Toronto Raptors 88 Final
Recap | Box Score
108 Oklahoma City Thunder
Landry Fields, SF 20 MIN | 1-6 FG | 1-2 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 3 PTS | -11

I don’t care how many nice picks they tell me he sets or how he moves without the ball, neither of which I see much of, but if you`re going to be a starter on an NBA team, you can`t be shooting 20%. He`s missing clean looks and this fallacy of an idea that he`s a good defender is getting exposed.

Andrea Bargnani, C 25 MIN | 5-14 FG | 3-3 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 16 PTS | -22

GTFO. Jack`s ripping on Kendrick Perkins for making $9M and not averaging a double-double, and here we have Ms. Primadona registering another stinker and playing for no one but himself. Forget the piss-poor shooting, the guy is averaging 1.3 assists a game this year, and doesn`t even bother thinking about others. I`m glad Casey put this little punk back in with the game out of hand, best finish what you started.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 32 MIN | 6-8 FG | 6-6 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 18 PTS | -9

Had an And1 against Perkins so he`s good in my books. Could`ve had a bigger offensive game but hurried his isolation situations resulting in turnovers. Contested for rebounds as usual and showed the activity-level that we`re already used to. I’m going to pretend Durant didn’t throw one down on him.

Kyle Lowry, PG 17 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 4 AST | 2 PTS | -13

Left before halftime with a sprained ankle, wasn`t having the greatest game but was keeping Westbrook in relative check while creating chances for others. Some nice passes which weren`t converted last night.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 28 MIN | 2-10 FG | 4-4 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 8 PTS | -27

Poor shooting night but he gets the pass after producing for the last two. Wasn`t as aggressive as he needed to be when the game was still somewhat in hand, especially when Durant had two fouls. Got to take that to the rim and FFS, can you ever finish in traffic? Like, ever?

Ed Davis, PF 21 MIN | 2-4 FG | 2-3 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | 0

Turning out to be good PER36 rebounder for the Raptors and is playing for a contract extension.

Amir Johnson, PF 8 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -4

Listless last night, got beat in transition in the brief time he was on, and had mailed it in before even breaking a sweat.

Dominic McGuire, SF 15 MIN | 3-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | -4

The Raptors dumped the ball into him for a post-up in the low-block. Responded well by turning it over. Atta boy. Seriously though, I have no expectations of him so when he does anything remotely correct – like dribbling without the ball hitting his face – I clap wildly.

Aaron Gray, C 7 MIN | 1-1 FG | 1-2 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 3 PTS | -4

Was brought in to start the fourth in hopes he would inspire the team to overturn a 26-point deficit. He`s like the guy at work everyone likes but nobody quite knows what he does, so they keep him around because he brings donuts to every meeting.

Jose Calderon, PG 20 MIN | 2-7 FG | 3-3 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 8 PTS | -8

Four steals and a couple very uncharacteristic turnovers including the wing-to-point pass I`ve ever seen him make. I don`t recall Westbrook abusing him much, but then again I was reading a book. Ocho hit a couple jumpers and probably needed to be a lot more aggressive then he was, especially with no one else firing. Make that experience count.

John Lucas, PG 16 MIN | 1-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 4 AST | 3 PTS | +4

Oh pre-season, why you play me like that?

Alan Anderson, SG 19 MIN | 1-6 FG | 1-2 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 3 PTS | -9

First guy off the bench again, he got in at the three, played a bit of two, ended up doing a bit of zero. His role is to provide a scoring punch off the bench, and that`s a big ask of a guy who is totally not established in the league. See my idea of starting him as the fifth starter, and moving Fields to the bench to make more use of his offense.

Terrence Ross, SG 14 MIN | 4-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | +7

Came in late in the third to get a good shift in against the OKC scrubs.

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  • Jamshid

    Hope Lowry is OK. It was great seeing Big Val, Ross and Ed playing some good minutes and showing some promises. Fields will be fine and will be back in his old forms.

    • Scottbbaird

      Fields… What’re you basing that BS prediction on?

      I bet he changes his name to Hedo.

      • Jamshid

        I base that on watching 80% of his game the past 2 season. He is capable of getting 6-8 point per game, 5-6 rebound and 3-4 Assist. Is that worth 6 million ? Hell no. Is that a starter SF number in NBA ? Hell no. But is it better than what we are getting? Yes, it is.

        Plus, who is not overpaid in Toronto ?? Kleiza making 4 million and not even getting a minute of playing time !!! Amir Johnson getting 6 million and shows up on one game and mail in the next 5:)

    • FAQ

      Fields looks like he doesn’t want to play for Toronto… ya think??

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I hope it’s not a high ankle sprain for Lowry because if Jose starts it’s more of the same ol same- did you see how Westbrook attacked Jose to start the 2nd half blowwing right past him for a lay up?

      Fields (did you see his last seasons numbers) is what he is another one of BC’s overpaid role players aka glorified Raptors starter because BC signed him to that ridiculous contract coming off of a piss poor season- where they do that at?

      I see Casey’s defensive mentality has been thrown out of the window even with a full training camp and his in game coaching adjustments have been atrocious sinc elast season.

      Raptors top 5 leading rebounders per game so far:
      Lowry 5.75
      Val 5.75
      Davis 5.25
      AJohnson 4.50
      DeRozan 4.00

      Bargnani’s (whom BC is/has been building this Raptors team around) game sucks- straight up & down, going into year 7.

      13 games anyone?

  • john g

    I think you gave the wrong grade to Amir lol

    • Arsenalist


      • Bigfuckyou

        You are a loser who shit from his big mouth. I know life is bad with you at the moment  and it’s everyone else fault (RVP included).
        You like to please your bunch of scrubs followers with your low IQ writing and knowledge on BB. 

        You are a joke with no excuses, go back to school if your family didn’t teach you RESPECT 

        • RaptorFan

          ^^^ Andrea Bargnani aka IL Mago ^^^


          Chill out dude……

        • john g

           Whats wrong with you? If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • Saransh Gaurav Bhatt

    – Man, what is up with Fields? He’s playing like a D-leaguer. Just another awful night.
    – Jonas Valanciunas showed off some sweet post moves tonight. He could have easily gone for 25 points but he didn’t get enough touches. Was efficient at scoring tonight, which was nice to see against some decent post defenders. 
    – Ed Davis is definitely hungry for a nice big contract extension, he’s hustling for boards, but his offensive repertoire is less impressive than JV’s… which is sad, since JV is a rookie, and Davis has had more than enough time to develop in the post, but I guess he is what he is, a poor-man’s Camby (that may even be too much praise, considering Camby was a defensive guru)
    – Hope Lowry is okay, and gets back in our line-up ASAP. We NEED him out there. 
    – Jose & DeMar were both extremely disappointing tonight, they didn’t bring the hustle and pick up the slack once Lowry went down with the injury. I felt like they were both just waiting for this game to be over. DeMar needs to learn how to be a relentless attacker of the rim & the paint… he can’t get discouraged as easily as he does… he was playing like a young boy amongst men out there tonight. Jose simply wasn’t aggresive enough at getting everyone involved like he can, and finding his shot. Just an all around poor effort from both of them.
    – It was good to see T. Ross get into a nice shooting rhythym off the bench. Hope that translates into some additional confidence in the future.
    – Andrea……. I can’t wait till his tenure with the Raptors is over… because unless he’s on a roll with his shooting, he’s literally just a ball hog out there… Jack Armstrong keeps calling him out for it every game… I think even Armstrong is getting sick & tired of calling a game with Bargnani just jacking up low-percentage shots and not distributing the rock
    – What else can I say… I feel sorry for Mr. Dwane Casey… he clearly has his work cut out for him… not only is this team struggling on offense, they’ve also lost that defensive identity they established last year. He’s got a lot of work ahead of him. That’s for sure.

    • mo

      Casey needs to be rated as well, his lineups sometimes leave me scratching my head at times, and his offensive sets leave something to be desired.  I like Calderon coming off the bench, but there is no way he should be out there with Lowry as the 2. It cost them the last game with his inability to defend. 

      Lots of blame going to AB and I don’t know if this is warranted just yet, they throw him the ball and ask him to make a play most of the time. I blame the coach for not running proper sets and setting screens for him in the post. Normally, I would say “Bargnani is being selfish and ignoring his teammates”, but watch closely to how many isolation plays you see and very few screens off ball. Even when Lowry is in the game, it’s more of a 2 man game or drive-and-kick with him, very few sets. 

      Casey improved the defensive #s last year at the expense of offense (James Johnson/Anderson/Gray) and now with reduced min for those glue D guys, he will have to compensate on offense. Good-guy, great personality/leader, but needs to prove he can run an above average offense. Defense can carry you, but you can’t win in the playoffs without a good offense, especially since this team’s ceiling is to face the best defensive team (HEAT) in the first round which will be a very quick playoff exit if he doesn’t figure it out during the season. 

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Really Arsenalist?

    Outside of Fields, you have Bargs as the worst player. A horrible team effort, no doubt … but Andrea was one of the better performers. Not that this says much on a forgettable game, but your hate is seething through on this post.


    • Saransh Gaurav Bhatt

      Dude… are you friken kidding me?? What game were you watching? 
      The best part of Andrea’s performance was 3/6 from beyond the arc… aside from that… 35.7% shooting from the field, 0 blocks, 0 steals, sure he collected 6 boards, but he had 2 turnovers and 0 assists and he only racked up 16 points on 14 shots lol I mean are you kidding me? That’s a garbage performance.
      I mean forget the fact that he’s a former 1st overall draft pick… that’s just a terrible performance offensively for any NBA player… I didn’t even mention the fact that Ibaka got 17 points on 8/9 shooting and Bargs was assigned to defending him… I don’t even expect Bargs to play solid D… but at the very least, just produce on the offensive side of the ball and we can live with it….
      I mean to say Aresenalist is hating on Bargs is just a joke.
      Bargs sucked.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        I watched a horrible team game. A forgettable game to be sure. And – IMO –  AB was a C+. But for MOST of our players, they hit C level (or lower) in my mind.

        What I dislike about some of our fan base, is how bi-polar some are. Demar is useless, then has a couple of excellent games, and he’s back in our books. AB gets subdued credit for a All-Star type 13 game start, but is judged in 3 games as atypical of him. Amir is questioned all last year, while Davis is recommended as our Starting PF. I like Ed, but he is not an Offensive threat. Nor would his Court mates gain the same benefit by his presence in the Offensive zone, in the role of a Starter. Maybe some day. Fields is painted as an overpaid moron because of 4 games. JL should replace Jose ….. Really? The list goes on and on. 

        This is a young core that needs to create an identity. Their style has changed since Triano. The Offense is in a transitory state. Raps need to not only gel, but gain some confidence. Play-offs may or may not happen, but like may others … they’re our Raptors. 

        Some people just need to chill, and learn to enjoy the Ride. Or go cheer for the Leafs. Which speaking of that – and this is not something to boast about – but the Toronto Raptors are the closest opportunity for Toronto fans, to experience play-offs once again – Argos excepted.

        Point is …. Raptors played a very dysfunctional game tonight. In a match best forgotten. Lets move on.


        • Minks77

          Subdued credit for 13 games of near .500 ball? Look it’s not the haters doing any premature stroking, it’s the apologists who only see the aforementioned 13 games doing the yanka crank and ignoring the 4 games this year, 18 crap games from last year and the 5 other years of CRAP. That’s 389 games of crap play vs 13 games of, in your opinion, All Star level play. 

          Don’t know where the fanboys come up with this stuff.

          • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

            06/07  (65 matches)
            2nd rookie of the year (how many good games do you cunt)

            07/08 (12 matches)
            PHI  20 pts  54% fg  
            NYK 21   63%
            DAL 20   50%
            DET 25   62%
            BOS 20   50%
            LAL 28    50%
            MIA 22   64%
            NYK 25   52%
            IND 27   48%
            WAS 27  50%
            CHA 27  58%
            CHI 28  50%

            08/09 (17 matches)
            MIA  25  60%
            NJN  29  53%
            DEN  26  53%
            MIL   21  53%
            WAS  25  88%
            MEM 21  57%
            BOS 23 45%
            CHI  31 71%
            SAC 24 50%
            NYK 28 53%
            MIN 26 66%
            PHO 21 53%
            HOU 25 64%
            MIA 23 55%
            UTA 20 53%
            PHI 21 61%
            IND 27 81%

            09/10 (23 matches)
            CLE 28 73%
            ORL 26 66%
            DET 22 50%
            DAL 22 50%
            MIA 24 64%
            WAS 20 57%
            DET 21 60%
            CHA 28 55%
            BOS 21 55%
            PHI 23 47%
            BOS 23 50%
            NYK 24 69%
            DAL 22 52%
            MIA 27 68%
            IND 34 66%
            SAC 22 60%
            CLE 24 52%
            LAL 21 47%
            SAC 20 66%
            ATL 22 57%
            PHI 23 47%
            DET 33 59%
            NYK 24 50%

            10/11 (24 matches)
            CLE 20 53%
            SAC 28 58%
            ORL 27 47%
            PHI 30 66%
            HOU 26 64%
            BOS 29 45%
            PHI 24 50%
            NYK 41 66%
            DET 22 61%
            NJN 32 53%
            CLE 25 50%
            SAC 30 63%
            ATL 26 54%
            DET 31 48%
            MEM 29 48%
            SAS 29 65%
            POR 29 58%
            MIA 38 57%
            PHO 26 80%
            NJN 23 50%
            WAS 33 53%
            DEN 20 57%
            PHO 27 45%
            MIL 22 57%

            11/12 (famous 13 + 4= 17 matches)
            DEN 26 50%
            MIA 27 58%
            CHA 30 50%
            PHI 34 53%

            Andrea Bargnani ESPN Rank 58
            Sir, this numbers on a team who sucks as you

            • Destro

              Now post the rebounding numbers for all those games….

              • Destro

                and the post the wins and losses in those games….


                  Not pertinent lazy boy (“Subdued credit for 13 games of near .500 ball?”)

            • The Truth

               ESPN rank 58 for a guy who is supposed to be our franchise player. Right there is your problem.

            • Minks77

              posting his shooting numbers proves nothing. To say that Bargnani has been a net positive impact player in his career means ignoring his horrible help D, his largely indifferent and ineffective rebounding and his overrated man to man D. It also ignores how largely inefficient his game has been. Most importantly, for being the second “best” player on most of his teams and having much of the offence move through him, the Raptors haven’t much to show for it in terms of wins.

              Although with a screen name like yours I doubt you are really the objective type.

        • Nilanka15

          Argos don’t count 😛

        • p00ka

          LOL, “bi-polar”

          ding! ding! ding!

      • Dan

         Demar was worse then Andrea in this game. Less Points 1 rebound o assits and lower plus minus rating. Andrea was terrible too.

        • The Truth

           Definitely, but Demar was also significantly better than Andrea in the previous 3. At the moment AB doesn’t even look like he wants to be out there.

          • keith warren

            Also DD was NOT a #1 overall pick, has only been on the team for a couple of years not 7 and isn’t getting the money Bargs makes. To add to that, Bargnani has to be the longest tenured, failed #1 overall pick out of all the failed #1 overall picks. Kwame Brown was at least kicked out the door after 3 years. They realized he sucked, waiting for the same to happen here. With some decent offensive playmakers now, need a defensive player opposite Jonas to play at the 4. Trade Bargs now!

    • Scottbbaird

      I like Bargs, but in this game I think D- is pretty generous.

      • FAQ

        I suspect that Bargs wants to get traded and escape from this mess called the Raptors.  He doesn’t give a shit anymore after enduring so long and watching blunder after blunder.  Jose most likely will not return as a Raptor next season.. his own decision..

        • keith warren

           HA! Bargs getting sick and tired! That makes me laugh. First time I ever heard of a failed #1 overall pick getting sick and tired of losing. If he played decently, maybe Bosh would have stuck around and then wouldn’t be so bad. But he sucks!

    • Destro


    • RaptorFan

      and the AB fanboys come out……

      Don’t even try to stick up for this crap man… was a horrible game for everyone except Val and ED…… Bargnani is an inefficient pile right now and has been all 4 games this year….. he WAS NOT one of the better performers…..he’s actually part of the problem

  • FAQ

    SURPRISE!!!!…. Streetballer sprained his ankle playing under the basket trying to rebound against the big boys..!!

    What do you think was going to happen throwing his body about with abandon to the basket… there are a lot of big feet there to step on if you try to jump up in that crowd.!!!

    Lowry is just not a playmaker PG to set up other players. Sure, t.h.f.’s love their hero, but he’s just too much of a ball hog to help a developmental team like the Raptors. He’s obviously frustrated.

    Forget the score, forget winning (unless you neurotically need wins)… it’s all about developing all the sub-level, no talent, low b-ball IQ blue collar NBA wannabes into a functioning team.

    Maybe Jose and Lucas can get the job done… maybe.  There isn’t much to work with because it’s obvious that some of the players are demoralized… like Fields, Bargs and even Casey who is getting sucked down into the mire.

    Not only did they fail on offense, they collapsed on defence. They came apart at the seams and it doesn’t look promising on this road trip.


      AH! Those blue collars. Now it makes sense. 


      Also, how do you think KL feels about those low b-ball IQ blue collars wannabes? Just like T.J., he figures… riiiiight, I’m passing to him and leaving the game in his hand. NOT!  And at the clip he was going, this was only a matter of time; at least he didn’t pull a hammy while accepting an inbound pass. *claps thunderstix* honk! honk!

      You just got that Big Man Syndrome going.; ) You want a PG that dishes to you since you’re busting your ass on the glass.

      • FAQ


        OT… “(Vince)Carter: I Love Toronto To This Day”

        Dallas will prolly let Vince go after this season. Do ya think he could shore up the Raps by returning as a utility PG/SG… and help with their ‘development’.

        I think he could put bums in the ACC seats… and most of the t.h.f.’s currently on this fine forum didn’t see him playing for Toronto.

        Now be pragmatic in your responses, please…….

        • FLUXLAND

          C’mon now FAQ, (*you’re better than that!* mark jackson voice)

          Vince, with whatever juice he has left, is looking for a playoff team. Plus, he can’t dunk – how’s that gonna work for the thf?

          Either way, the divorce was so messy, no way it happens. And as much as I agree with the fact the organization completely
          mishandled that situation, that clown gave away plays at the end.
          Treachery? No, thanks, not in my house! Honk, honk!

          (I do love how he said out-execute, not out-play. Maturity?)


          My video response would have been this, is that what you had in mind? LMAO!!
          Again, FAQ..*you’re better than that!!*

          • hater

            why dont u two little bitches go honk each other off somewhere private

        • Nilanka15

          Vince, as a fat, useless, flightless, shadow of his former self, is still an upgrade over any wing on our roster.

          • unknown guest

            So sad, but true :(

          • what the

            what about your boy gary forbes the offence FLOWS

            • KJ-B

              What out his “original” boy — “No Money” Weems??

              • Nilanka15

                2 years ago, there was no difference in skill level between Weems and DeRozan.  Today, very little has changed.

        • keith warren

           Vince Carter as a PG/SG? Seriously? What Vince Carter have you been watching.

  • OvertheWall

    Right on about Bargnani not even thinking about his teammates.  The troubling thing is he does not even want to.  All he sees is the the path between the ball and the basket.  He has no clue where his teammates even are.  As I mentioned previously, I would waive this guy if I have to.  Believe me, no other team would even want him. 

    Now the same could actually be said about Derozan as well, but since he attacks the basket with regularity in most games, and gets to the FT line, I kind of give him a pass.  But then again, his ballhog tendencies also bother me.  What’s up with Colangelo picking up these ballhogs?  Horrible vision by the GM.

    • FAQ

      Waive Bargnani?… sure, but it will cost $33 Mill..!!

      Jose will prolly be a free agent, and Lowry will be gone after next season… as will BC.

      What happens then??

      Obama re-elected and one of his big promises was to bring factory jobs back to the homeland.  The jobs lost to China will never come back, but US branch plants in Ontario are being shut down and the jobs repatriated to the US… and that is what Obama intends over the next 4 years.

      Maybe Obama would encourage moving the Toronto NBA franchise to … Las Vegas? …and then the US college b-ballers will have jobs in the USA… not Canada where good US players don’t want to to play.

      • Lorenzo

        Are you human?

        • FAQ

          …. human AND honest… believe it.

          • mo

            Dude, you’re crazy, Vince re-signed, Bosh re-signed (stayed 7 years), TMac left because he wanted to be the man, not because of the city. The problem is the organization is in turmoil, fix that and players will come. I don’t see players flocking to Charlotte despite being in NC. 

            • FAQ

              Prez Obama is a b-baller and he wants to bring back jobs to the USA… and all I’ve suggested is that since good US players won’t come here, the franchise could be moved… because the NBA is a US league.

              Obama is going to rape Ontario manufacturing for the jobs… believe it.

              • mo

                I really hope for sanity’s sake you’re not serious….Obama wants to repatriate 15 jobs considering corporations outsource thousands of jobs annually to third world countries??

      • Destro

        #1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft is Canadian from Vaughan,ON.

      • The Truth

         “Waive Bargnani?… sure, but it will cost $33 Mill..!!”

        A contract which he never should have been given in the first place.


      Chemical BC strikes again.

      Bottom line, these guys are not playing for each other. Too many guys with too much to prove, no sacrificing by anyone. Typical BC “get mine” freestyle showcasing for the rest of the NBA.

    • unknown guest

      Believe me, Bargnani will be picked up off of waiver wires very quickly.

  • Iwillfilm

    Real honest players out that that want to win as a team and just damn right plays with heart, Jonas-Kyle-Ed-Hose-Amir-Allen-Grey-Not in that order.  I love these guys, cause they are all solid, yes even Jonas, at such a young age is hungry, I say in a game you know your gonna loose, feed him the ball.  He’s could have 25 to 27 points at the rate he was producing.  

    Players that play for themselves and are way too self conscious- Andrea-Derozan-Lucas-fields.  Bargs got to know that he’s a magnet, mostly because apposing players think they can guard him easily, so they try to hack at him, simplest thing for him to do is pass the damn ball, get easy assists, and shoot only when he’s open.  He’s terrible at driving to the basket because he has little to know elevation at the rim, like 5 inch vertical it seems.  He’s got to drive, pass, or shoot right off the pass.  Derozan on the other hand has worked a lot on his driving ability, getting around players, but his finishing at the rim is forced and week at times, he needs to pass the damn ball!  Both these guys could rack up the assists, I know that’s not what they are supposed to do, there supposed to score, but they need to score when there open, and create less.  What is wrong with Lucas?  He can beat almost anyone off the dribble, and yet he’s jacking up 3’s? He’s go to drive and kick.  Just like bargs and derozan.

    Players that need to show they are worth being in this league but are too afraid to do something when they have the ball-Terrence.  Ross could be sick player in my opinon if he really used those screens and got open a split second faster.  Its almost as if he slows down while popping.  He needs to take a page out of Rays allen’s moving without the ball book.  He’s obviously a good shooter, he’s just never open fast enough, it’s like he gases out right at the last second and lets the defender catch up.  He’s got to move to his spot with purpose, than shoot without hesitation.

    • Nilanka15

      Good point on Lucas.  He’s likely the quickest player on the team, has the ball skills to get by his man at will, but settles for contested 3s far too often.

  • ad

    Derozan played like absolute shit. Performances like this show why BC was an absolute moron for giving him that extension. He cant handle the ball, avoids contact, and is a weak finisher. Shefalosha did whatever he wanted defensively basically. Derozan is NOT the elite wing we need. Bargs was shit and I bet Casey is starting to lose patience with him. I hope lowry is ok but im worried he is injury prone because of the style he plays.

    • FAQ

      +3.14159 26535 89793 ….. …..

  • Steve1967

    dumb fucks always need to be finger pointing…4 games in and barg haters are jerking off in heaven that this minority of tards are blaming everything including the kitchen sink on him…..its hilarious the hate…..demar was invisible the entire first half of last season.and nobody said shit compared to the bargs hate.

    fucking racists. 

    • Lorenzo

      Well I wouldn’t go that far, but there’s definitely some bias involved. For ANY player. Just ask Destro, he seems to know a lot about this subject.

    • Nilanka15

      Dear Joshua Reynolds,

      Nobody defended DeRozan last year slinging obscenities and racist accusations.  Everyone knew he was shit.  Nobody needed to be convinced of DeRozan’s limitations because everyone was already aware of them, and admitted as such.

      But it’s the Bargnani fanboys who fuel the “hate” because they REFUSE to acknowledge when he’s playing like a steaming pile of dung.  It’s obvious for all to see that aside from Fields, he’s been very clearly our worst player so far this season.  Yes, it’s still very early in the season, and Bargnani will eventually find his form.  But for the love of Zeus, just admit that he’s been terrible so far.


        Open your mouth and shut your eyes and see what Zeus will send you. 

        • Nilanka15

          Thanks.  I’ll make sure to do that.

    • unknown guest

      Racists?!? How so? Please explain.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      The team is being built around Bargnani aka King Bargs not DD.

      5 years, 13 games anyone?lmfao

      ‘Rebounding and defense is for peasants- Val cover for me’ (Bargnani voice)

  • DaTruth

    Fields needs to go the bench, I rather see Ross get his minutes.  I think Gray should of got more playing time today just because of the match up.  Andrea played brutal!  The problem I’m seeing he continues to force his shot when nothing is there.  I hate when Amir and Ed out there together especially when the other team front court is more physical.  Casey needs do a better Job managing a game,  When OKC took out Perkins.  Casey should brought in McQuire right away to match up with Durant.  But instead he left Bargnani & Durant took full advantage.  Casey is not a good coach period and I’m sorry I seen too many mistakes so far this season.  He’ needs shorten his bench and guys are not playing well pull them.  They keep telling us this team is deep, but what I see we have no 3 and our 2 guard is inconsistent.  But Val played well and should of finish more points, I don’t play him.  I blame our point guards he couldn’t find slashing to the post (accept Lowry) 

    • what the

      just wait until AB13 meets MELO in a few days

  • nba_socrates

    Been on record saying Lowry was injury prone and got lambasted, well here you go. Atleast we will get a high draft pick next year, or will we? Do we even have that pick at our disposal Colanclownlo?

    • mo

      Top 3 protected I think, either way we’re screwed, this draft is terrible, and next year’s draft has 2 surefire superstars….and we won’t have any shot at that either

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      OKC now owns its rights (top 3 protected) via the Harden trade with Houston- talk about restocking as the Raptors will most likely have a top 10 in 2013 for a championship contending to use in the draft or in another potential trade for a proven player.

      Not to mention there were reports that Lowry could have been had draft night with the Raptors keeping their 2013 1st round draft pick but BC went after Nash (who had no intention of ever going to Toronto) and ended up with Fields. 

      • Nilanka15

        Why would you value a 1st round pick in 2013 over a 1st round pick in 2012?

      • keith warren

        You are way wrong about Nash. He wanted to come to Toronto but had a better offer come late. It was even reported as such. Fields sucks but don’t say stuff that is not true. 

      • john g

        Why is everyone already talking about this team already being a lottery-bound. Its been 4 games. Can everyone just relax already.

  • hotfuzz

    Fields should be arrested for impersonating a NBA player.

    • pran

      the way he holds the ball makes me feel sorry for his girlfriend’s tits.

      • RaptorFan


      • Matt52

         That made me giggle – for real.

  • hotfuzz

    Look on the bright side, Bargs went off for a total of 6 BOARDS!!!!

  • NyAlesund

    I am not interested about grade. I am interested about chemistry, body language and performance.

    I don’t really like players like Lowry because he is a combo guard, unfotunately not talented enough like Westbrook, Rose………….. When you offer money to Nash and then turn to Lowry there is something wrong. Is not appear to me a classical plan A and plan B.

    When you decide to invest money in Lowry you have to understand what kind of roster do you have around him. And for me Bargs is not a better personnel. Unfortunately he has a big contract.

    About AB I can save only the first four rebs, in which he was aggressive. The worst part it wasn’t the percentage from the field, but the incapability to score when he decided to driving into the paint. He was horrible. It looked like he did not read the situation but he was forced to go in. I don’t know what happened to him. Defensively really bad. Last year was more effective. Probably he tired to stay in Toronto or worse he doens’t get along with Lowry and his way of playing.

    I am curious to see tonigh against Mavs (another lost) with Calderon as starter, if AB will play well or not.

    The others: Val was really good, he is the Rapts’ future, no doubt about this, DD horrible, he looked like the old DD, Field doens’t score even under the rim(OMG wasted money), ED decent but he playing for the extension and Calderon was the second best after Val.

    • unknown guest

      WESTBROOK?!? The player who takes MORE SHOTS than KEVIN DU RANT!!!???

    • unknown guest

      Oh! Oops! My bad. I did NOT realize your post was less about Lowry/Westbrook, and more about Bargnani. My bad.

    • pran

      he is just fat and slow. combine that with the fact that the only pg that has ever made him look good is jose (even last year) and he is unwatchable.

    • what the

      i know you are still waiting for that 13 game thing, maybe it will come before Xmas

      • NyAlesund

         Better than nothing……………

        Serious: I want to see the team playing well, and now I do not understand what’s happening.

  • Canadian Paul

    Forgetting the shitty Bargnani performance for a second, our 4 SFs are shooting 0.312 combined. Why does our GM always pick the wrong players? Kirilenko instead of Fields/Anderson/McGuire or C.J. Watson instead of John Lucas, Aldridge instead of Bargnani…

  • Minks77

    A blow out loss was bound to happen. This team is scrappy but OKC is elite. Big difference. My biggest complaints, in order, are the defence, the rotations and the p-n-r offence. 

    The D in all 3 games has been lacking compared to last year. Whether this is due to the new “fast” offence or something else I dunno but they need to get back to last years level of defensive commitment.

    The rotations are… frustrating. Not that I’m a coach or know anything more than DC or anything but it seems that the bench is getting way too much burn. 11 or 12 guys getting PT is too high IMO and the starters are sitting far too long. Fields is still getting too much for too little while Ross is getting DNPs.

    The Pick n Roll. JV is as advertised: sets good screens and rolls hard. Gets the defender on his back, keeps his hands up and… never gets the ball. Vs OKC to start the 3rd q Jose looked him off twice for fields in the short corner. FOR LANDRY FRICKIN FIELDS! Gotta build from inside out. Gotta reward the screener. Gotta put pressure on the post D. Instead they keep going to a guaranteed mediocre jump shooter who has been ice cold for more than a year. The raps have a wealth of talented, athletic finishers in Ed, Amir and JV but still seem to think they should be a jump shooting team. Live by the jumpshot, die by the jumpshot as the saying goes and when you have a mediocre set of jump shooters you’re gonna do a whole lot of dying. 

    It’s early on and this team is in tough to start. The level of opposition has been very high other than Minny and there has been a a lot of personnel change. They are obviously still figuring it out and hopefully will soon but I feel like these 3 very fixable issues need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

  • Kujo

    Man, who would have thought Andrea would appear to be regressing this season. Yikes.

    It kills me that Fields is starting over Ross.  Dude has been trash, and has been worse than I imagined.  He wasn’t this bad on the Knicks, was he?  Awful signing.

    I hope Lowry isn’t out too long.  This team will be hard to watch without him.

    • Dan

       I’m pretty sure BC has a lot more say in to who starts then what people let on. Fields will continue to start because Bryan paid him starting money based on a good rookie season and ignoring how brutal he was his second year. Anderson is already out playing him and Ross is not far behind. I’ll be shocked if you see a lineup change because just like with Demar and Andrea BC has to keep over selling his guys. If none of them are starting he can’t claim they are NBA starters. Right now he can boast what they make and how much they play as reason why we should believe it. Until BC is gone this team will suck. He will always have a hand in who plays to help protect his poor investments.

      • unknown guest


      • FLUXLAND


        Defensive minded culture change… deeeez nutz.

  • Marques Johnson

    In two
    weeks its time to trade Andrea to the Spurs where he will become the highest
    scoring bench player in the NBA. Before that, Casey may want to be proactive.
    Last year when Andrea played his best to start the season, his 3 pt attempts
    and longer field goals were minimized to a large extent as AB was usually set
    up down low. Why does Casey have Andrea, almost always starting 20 feet away.
    He has to force him back down low where he gets higher percentage shots and has
    shorter drives, so he is not starting 20 ft away where as Armstrong says,
    everyone converges. I have pretty much given up on AB,but I have no idea why
    Casey is ensuring he will fail, where last year he created success by not
    allowing AB to roam outside.

  • paul

    arsenalist…very confused with your Jonas grade

    OK…he did have points. But it was with 30 minutes. The star sticker I put on his paper is because he avoided the fouls.

    BUT HIS PLAY! His picks are horrible!.
    They are fake.
    They are pretend.
    They are set 10 feet away from where needed. They are abandoned before the dribbler even knows it was being set up.
    He covers his balls while moving before the pick as if he cares more about his future famiy than this team.

    Look…I understand he is young. But he IS our big man. He must have been trained in this earlier.
    He is a confused player that doesn’t understand IF he is to be THE scorer or the defender.

    This whole team, as I have said so many times before, is very confused. Nobody knows their roles.

    • Destro

      Hes played 4 games in the NBA man…gtfo
      I agree hes making alot of lil mistakes but if you need to take an overview of the situation….Also remember its tough on him because he has to try and cover up for alot of the defensive mistakes bargnani makes defensively…Not easy for a rookie…

      • sleepz

        lol, watch the play where KD crowns him, from start to finish.

        poor JV got served up because his fellow “twin tower” was getting abused on the p ‘n’ r and JV took the brunt of the outcome.

    • Nilanka15

      Yes, every single basketball scout, expert, coach who unanimously agree that Jonas sets good screens, are all wrong. 

      Instead, we should trust the opinion of a guy who sees Aaron Gray in his french toast.

      • Ppellico

        every single basketball scout….

        really now, Nilanka, do you have a bit of exageration in your reasoning?

        Are you gonna tell me you like this kids screens?
        Look, stated my point and I ain’t gonna sit here and fight this over and over.
        Good Luck with him if he doesn’t fix this, and soon.

        These are three two most dissapointing things this year…
        Amirs suddenly becoming an outside shooter when he is NOT.
        Bargs not undertanding his crappy moves and his teammates.
        Jonas picks are the WORST I have seen…especially for a star.

        • Nilanka15

          It’s called a “slip screen”, my friend.  Perhaps Jonas relies on it too often, but it’s hardly the catastrophic flaw you’re making it out to be.

        • Nilanka15

          As for Amir’s jumper, he’s been working on it during the offseason under coaches’ guidance.  It was likely one of the aspects of his game that he was asked to improve on.  He hasn’t been forcing the shot, and only shoots when he’s wide open….in other words, a shot he has to take (and make).  He was hitting them in preseason regularly.  Maybe he’ll come around.

          • Ppellico

            don’t know why my earlier rely to your screen comments never got posted.
            But let me try again.
            the screens I am referring to are away from anybody..he is alone…screening nobody.
            I truly understand the scree and the off ball screen. But they have to be on a body.
            He protects bis balls and never makes contact…no matter where he is setting.

            I understand your point, but toally dissagree.
            I am very dissapointed in his ability here and hope he gets it right.

            Amir and his outside shooting.  Have it your way. To me it is very stupid. It blows. I don’t care about preseason anything. He is not a shooter. I don’t care IF he is open. Dribble. Find a shooter. BUT ONLY if the clock is running out should he shoot.
            This is MY opinion, Nilanka. Don’t make me out as a bad guy for not liking the situation we are in.

            You can poke a me all you want for being A Gray guy…but I like him. I like unselfish players who know their roles and make teammates and teams better. Limited as he should be…he is far better at certain things than JV or Amir is.
            And poorer on other things.
            It is the opportunities I am considering.

            So far…JV is not good enough as a starter in the NBA and Amir is sort of, like Gray…short on important tools required fo large minues.

            • Nilanka15

              Fair enough, paul.  Fair enough.

              I actually respect a lot of the qualities Gray brings to the table.  I just don’t see him being more than an emergency fill-in most nights.  He’s too limited athletically.

  • paul

    and your Gray remarks…

    See, thing is…everybody DOES know what he is and does.
    He is slow.
    He doesn’t dash about.

    But he DOES defend.
    He DOES allow others to do their job.
    He does HELP others become better.
    He doesn’t cause confusion…the main issue with this team right now. EVERYBODY is confused as to the shooter(s).
    Jonas…doesn’t pick well…because he thinks he needs to get the ball…so he instead rolls away from the not yet set pick and looks for the ball.

    Amir…suddenly he thinks he IS the 4th option from outside. PLEASE…somebody stop him! Sit him down. Stop the shooting from outside. THINK PASS. ONLY 1 PER GAME…and that is to much. Instead…beat people up. Defend. Set others up.

    Very confused run n gun team Casey has developed…and developed is used pretty badly here.

  • cesco

    Fields 1-6
    DD     2-10
    KL      1-4
    AA     1-6
    Lucas 1-9
    JC      2-7
    Those 6 guys each played over 15 minutes and average 19% shooting , in other words they couldn’t put the ball in the ocean. Why should Andrea and his 34.7% shooting ( 5-14 ) including 50% shooting from the three and 6 rebounds be the subject of so much negativity in this game . He passed the ball , the other guys couldn’t shoot .


      Because we are in Hateland, where bench players should start instead of AB because he is stealing them minutes as others steal AB rebounds. Double arsenic, excuse me, double entendre.

    • sleepz

      He took more shots than anyone on either team (KD and Westbrook included) and shot 35%. He was obviously one of the players who also couldn’t shoot last night as you pointed out.

      His defence was also bad. “JV got crowned because of me” bad.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Because BC is building this team around Bargnani (the only guaranteed starter every season post Sam) and has been since Sam was prematurely fired and Jay was hired then extended under the guise of ‘young player’ development lies used to pacify the fan base due to all the losing.

      Well guess what the Raptors are still losing more games than they win under a defensive minded coach (as opposed to Jay’s all offense approach) and the whole FO down to game announcers are stuck on this ‘young’ term to excuse the losing ways yet the Raptors are the 11th youngest team in the NBA roster wise and OKC is younger than them yet winning big time in the NBA.

      The faster Bargnani and his half ass ways are traded away the faster the Raptors can move forward as the Bargnani (Jose & BC too) era in the TDot needs to end ASAP!!! 

    • Phat AlberG

      I don’t care about those players!  If Bargnani doesn’t get going this team is trouble.   I was worried because he took this summer off the italian team and it’s showing in his game.  Last year he played with nice pace to his game this year so far he’s rushing and he needs to chill out and just play and ever thing will be just fine.  

    • Steve1967

       ….the bargs hate by the racists is out of control…..finger pointing faggots.

  • 511

    I can’t even imagine how hard the Knicks are laughing these days. 

    • Nilanka15

      As soon as Stoudamire gets back, the rest of the league will be laughing.

      • 511

        I was referring to what I think of as the Fields-fiasco. 

        • unknown guest

          oh so true

        • Nilanka15

          Ya, I know what you meant.  I was just saying that the Knicks (when Amare returns) will have $130 million (over 3 years) tied up to two players who have no idea how to play together.  I’ll enjoy watching this train-wreck to be 😉

  • j bean

    Andrea is the subject of negativity because there are guys like you who make excuses for him and continue to try and prop him up no matter how dismal the performance. My post is an example. I had nothing negative to say about him (his play speaks for it’s self) but you asked the question why would he be the subject of negativity when others on the team played crappy too.

    • j bean

      This was in reply to Cesco who wonders why his beloved Andrea is the subject of negativity.

      • Overthewall

        If you understand basketball and how it is supposed to be played, there does not even need to be a discussion about Bargnani.  He has sucked ever since he played in the NBA, until now.  Marginal improvement, and most importantly, no improvement in mindset.  As long as this guy is here, I am not following the Raptors any more.

  • Phat AlberG

    How does Kleiza play so good and TEAM USA but can’t minutes for Raptors hahahahah 

    • The Truth

      He hasn’t even been at the games dude, dealing with a personal issue.

  • p00ka

    The good news is we’re tied with the Lakers and Nuggets! hahaha

    meh, they stunk in the 4th game of the season against an NBA finalist out to right their own ship. Who would have thunk it? I’m sure they’ll put it behind them and move on, as I will. 78 to go!

    Next up the Mavs without Lowry, but they’re missing Dirk, Brand, Marion. Could be a winnable game, so hoping the boys bounce back from playing so horrible. Casey’s going to right this ship, but it could take half the bloody season. Hope not.



      “Casey’s going to right this ship”

      What sources do you have to confirm this fantasy land speculation? Your imagination? Or is this you just talking out of your mouthass, again?


      • p00ka

        :) enjoying yourself, little bitch?

        Since your an expert at “talking out of your mouthass”, perhaps you can give me some pointers. Ummm, never mind, would prefer to leave that for trolling clowns like you.

        • FLUXLAND

          *rattle, rattle*  : )  I enjoy calling out your hypocritical donkey ass, Sheriff.

          And I know you are enjoying the players “work on their flaws”.. this is a dream scenario for you.

          What do the 00s stand for? Your IQ? Ummm, it’s you’re. Not your. Cretin.

          • p00ka

            LOL, I can always count on my angry little bitch to come looking for me. You’re a hoot Fuxhand

      • p00ka

        btw, I know your mind has limited capacity, so I’ll try and expand my little bitch’s mind. That statement is a “belief”, not “speculation”, not “imagination”, but an expression of confidence in a good man. Perhaps that’s difficult for you to understand because you’ve never had any good men in your life??? No worries. Stick around a while Fuxhand, and be my bitch for a while. You’re starting to be fun.

        • FLUXLAND

          Right, right. Belief, hope, faith, fairies, unicorns…. all the cornerstones of a successful franchise. 

          Good man? Oh, so now you know him personally? The same good man from the Kentucky scandal? Tell us more about how well you know him, mouthass talker.

          As for the rest of your homosexual fantasy: you may wanna save that for your uncledad or brotherdad, whatever you call him these days. Remember, when you were told you were “being touched by an angel”, it was wrong. You may wanna talk to someone about that.

          • p00ka

            LOL, I can always count on my angry little bitch to come looking for me. You really are turning into a barrel of laughs, Fuxhand. Talk about fantasyland, lmao. Ain’t the internet world great for punkass, mouthy bitches like you. Keep it coming! You’re amusing :). I especially like how you keep notes on what I’ve said weeks and months ago. I’m a fan of your dilgence and attention to my every word, like the bad little bitch that you are. 😉 Gimme a hug and you’ll feel better.

            • FLUXLAND

              Notes? With my memory, there’s no need. And I’m not looking for you, you’re here in plain sight, posting like everyone else. You really need to stop getting “psyched out that you
              keeps seeing me in any new poster that differs with you”. No one is chasing or looking for you. Paranoid, much?

              Just remember that diligence and attention is applied to the Raptors, when you are running around here like Barbara Walters with a badge, “balancing” the place, asking for proof of things that happened with the team when you were not following.

              It’s from those events and observations some of us derive our non horse blinders conclusions; that you cannot accept and claim they are based on imaginations and whatever else you need to, in order to maintain you illusions. Let’s not mention your many continual clinical assessments of people’s dispositions and mental state. Is there a field you are not an expert in?

              P.S. I’m not angry at all, I’m having a blast with this too. Dishing out as I receive. No more, no less.

              I wouldn’t give you anything, ever,you worm, even if it meant saving my own life in some way. : )

              • p00ka

                I hope this internet is just your relief, and that you’re not this pathetic in the real world.

                So you don’t need notes to still be hung up on stuff I said months ago? I don’t know what to say, except all the more pathetic. Are you still hung up on being pulled away from your mummy’s teet too soon too?

                I tell you, little bitch, if this isn’t looking for me, I don’t know what is. You couldn’t get a rise out of anybody (I ignored too) for your half dozen or so previous punkass posts today, so what did you do? Hours later you come after me and go ape over “Casey will right the ship”? How fn pathetic is that?

                • FLUXLAND

                  *rattle, rattle*  : )

                  Whatever illusions you want to construct, to fit your reality. Is anything you read that doesn’t “fit your script” written to get a rise out of you? You ARE paranoid! My exchange with FAQ was about you, right. Again with the God complex, eh?

                  Come after me and go ape…hahahahah… isn’t that what you call “balancing”, Sheriff?

                  Can you write a post without the word hope? Or is everything you write going to be filled with delusion and fantasy?
                  Get back on the meds, before you hurt yourself over there.  

                • p00ka

                  Are you really that dumb?

                  Never said or implied your little punk bitch fest with FAQ was about me. Talk about delusional. Sad.

                  Ummm, nothing to say about the rest, when all it represents is desperate, dumb, childish mouthing off. The little bitch has PMS I guess. Go find a soothing mummy teet to suck on.

                • FLUXLAND

                  That’s right. Nothing to say. Nothing to say about balancing and pa”trolling”. Nothing to say about reading everything as a raise against you.

                  Nothing to say? Keep it that way and stop embarrassing yourself. who’s resorting to childish mouthing to deflect from direct questions now?

                  You are spineless worm. Exposed as such.

                • p00ka


  • john g

    Can we all just relax. We played against OKC (coming off a embarrassing loss to the Hawks). We all knew we were going to get smashed. Did anyone here think we were actually going to win. Now everyone on this board is in panic mode talking about we going to be lottery-bound. Man, its been 4 games.

  • RaptorFan

    what positives can you take away from the game vs. okc…… JV? that is all…. Fields looks like he’s on his way to being the worst FA signing in franchise history….. and its 4 games in!!!!!….How is that possible?????? (he’s on pace to beat out Hedo….which is depressing to watch)… Bargnani looks like he might give us 13 games out of 82 this year…. Lowry injured….i hope its not a theme (he plays sooooo hard day in and day out)…..

    The best positive?? Game 5 tonight :) the season just began ….we got 78 more games to go! 

    • RaptorFan