Somehow still less embarrassing than the Raptors.

Somehow still less embarrassing than the Raptors.

Coming off an embarrassing 0-5 road trip, the Raptors return home to host the Brooklyn Nets at the ACC. The Nets are a moderately disappointing 11-9 given the lofty expectations some had for them, and they’ve lost five straight coming in. They’re also on the second night of a back-to-back and likely got in late last night.

Before we get to the breakdown, Devin Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game was kind enough to answer a few questions in advance of tonight’s contest. I also answered a few Qs for him, which follow.

How awful does it feel that the legacy of Barclays Center will always be that the first game was against this Raptors team? BTW, how’s the new digs working out?

Ahhh, it’s not so bad. Fun fact: the first game in New York history in the NBA was on November 1st… in 1946… against the Toronto Huskies. So let’s just say that history repeats itself. As far as Barclays Center, it’s an interesting place. Architecturally, it’s beautiful; it’s The Black House. Its dark interior, stadium lighting, and high-angled rafters make it seem like you’re watching a boxing match in 1967. I half-expect guys in dull gray suits and fedoras to smoke cigars and clap rapidly after each made basket. The crowd itself has its moments, but isn’t *there* yet. Barclays pumps in enough noise to fill… well, an arena with sound, but the fans don’t respond loudly enough yet. They just don’t seem to care enough about free t-shirts and predetermined CGI races of Subway sandwiches. What they do care about, however, is winning. And when the games are close or just starting to pull away, the crowd knows how to react accordingly.

What is up with the shooting woes of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson? Did you ever envision Brook Lopez being the team’s leading scorer?

Oh, absolutely. If Lopez could build an early chemistry with Deron Williams he’d drop 20 nightly, and when healthy, he has. Deron is a scorer-creator, but Lopez is a pure scorer. As for the shooting woes, with Williams it appears tied to his injuries. His wrist just hasn’t been right since he joined the Nets, and in his own words, he feels that he hasn’t had a good game yet this season. It’s heartbreaking to watch him just rim out open threes like the ball’s allergic to nylon. As for Johnson, it’s less clear. He’s gotten good shots, both inside and out, and just doesn’t seem to make them. He’s gotten slightly better as the year’s gone on, but he’s only had brief moments of fire.

Jerry Stackhouse. No question, just worth a mention.

JERRY! He’s coming back down to earth after his ridiculous start, but he’s a role player at its finest: wait for the defense to forget about you, and hit the corner 3. That’s his role. If he’s surrounded by players that can create, he’s the best Matt Bonner the Nets could ever ask for.

Is there anything the Raptors can exploit to try and steal this one? The Raptors, if you aren’t aware, have been terrible and the Nets have the advantage at every spot on the floor. Give me some hope!

You want hope? The Nets are in freefall. They’ve lost five in a row without Brook Lopez. They gave up a 17-point lead to New York, a 9-point lead to Milwaukee, a 13-point lead to Golden State, and 9-point halftime lead to Miami in the last four games. They’ve blown games in spectacular fashion rivaled only by Toronto. So in the “who can screw up the second half less” battle, the Raptors could easily sneak away with this one and it would not surprise me in the slightest.

1) Man, the Raptors are sad. What’s happening right now?

Everything and nothing. The team’s two supposed best players got yelled at by teammates in a team meeting, because one (Bargnani) doesn’t care and the other (Lowry) actually cares too much but doesn’t trust anyone else. It’s a mess, and with the GM blaming the players, not the roster construction, there’s just a bad fog hanging over the entire organization. Changes will come, of course, first on the roster and then probably in the GM chair, but in the interim this has been torturous. We were supposed to be a playoff team (maybe)!

2) In the dark cloud that is Toronto basketball, what do you consider the silver linings?

Jonas Valanciunas is now AKA The Big Silver Lining, more or less. He hasn’t been great, but compared to the expectations you’d normally have for a 20-year old European big man rookie, he’s been outstanding. He plays so hard and does the basics just well enough that he’s competent already, and there’s huge upside here. Of course, advanced stats hate him so far, but a lot of that is because he’s asked to do too much as the last line of defense and just isn’t ready for that responsibility. He’s going to be a very very good player, and watching him develop has been the only bright spot so far this year.

3) Early on it appears that Andrea Bargnani has regressed. Is that true, or is it just a matter of sample size & adjustment?

It’s a bit late to call it a small sample size, as much as I’d hope it is. He’s historically been streaky for long stretches, but rarely has he sustained a streak this poor. The biggest problem is that his game hasn’t changed at all – he’s taking relatively the same shots, playing the same poor defense (he is okay as a man defender but horrific as a team defender), and with the same “extra” “optional” stats like “rebounds.” The issue, then, if he hasn’t fundamentally changed as a player, is that there’s not really an easy fix – either the shots start dropping and he’s back to being a ‘take the bad with the good’ kind of guy, or they don’t, and he gets to be the lightning rod for fans. I want to be clear here – Andrea is not “the” problem or the only one, not even close, but you asked.

Brook Lopez – TBA
Andrea Bargnani – Out, indefinitely
Kyle Lowry – Out, tricep
Linas Kleiza – Out
Amir Johnson – Out, 1-game suspension
Quincy Acy – “Trying to get him back from Bakersfield”
Landry Fields – Out, undisclosed
Alan Anderson – Out, practicing

Positional Breakdown
Point Guard – Jose Calderon and John Lucas v. Deron Williams and C.J. Watson
I don’t care if Williams is shooting 40%, he could shoot 20% and still be the best point guard in this game right now. Their best hope is to force him to be perimeter-oriented since he’s hitting just 28% of his threes and taking a boatload of them. Also, Calderon has allegedly asked for a trade, but I think he’s just in a slump, not pouting – he’s too smart to play poorly as a way of getting out. For the Lowry haters, even though he’s been bull-headed at times, this game will put on display just how much a positive he is when he’s going.

Wings – DeMar DeRozan, Mickael Pietrus, and Terrence Ross v. Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, MarShon Brooks and Jerry Stackhouse
Jerry MF’n Stackhouse! He’s putting up seven points in 17 minutes and hitting 43% from down town, what a throwback! As for the others, Johnson is struggling mightily, shooting just 41% with a 12.9 PER and chipping in less in other areas than he normally does. He’s still extremely talented and possibly just adjusting to life without the ball constantly in his hands, although this really should be making things easier for him. Wallace is obviously a beast and the kind of guy this team could use, though he’s been pretty inefficient offensively, too. For the Raptors, I’d like to see DeRozan post-up more in this game. For one, it’ll make Johnson work and, even though Johnson is strong, DeRozan is one of the best in the game when it comes to scoring out of post-up plays. It’s a nice element he’s added to his game when he can’t or won’t get to the rim, and he should leverage it more often.

Bigs –Jonas Valanciunas, Ed Davis and Aaron Gray v. Brook Lopez (?), Kris Humphries, Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans
Oh God. No Bargs, no Amir, Acy might not be here from Bakersfield in time. This could get ugly. If I were the Nets, I would either let Lopez continue to rest or play him 10-minutes in a “get your feet wet” kind of situation. They won’t need him, so why risk it? Ed Davis will finally have the leash off and get a full complement of minutes for one night, so he better show up. I’m a big Davis fan and have always thought he’s been underused and has some untapped potential, but he has occasionally struggled when thrust into a bigger role. It’s put up or shut up time.

The Picks
Vegas: Nets -7.5
Hollinger Power Ratings: Nets -7.5
Blake: Nets by 100.
I’m actually upset I won’t be able to catch this game in real time (I’m flying Edmonton to Vancouver, as if you care, and then coming “home” Thursday for holidays, and will be checking out the games on the 14th and 21st. Again, as if you care). The reason I’d like to watch in real time is that it’ll either by hilarious or spirited, and either way that’s kind of a win. The Raptors would have no business winning, but at the very least we’ll get a chance to see Davis, Ross, and Valanciunas with significant roles on both ends for a game. This might not be the best thing for winning, but it’s good for development. Tune in regardless, just be ready to turn it off at a moment’s notice.

The game is at 7 p.m. on Sportsnet One.

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25 Responses to “Gameday: Nets @ Raptors, Dec. 12”

  1. ad

    Bargs and lowry are out indefinitely. How are they supposed to trade bargs if hes injured? Fuck man, when this team isnt playing horrible basketball they are riddled with injuries.

  2. PBJake

    What if I say we’ve seen the last of Bargnani in the Raptors uniform and he’ll be traded before he is recovered?
    Of course not. I just like playing with people’s hopes.

    • BlakeMurphy

      Haha yeah, honestly I just don’t think it makes sense to venture a guess. If I was betting, I’d take Nets -7.5 for sure, but this Raptor team has proven impossible to predict, plus there’s a chance for that kind of “Lowry and Bargs are out, let’s band together and send a message” kind of game. I dunno.

  3. BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Brooklyn 115 BC’s Toronto Bargnanis/Andrea Raptors 90

    Brooklyn comes into this game riding a 5 game losing streak- this is their get right game as Reggie ‘Let Go Of My Eggo’ Evans grabs 20 rebounds and scares the Raptors bigs on the boards?

    Rest of the games (9) for December for the Raptors (4-18): Brooklyn, Dallas, Houston, @ Cleveland (just beat LAL), Detroit, Orlando (playing much better than when Raps beat them), @ San Antonio, @ New Orleans & @ Orlando.
    I see 6-25/7-24 coming into January.

    Let’s see if Jose aka The Spanish Sloth stops sulking with his mediocre indifferent play now that he’s starting again for the meantime…….professional my ass….just a sly ass mofo’er.

    Hell or highwater…..lmfao

    • Roarque

      Really? Jose is sulking- a tad discouraged? Why would Jose be discouraged? The Raptors have treated Jose consistently throughout his tenure in TO.

      I won’t bother with THE LIST – you know, the one that names every American PG parachuted over Jose’s head to save the day. Over and over and over and…

      Smitch said it best and I paraphrase: “Without Jose, I wouldn’t have been named Coach of the Year.”

  4. Brain Colangelo

    DeRozan post up Joe Johnson or Gerald Wallace?  I don’t think so.  He’s not big or strong enough and not consistent enough on his turnaround, fadeaway J.

    It’s too bad that his ballhandling has only improved somewhat because he is quick and athletic enough to get by Johnson (and possibly Wallace) consistently but doesn’t handle well enough. 

  5. Roarque

    You can trade an injured player – full disclosure is needed. Speaking of trades, how about Bargs and Kleiza for Kevin Love ? For some insane reason Love has become personna non grata in Minnesota. Love to get Love for a bag of pasta.

    • The Truth

       I don’t know why Raps fans have seized onto the Kevin Love stuff over the past few days. Yes, he is making all the noises that would indicate he will leave them when his contact is up and their management is awful BUT he still has plenty of time on that contract and there is no reason to believe their management team are desperate enough at this early point to trade an all star calibre player for a nothing package from Toronto.

    • Roarque

      So how’s about Jose instead of Kleiza? Does he get along with Rubio? Would he back him up well?
      I like the idea of Love more than Gasol.

    • BlakeMurphy

      The reason this is being talked about is the Woj piece on Love, which Love insists somewhat mis-represented the tone of their convo.

      Still, the Wolves have 2 years to convince Love to stay (including playing the “fire Kahn” card), so I would guess that situation remedies itself or at least takes another year to play out.

      Regardless, there’s no package the Raps could put together that would get Love from the Wolves. None.

      • The Truth

         I’m aware of Woj’s article, I’m just amused that anyone would think that it somehow means they would move Love now let alone that we would be able to get them to send him here with the assets we have at the moment.

  6. KJ-B

    Call me crazy but THIS GAME IS EXACTLY WHAT THE RAPS NEED…  An opposing team low on confidence, a short rotation which means guys will share the ball knowing they’ll get PT and…DeRozan will be the featured guy on the team, as he’s “earned” the right …unlike the presumptious Lowry or lazy -7!

    Picking with my <3 — Raps by 7!!!

  7. et-man

    Does everyone really think that getting rid of Bargnani is going to solve the multitude of the raptors problems? Is Ed Davis suddenly going to become a prolific scorer? Right now, Bargnani has a huge target on his back and he is being run out of town.  Raptors will still lose no doubt about it.

    The above interview said it best. He is by far not the only problem.

    I truly believe, that players should be holding their teammates accountable. If yelling at them is the way to do it because they get paid millions of dollars and hurt feelings can’t come into play here, then so be it. Maybe this will wake up Bargnani and Lowry who is a ball hog and make them accountable. But there are others at fault as well.

    Lets hope things turn around. It is really ugly now and I can’t for the life of me remember one player in a team sport get so much blame for the teams woes.  I am old enough to remember Darryl Sittler one of the best Male Leafs of all time get run out of town by Ballard and the fans to some degree. But nothing compares to the bullseye on Bargnani’s back.

    Fair or not, thats sports.

  8. KJ-B

    And…all of a sudden they look like the team from last without guess who taking long 2’s/3’s and guess who NOT running the point… Basketball is fundamental.

  9. Jamshid

    I never get angry when watching BBall but I am so pissed right now at Casey. It is 2nd quarter and why the HELL is JL3 is playing along side Calderon ?

    WTF,WTF WTF !!!! In the first quarter, Calderon running the show, has 6 AST and offence is running smoothly. Then what the F** Casey does ?? Bring the midget JL3 to stall the offence and take the ball out of the hand of Calderon !!!

    WTF is wrong with this man ? Why aren’t we playing Ross ? God Damn Casey, your ass needs to be fired …


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