perpetuates it to give people some sort of false hope because the team is so desperate.

              • How was he the best player? He did nothing in college, and your basing it all on potential. Just like Jonas. But at least Jonas has proven himself in international competition as the U19 MVP and has played in the London Olympics. All you think of Drummond is he’ll be the next Dwight Howard because he has the same build. He hasn’t proven anything that he is the best player. Learn to actually watch basketball.

          • They just did build a solid core you dumb fuck with a young PROVEN point guard in Lowry instead of gambling next year on a young drafted UNPROVEN player. We don’t have to go though this another ugly season and ripping BC for not pulling any trades, we have a chance to do something, imo.

      • Lino Dinardo

        damn your right, we are down by three points after the first half

        we are the worst team in the division and in the conference

        • Lakeshow

          Delusion is strong amongst Raptor fans. 6 teams have a better core [MIA,BOS,NY,PHI,IND,MIL]. This isn’t the NFL, parity doesn’t exist, meaning we are fighting for the last two spots and the right to get swept by MIA or BOS. Personally I think we’ve sucked for such a long time, what’s an extra 2-3 seasons to build around JV through the draft. This strategy will backfire once the organization realizes an 8th seed isn’t enough and dismantles the team and another 5 year losing cycle. 

          • Lino Dinardo

            i see I am delusional because I haven’t buried the team in the SECOND pre season game!

            and you want to continue to build with what ? tank again? get another high pick in a weak draft.. we hired Casey to what change their diapers till we wait get a number one pick and draft for Lebron’s sperm of a child? 

            OR WE PLAY FUCKEN BASKETBALL and let them work and develop!

            delusional arm chair GM’s.  

            • Lakeshow

              Wait, I thought the organization’s goal is to eventually win a championship? The reality of the NBA is you don’t win a ring without a star. Exception is if you have 5 borderline All-Stars (ie Pistons). 

              Now, tell me why draft a raw but talented big man who will take 3-5 years to develop one season and attempt to sign a 39 year old PG and overpay a role player to “contend” the next? Those two moves conflict with each other and the team has no true roadmap to success. That is why “Deeznuts” is complaining and it does not stem from the 2nd pre-season game. Had BC stayed through to his “plan” he claimed to have when drafting a kid who wouldn’t even play, when he said he was looking out to the long term vision of the team I wouldn’t be complaining. I’m not trying to be an “armchair Gm”, I’m stating there is no direction to this team. If it’s go young or build a veteran team then BC should stick through it, not flip flop after one season, coincidentally when his contract comes due to expire. 

              • Lino Dinardo

                I guess that is where we remain to see things differently.  I think there is a strong young core, with a strong defensive minded Coach who has already had success after one year, we have assets and flexibility and we have talent, and there is a plan, to develop with the talent we have.

                and you really can’t say I am wrong as I could not say your wrong because our logic is driven by passion and delusion.

                it just drives me nuts that conclusions are made before the season has begun just because of the History of the team.

      • How stupid can you be? Your comparing Drummond-Ross to Hoffa-Iggy based off of what? A preseason game. You make Raptor fans look bad.  How are we giving up a top 10 pick? We aren’t going to be that bad you stupid fuck. If anything its a mid-lottery pick and we got Kyle Lowry, an borderline all-star for it. It was a steal of a trade

    • Tinman

      Moron # 2

    •  Your wrong. So you already decide that Jonas is a flop and Drummond is going to be a star over one pre-season game where Jonas just came back from injury with one full practice. Why should we draft a center two straight years? Does that make sense when we clearly have needs in other positions. Did Ross not play good last game? I was impressed but again it was a PRE-SEASON game and I don’t make much of it like you do.

  • IROR

    probably because bargnani is shitting the bed on those hedges…and on d in general haha

  • Lucas

    Raps looking pretty awful right now, on both sides of the ball. The only players who are looking any good are Fields, Anderson, and Derozan. The latter looks fantastic so far, including what looks to be a much improved handle.

  • Pesterm1

    Stuckey is hurt bad! clap clap clap  nice to see he is up

  • habsfan

    poor jonas keeps calling for the ball and never gets it

    • IROR

       nice to see what he brings…potentially.  like what i see even tho he isn’t making an impact.

      • CJT

        he had 3 or 4 blocks, I’d that is making an impact wouldn’t you?

        • Jamshid

          ESPN is reporting 2 !!

        • Nilanka15

          Yeah, looked like 3-4 on my count.  At the very least, he changed a lot of shots inside.

          • CJT

            Also the impact he makes by setting hard screens and rolling to the basket to draw defenders to him and set up teammates for uncontested shots is pretty significant as well.

    • Lorenzo

      Haha i felt sorry for him for some reason. But he’s doing a great job setting screens 600 times a possession.

  • Jamshid

    “For Detroit, Drummond was awesome with his size and rebounding and so was Brandon Knight whose penetration hurt us all night.”

    We could have had both of these guys in our team through the draft.

    • Lorenzo

      We also could’ve had Kobe Bryant. Let it go.

    • Nilanka15

      Let’s look back in 5 years to see who is better between Knight/Drummond and Jonas/Ross.

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early to be implying we fucked up 2 draft picks.

  • The Ice

    Ed Davis ? What’s wrong with this guy. He’s lost there, no IQ, no handles, no J, no post, nada de nada.

    Ship him asap

    • Ryan

       Right. If he’s so lost with no IQ, no handles, no J, no post, nada de nada, which NBA GM will give us anything for him? Let’s just ship him for Kevin Durant. Damn, why didn’t BC think of that before?

      • John

        When did he say anything about Durrant?  People are allowed to vent about players who frustrate them, that’s kind of the point of a blog.

      • NyAlesund

         No for Durant but for someone decent yes. In the NBA we had seen unbelievable trades. Why can’t we make one that involved him?

  • youreachiteach

     I’m not happy with the effort in this game. Yeah, it’s Detroit, yeah, no Lowry, yeah, it’s gonna be a back to back, yeah they’re tired from two a days. But f**k that. I will say Calderon was actually a bit of bright spot…of course his d was non-existent as usual.

    That effort in the first half was abysmal, and the need to play zone was pathetic. The refereeing was shit, yes, but it was as much our fault for coming out and not showing any effort at all. Letting shit stain Detroit control the tempo and the effort pissed me off a ton. Andrea is floating out there WAY too much and only select players are trying–mainly those who have a contract/position to win/are rookies. I suppose I understand the need not to get hurt….but fuck off. Try a little, at least. How Amir can go from the best player on the court to one of the worst REALLY bugged me. He was playing in quick sand, too.

    Ross really struggled with the speed of play today, it probably hurt him playing against the slower less athletic Real Madrid players. Hopefully he adjusts soon–he’s a sharp kid who tends to make nice decisions. I like what Lucas brings but he’s not a point.
    I didn’t like that he froze out Ross because he missed a couple.

    Nice effort by Gray in the second half–but why he was playing against the athletic front court Detroit was posing so much boggles the mind. Yes, it’s preseason. But the babying of Jonas and Bargs was too much.

    I liked Jonas’ d. By my count he had four blocks on Monroe. I also liked that he presented himself well on offense. He clearly needs post moves. That’s fine, we knew that.

    Oh, and fuck you in the ass Jerebko. I hope someone pops you in the neck with an “accidental elbow” too.

  • Carbon13

    1 rebound in 22 minutes by Bargnani

    • j bean

      He shoots from 12 feet, it clanks off the front of the rim and bounces right back to him but he isn’t following up attempting to rebound so it goes to the Pistons. No heart, no effort as a team leader.

      • Nilanka15

        The funny part of that sequence was that he wasn’t sprinting back on defense either.  Literally stuck in no-man’s land.

  • noDinDeMar

    Destro will be pissed if ppl shit on DeMar today. I only saw the last few minutes but his line was great. Too bad he can’t finish thru contact or dribble or shoot still.

    • ZZ

       Well, that statement shows that you didn’t see the game…

    • Nilanka15

      Gotta give credit where credit is due.  DeMar was very clearly the best Raptor on the floor last night.  He’s playing like a very determined player so far.  His handles have noticeably improved compared to last year, and he’s [finally] looking to dunk on people.  He’s also developing a nice turn-around jumper.  I’m very impressed with DeMar’s game after 2 preseason games.

      • What the

        he was playing like the guy we traded to get kyle, whats his name nilaka ?

        • Nilanka15

          You forgot to like your own comment.

      • RaptorFan

        After 2 pre-season games i’m ready to say that Demar is the best player on this team (USA select basketball seems to have him more focused)…..maybe Lowry can change my perception….. Andrea is playing more like the Andrea of old….no passion… rebounds….no help defence

        Its still early….i’m not panic’ing…just stating the obvious

        Drummond looks more like D Howard than Bust…..IMO

  • FAQ

    What an entertaining surprise!!!! 

    The Raptors are still liquid Jello and will take some time to jell and giggle like a team.

    One question that arose in my mind: do the Raps have a team ‘soul’?

    LucasIII seems like somebody who can hold it together with his playmaking and shooting, but who else? Perhaps Kyle and Jose, but if the rest of the team is ‘soulless’ what’s the use?

    Amir and Ed just don’t have NBA bodies or brains. They try hard but just don’t seem to have what it takes… Drummond does with good hands and footwork… 19 y.o. and still growing! Jonas looked like a lost, soft white cake boy.  Is he still injured?

    Hope Kyle can contribute soon. Must suck being a Raptor PG with no go-to all-star impact player to pass to.  DD is making some good new moves, but he still is unable to finish with strength.

    Oh, well… next game Friday.


  • nba_socrates

    Thank you again colangelo for not drafting Drummond, such a tool you are

    • Nilanka15

      Was Drummond that good, or was Amir’s post defense that horrendous?  Amir seemingly forgot the basics of “ball-you-man” defense repeatedly last night.  Just a pathetic performance from one of our better defensive frontcourt players.

      • nba_socrates

        Drummond can only play what’s in front of him. Amir didn’t do a good job but its the way he finished explosively, you can tell hes gonna get alot of easy baskets with his size and athleticism he’s going to be a handful.
        Already he has better presence defensively than any raptor, he plays hard on both ends of the court. He’s 19 and just a freak of nature, how Colangelo could pass on him is beyond me.

  • mobchester

    Honestley from my opinion drummond is bigger and better than jonas 100 times , he definitley has a dwight howard body and if he can work his ass of within the next 3 years , He definitley will be the best center in the eastern conference the guy physique is too scary and he just tured 19 youngest player in the NBA, Colangelo how the fuck did u not draft this guy smh

    • Nilanka15

      I guarantee that Drummond looks more like a pylon on Friday.  He looked to have caught everyone off guard last night.  The players and coaches both seemed ill-prepared for Drummond.

    • JohnG

      Again I hate people who say that. Just because he has a Dwight Howard body that he has the potential to be actually good. There was a reason he wasn’t a top 10 pick. With a body that big, you think he would do something in college. We can say the exact same thing about Deandre Jordan and say that he had a Dwight Howard physique. The problem is he has no skills just like Drummond.

  • minks77

    he had a terrible time creating for himself in college with zero go-to moves and zero shot. He has a great body and serious potential but was regarded as a project. Also had questions about his maturity and love of the game. 

    BC drafted JV the year before so we already have a very solid centre prospect and needed shooting and serious help at the wings, hence the Ross pick. While I’m not sold on Ross over Drummond, choosing Drummond would’ve made a young and crowded front court even more crowded and younger. 

    I don’t know how you can honestly say Drummond is 100 times better than Jonas. He had a nice line but jonas played what 15min? After a single practice and in his first game?? need to chill holmes, it’s preseason, this isn’t where legacies are formed. JV did an excellent job of what we need from him and if KLow is out there to counter Knight this game goes totally differently. As it was the wings did a shyte job of stopping his penetration and that left the bigs helping and DreDrumms open. 

    • cesco

      If as they said Drummond is a poor free thrower  , he will be fouled a lot like it happen with DH and Shaq . Jonas has already proven he is good at FT’s . The team was playing better when Jonas got inserted as he had a positive +/- of 8 , the best by far among the Raptors . Drummond had a +/- of zero , seven of his teammates had a positive +/- .

      • What the

        Cesco whats up with AB13 ?

      • minks77

        I don’t put a lot of faith in +/- for individual games. “They” say Drumz is a poor FT shooter because he is. Look at his college #’s, but that doesn’t mean he’ll get fouled like Shaq or D12. They got fouled that way because the offence flowed through them. AD has a long way to go to reach that level. Plenty of crappy FT shooters in the L don’t get the Hack-a-shaq treatment.

  • Defense

    My thoughts about Jonas’s performance tonight:
    1. He tried to learn the offense schemes too hard and looked a bit confused (especially in the first half)
    2. He didn’t look 100% healthy or was afraid to renew his injury (didn’t run to the offence after successful team defense, didn’t jump for the rebounds, his athletic abilities looked more like Gray’s than Dwight’s)
    3. Pretty good night from defensive side

    We shouldn’t look too seriously at this game, everything is gonna be fine when he gets healthy and in shape.

    • Gman

      3-4 blocks in limited minutes. (the box score is totally wrong)  He played a really good defensive game when you put things in perspective.

      • Destro

        Even if it that is true you cant hang ur hat on his Defensive effort being enough…He’s a top 5 pick with all the co signing and fluffing of this guys abilities….defensive effort is never going to be enough…If hes the real deal then he needs to show he can score and rebound (which he didnt do)

  • ghost

    Why can’t Kleiza sink a shot when he is playing in the NBA?

  • mountio

    decent game. DD looked much better .. took it strong to the hoop .. was able to finish a couple of times, but even when he didnt, took it strong enough to have a chance to finish – which was great. Also showed confidence that he knew he could get fouled .. which is key. Still needs to work on the jumper .. but a good game
    AB still looking lazy shooting long jumpers – has to change. He had a post up move or two where he showed how easy he can score inside – why the hell dont we run this more often?
    Ross looks good – didnt get a lot of time .. but his stroke looks confident and smooth.
    JLIII showed some interesting signs .. he was in ball hog mode, clearly trying to “show his stuff” .. but it was enough for me to say we could easily get rid of Calderon and not miss a beat with JLIII as the backup to Lowry
    Drummond did look great – nothing fancy .. just lobs and put backs .. but dude is huge and looks like he knows what hes doing. When you are that big / dominant, nobody gives a shit that you cant hit a foul shot.
    Fields does not look good. Intersted in the supporters of his contract’s thoughts. He clearly cant create his own shot and finds himself dribbing outside the 3 pt line looking for something to do. On the bright side, he seems to play the garbage collecter role .. right place, right time for rebounds and loose balls. Just dont see a lot of talent yet .. we will see.
    I was good with the JV effort for his first game. A couple decent defensive plays .. knows how to rebound and box his man out. Clearly has to learn, but I liked what i saw ..

    • Nilanka15

      I actually wasn’t too impressed with Ross’ performance.  His approach seems somewhat lackadaisical….like DeRozan of previous years.  I don’t see the intense defense the media keeps talking about.

      As for Fields, I don’t think anyone claimed he’s a “talented” player.  But he was rotating on defense, boxing out his man, setting good screens, etc.  As long as he’s able to stick open jumpers, I’ll be fine with his contributions.

      • What the

        here we go again mybe we can trade him for Gary Forbes

        • Nilanka15

          Say hi to babyface for me.

      • mountio

        Question is .. how many open jumpers is he going to get on this team? Maybe with Lowry that will change (in which case Landry might start to look better) .. but last night it wasnt pretty.
        And .. I guess the question is, who would you rather have popping that open J – Ross or Fields? Ill take Ross’s stroke.
        Ross is a little sleepy .. I agree with that. Could be TMac-esque though in terms of his sleepy demeanor.. which Id obviously be fine with.

        • Destro

          You can clearly see how Lowry is the guy that will make this work IF its going to work…

        • Nilanka15

          Ross would definitely be the better option shooting open 3s.  But until he catches up to Fields in terms of intangibles, I don’t mind sticking with Fields for now.

  • Gman

    After the first two games the same question keeps floating around my head.  What could we get for Calderon/Davis in a trade?  Anything substantial?  A starting SF perhaps?  That would be great.  

    There has to be something we can do with them.  Separate not so interesting.  Together?  Maybe…

    • j bean

      If you look at Davis for who he is now and what he’s accomplished he isn’t worth much. He is usually positively talked about regarding the future. Maybe you can make excuses for his past and build up his potential. Jose is a very good backup or mediocre starter who has an expiring deal so he should have value but to date nothing good on the trade front.