Arse is under the weather and the rest of the RR crew are off for holidays, so we turned to fellow True Hoop Network blog Hornets247 for a guest on this week’s edition. They were kind enough to lend us Jason Calmes, who joined me for a 20-minute discussion in advance of tonight’s Raptors/Hornets game.

*What’s the status of the Hornets? It sure sounds similar to the Raptors except for, you know, Anthony Davis.
*Is Davis the favorite for Rookie of the Year?
*Where did this Robin Lopez improvement come from?
*Is Austin Rivers the worst player of all time?
*Can Jose Calderon (and possibly Kyle Lowry) exploit Greivis Vasquez?
*Predictions for the game.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (21:19, 7MB). Or just listen below:

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6 Responses to “Rapcast #125 – Raptors @ Hornets Preview with Hornets247”

  1. voy


    – i dont like austin rivers but isn’t it too early to entirely dismiss him?

    – thought it was odd how the guest essentially said he would take rivers over ross because the hornets needed help in their backcourt; sounded like the guest didn’t realize t.ross is also a backcourt player

    – interesting getting the other side’s perspective on their own team

  2. Pension Plan Chairman

    Nice job as usual.  I really don’t think Austin Rivers has been as brutal as people say.  Being Doc Rivers’ son has a lot to do with the focus on him, otherwise he’d just be a regular rookie struggling against NBA opposition.  I know his WS/48 is brutal, but I think the sample size is too small to make statements like “worst player” or “worst rookie”.


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